: Simplexity Gaming Recruiting first League of Legends team [S][5v5]
Hello, I would like to say, that we will not be replying to everyone individually in the thread, we will however be adding each summoner individually on League and will chat with them ingame regarding their application. This keeps the application process confidential. Any applications that we are not processing to the stage of adding ingame will be contacted on this forum thread by either me or Mushee. Thank you for understanding the reasoning behind this and as always, if you have any questions don't be afraid to send me a reply or a message! Thanks, Terry 'TFrag' Farish
MLP Dante (EUW)
: PS i hope me been b4 doesn't minimize my chances of making the team as i have beaten players that were plat and diamond before in lane
Hello MLP Dante, I would like to thank you for your application, as stated in the recruitment post we are looking for players ideally of D5+ level. The reasoning behind this is due to looking to compete in LAN events in the near future. This causes us to look at players who already have good fundamentals in place to support joining a team and with the correct coaching, guidance and knowledge bases in place we will be able to expand on what the players already know and create a team who synergises together and is able to compete in tournaments to a high level, I hope my explanation helps clear some questions you may have up, if you have any further questions please ask them as we are always willing to answer anything we can to the best of our ability! We are looking at possibly creating an academy team which will allow the lower leagues of players to gain a much deeper understanding on league of legends and will involve more one to one sessions, at the current moment in time we are not recruiting for this team and you can stay updated on our website and social media: http://simplexity-gaming.org https://facebook.com/OfficialSimplexity https://twitter.com/simplexitygames Thanks, Terry 'TFrag' Farish
: whys it allways diamond some ex silvers can be just as good in a team situation :/ its not all about individual mechanics or skill
Hello, Thanks for your reply, I understand your concern in relation to skill levels, the reason we're looking for diamond level players is because it shows commitment, determination, experience, core fundamentals and most of all dedication to the game. We're looking to establish a serious team that is going to go far in the UK scene, and as such we are not looking to create an academic team from scratch at the moment, this may be a future possibility and when the time comes we will announce such on our website over at www.simplexity-gaming.org. I hope you understand our reasoning behind our decision. Thanks, Terry 'TFrag' Farish
: Simplexity Gaming Recruiting first League of Legends team [S][5v5]
Hello, I'm the CEO and Founder of Simplexity Gaming over at www.simplexity-gaming.org. I'd like to wish everyone good luck with their applications and I hope to see some of you on our teamspeak, website and most of all representing us in tournaments and LAN's nationwide! You're in good hands with our division manager and hopefully our coaching team will help guide you to success within the organisation. Thanks, Terry 'TFrag' Farish


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