Enjutsu (EUNE)
: http://i3.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/456/963/56b.jpg May i have another cup?
No {{item:3070}} Buddy just typed how actually it works :) idc is 4th permabanned account ^^
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Enlight13 (EUW)
: Dude I had a game where I was 4-1- 19 as a SUPPORT. Do you know how hard that is to try and carry everyone else as a support? You have no damage and you are still there to pick off anyone and help any one possible. The game is NOT about individual prowess. The game is about 5 people vs 5 people and the better people win. Thats what it always was. Always will be. Stop being dillusional bro.
dude the fact is u can be 40-1 but if in ur team there is a cocksucker 1 20, you lose.. no way
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Well obviouysly you're not strong.
Yup, i was gold 1 before patch 6.9, then i started meet people like screenshot (maybe u are one of them)
Eveninn (EUW)
: > These, by the way, are the WORST teammates i ever had So it's one unlucky game. Happens to all of us. Doesn't really matter for climbing. On that note, you can still improve, and when you improve you'll win more. If you Play like eeryone else on your MMR you get a 50% winrate, being a better player simply means to be good enough to turn a few losses into a win, resulting in more than 50% winrate and climbing. Last but not least, climbing is a Long-term Thing, it usually won't just happen within a day or week, and that's also why individual games can be pretty much disregarded there.
Yea you're right but i don't know..i was otp Udyr. I was gold 1 before 6.9 patch..after that patch boom..im struggling through G4 and G5. And i can say that's not just an isolate game, if you check my rankeds you will see that the most of the times i lose because my teammates are uncarryable..I know, climbing needs time but i can't see "the light in the end of the tunnel" tbh.
: Enemy team had a better carry. You aren't good enough to carry. So you gonna stay where you are on the ladder. Not the fault of your team. It's SoloQ if you good you climb, but when I say I mean good enough to carry in that elo no matter what. I've seen people carry 3v5 games just because they were too good.
Ahah this comment is just garbage. I am not good to carry, dude what are we talkin' about? Are you watching the screenshot?? Also i checked your profile you're a trash main support..with horrible win ratesand awful kdas.. Just a tip, avoid this kind of Topics..you can't judge trust me :) peace
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: >So you guys what would you have done if you were in my place?? Flame him or just play the game? Neither. Just dodge your ass out of that game. Riot stated that if someone picks for a role they didn't get, they will get severe punishments. > if he was here ahead of me i would have liked to bang him down... These are the moments when you wish you would have the ability to teleport... tp next to that idiot and hit him with a clean right hook and then tp away so he doesn't even know what hit him.
Riot states nothing trust me... they can't even state if an account is getting elo boosted, and for ya they can state if someone doesn't pick his assigned role? they don't give a fuk about that..they care only to ban flamers
: Flame him hard. what a %%%%. Whats this bastards ign ??
: >So you guys what would you have done if you were in my place?? Flame him or just play the game? Neither. Just dodge your ass out of that game. Riot stated that if someone picks for a role they didn't get, they will get severe punishments. > if he was here ahead of me i would have liked to bang him down... These are the moments when you wish you would have the ability to teleport... tp next to that idiot and hit him with a clean right hook and then tp away so he doesn't even know what hit him.
If i dodge who reports that guy? Who will ever knows he just instalocked a jungler if he was mid?? Riot games tribunal is really really really bad about this things..they only think to ban flamers,flamers flamers flamers..they don't have the brain to think that if someone flames is not only because he is toxic but maybe because someone is tilting him hard..For example i just finished a rank..that was a fkin easy game until the %%%%%%%%%%%% yasuo top said "BRB" and he goes afk and never came back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DSFH+HPDSS SDHSDH+PDFHDPFDHPSFDFPD+SIGDS im tilted as fuk solo Q IS CANCER like this game ill get permaban and i ll lose all my skins because of this trashcans kids and RIOT DOESN'T DO NOTHING ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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: Play a game and find out for yourself. {{item:3116}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3143}} then last item is optional.
