: > [{quoted}](name=Alatharia,realm=EUW,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=PAMJqeEP,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2019-11-29T16:02:07.513+0000) > > But since you you guys asked for feedback, here's my honest feedback: > > Next time, either don't have any prizes at all, or clearly explain how the winners will actually be chosen. The original post only mentioned answering the questions correctly, nothing about length or depth or details. Hidden rules aren't fun. I would assume it is common sense that just like with every exam, high- effort and extensive display of knowledge are always beneficial, would you disagree? I think it goes without saying, the more you write the better the chance of winning. The winners were chosen by the points they reached. If in an exam I, for example, am asked about a question regarding the story of Snow White and what made her fall to a death- like sleep, simply answering "apple" will bring you some points but answering "poisoned apple brought to her by an old hag, the queen" will bring significantly more points :D We can see what some other volunteers have to say but I am a bit against explicitly telling participants to write more and in extensive detail because the people who naturally do so and truly think about putting their effort into these contests should be awarded accordingly.
Cambridge university have an exam policy along these lines. If you answer every question perfectly you can only 90%, the extra 10% is for the added excellence that the very top students can add in to their answers. That policy is also not officially stated anywhere.
Drda (EUNE)
: Yes basically you proved my point - every metal is rock but not every rock is metal
That's .... not what I said ...
Drda (EUNE)
: Metal is a genre of rock therefore my statement is 100% true
They are really quite different genres, there are things that definitively qualify as rock that are basically anti-metal, and some metal tracks have more in common with classical orchestral music. Hard rock often and metal have quite a bit of overlap, but to put one as a sub genre of the other is just wrong xD
Zanador (EUNE)
: Your reaction is nicer than mine. Qiyana's skin in particular seems like something that would probably require this game to have a higher rating than it's current 12+.
You clearly have not encountered an Evelynn.
: Quote of the Day
Said one duo partner to the other: "Why are _all_ my teammates always so useless?" ALL the teammates FeelsBadMan
: It's kind of a bug, we'll review all those questions manually. Only way to stop this from displaying incorrectly is to disable the evaluation view alltogether, meaning participants cannot see whether they were wrong or not on any of the questions. I did that for now, might revert later though ^^
Caught me out at first tbh, I was sure I had more than that right xD
: 🎃👻 Volunteer Halloween Quiz 👻🎃
Hello there Username and region as shown {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Arvit03 (EUW)
: Is someone willing to help me?
If you do find a mentor to go into games with you and chat with you, start communicating what you can and can't see on the map, cooldowns, vision, who's missing on map, where you think people are. What you think you can do and combo with your teammates. Etc Etc Etc. Literally talk about everything you're doing and thinking in game cos it will a) get you thinking about it all and b) your mentor will be able to help you work out what's a good idea, bad idea, things you miss, better strategies etc etc etc. Voice communication used correctly is probably the most OP thing in the game.
: Why no love for Caitlyn, but only adding to her numbers?
Lets be honest, Cait is strong enough right now. She has access to a lot of cool mechanics to massively boost her damage output and if you're half decent at the champ you can turn a 1 sec CC into 1 standard AA, 2 headshots with a CC chain, an empowered Q, a dash away and then ult if they're not dead already. For me, I stopped playing her because if you don't win laning phase you're irrelevant until 3-4 items. And in my ELO that's a coinflip.
: What is your 1st experience from league?
Playing the tutorial with my brother and he tells me to NOT buy thornmail first item :D PS. I remember the super galaxy rumble login animation, that was epic.
mythsealaes (EUNE)
: kogmaw
I don't think Koggy strictly needs love, he needs the meta to move a bit. He is without a doubt one of the best in class tank-shredding marksmen going, but with no mobility or self-peel he struggles to deal with the dash + burst heavy state of the modern game. Not to mention that there aren't all that many tanks in the game at the moment. There is no other champion who can do comparable long range DPS with such a large mixed damage profile, he has a place in this game, just not right necessarily in this meta. EDIT: To add to that, there's no point in judging him as strong or weak until he's seen a more favourable meta where he can do Koggy things more reliably. Unless you pull out match history & relevant stats for games he's in that actually suit him.
