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: will we get a topic like this for everything now? its so boring to read these when ppl dont even know what they talk about... Murdarici has the best explanation for the prestige skins so saying that the skins are expensive you are wrong we had the same topics about the first BE shop, everyone said that the urfwick skin was too expensive, 150k BE, its not that easy to farm up, but if you play for a few seasons its just filling up and you could buy 3-4 urfwick with it... prestige skins are not someting that is meant to be bought individually.. they are a gift for your loyalty and support of the game
It's so boring for people like you commenting with this kind of response, telling others they don't know what they're talking about doesn't mean that you do. So if 'Murdarici' is right and Prestige skins are meant to be some reward for long term customers, then why is it only loot boxes that give Tokens? and not anything else, and why is it that the skins, as well as the tokens, have a deadline attached to them? Do you really think a company that wants to keep making money is going to give anything away for free as a 'Loyalty Reward', It's a marketing strategy to get players to buy loot boxes which for some people can become an addiction, there's a deadline to give urgency to players to be like " oh crap if I don't get it now It'll disappear for good", there's been a constant flow of Prestige skins because it makes players pay out fast, not because it takes them up to a year to get. The entire reason Riot changed IP to BE and dropped the amount gained from playing games was because players could earn so much IP back in the day that they could buy any new champion for free on release, Riot didn't like that because they wanted to guide players into paying real money so when it turned into BE with a massive multiplier they put up the BE shop with Urfwick a rare as hell skin with a massive BE price so players would sink all of their BE into it, now that the player has spent all of their BE, it'll take a long time to earn again since BE is a pain in the ass to gain through playing, so when that new champion comes out and you don't have the BE to buy it anymore, you're more likely to spend real money to get it instead, which is exactly what Riot wanted. And I have no issue with that fact that they want players to pay real money for stuff, but when they start getting sneaky with their marketing which is making anyone who pays out, spend over £115 for one awfully developed skin, then there's something to worry about.
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: I think that the current system is fine. They do not give you any advantage so if you do not have it, you do not loose much. I do not get where this entitlement to skins come from. There is no price tag on those skins - that sounds like you would have to spend 150 euro to get only the skin. You get all the chests too. On the other hand I think that those skins should have better quality, not just being recolors of normal skins. New animations,recalls or something special would be nice.
There is no entitlement a lot of the time just people like to project the "entitlement" onto anyone who makes a post pointing out an issue. There's no front up price-tag for the Prestige skins no, but if you wanted that skin, either way, you would have to pay up £115 for loot boxes just to get it and collectors would do that. And yeah you can do this over the space of a year so the price feels like nothing but Riot has still used its marketing tactic to guide you into buying a lot of loot boxes, Specifically, loot boxes not any other LoL content it's done for a reason. If it was really meant to be a point-saving system for Riot customers to get something free from every so often then why not have Tokens for buying everything in the shop, or straight up on the purchase of RP and there wouldn't be any deadline for any of this stuff, the purpose of giving the tokens and skins a shelflife is to make people think "oh crap I've got to get it before it goes".
: You and others that complain that they need to spend 100+ euros for the prestige skin got it wrong. The prestige skin is now free and given as a reward for people that invest money over the year to buy things like loot boxes from the shoop, it's not meant to get yourself broke, or sell your house or car so you buy loot boxes that you don't care about just to get that skin. Think at the the Prestige Points as fidelity points you get by buying loot and in the end you use those points to get FOR FREE a reward (the skin). You have cards to get fidelity points in supermarkets, at gas stations and other places. - You do your supermarket shopping and at paypoint you get some fidelity points (or whatever they are call in your country/city/area) base on the amount of your shopping cart price. - You fill your car with gas and gas station and base on how much you fill and pay you get fidelity points . With those supermarket or gas station fidelity points that you accumulate over a period you get discounts or free products (in gasations here use to be travel bags, football/volleyball balls and other summer beach things in summer), in supermarkets are pans, pots, oven trays and so on. Do you go in gas stations or supermarkets and protest in front of them and say why they have prices of thousand of euros to get a pot ? a travel bag ? or a oven tray ? . Or do you shop in supermarket for useless things or drive your car 24/24h and then fill the tank again and again just to get at the number of fidelity points that allow you to get that free item just because it happened to be a item that you like ? Prestige skins are same ! they are given for free (with fidelity points aka prestige points) if you keep shop for a long period of time, just you and others like you decide that just because you like them you need to have them so you spend 100+euro for loot just to get the points to get them!
Not one time did I, or most other people who have mentioned this topic have ever said they "Need" to get this skin. Until this patch, Loot boxes gave 0 tokens as well as tokens from the Prestige Aatrox ran out/got wiped/disappeared so where you say saved up fidelity points, what are you on about, there was no such system, the point was anyone who does want this Ahri skin would have to pay the full amount. It's a matter of how can Riot justify the cost of £115 for champion re-skin and a re-used border which took very little effort to produce when there are Ultimate skins in the game that actually took an effort to make and cost £20 and give the player a hell of a lot more content for their money, hell I could buy every Ultimate skin currently in the game for the cost of one Prestige skin. They also need to be consistent, if they're going to have a Prestige skin line and allow people to earn some of the skins in events, they should do it for all. They're marketing Prestige as something which had to be earned but in reality, they know most people will pay out for it, which is why they haven't bothered putting up another event for Aatrox and Ahri. Everyone I've seen commenting on people who have made posts on this topic always try to dance around semantics to make others look like fools who are just "whining and want things for free" instead of actually looking at the issue.
: you do know that you can write the poll options in the actual poll instead of making it this needlessly complicated, right?
It has a word cap, none of the answers would fully fit in the poll
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