Sincerely now im doing {{item:3116}} {{item:3158}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3089}} and as last item i could do {{item:3157}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3152}} ( i play vlad mid ) I think cdr on him is everything..with 40% u can spam q and E every 2.5 seconds.. with 30% every 3.5.. and with 20% 4.5
Eambo (EUW)
: [Resolved] [16-05-16] - RADS/HTTPS/Login Errors
So it's a Server problem or our problem?
: Lol no it doesn't anyways my comment was half joking. But it's best to go full tank on him.
U drunk broooooooooooooooooooooooo show me the proof that's better to go full tank
: HP reds, HP Yellows, HP Blues and HP quints, congratulations you've just 1v5ed the enemies.
Ahah i am not sure. Passive scales better with AP
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mehrboddx (EUNE)
: It's easy. Maybe he started to copy a pro's masteries and playstyle. Don't you see phylol or redmercy and others are always advertising proguides? He is a human and I guess a human can improve, since this is just a game. I am looking forward to hear your opinion ,but this time I would appreciate it, if you comment and tell your opinion in a better way not just starting with You dumb. :|
Definitely you dumb.. "phylol or redmercy" pro players? AHAHAHAHAH are you serious {{champion:3}}
: Your reply to mine explains it all.
I am not from England so it's legit if i miss some words... :) About my loveliness, no doubt :) i am sorry if you aren't but...ur problems :))
: All you're doing is coming back again and again to this thread to put someone down. That just shows how childish you are. You didn't just say something 'bad', first you said I'm boosted for no reason, then you go on with complaining about my stats, trying to make me angry (which is an act of a negative and toxic attitude), then what made it worse was you telling me** just because I'm a girl** I'm_ bad_ at the game and_ I have no right to complain_ about anything? And you basically called the guy above bronze just because of the server he plays on. What purpose did you do that? To protect your damaged ego? Going so far as to be sexist, do you think that my gender makes your points valid? It's 2016, not the 1950's. But don't worry, I understand.. it must be tough for people like you with a brain of a toddler. But I'll finish with my passive aggressive put-downs, I'm not the bad guy here nor do I intend to become one.
Actually you are insulting me since your first answer (i don't care about your insults sincerely). point number 2 : why you speak about Ego?? My ego is normal, i mean i'm a beauty guy but this is not the place :) Point number 3 : i am not sexist i just realised that you're a girl because you play only female champions, and is statistic that girls are less strong than boys at this game :\ Point number 4 : I don't need an history lesson from you..you should be 13 y/o ... :) mad kid
mehrboddx (EUNE)
: I don't agree with you. Look. All of the new games, he has been playing ryze. Maybe he is comfortable and pro with ryze. I haven't been elo boosting but if you look at my match history you'll find out that I'm just climbing because I'm playing Taric and I'm ok with him.
You dumb. Look this game before getting boosted with ryze..he had wrong mastery too :\ http://i.imgur.com/BBLaZf2.png[/img]
: You still pay absolutely no attention to the point of my original post, please take your crap somewhere else. You're being toxic, you think you're clever and sneaky making people mad? I've heard worse things from better people. And last but not least, of COURSE you need to bring out the gender-card :D Because what else do you have to say against me? That's right, nothing. You have nothing sensible to say against me that would prove you right or your 'point', other than being a sexist, toxic player of the community. I feel sad for you, please grow up.
So who says something "bad" (the truth) about you is "sexist, toxic, flamer, kid" ??? I think you're too permalous imho and you really need to focus on your games instead to complain your teammates..and as i already said stop play Lux, your lux is awful! :)
: He is Udyr OTP, and clearly a Trick2g fanboy. You shouldn't expect much of them, if we are going to play a game of being biased. As for you, I'd suggest you check out Huzzy on YT and his climb to Diamond. If you have time. If not, well, maybe you should change your champion pool. It's not that Lux on mid is bad or anything, but she is kind of flawed and team reliant. Also one more thing, the definition of "carrying". It is clear that, after the bruiser meta we had a few seasons ago (the age of Black Cleaver), it has proven to be really hard to carry solo. When I say carry solo, I mean that you can murder everything in your path, and there is nothing enemy can do to stop you. **How I see carrying, is by being a positive force in your team, do everything in your might to stop the rage in your team**, and you should be ok. I think that people lose more games nowadays because of some silly sense of pride ("He is so f*** bad that I don't want to play with him", "He stole my buff, he loses the game, gonna feed" , "I am not going to boost this idiot"...). Seriously, if you get a lead in your lane, the team is very likely to listen to you. Then all you have to do is to keep your team calm, and they will play better. And, there is always the chance enemy will start to rage, making things even easier. Also, you have a lot of ranked games, so you obviously have more experience than me (to save you all the effort, I am currently Gold V, with something around 70 games, probably won't change till the end of season since I don't play ranked, gold for skin :D). All I've said could be wrong, but this is "carrying" from my perspective.