: RP Artwork Comp - because I cant think of anything original right now
: Why yet another Ashe skin? Fix the champion first.
I'm actually finding Ashe feels really good right now. The ultimate & perma-slow is normally the cost of not having as much damage as other ADCs, but in this meta where everyone has tons of damage, you get to have that crazy ult, perma-slow AND a good amount of damage. I also think that she does really well with the way the new crit items have shaken out.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Source?
: How to you play a new champion?
There's a middle ground to be had, the best way is to try stuff our yourself (day 1 aftershock Pyke here) but there has to be a reason the "pros & high ELO" do X, Y or Z, so I'll give that kind of build a bit of time to get a feel for it and how & why it's effective. Most of the time any differences are due to the required differences in playstyle between normal players and the top players with a much higher emphasis on waveclear and controlling games that way rather than just brawling and killing.
Leptyx (EUW)
: A stealthed champion should not be revealed/betrayed by its Aery or Arcane Comet
I do think comet should just fire from your nexus at all times. It removes any kind of scouting possibility whatsoever since the animation is not linked to your champ. Aery is slightly different since the cooldown is kinda linked to how close you are to Aery after the spell lands. For the initial cast it's fine if you just have Aery fly either out of the nexus or the spell that procs it. And for the return, if the champ is out of vision, it should then only be visible to the Aery's allies. That fixes your issue, Aery randomly appearing and disappearing is a little odd, but should be fine for gameplay.
: To what music do you listen when you play lol ?
My playlist ranges far and wide, from classical to metal via EDM and most things in between. Except nightcore. That's the only genre I've hard-blacklisted.
: akali needs to be buffed in the objectives department
The point of an assassin is to kill someone, then use the time opened up to take the objective. Rather than to just apply zone pressure and destroy the objective while the enemy team watch like a Caitlyn or something. Both styles are valid, but Akali can't do Cait things and Cait can't do Akali things.
King Lego (EUNE)
: Is it bad to complain about the class you play?
If I'm gonna moan about anything it's ADC itemisation since Stormrazor came out. That item came out as a much needed 1-item powerspike for this meta, but for real crit DPS it puts you behind in your build so rather than hit a nice 2 item spike and scale to infinity from there, you have a nice 1 item spike, then a lull, then a 3 item spike for literally every crit ADC. And then unless you want to delay being able to deal real damage, you need to wait until your 4th item before you can add lifesteal, ArPen or a defensive item. And all that would be absolutely fine except for one thing. You can't really get away with not building Stormrazor first (or BRK) since the faster scaling builds are just far too weak on just components. I'd be happy sacrificing some damage (that's the point of faster scaling - weak now, strong later) but the level of trade-off you need to make is just too punishing.
skinTDM (EUNE)
: top 2nd pick help
{{champion:57}} Good for dog-duty, doesn't hard-lose many matchups since you scale of hp & res anyway. Really easy to set up ganks and is great at TP ganks & teamfighting in general. But tanks suck atm, so whatever :P
: If you AFK for 2 minutes, Just don't bother coming back !
The thing is, that's what the system is designed to do. Pick up people who are AFK for an "extended" period and punish them for it, and there are 2 things you said, firstly the enemy team were at the inhib when you got back. That means your team were getting hammered for you being away which could easily have been Nexus if you were slightly behind. And secondly you have a monster PC that enabled you to get back into game ASAP, with a less monster PC that could have been the game over before you could get back in. So treating you the same as any other "extended" leaver seems fair to me, your team were negatively impacted by you leaving and your mitigating circumstance basically hinges on you having a monster PC to get back in time. Yes it sucks that this is because of DX issue and not really your fault (maybe driver updates, but that's forgivable), but the system is designed to spot and punish leavers. You left, and you got punished. The system cannot determine why you left, so it treats every "extended" leaver the same.
iSneez (EUNE)
: I saw it just now
If you had read the bio you would realise that Nunu brings out Willump's friendly side, while all the previous visitors to the Yeti's lair were greeted with fangs and death. So it makes sense that he looks a bit happy; you'll probably see the more serious yeti in the gameplay as he mashes things with his 4 arms and massive teeth.
