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: Ban for third party usage (old account I havent used in quite a while)
Try checking your match history to see if someone has hacked into it (you can view this by logging onto the website). The only thing I can suggest is submit and ticket to Riot support
Rèukyr (EUNE)
: [Patch 7.6] Xin Zhao will stop auto-attacking after killing an target with Q
I just easily replicated this on the practice tool. When you kill a jungle minion with you Q active, mostly on the first hit of it, he just stands there for a few seconds and stops auto attacking. Didn't have 100% of the time, but more than half. Even when he didn't pause for a full several seconds, there was still a longer delay between the killing blow and the next auto attack than normal.
Anterias (EUNE)
: Shyvana Q
There is a similar problem with Xin stopping auto attacks, apparently other people have also been having this problem with Syvanna (see other thread). Could be a general problem with all auto attack resets. Hopfuly should be fixed soon.
Rèukyr (EUNE)
: [Patch 7.6] Xin Zhao will stop auto-attacking after killing an target with Q
I literally only came onto the boards to report this too. After using an ability and killing a jungle monster, Xin would stop auto attacking, happened at least a dozen times last game.
: Because Flex que is seperate from solo/duo que. You weren't playing against high silver/low gold during Season 6 in Flex que. Flex que did not exist. The more you play the more balanced it'll get as you get pushed closer and closer to your true ELO., and those better than you are pushed higher.
I only played normal games in season 6, and that's all i'm playing now. I've never played this flex que. So why is this balance problem also fucking up all my normal games.
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: they will fix it? :(
I Just wish they'd get on with it. The release something the other day, but it seemed to suggest that it only effected ranked games.
: They haven't. Flex que is seperate from Solo/Duo que.
They why, all the way through season 6 was I consistently playing with people almost entirely from high silver, low gold but over the last few weeks every game has had lost of platinum and diamond players, and only one or two that are similar to my skill level?
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House x33 (EUW)
: The season didn't even start yet
This pre season then, either way, something has changed to make matches very unbalanced. One day they were fine, now they're mixing every one from silver to diamond and it doesn't work.
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LA Losty (EUW)
: Then your mmr went up in normals due to you playing a lot and winning too, that or you have encountered platinums with lower mmr. Its all mmr related. :)
Why the sudden jump though? It's definitely very recently that this has been happening.
LA Losty (EUW)
: I believe its only bugged in flex queue. Ranked and normals have seperated mmr so normal matches are often very mixed in ranks. A diamond player can still have low mmr in normals. If you want to play a serious game against someone of your own skill level then ranked is the most competitive you will get (though not currently due to flex queue being bugged).
That doesn't make any sense, at the end of last season almost every one in my games was low gold/high silver and now i'm playing with mostly platinum teams. What's suddenly changed?
: 7W/3L PlatIV to SilverV ? Is this Normal?
In my normal games, I have the same problem. I don't give a cockney shit about ranked, I just want to play with people that are around the same skill level, and until they fix this issue, the who game is unplayable as far as i'm concerned.
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Broodpaal (EUW)
: I would love to go up against the best. I am not saying I will win, but I will do better than that Victor xD After a couple of games against people like that and you will play a lot better yourself.
I don't think so. Playing a reasonable even game against people who are a bit better than you, then sure you might learn from that. But you don't learn anything from face roll games, it's just frustrating and very un-fun which is supposed to be the point of the game.
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Falbindan (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=TBadger,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Au2aPIZe,comment-id=00040004,timestamp=2015-03-16T21:58:58.685+0000) > > Riot has already stated their position on this, they don't want it to be ither a must buy for every support, but mainly don't want it viable outside of support champions. Yeah, but that's no excuse. There are plenty of support items that aren't viable for other roles, so I'm sure they'd find a way. Mainly because other lanes still can place two wards with their new trinket and, without that warding thing, there are lots of items that provide better stats for their price.
I believe the point of the trinket change was to try and share the ward burden so that the support is no continuously relied upon as the only source of wards (as they unfortunatly are still in many games). And whilst sight stone isn't as good in comparision, it's still very usefull to have as a support. Aside from the fact that you can get it quite a bit before level 9, the main benefit is that you don't have to wait for the wards to recharge. I think it might be nice idea to balance the change in trinkets by making sightstone wards recharge as well (maybe only after lv9?)