And what's the problem being an OTP Udyr and be a Trk2God fan??,,, gold 5 in eune is like bronze 1 in euw btw
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: Did you ignore the whole point of my original post, or? Firstly I'd like to point out that Janna is a top tier support, there is a reason shes not played commonly in lower Elos.. there is no 'noob' included in that champion.. her package is small but powerful and you need to know how to use it. Obviously I can, judging from your stalking :) And yes, like I said in my original post (that you didn't even bother to read apparently): > I'm just an average player, I'm never toxic, never have had a ban, I always try my best. Sure sometimes **games can be lost because mistakes that I solely make** If you're such a butt-sore stalker who likes to take the piss out of people, then go and look deeper into my games that I've had bad stats in. Look at my team stats, look at objectives taken, look at cs'ing from both sides, feel free to look at the graphs that show where people have died, got caught, etc. I've stated that I'm an average gold player, I don't have the skills to carry solo and neither do my teams. Feeding (by mistake) or not, the game is about positive attitude and teamwork, and I simply stated that those elements are completely absent in this game. 250 games with Lux and 46% winrate doesn't seems so bad for me. I've had great games on her and not so great games, but shes generally the champion I enjoy playing the most and with a team that cooperates with a positive attitude, wins come very easy, or at least good games come out of it. In the end I'm the one who has played on my account and been in the games I've played as Lux. I'm the only one who can judge that. Stats are not everything. But it's the players like you who look at stats and then abandon teammates, flame, continue to be toxic throughout a game, just because you feel superior enough to flame people who may have worse stats than your sorry bum :) If you need an ego fix, try elsewhere.. your argument would be valid against someone who had claimed something like 'I'm so good at this game but I cannot carry my crap team, the problem is with my teammates and not me', but I have not once stated anywhere that I feel that way. Go try to be cool and shut someone else down, it won't work with me.
Ahah your madness make me smile, to be honest you don't need to be mad, i just typed that you are a really bad Lux (46% win rate on her on 250 games, trust me is really bad considering Lux one of the midlaner with the HIGHER win rate than every other midlaners) and i adviced to you to keep playing Janna because she doesn't need particular skills to be played good and is freelo. Why u talk about toxicity? If someone is toxic there is a valid reason. For example : i just got a Yasuo mid ending 0 / 8 / 0 in the midlane should i give a candy to this guy? Nope :) Just telling him that he is bad and he shouldn't play rankeds until he get a good skill cap. If you want to be a one trick pony Lux..you can't have a 46% win rate... i'm OTP Udyr but go check my Win rate.. and if i go check ur op.gg is not stalkering, u dumb:). Finishing u play only female champions so i dont know if u are a girl or if you are but if you are a girl you don't have to complain your teammates.. your stats are bad , and stats always say the truth :) Bye bye madkid
: What you said makes no sense.. I got boosted? Sorry I played around 400 games to get out of silver to gold, I wouldn't call that boosted.. and if I'm boosted why would I be in the Elo I belong in/currently in(?).. if according to you, I was boosted into this Elo.. ? What? What you say makes no sense, if you're going to try to insult someone then at least make your argument credible..
