: I'm looking for a main champion who can go mid and top
I main Cho'Gath since season 1 and play him full ap he is pretty strong and can 1-shot several ppl with 1 q+w (+e) comp. 1 q + ult always kill the adc/midlaner Just stay out of the fights after u used ur spells since u may appear tanky but its just hp without armor/mr so u drop pretty fast once caught. on lane he got thanks to his passive pretty much sustain as long as u can lasthit the minions Cho is numero uno{{champion:31}}
: @Tapferbär yes i did but it hapends random, sometimes it work normally sometimes i have to patch it 8 times a day..
I guess you already tried to re-install the client :x It could also be possible that there are missing administrator rights which block off the updating progress or the starting of the application. And/Or the patching/starting isnt working because some kind of an internet problem. Could worth opening the ports from your internet router aswell. Hope you can fix it soon :)
: Patching failed?
Did you try to repair the client via the repair tool?
: Profile-Collection-Championmastery
I like the idea but you can already search for the mastery-level of champs. Not particular for lvl 1/2/3 etc but the champs r listed sorted starting with lvl 7. Thats how i keep the track down to which champs i still have to lvl up and which i dont. But it would be nice to reverse the search criteria so the lvl 0/1 champs show up first. :D But i like your idea
Gíannis (EUNE)
I know that there are many smurf - accounts (skilled players who create new Accoutns) out there and my tip for you is that you should focus on your game experience and your role in your team. Since most enemies and teammates are more skilled than you its hard to compete with them which leads to frustration of your teammates who then flame you rather han giving you usefull advice and stuff. My recomandation is, that you 1.: either way play with someone on a regular basis and you learn the game together or she/he shows you how the game works. 2.: play at first alot of bot-games, since they are ment to learn new stuff and try something out. (The community seems not that toxic in this modes) 3.: mute the other players at the start of the game since they are not helping you at all 4.: you will always have games where people are mad and flame each other or even you. Try to mute those flamers or to ignore them in chat. 5.: Stay positive! Regardless of what other people say (about you, your team or your playstyle) try make the best out of it and calm the flamer down or ignore him/her 6.: Even if you got flamed and you just want to defend yourself. DONT ANSWER! Answering leads to a snowball effect which also leads you to be the flamer which leads to reports towards you. Muting is at first the best option for beginners I think. There are over 140 new champions and each of them has a kinda unique set of skills and roles. Of course you dont perform as good as experienced players and you should have that in mind while playing pvp. Take your time and learn your favourite champs and how to play with them. And always have fun! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Kyarel (EUW)
: Have S rank rewards despite not getting an S rank.
Hey Kyarel, you won't get banned or punished for anything. Everything went as it should since you get a hextech-chest as long as you or a mate of yours gets an S- or higher. So one of your mates has scored an S- or higher which made you eligible to get a hextech chest. Nothing to worry about^^ Hope that solves ur inner struggle and gl hf on ur next games. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: You just need to be gold to get the skin, you don't need to play more games And the queues mean the different ranked queues, you know Flex 5v5 and Flex 3v3 and ranked SoloDuo If you're gold+ in 1 queue, you'll get the base skin If you're gold+ in 2 queues, you'll get the base skin + the green chroma If you're gold+ in 3 queues, you'll get the base skin + the green and the red chroma
I think the question was related to the "+" in the gold+. Gold+ means that you have to be Gold, Platinum, Diamond, or higher to gain the rewards for each queue. It does not refer to the amount of games you have played in that specific league. Anyways now your question should be answered in each possible way. :P Have a nice day and gz for reaching gold :) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: new event
I just asked the same question. Here the answer: https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/mam3kPzn-halloween-event
Hansiman (EUW)
: I guess there's some timezone error. The news post says it starts Tales from the Rift: 01:00 BST Thursday, October 25. [Source](https://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/special-event/learn-more-worlds-season-2018-event#shop-loot).
Alright, Thank you very much! :D
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Wannes (EUW)
: Thank you. Good input. I never thought about the people that worked their way up to Gold and end up with a Silver player, just because of a ticket. Then again....ranks are mixed during matchmaking. But I get your point. And yes, such a golden ticket system should never clear me of my duty to try and climb the hard way..... ;-) I am a Support main, which goes well. I've now picked up more agressive champs, just to force me into better mecanics. Thx.
great to hear :) gl and hf {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Wannes (EUW)
: Golden Ticket
May I say first: May you do not play enough ranked games to climb since the system needs to calculate your improvements by many games. But to your question. I think that that "golden ticket" would be nice to get out of your own league and at least peak into other leagues and how they deal with certain situations since its hard to improve when you dont experience the possible ways on your own. But since that would mean that someone who is possible not as good/communicative/fast as the others in your league that would also be a huge disadvantage for the team you are playing with. So I dont think its a nice idea to have since it will be most likely a loss. May this loss will grant you more experience and help you, personally, to improve but its still just frustrating for your mates. Also 1 method you suggested to get that "golden ticket" is by getting it in chests and stuff. Binding it by luck or by stuff you can buy some ppl will just get alot of them (by luck or by buying as much as possible) while others have to wait for months to even get 1. I suggest you, if u want to improve to watch some videos on yt or to hear someone out who is 2-3 leauges over you and to actively concider changing your playstyle. Another worthy thing to mention is, that you play normals with ppl who got somewhat the same normal-play-amount as yourself. If you want to improve by playing normals and learning by doing and may even play on a higher skill-tier than your current rank then just play alot of normals. Alot of good players have at least over 1000 normal wins and i'd guess that 2000 normal wins equals platinum(+) league. So u can play alot of normals until you get better by playing with and against better people. And after you know how to play certain champs/roles on a good basis you can head for ranked. And you will lose some games ofc. I mean, its league of legends. But when you "mastered" your role/champion you will rank up for sure. And in each skill tier there are often others things to learn. And to be honest with you. When you are stuck in bronz V and you lose most of your games you may "mastered" the laning phase but you still need to learn how to turn your laning advantage into the mid-/lategame and to carry your team. And I know that that isnt possible every game since you get more afk-dudes and trollers in bronz than the average gold player for example but when you keep on playing and improving and using your advantage you can rank up quite easyly and fast. Crying out for other options is just a lack of understanding how the system works and may your own choice instead of activly improving yourself.
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WoutDeM (EUW)
: joining game
I got the same problem as u I think but I managed to start a game anyways. Just go into shop or stuff and return to Lobby and spam the "Start Matching" button. Important is, that u stay in the lobby while going at another screen (like shop or home or something :) )


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