: Oh really? Show me how one would be able to change ONLY THE VOICES to another language, while keeping the text in english, please.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
What you need to do is go into the "Config" File and then open up "LeagueClientSettings" and look for these lines globals: locale: "ja_JP" region: "LA1" The Region should be the one your currently playing on, and the Locale should be displaying the language (E.g. Japan server would show ja_JP). Now delete that part and enter in the language you want to have. I have already changed mine to Japanese on the LAN server as you can see above. Entire list is: en_US, pt_BR, tr_TR, en_GB, de_DE, es_ES, fr_FR, it_IT, cs_CZ, el_GR, hu_HU, pl_PL, ro_RO, ru_RU, es_MX, en_AU, ja_JP, ko_KR.
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: Remove special characters and letters from club names and tags
A unique name for a every club in a game in which more than a hundred million players play? Not bad.
: Why can`t we change sound only to another language yet?
You can change language or sound without any programs. What the problem?
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