I just checked your op gg, why u complain about "i can't carry" if when you play midlane you just fail...keep be a Janna Abuser dude 61% wr with her (freelo noob champion) just use her and don't complain about "uncarryable" 46% win rate as Lux on 250 games is almost awful. Just don't play midlane and play ur noob champion Janna. 2° advice : Don't buy dark seal and then you end 2 11 as Lux.. don't buy Mejai if you have 6 deaths, titanic hydra on Maokai? Are you serious?? Ahahah just play the easiest role in league : Support and stop complain I argumented. Bye
: Season 6: Uncarriable
The fact is that @Unlucky Bella you just got boosted and now you are stucked in gold elo (the elo that you deserve) otherwise the game is unbalanced =)
: That doesn't give you the right to kill him. And besides your nerfs hit his early game the hardest, that's what that brand struggles with. If you must hit his late game them do so without making him a paper weight early game... He already struggles in lane.
Yes maybe you're right in lane is not all this strenght but in teamfight he is a beast i think now is in the first places together with Azir , Ryze and Zyra (considering the DPS/AoE damage)
: And an 8 second cooldown at level 1... you are completely forgetting his early game and how you are butchering it, he will have no kill pressure, no ability to fight or to defend yourself... good luck trying to do anything late game as you have just been trampled early game due to your lack of everything. With brand's build path, and skill order the fastest you can get Q to be that low is around level 13 at best... before that unless you have your ult you can't use your passive which is where a lot of his power is.
Lol are you serious dude..i remember one rank that i was a big Volibear jungle.. my mid Brand was 4 12 at minute 38..we were flaming him because he doesnt group with us and he just went top/bot to farm...well...starting group he ended 14 12...Legendary..Brand is just BROKEN
: thats exactly what would happen if the game would be balanced by a Gold V Player... I agree to some points (kalista,Malzahar, brand., but some points (fizz, yasuo, darius) are just dogshit.
So you don't think that Fizz needs a nerf??....
Varjokani (EUNE)
: Id like to have Twitch's old Q back. The one you could use to sneak from your base to enemy base with out stealth running out. :3
No bro please, Twitch is among the best ad carries together with Lucian and Sivir..
: > Passive : is so strong right now..make like also autoattacks can wipe it and reduce the cooldown of his passive. That's already the case... any damage or cc will trigger the passive so you can remove it with an auto attack then use spells. > i would like to increase at 4 spells the spawn of the big circular explosion ( OP ) because with 3 you stack it very very very quickly and in teamfight he can really win 1 v 5. That makes the passive useless without the ult... all of his skills are long cooldowns so unless he ults he can only ever get a 3 hit combo.
Long cooldown? ahah Q at max level with atleast 30% cdr is every 4-5 seconds By the way with 4 spells i meant even the second possible bounce of the ult.. ( E + q + w + r is the classic combo.. 4 spells )
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: I still haven't played ranked this year, the new queue puts me off.
What do you mean? Time queue?
Çhaòs (EUW)
: It's all the same, Bronze V - Plat 1 = low elo, any games here are easy to win if you know the ways. The new patch is brilliant if you learn how to control the dragons properly, just like the old ones people just let them go for free, but they're huge now.
Lmao how can you compare bronze elo with plat gold elo , hope u're jokin ahaah btw i am not talkin' about the drakes..drakes are fine although I still have not understood the spawn, for example why have to spawn 3 clouds drakes in a row..but they are fine tho.. The REAL problem is that the game NOW has no more "pick skill", now you are wondering <<pick skill? what the kappa are you typing>>. Well. Before this patch, if you see someone picks Brand mid what do you do? Pick counterpick, who? Lb , talon etc. NOW you can't do this because people just instalock {{champion:63}} , {{champion:90}} , {{champion:45}} , {{champion:8}} etc, mid and there is no more counterpick because they're actually OP...same things with the TOPLANE, just instalock {{champion:245}} , {{champion:57}} , {{champion:48}} , {{champion:122}} etc.. (Obv if they are not banned, but well only 6 bans avalaible xd) So, what am i saying is that there is no more counterpicks..no more skill to do the right pick...just instalock the broken champions and gg, this is bad as fuk in my opinion... And i make a breath even for the poor adc's main... who you want play? Twitch? Lucian? Sivir? there is no difference 'cause you will be oneshotted from everyone in the rift. P.S rageblade changes are sick too.. RIP my Godyr :( {{champion:77}}
Çhaòs (EUW)
: 2 problems, 1, you're a tyler1 fan boy. 2. You're bad.