Serage (EUW)
: Akali Winrate 28%
I feel like this is an artefact of bad data.
Ceberuz (EUW)
: I hate saying this, but at best you can try and "stalk" your strongest team mate, hoping to profit off the enemy team sending 2 - 3 players at that player, or you simply take some jungle camps if nothing is going on, just to get some income.
Thought that may be the case {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
Rioter Comments
: Serious community project to help you progress - Looking for
Now that the stats tab is live, a guide on how to properly use those stats, how to not confuse a correlation with a causation, what the stats can tell you and what they can't, what action to take from them etc etc etc would probably be super useful for a lot of people. Especially given how many people who ARE trained in handling shitty data would draw stupid, dumb conclusions. https://xkcd.com/882/
MeGusteak (EUW)
: New meta, and people still moan about champ picks
I think you'll find that marksmen are back actually. It doesn't mean that all non-marksmen are out, but you need to be prepared to go into a lane against one if you're going bot, (in a 2v2) and Xin is really not set up to play against that in lane. Personally, for a normal I'd expect some justification as to why you think it'd work, but if you have enough perk points in the bullshitting tree and you can justify Ivern as the bot carry and it's cool by me. For a ranked you'll be reported if it fails :P
: Thing with wukong is that he isn’t an assasin, or at least shouldn’t be. He is a diver, so his counter play becomes very similar to lee, later on in the game he will either be too squishy to contrabute or not have enough damage to be anything other than an ult bot. But right now he has access to enough reliable damage that he doesn’t have to worry about dying before he can kill because he just one shots everything. Which messes everything up. So once his access to damage is lowered he will return to a more manageable state, so while you are right that his kit has issues getting him to a point where he isn’t an active issue is important and can be done by solving another issue
Yea, that's exactly what I'm getting at. The other aspect of the Lee comparison is skillcap/reliability, Lee players will miss some stuff, or it will be dodged while Wu is pretty much just point & click one-shot & invis out with an AA reset being the height of counterplay windows. In the vein of diver-sassins, I almost don't want to say this as an ADC main, but most diver style bruisers can one-shot (or nearly oneshot) a marksman from reasonably early on, and then still have the defensive tools of that champion class to basically just walk back out. Which supports the issue being more systemic than just the Kong, but he is probably the most high profile example right now.
: How to become better adc?
Farming. Marksman has always been the role that scales best with gold so get good at that at both laning phase and mid/late game farm. They are quite different skill sets. Bot lane dynamics. A duo lane feels very different to a solo lane, get a feel for the different positional requirements and how to play with a partner and against a duo. Kiting & positioning. The hallmark of marksmen as a class is DPS, good kiting and positioning will help maximise the S part of that :P So just get a feel for where safe positioning crosses with where you need to be to deal damage (positioning) and how that moves during a fight (kiting). I've assumed that the mechanics of it just a case of practice for you. Most importantly … have fun :)
Kubajz (EUW)
: Imagine if they recreated every champions voice with Welsh, Scottish and Irish accents ... Me want http://lide.uhk.cz/fim/student/krizema1/img/homer.jpg
: Do you talking about advantage of gank red team !? oh man there is 5 **players Not Blind** SV 5 **players Blind** ! and you taking about ganks ! ...
I don't think I quite understand your point?
Cypherous (EUW)
: Well i mean it would be nice, but lets be fair, do you think riot cares enough to use proper english? :P
Yea, it's a bit of a dream. But on the other hand, if no one even mentions it then Riot will never even think about it.