Geeeee (EUW)
: friendly reminder
Already have rugged garren, but thanks ill get anyway.
Mimr (EUW)
: I just thought of something... how about making sightstones work the same way as jungle enchantments? You get sightstone, ruby sightstone and that branches out into a couple of final items, each supporting a certain role. End cost would be 2k gold or something. items: - Amethyst Sightstone: Ruby sightstone stats and +25 AD. Aimed at AD bruiser junglers as I constantly see them getting sightstones in competetive play, and perhaps this will encourage soloQ junglers to also take up a bit more of an intel role since they're all over the map all the time. - Sapphire Sightstone: Ruby sightstone stats and +45 AP. Aimed at aggressive AP supports like Annie and Morgana. - Diamond Sightstone: Ruby Sightstone stats and +25 armor and +20 magic resist. Aimed at tank supports and junglers like Leona and Braum. - Emerald Sightstone: Ruby Sightstone stats and +10% CDR. Aimed at utility supports like Soraka and Lulu. Thoughts?
Riot has already stated their position on this, they don't want it to be ither a must buy for every support, but mainly don't want it viable outside of support champions.
: Bard is basically Gandalf.
Already done a gandalf the grey skin, maybe they'll do gandalf the wight? (might look too much like father christmas)
Rich (EUW)
: I'm feeling generous. Free skin?
Oohh, pick me ,pick me, pick me! Do we have to state the skin before hand?
: Yorick is plain boring, the only champion with even his Champion Spotlight being boring. He can't really lose the lane, he can't really win the lane. He can't snowball out of control and he can't be really useless. He can't make plays. Depends heavily on your teammates. Ryze was overnerfed. With ranged characters increasing dominance on top lane Ryze was one of the most frustrating things to face. Something building full tank offering dps of a magic dmg based AD carry? damn. Can't say i miss him. He is still strong but finally is not a full tank with a HUGE dps output. Nunu is a great counterjungler and objective securer. Kalista is not in every game and those drakes at lvl 2 and barons right when they spawn are powerful team buffs. Kayle was overnerfed. I would love some power returned to her. Not as an AP tho. These AP burster DFG-lichbane abominations were a disgrace on Kayle's true identity, the Hybrid-AA-dps. Malzahar is forgotten? O.o Maybe a few months ago but today, more and more QQ threads swarm the forums. He is good. Not too strong, not too weak. Counterable. Maybe even too easily counterable. But people don't want to alter their builds they copied from online guides. QSS and general thinking is too much for most people. Better write QQ threads. Taric suffers the same fate as Yorick. Not weak. Just boring with no place to make plays. After the rework, he was viable as a toplaner to counter AD champions. However, Riot hates supports going anywhere else than sup, so same as Soraka, they worked their hardest to reduce their solo viability to ashes. RIP Taric top. Kog is one of the strongest ADCs right now. Dead serious here. Be glad you don't meet him often. Or -god forbid- meet somebody who knows what he is doing. Elise was overnerfed. She was unbeatable at top first. Then Riot nerfed her. So she became a jungler/support. Then riot nerfed her. So she became a jungler only. Then riot nerfed her... Evelynn was super useless for like 2 years after riot removed her stun. Then they reworked her and Eve became super strong again. Oneshotting squishies from stealth after first item (DFG). So they nerfed her. And again. And then they nerfed all her core items. Now she needs a seriously good player and seriously bad enemies to be useful. Needs a buff. Mundo is strong. Underplayed but strong. With the new jungle item, he even might not be underplayed anymore. GP is..... well.... He either dominates everybody because he got to his lategame. or he doesnt. AP GP is a secret wish of mine as well :( Used to play him with gold income items. Bankplank OP. Too bad that's a long time ago....
