: New to lol, dont 3v3 PvP please
Although this map is dying out.... If you want to "duo-lane" it generally fails unless you are double poke with some CC, so you can force them out of lane to take tower, but also survive ganks. Generally if you dont take the tower by level 4, then a non-jungle team will fall behind in XP and gold without gaining that extra map pressure. So for all you duo-laners... just got Summoners Rift as ADC and Support, sure you can even off meta it there, but at least people are expecting you to duo there.
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: You are right(...), the surrender system needs few changes. For example, we should be able to initiate a vote at 10 mins instead of 15. Also, unanimously should not be required before min 20. Sometimes it’s just tiresome to spend 10 additional minutes because yasuo thinks he can still feed harder when he barely grants any gold lol. I mean, most games are determined by min 10-15 anyways, just let me move on and play my next game. Being forced to keep playing in a trap game just gets more and more frustrating.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sefi,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=H1Nkqdsl,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-09-19T20:58:11.314+0000) > > Im not so sold on the proposes solution, but I agree that its annoying when that one player just keeps hitting /ff every 3 minutes. It's also just as frustrating when you have a match like I just did where your team gets smashed and yet some idiot refuses to surrender and drags out the match as long as possible.
However there is a mechanic for that, after 20 mins a second vote with majority can override, that diehard outsider.
: still, 2 dia 4 and a plat 3 is always gonna be way better than two unranked and a bronze. it doesn't matter that its 3v3, when the rank difference is immense
To get a half decent 5v5 rank you at least have to know basic game mechanics. CS, map awareness, runes, summoner spell match-ups (ignite wins 1v1 vs heal, and barrier only blocks 2 of 4 ticks) level up advantages etc...
: 1) That only makes the situation worse though. If there were more ppl playing 3v3, you could match them more selctively and avoid situations like these. 2) It's kind of a pointless plea regardless. 3v3 isn't going to be around much longer anyway. Might as well play it while you still can.
Sadly I agree on both points... However, the issue is that the TT meta is less known than SR, so novice players are very much lambs to the slaughter (worst Ive seen was a TP Ziggs, perhaps he thought it would be similar to novice AI). In fact, retro-patching the jungle buffs back onto TT would be good for an alternative to SR, but with good comparable mechanics.
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