: ARURF Champ pool
Got all the champs and i had to reroll Gnar 4 times, feelsbad.
: How to get random skins, only skins from "chests"
GuMa7a (EUNE)
: Who is blaming the other i'm talking about the bigger picture .... {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} Nowhere in the POST that i wrote i say'd that i'm good or i'm a pro player i need to play 100% sure with platinum gold 1 or actually on the game play of the player {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} I'm saying that if just imagine you play a role in a game you have player this role for quit a while let's say 3-4 exp with this champ and you know that what ever possible thing can happen in a game is foreseeable if you are still on the same subject i hope i are reading it right ... and you are gonna tell me that it's possible after being thrown in bronze 5 for this same reason that in promos they put you with suck a interesting way to make everything impossible to win because now you need to understand If you are 6/0 7/0 until the 20:00 or a positive score Top Lane Irelia Mid lane(it does not matter because if he is a nub or a troller still will feed) score is 1/6 or 3/9 and you'r jungle player buddy that is playing ranked with you is again 0/5 and let's not forget bot lane two ppl that are again with negative score and you gonna tell me that if i improve my skill in a game that i can say the chances of win where ur to 79% to 81% following with 10-13 wins in a row so i can manage to bring my self from bronze 5 to silver 1 for a little period of time and stuck again in silver 1 following games with people that PUSH RANKED and play it's like a roller coaster with no intention of progressing in the game. The system of a player vs player is terrible it can not manage to put a the previous history in a particular player based skilled in the game but it's objecting on other type of level that is not responding properly when you end up with 2 or 3 people in a game that feed you are gonna tell that you will win.....{{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
In bronze or silver i can have like 3 or 4 guys "feeding" and i can carry the game alone 90% of the times because i snowball hard and i know how to end the game and the difference between skill is big. When i say "dont blame them" its to focus in yourself... if you're stuck in a rank its cause you deserve that rank not cause of other people feed... If you want to climb higher you need to improve just that.
: How can I climb?
There is no Elo Hell! It just means that you're in the right rank. If you want to climb dont blame others, blame yourself, ask to yourself what am i doing wrong, watch some replays of your games. Just improve your gameplay, if you say that you're winning the lane then help others/take objectives. Farm farm farm farm farm and farm. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
GuMa7a (EUNE)
Dont blame others and try to improve your gameplay thats how you climb.
: Permaban
No one gets perma banned for just one game.
Megumìn (EUW)
: [CURSED]imposible to win a single game , afk in every game in my team lost 15 division good job riot
: Monitor for League
And 22 or 24 inch. 27 its too high...
: Indeed! It's totally random, don't you think?
i've got an account where i play with a friend and i do every game with him i was gold 4 and was placed in silver 2 and he was gold 3 and placed in bronze 1 its a little random yeah
: I know I can climb easily but, goddamn I was already going platinum 3 lol, it just pisses you off
well being gold 3 and going to plat 3 something was really wrong so...
: MMR in flex is still bugged, from plat4 to bronze1 OK
If you're really a plat player that doesnt matter play games and you climb...
Azopt (EUNE)
: Ranked Flex
If you want to be mixed with bronze's and diamond's in the same game play Ranked Flex.
ShokiiZ (EUW)
: Not Sure Where to Start
Start playing Co op until you're comfortable and think Bot's are weak then move to normal games. If you like watch some streams its good to learn. Don't expect learn the game in 2 or 3 weeks this takes time if you really want to improve. Learn with your mistakes. Oh and don't start playing ranked games when level 30! First learn! Good luck and have fun!

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