Rioter Comments
R3ktX (EUNE)
: r.i.p sivir
Her biggest drawback at the moment is her short range and lack of a dash makes her kinda vulnerable, which is partially made up for by her spellshield, but not fully. But she does make excellent use of the reworked marksman items :D
: But wukong has never been an issue until now, that implies that it’s not so much an issue with wukong but an issue with the state of the game. So once the amount of damage in the game gets lowered wukong will hopefully go back to being healthy... the underlying issues will still be there but they won’t be causing an active issue in the game. To deal with the underlying issues a rework will have to happen, nerfing wukong then nerfing the thing bringing these issues forward would just cause more issues and will keep the underlying issues. So this will allow riot to stop wukong from being an active issue, and then that gives riot time to find a better way to deal with the inherent issues wukong has without resorting to killing him
The issue isn't that Wukong's kit is strong compared to similar champs, it's that it lacks counterplay and can be extremely reliable while most AD assassins have a degree of counterplay and ways to avoid their damage whereas if Wukong can one-shot, and decides he's going to do that, the _**only**_ counterplay is to stay a long way away from him.
: He has received a few nerfs but it’s the question of is wukong an issue or is he just a product of the damage issue that is currently in league... as riot are planning on dealing with this damage issue, with small nerfs to runes next patch and work on it during preseason the question becomes does wukong need nerfs to his kit or will these changes get him under control. So it is worth waiting until after the nerf to damage runes to see if that helps solve the issue as he does use those runes... and if it doesn’t help then it’s worth nerfing wukong himself.
For me, the issue is both. There is too much damage, but most bursty-assassin type champs have some counterplay available, while Wukong's is somewhat limited. Nerfing the damage in league will solve the immediate problem, but not the underlying problems in Wukong's kit.
: Blue team Vision SV Red Team Vision
You CAN see more from blue side, but you also have an extra avenue from which you can be ganked (tribush) while looking to do a similar gank path to the red side would need to either dive or cross the wall. That avenue opens up more vision possibilities, but also vulnerabilities. It's a trade-off.
: trynd problem
Fun fact, since the IE change Trynda can now reach 100% crit on 1.5 items (faster than Yasuo!) since his passive gives him up to 35% which IE doubles to 70%, and Zeal gives 15% doubled to 30% and that's 100%. Have fun :)
: The fact that you can get the complete items earlier is much more impactful than the fact that those items are slightly less powerful once you have them. Thus it's a net buff.
Essentially this, it means that you hit the point where you have strong items comes a lot sooner, and the phase where your multiplicative stats aren't multiplying yet is a lot shorter. Also, IEdge coming out of a pickaxe + BF means your gold break-points are a lot less strict making it easier to get pieces when it suits you to recall, rather than staying out for another 250g or having a useless recall. Also, an ADC with 2x full Zeals and an IEdge was crazy strong before this patch, the meta just never let them get there. So the overall power nerf just lowers crazy strong to super strong, but you may actually get to be some kind of strong :P
Eltormodo (EUNE)
: Why does the reworked Akali have a backpack/pouch?
Well, she's gotta put her team somewhere when she carries them.
iG Rakan (EUW)
: Akali, and why she's less powerful than before.
I haven't played her properly yet, only a custom to see what her kit feels like, but the play patterns it presents feel more like a mobile bruiser with a lot of potential damage eg. Camille, Irelia than that of a full-on assassin. I feel like Gunblade + TriForce into tanky items would be disgusting on her.
Vlasec (EUNE)
: What is happening with Kog'Maw?
I feel it's as much a meta issue as a Kog'Maw issue. All the low mobility DPS carries are struggling right now, except for a handful of champs who have some stupid interaction they can abuse.
Mirgata (EUNE)
: What are you doing Riot games? (not a balance rant)
I've seen something similar with the game-time in the friends bar on the side. I know a few people who always play together, and I knew they'd just gone into a game together, but one of them DC'd and rejoined a few minutes later, when I hovered over their name in the friends tab their timer had reset to zero and started again from zero putting their game time in that tab a lot lower than the people I knew they were with. I imagine it's a related bug where timers aren't synced.