2 problems,1, the fact that i follow an entertainment streamer like tyler, i don't think is a problem. 2. Go check my win rates then speak =) bye
: Probably not the best idea. They made a bunch of changes simultaneously so they have time to balance them all before competitive starts up again, better to bring everything to a suitable level now rather than in the middle of the split.
Bro if i play normal game i just use Nunu..i play only competitive, for me League is a sport but when the game is unbalanced like now, you can't even improve yourself and you can't even say "So i'm improving" because before this patch i was climbing so good, doing great things in gold1, low plat elo... after this patch i just dropped to g5 without reason, in this game there is no more counterpicks.. just instalock ekko, maokai, trundle, darius top..and now instalock malz, brand, veigar, vlad mid there is no counterpicks just instalock broken champions and gg...Even 2 of the best counterpicks of AP Mage in the midlane like LeBlanc and Kassadin are useless right now!! And tbh the change of the rageblade totally killed my MAIN Udyr, now i have to think game after game to what to build to open d gatez!!
Meriipu (EUNE)
: Maybe you should not jump straight into ranked after mayor changes.
Maybe is too late im going to run all the rankeds i ll do down mid..and ill create another aaccount to run down mid everything..this game is falling apart this patch totally ruined the game gg
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Moe Striker (EUNE)
: Is it Sht or shi3t? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
sht you look kind...shi3t is when you're getting angry for that SHIT system
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: Profile Photo Maker LCS teams
UP please someone answer!!!
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Minstrel (EUNE)
: >if one wants to buy a skin not necessary has to be main. I totally agree. However, you bought it knowing that you didn't play Ezreal, and now you want to sell it because you don't play Ezreal. Don't you see the fault at your reasoning?
Dude i play Ezreal, i am good at him but in ranked i play my main role so i would like to refund that skin that's it
Minstrel (EUNE)
: Nobody can help you, since you agreed for the skin to be non-refundable, but let me ask you this. Why on earth did you buy Pulsefire if not for the free mystery, since you don't play Ezreal?
Because now i do only dynamic Q and i play only my main role and Ezreal is not of that role and by the way if one wants to buy a skin not necessary has to be main.
: During the Spinning axes event, whenever you bought a Legendary or Ultimate skin, you had to click a check box stating that you couldn't refund whichever skin you were going to buy. This was done so that people couldn't just buy a skin, get a "free" mystery skin and then refund the initial skin, resulting in them getting the mystery skin completely free. By checking this box you agreed to this, and therefor I'm afraid it's impossible for you to get a refund. Of course, you can still send a ticket to support, but I highly doubt that they will allow a refund of the skin. Remember that you practically signed a contract with Riot.
Ok i contacted the support .. as i said i did not bought that ezreal's skin for the free skin so, guys for me they can take off even the free skin that i got "Celestine Soraka" ( i don't care i am not main support ) but i reallly want refund that ez skin! :(
: Because u get a RANDOM free skin with it. And u cant just refund the skin and get a new "try" to get a good random skin this means u wont be able to fefund it. Atleast to my knowledge
Wake up buddy, there isn't anymore that promotion.. so if i buy a legendary or ultimate right now i will not get a free mistery skin. I just want refund that skin omg why i can't Riot please
Febos (EUW)
: Why are you using tyler1 has an example? That guy is the most toxic guy I've ever seen. Right or not, he's not the type of "lead by example" (summoners code if you don't know). I agree that that trio of items is very strong in champions that shouldn't be using them, but I don't need tyler1 to tell me that. Really bad example.
Yo dude do you cry everytime you see a flamer?? And remember that if flamers exist is because there are Trollers or "no-hands players" that create the FLAMERS.. by the way this Vid explain the SEASON 6 how is. Tyler1 or not Tyler1 , Rito fix ur game.
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