I agree with most of these, with a couple of exceptions. I've been playing evelyn on and off for whilst now, and she's currently reasonably good as a consitent damage fighter build around BORK and a few tank items. Because E does on hit rather than spell effects now, bork gives some pretty big burst, especially if you include the active. Add a sheen and you can *still* blow up squishies, and fight other people. Not saying she's the best at this, I mean current ad bruzer fizz does something simular but much much better, but you can still play her. Im' not a very good top laner, but GP can still be increadably strong if he can a) avoid dying b) get either kill or two or lots of farm. Never neglct what is one of the last truly global ultimtes. If you get shiv + triforce (+some AD) a decent way into the game, and not too lane then you are pretty strong. Not great against teams with loads of CC, pretty good they're relyant on just a few hard CCs. Ofcourse, the main reason people like gankplank is because of all the puns; bankplank, critplank, gankplank, tankplank etc I don't know why they had to nerf taric again, it's not even like he was especially overbearing as a top laner, just another top lane tank and a good counter pick. It's not like alistar's sheen + E which was toxic. Wish they'd hurry up and change taric, yoric, poppy etc already.
lionosx (EUW)
: it's good to see that there are people that care about ashe you are 100 % right "it barely gets any use in the early game unless you purposely **sacrifice CS to get the 100 stacks** " cuz of that i really wanted to see this: ***passive - focus:*** If Ashe has not attacked in the last 3 seconds, she gains 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 Focus stacks per second. At 100 stacks, Ashe will critically strike a **enemy champion** on her next basic attack. Thereafter, Focus stacks will reset to an amount equal to her critical strike chance. this way ashe's **passive **would just** ignore minions. **it's good for ealry gave and it's actually more usefull for an adc.
Exactly, and considering things like catlyn's passive, it's not going to make her suddenly OP
FafliX (EUW)
: When will Riot at least give it the garen passive treatment and let her keep the MS if it is just a minion that attacks you?
This would go a long way to solving it. I've no idea why and adc has a passive that encourages them no to attack things. Compleatly useless, the best you can hope for is one crit when ever you get back to lane, but most plays will just stay out of range untill you've used it on a minion any way, so she doesn't really have that. So yeah, please make it against champions only, why would you even want to crit a minion, useless and wasted.
Spite (EUW)
: Ashe's Passive Suggestion
She doesn need a new passive. I heard a recent idea about bonus damage to slowed targets, which wouldn't neccessarily be that op. Would depend on the numbers and might mike her a viable pick again.
CykelFlax (EUW)
: Nerf Riven Please
There is sort of counterplay to riven, in that she has poor health regen so you need to poke her alot. Thing is, good riven players will stay out of poke range and all in when you try to poke, substantially winning the trade. And once she has life steal, you can forget trying ro poke her down. Problem is, a bit like tryndamere, even if you pressure them lots early, gank lots, and do everything to shut them down, any competent player will be able to come back late game any way because they can farm so easily.
MujinTengu (EUNE)
: Jarvan I
Nice art. Is this a champion idea, or just for law? Because it would be interesting to have a few more specific champion relations (e.g. like lucian - thresh and the whole trundle - ashe - sejuani thing)
: Bard in a Nutshell;
: PreSet Champion
I don't know about this, might encourage people to limmit their champion pool as they don't add others to their 'favorites'. Maybe they won't, just a thought. Generally though, I don't think it would improve the quality of the game a great deal compared to other things riot could be doing. That said, it would be usefull if you have a very uncommunicative team and have to pick a champion at the last second and you're mind is suddenly blanc of any champion you play in that roll.
: WHEN WILL RIVEN BE NERFED! That's not funny anymore!
Maybe if you posted a thoughtfull and reasond argument as to how to give her a healthy kit that isn't OP or oppressive rather than just shouting for her to be nerfed, maybe more people would listen to you.
Pháté (EUW)
: Seeing as AP Mages got a Statik Shiv variant, can AD Assassins get a Zhonya's variant?
No. And here's why. AP champions use all their spells to burst some one, they then use zonas as a way of stalling for the cooldowns to come back up, as there is little they can do between cooldowns. As AD champions can continue to deal damage with auto attacks, an AD zonyas would be pretty OP. Zonyas is an important part of many AP champions kits, where as for AD assassins it would just allowe them all a way to stall out being killed. You've got to be a pretty good zed/talon etc player to eleminate a carry and then get out alive, where as with a zonyas, there would be less skill and less counteroplay if they could just burst and then wait for a few seoconds for every one else to engage.
: Jungle Help?
