: You are right about the difference between elos. Don't worry, your english is fine and everything was clear ;) What I was trying to say is that we all experienced being hostage, and we all hate it. The point is, up until know, nobody found a real solution that will fix everything. Each solution have a lot of drawbacks and loopholes that will make it difficult to implement.
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: I dont like the idea of leaving a game because it's not winnable in your opinion. And if you would make it like you said, you could play duo ranked and every game that goes bad you just leave with the second account. (Would be easy to abuse this "System")
There is a lot flaws in my idea. It is also the first time i have looked at this point of view meaning by the players who afks because they don't think they can win the game. I used to dislike the players who did so. but ended up becoming one of them. I just understand their point of view now.
: Helloo there ! Finally a constructive post trying to discuss. First I'd like to mention that we all felt hostage in some games. > 3 of them were the positive players we all know that says we can win team no matter what Those positive players aren't thinking like that just because they are positive. * First, maybe because they were able to do a lot of comebacks before. * Second, it is actually training on how to play from behind, even if you know ou are losing anyways. But if you never train to play in that situation, you'll never know how to do it. * Third, it's ranked so it's better to keep trying, maybe the enemies will do a mistake or something and you'll win. After all, losing is out of question if you want to climb. Actually, it's more complicated than you think and your propositions have some issues : > 1. If you are being held hostage in game because your team means you can win . I think you should be able to quit the game and of cause you should get punished by losing lp no matter if your team wins or lose without you. But not getting banned because you as a player felt like that particularly game would be a waste of time, and it would be better just to move on to the next without waiting for the previous game to end. When you go to play a game, you expect to have 4 other teammates with you and to fight in a fair match. Giving you the option to bail out and lose LP no matter what might feel fair to you, but it's not fair for your teammates who will end up 4v5. It's a team game and you'll have to stick as a team, not solo preferences. Also, if you ever noticed it, a lot of players actually ask to ff at 15 just after a kill or 2. It became quite popular to think that the game is over after 2 kills in the first 10min. So imagine that 1 of your teammates just goes afk after 2deaths... > 2. Now that you have 4 players only there is 5 champions. make it so you can play as the champion like csgo it is a bot, but you can choose it and you will have the same runes as the player who first loaded into the game had. You can only make this chance when you have died as the champion you chose in champselect. If you ever played coop vs IA, you'll notice that bots are not even close to human thinking... Even legit iron players beat them. The bot will just run it down in a lane and feed, it's just gonna make it worst. League is very complexe game, making a good bot would be quite difficult and will require a lot of investments. Also, riot would have to make tons of different bots for all champs and all skill levels to make things fair... There is more than 140 champs now and many divisions with 4 tiers each. Which make this solution not possible on practice. > 3. If you lose as 4 players anyways make it so you don't lose lp for those who remained in the game. (of cause you shouldn't get punished because one player didn't think you would win.) This will make players abuse the system. We can just play as premades, and if we see that we are losing, I can afk so you don't lose lp. That will mess up ranked as a whole. And people will start selling this service with false accounts. "Play with me and I'll guarantee your climb with 0 lp loss". I would just need to be a very high elo player, and create smurfs on every division. Btw, some similar posts have already been made many times and what I told you was what I could remember from reading the comments on all of those.
Hey nice points you have there, but when it comes to the comebacks you talk about. it is different from elo to elo My bad not mentioning this but i Play diamond elo and just in general when you are behind in the higher end. it is impossible to win. I did also mention that i played since season 4 so i played a lot of games so i have developed in my opinion good game knowledge . And this discussion was meant for like looking at the player who experiences being held hostage. I probably didn't do the best writing English is my 3rd language so not my best. your points are interesting like you said with the bots thing that it will take a lot of investments.
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