Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Use this [link]( I hope that you will get your account back. Good luck!
: Open a ticket to Riot Support and explain your case there. We can't help with this.
hmm kinda failing to find how to do that. =/ Could You guide me a little? :)
: Sadly not. It is your responsibility to keep your account in check and make sure it doesn't get hacked. Also, the game has changed a lot. We don't really have runes anymore, we only have masteries. It would be for the best to make a new account and not waste your time on trying to recover your account. I haven't started a new account in the new mastery thing, but I believe you get everything at the start! There will also be lootboxes in which you can unlock some nice skins!
Ye I agree that I should try to keep my account safe, but I just left for 2 years, never used that password or anything related to league during that time... What can I know maybe their servers were breached or something..
: ***
Also i had like 5 extra pages if not more =/
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