You're not expected to gank lanes if all the lanes are pushed, if they're not pushed, look for which provide you to best opertunities (really depends on yours, allies and their champions). Keep an eye on the mini map to see where the other jungler is and take large creeps from his jungle. If all the lanes are pushed, keep an eye out for countergank opertunities. At all other times, farm. Don't try and force a gank if it's not possible, wait untill they over extend. If they're happy to just sit under their tower, ward the lane entrance so your guy doesn't get ganked, and either leave them to it or try and take down the tower. If you *can* gank the lane, don't just rush in blindly, use the raptor's buff so you know if you're spotted, and wait. They may use a gap closer offensivly (left with not escape), or your laner engages, and they blow all their abilities fighting them, which is your time to go in. As the jungler, you should have a lot more map awareness than most. I know when ever i'm in lane, i'm mostly busy focusing on just last hitting and trading. As monsters don't take as much concentration to kill, you can be constantly looking at the mini map and arround the rest of the lanes. Always be prepared to drop the camp you're currently farming if you can get to a near by lane that is currently in trouble. Obvously, if they're a second away from death you can do much, but if they've just been pressured under their tower and are relativly low, could be a dive soon. In which case, wait just out of sight. If you're on blue team; top lane, wait in bush near tower, bot lane, in the lane, far enough back to be out of sight. Purple team; top, just out of sight in lane, or in tri bush if you know it's not warded, bot lane, in the bush near the tower that's in your jungle. Hope this is useful, I jungle main and write the odd guide, if you want some more advice, please just ask x
Daveth96 (EUNE)
: But he is very easy to learn
That's bs, he's one of the most difficult supports in the game to play (and I play alot). He's not nearly as tanky (early atleast) as a mele support and lacks the range or other range supports, only poke is very short range. Main CC has enormous cool down and fairly small hitbox. So yeah, he's good if you can play him well, but it's unfortunatly very difficult to do that.
: Why Debonair Galio wasn't appreciated
I agree compleatly, I do sort of like galio, but he just doesn't do well at the moment. Considering how lots of champions have %MS buffs, galio's is very limmited, being only in one direction and in a rather limited coridor. His heal to is rather difficult to utilise, it doesn't really sustain in lane atall, but rather just counters some damage if you have the reflexes to use it at the start of a fight. Also his ult suits the play style of a much tankier champion, not a AP midlaner who's needed for wave clear and a decent amount of ap damage. With sustained damage mostly a think of the past, you'll be blown up befoew you can use E to walk into their team to ult, either that or everyone will have dashed away now that ever champin must dash to be viable. They only place in the meta he can realy be played as a counter to squisher AP top laners.
: Err. ADC's have the same options as everyone else. You aren't limited to only Beserker Greaves. Adding more boots wouldn't change anything, either they would be better than beserker greaves and everyone would get them, or they wouldn't be and everyone would ignore them. ADC's are all about itemizing for the best damage options and Beserker Greaves are the best choice. HOWEVER, that doesn't mean you cannot buy Mercury Treads, Lucidity Boots, Swiftness or even Sorc Shoes on some ADC (Ala Corki).
Exactly, the whole reason a new boot option would be a bad idea is because either all adc would get the new item, or non will, and it could still provide balance problems for other people. So no, they're fine as they are, you want to break the meta and buy boots of lucity, go ahead, but a fancy new set of boots is not what needs work at the moment. (cough, jungle diversity, several unplayable champions, most new support focused items are bad dispite so many remakes e.t.c)
: Are you by anychance a Veigar main like me? due to what was at the end.
It was a joke for all the veigar fans, but no I've never really played him
Karmoon (EUW)
: What frustrates me is that the people who really need to read this post are going to think tl;dr cos they didn't go to school. Well, I upvoted you, for what little it's worth.
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: go for atk speed. you might deal a little bit less dmg to champs but is speeds up your clearing. furthermore i advise ms quints , 3 mr and 6 cdr glyphs and armor seals. i use 8/13/9 masteries. devourer is good if you rush it. pretty much the best offensive item for phoenix udyr since wits end falls off hard and bork is really meh. combine it with trnity force for literally tons of dmg.
