xTigax3 (EUW)
: I found it out because the same person tried to hack all my accounts and I got a notification from his IP from several accounts that track unsafe login attemps. It was the same IP every time over the course of multiple weeks and accounts so I highly doubt it.
Alright that would make sense yeah.
xTigax3 (EUW)
: My account was once also hacked and that was definitly not by a secret keylogger like most things happen because I use a different pass for my league account and it happened during my 3 month gaming break in I believe season 5. Luckily the guy only played 3 or 4 games until I noticed it, reported it to Rito Games and got my account back quite fast. I found out later that the account was used from Asia(who would even do that for playing with 100+ ping)
He might've used vpn to appear as a asian person? Not sure if Riot does ip bans, he might've wanted to hide his real ip incase riot targets that ip. Or he was just a %%%%, which is more likely.
iAmNarwhal (EUNE)
: riot cannot do anything about your acc if you don't have enough arguments.. you should had put your phone number on your g-mail
Yep, biggest mistake of my life not including my ex.
: > well he had forwarded all messages from riot games to thrash section so I didn't receive notification of someone trying to change password of my league account. It's just a LoL account. If this were login credentials of a digital currency trading site that effort would make sense. So if this story is true the account thief is very likely someone who knows you in person. > that's basically same as someone breaking in to your apartment, trashing bunch of things and after that u get punished for it because u won't have jail kind-of protection on your house. No, it's not. It is like leaving your door open and inviting pople to rob you.
Game accounts can be treated as property nowadays, what I'm wondering is why he didn't try and go sell the account. Also what I imagine he was after was saved card information, empty my bank to gift rp to one of his accounts and sell that account with mass amount of rp, tbh not even sure if u can save your cc info for future purchases on riot. Most likely why he didn't sell it was because if the right owner happens to recover the account he gets punished by it. Also if he hadn't forwarded riot games emails to thrash can I could've recovered the account before he got it banned. And it's pretty much the same as riot does not prompt players to setup a 2 step authenticator on your registered email nor even have such a thing for their game accounts, nearly every game platforms these days has a opinion to do so, and they prompt to do so aswell. The lack of security is on their end aswell because they won't have multiple opinions to secure your account, i.e send a message with a code to your phone if someone happens to log in to your account from different ip, that would've saved my account even if he can remove it through the registered email I would've been aware that someone is trying to steal my account. As I stated on one of my previous comments he also got to one of my steam accounts which only had csgo on it, so I would guess he was after numerous of different platform accounts and wanted to make as little notice as possible in which case forwarding to trash can is reasonable. But yeah, it's totally my fault for not having 2 step on my email, as I didn't know such thing exists in which case it's riot games fault for not giving me more information on protecting my game account. As a company they're supposed to protect their customers.
BobbyB103 (EUW)
: I love this community so much, This exactly happened to me, my laptop broke so i couldnt play league for about 1 month or two, during that period i got a few emails requesting password changes (obviously not by me but the hacker). he was using scripts i believe. he bought draven on my acount and was playing with him. i practically begged riot giving as much proof as i could. i asked them to look at the login IP addresses and they will see that it was different in that period of time. I believe this is how i the realised. Thank fully the were kind enough to give it back. But this community is proper aids. everyone always assumes its ur fault. Like how is it possibly ur fault. like me, i never clicked on any link(ever) sent to me in chat but somehow they still got a hold of my account. I hope u get ur account back mate, seriously. i know how bad it feels.
Cheers mate, glad to hear someone has experienced something positive in same kind of scenario. Will definitely try to open another ticket.
Str33TXeR (EUW)
: Imma end this discussion here, since everybody has a "smurf" account after being toxic on their "heart-account" and facing iminent ban. Give me a break and learn your boundaries in and out of the game. No one in the world would hack a 6 year old account and see all the benefits of it including skins and good ranks and honor levels *supposedly* just to get a permanent ban on it. It's ok, we understand you finally snapped after so many years of hard work, i mean ... it's season 8, who wouldn't tilt?! So your cry-out for account recovery is just another brick in the cry-babies wall ^^ Btw, call me dumb again and you get reported ergo banned on boards aswell, maybe prepare your "another-new-fresh-out-of-the-oven smurf account"?
If Riot wanted to they can check the ip the account was played on during the period, or are you implying that I played on vpn just so I can flame and have my get-out-of-nether card. I'm truly a mastermind on that case and there sure isn't anything that possibly could go wrong on a 6 year old account which helds crazy amount of value over skins and now-unobtainable icons etc. Seems like I hit a nerve when you were the one providing false information of the situation, and then you proceeded to attack me when clearly this is sensitive area for me.
Str33TXeR (EUW)
: Reasons to believe this guy is NOT telling the truth: 1. Classic 3 months break situation implied, where suddently account gets hacked/banned afterwards: since you haven't played it for that long, a keylogger couldn't have "logged" your actual password for the game, thus couldn't have been stolen :) 2. Coming back for a new mode who must be awesome: Oh but you did! And you actually PLAYED IT SEVERAL TIMES, the Nexus Siege, it wasn't anyone else who played instead of you, don't need to lie about it bro :) 3. Funny how the person who presumably stole your account STILL PLAYED ONLY DRAFT MODE NORMALS and FUN MODES, instead of ranked, blind picks and such, ALSO SAME ROLES, SAME CHAMPS. HMM!?!?! Then again, it's my humble opinion, which wouldn't change the outcome, your account will stay banned anyway.
Answering at 2. You do realise the account I'm currently on is one of my smurf accounts, of course I took a shot on nexus blitz and it was a blast while waiting for a response from riot to recover my account, they only gave out that the account is banned after 6 days of opening the ticket and I opened the ticket during nexus blitz. Now I've continued to play on this account because I still enjoy the game, but I ain't in hell using anymore money on this game when the account recovery is what it is if account gets banned by someone who stole it, it ain't worth the risk man, also that account of mine is what, ~6 years old I have emotional strings attached to it, also purchased easily with 1k+€ rp over the years. 1. Whoever got to my email address also got to one of my alt steam accounts, which I also realised when had the hassle with my league account, gladly I got the steam account back even though I won't use it anymore. So my guess is that this someone wasn't after league account only but various game accounts and after my card information. The guy who got to my account had dropped elo from plat 1 to gold 3 inside the time he was on the account, which was probably long because all the suspensions before perm ban, I assume he dedicated his time to get the account perm banned just because well, they steal accounts to steal money/sell the account, simple, they're assholes. 2. Are you really that dumb, you assume I'm making this post on this board on my permabanned account which I won't have details to, riot never recovered the details to me because they saw no need to do so because the account is banned, in which case I won't have access to that specific account to make a board post on, not that if u even can do so on banned account. This account is what, 37 level? Do you seriously think that this account is 6 years old?? This whole statement u did makes absolutely no sense at all. Yes, you did make me frustated with your comment and yes that's why this reply most likely contains a lot of missplacement of context and typos. But please, think before you comment.
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