Rioter Comments
: Yup it was my bad that I didn't try to escape quicky. I just didn't think that he will kill me that easly. I play this game for a long time and it was a really rare moment when I realised how little my score matter in the game... People always say "uh oh adc is so fed he will kill us all" but the truth is... That we still can die in seconds, before we deal any damage at all. Lately I'm finding myself in that situations a lot - I'm being hunted, focused and either too afraid to go and hit enemy or too confident and dying in a blink. I used to play support, I'm glad I changed my role to adc because now I understand a lot - why my adc was so mad when he died or why sometimes we were losing our lane. I wouldn't go back to playing support but that knowledge is helping me to judge if my support will help me or he is new to this role. I really enjoy being adc, because he is quick and can push and also defend himself in 1v1 but I still know that I miss something. I'm usually not feeding but I want to deal more damage in game and it's hard with all that assasins around me. Do you have any advice to this? If anything what I wrote make sense?
I'm a Cait main, and ex-Braum main. I like your role progression. If you want a cheap bullshit easy kill, take a late-game Caitlyn and put a trap under a Zhonya's or GA enemy. When they come out of it you get a free headshot, which is 15% true damage from IE and the damage on headshots got buffed recently. I did a 1300 crit on a Jhin coming out of GA yesterday. One thing I will say, is that sometimes as an ADC, your best contribution to the fight can be to stay way back behind the back line and wait until you can safely move in before doing ANYTHING in a fight. I don't have time to dive into full detail, but it's basically about combining your permanently high damage threat and your needing to stay safe through being super vulnerable.
: First blood determines the outcome of the game. See the proof here.
Due to the randomness in League, you need a bigger dataset (at least 100 games) and some game time data would be nice - I'd like to see how game win time varies between when you get FB and when you don't. Also if there's a correlation as to which position getting the gold or dying first gives the best snowball chance would be interesting.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: >I just want to ask why Darius 2/5/2, with pretty low lvl and farm, can kill me on 3 hits (the 3rd was ultimate) Darius will never 3 hit you without having max stacks from someone else first. Especially with his items. He wouldn't 3 hit you even with his passive with his items. This is exaggerated way too much to be taken seriously.
Let's assume he both miscounted, and wasn't full hp to start. It's rare you're above 70% hp on an ADC if the enemy team has any poke whatsoever. Now it's suddenly feasible he got 3-shot. But I still think the Darius went for a proper combo like E-AA-W-(AA)-Q-R and not just a short E-AA-W-R. Also, if he has TriForce (not unpopular right now) a sheen proc will beef up the damage and the AS will speed up the AA-W-(AA) portion.
: Not another crypost about balance
Keep playing, and keep on learning. As an ADC without a dash, there's not much you can do if a Darius flashes on you, however you should also not be in a situation where he can just freely flash on you without your teammates either being able to kill him in reply or save you and kill him. Also, as MF you have 2 of the best skills in the game for creating a move speed difference, so in the slim chance he whiffs part of his combo (you have to braindead to miss part of Darius' combo though) you can E + W and run away from his melee range. And since you know he now has his cooldowns up (no hook) and no flash you can use your insane MF movespeed to chase him down and maintain that gap while shooting him down, and even if your build sucks against beefy guys, you can still kite him out quite well.
Quilava (EUW)
: Blitzcrank Problem
Blitzcrank is one of the most obnoxious champs in the game, both to play against and alongside. He needs a full gameplay rework, not just one feature of a skill that isn't even core to his playstyle & identity. But having said that, you're not wrong.
jacktjong (EUW)
: Rip, is rlly annoying when that happens.
To make it even more tilting, their Xin was AFK for about 10-15 minutes, while the Lux just cleared whatever wave I pushed in and my team thought a death-bush was a good idea when the enemy team never even left the base.
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