: Ranked reward system is disappointment
You answered your problem "i got banned 14 days for being TOXIC" you deserve to be banned if you are toxic in game and its your fault that you decided to be toxic so your punishment is no ranked rewards. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} toxic>skill if you make other peoples game frustrating by being toxic then you deserved it. You even said you were toxic and you understand that but then go to say that your not salty in ranked yh right bye bye.
KatzYo (EUNE)
Your just gonna have to try and remember when you made the account at least the year
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: Premade for close combat mission-EUW
same dude add me if you need some1
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Swörd (EUW)
: No Ranged champion mission.
If anyone still needs to do this mission add me just try and find other people aswell so we can jump right into it
: Regarding the missions
Totally agree. I dont understand why riot havent added any new missions yet
: Void Gaming Community - Recruitment Post
If you enjoy inhouses and hanging out with people making friends and like Lol this is a great community to join :)
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: I'm not earning key fragments
I think the rate of the Key fragments shouldn't be that high but not really low the more you get should not effect the rate that you get them because you can only get 4 chests per month. They say they reduced the key fragments rate after every 1 you get but i mean c'mon getting the chests for some people is difficult. At least make it so we can get 3 - 6 key fragments per week to keep people actually playing. I don't know if this made any sense but yeah

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