Zerelous (EUW)
: Riot matching me with challenger players in ARAM - Huni...
and now, years ago i played aram vs diamond prox and vs xpeke, its just random match makin. nobody cares, sometimes when u are lucky u get some pro players in ur team or the enemy team
Rioter Comments
: servers laggy?
so where is this fuckin ranked, i was 30:6 with master yi, still not im match history 12h later, then fuckin disable ur shit modes, when ur shit servers dont run properly
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ZeesBombi (EUW)
: Got disconnected from game and couldnt reconnect
same here, fu drop hackers, 3times attempt to reconnect, 2 times i could reconnect back with 2 seperate internet connections, at 3rd time on both connections not able to reconnect, match was like 30min into the game, its not in match history


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