I didn't realise damage had the same units as mass, thanks for the advice though, I'll give him another go later. Shame he only gets life steal rather than spell vamp too, guess only mr lee sin gets that much sustain. Speaking of sustain, every build i've seen uses rangers trailblazer, but id have thought his clear speed and sustain was good enough with out that. If so, would you go chilling smite or skirmisher's (or poachers for the shear troll value)?
: i normally dont lvl q until lvl 16. it is quite useless and more points in your other spells will do more for you. phoenix udyr doesnt really need the skill until late game to push towers faster and to give you a head start in duells. until that point of the game devourer + tri force + your passive + atk speed marks is all the atk speed you'll need.
So that's a 'yes' on only having 3 abilities then?
Kyosume (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Karmoon,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=0UMeswQN,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-03-05T14:45:22.661+0000) > > Out of interest, how old are you? I believe his name tells you that :)
Surely this is all written as a parody/satire? I mean no one really names themselves "xXxSw4gM4sterxXx" in an unironic way... do they..?
Karmoon (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=TBadger,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=3EMfK5KY,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-03-05T10:39:30.146+0000) > > Ok, so assuming you're going for the base damage rather than the AP scaling. If you max R and just have one point in Q, applying the phoenix damage 30% faster isn't going to give you more damage than another +40 base damage is it? Well, that's the thing about AS. Sometimes you might hit less hard, but you're hitting more often. Overtime it works out as more. Remember you get the phoenix burst every 3 attacks. With increased AS from tiger all you're doing it getting more phoenix burst. AS amplifies your damage with Pheonix Udyr a lot. That coupled with the fact that Udyr used to go feral flare (devourer enchantment) meant that he valued attack speed really a lot. For me personally, I can't always guarantee i'll get mulitple hits on my opponents. Plus, you need at least 20% CDR to be able to switch stances 'instantly'. When you're going for someone you have to go bear->tiger->phoenix. That gets you both the AS buff from Tiger and Monkey (his passive). But as this is sometimes difficult to acheieve against certain opponents, I tend to go for Tiger with warrior enchantment. That way i only have to hit them once to leave a big dot on them. As I said, experiment and try things for yourself.
Ok, that sounds good, but if I wanted to build AD and do a large part of my damage upfront, I've already got a lot of junglers that can do that. Have you had much experience with devourer on him? So far, I've found it's only really viable on champions like shyvanna, i.e. high clear speed, tanky, good base damage. Oh, and one more thing, do you think you'll end up with greater damage (to champions) with attack speed marks, or hybrid pen?
Karmoon (EUW)
: If you're good enough, by which I mean you clearly outclass all your opponents, you can actually go full damage and focus on Q, E and R. But i agree it's somewhat binary, simply considering the HUGE amount of utility you get from E. I'm starting to think that Udyr has too much power in his E which means that it's kind of mandatory to get it. I also think there's room to further increase a skill's power if Udyr chooses to master it. So if he maxes Q, there's an additional effect blah blah blah. But the thing is, as a pure melee champ, you're a prime candidate for kiting. Some champs like Yi have kits which facilitate building full damage, but Udyr doesn't. Additionally, the fact that Udyr scales off AD for his Q and AP for his R also makes it even more a case of 'choose one'. Though, in reality no one takes advantage of his AP scalings, it's all about AS to proc phoenix base damage - which is surprisingly powerful at early levels. Personally since S5, i have switched almost exclusively to Tiger. It's the AS steroid it automatically gives you. Previously, you didn't need a point in W, but now a point in W at level 2 really helps you stay in the jungle and do full clears etc. Timing when to get your first point in Bear is critical on udyr, and the jungle getting harder makes that much more of an issue. In S4 you'd be Phoenix, Tiger, Phoenix and basically rip apart your jungle. Level 4 bear, and you're there. The fact is in S5, you kinda need Turtle in the first 3 levels, so that delays the phoenix to tiger combo quite a bit. THat's why I actually like going tiger on him, because the damage is great and going AD synergises better with W lifesteal. Swings and roundabouts.
Ok, so assuming you're going for the base damage rather than the AP scaling. If you max R and just have one point in Q, applying the phoenix damage 30% faster isn't going to give you more damage than another +40 base damage is it?
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Arandoral (EUW)
: Everyone is always complaining!
I like the irony of complaining about too many people complaining, but you're right, the majority of new threads are just people bitching about their mains being nerfed.
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