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M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: Adc relies a lot on micro and surviving 1vs5 when your team abandons you lol. That said, most people below plat tend to make both micro and macro mistakes.
I was trying to survive solo, it's a kind of problem but I think it'll improve my ADC-skill. Gl hf :)
: There is this dude called xFSN Saber, who has made a lot of great videos on how to play ADC. i recommend him 100% as his videos helped me get to Diamond as an ADC player.
K, then I'll check it! Thx, gl hf :)
: the key in playing adc is positioning and you have to farm good at all stages of the game, never go solo always with some other members of the team, look up for teamfights there is where you shine, you position well and deal tons of damage oh and remember not to die i recommend ashe for learning adc, she has no fancy escapes like tristana/ez/lucian (so you have to learn positioning) but she is still strong, good range and poke, quite simple mechanics so you can focus on the basics
I think it's a great idea to practice as Ashe, I'll be trying to understand positioning. Gl & hf :)
: 1. Last-hitting. It's important, your main source of income. You need lots of gold to be able to do lots of damage. If your support is a melee tank, let them last-hit cannon minions. 2. Play safe. You're useless when you're dead. ADC's typically have long range, so poke poke poke. Only go in if your support does so (unless you have Soraka, Janna something like that, very passive). If that's the case, wait for jungler, and, only go in if you know you'll survive or at least get the other carry dead. No point dying and popping both summs for a support (unless they're fed). 3. Don't flame the support. Autofill is a thing and it mostly happens to support. If they're bad, either suck it up or tell them how to improve. 4. Using your Heal on supp is usually worth it. Enemy doesn't get the kill gold and they'll probably appreciate it so that they'll stick helping you. 5. Wards. It's not just supports job to do it. 6. Be there during the teamfights. 4 v 5 is gonna end badly if you're the only damage dealer and on the other side of the map farming.
Thx dude! I'll try my best. Gl hf :)
: in order to get better at ADC you have to understand your purpose and goals in games, what your weaknesses are, and all the other fundamentals. i highly suggest you start watching xFSN Saber on youtube, he goes into both basic, in-depth guides and coaching. if you want a small tip i suggest planting this in your head at all times while playing ADC 1- am i at a safe range? for example, are you far away enough that you would be able to disengage from a flash leap from jax? 2- would i be able to do my DPS if something happened? how long would it take for you to be in the right position? 3- what type of CC or engage are the biggest threat to me? do they have a talon with ulti up? if you keep these things in mind all the time you'll be able to play alot better {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Thanks a lot for useful tips, I'm so excited to get this instantly :) gl hf!
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: How to Addapt to every Team with two words :
Very nice thoughts! Just be on chill :)
Reval (EUNE)
: Doesn't really work like that. Where are you from? Maybe Duolingo can help you, unless you don't speak some really strange language.
Poland. I just wanna try to speaking, not specially grammar.
: You can get some solid learning apps online, they will help better than a person can... especially considering just cause they come from the UK doesn’t mean they exactly speak good English... thing about the English language it’s so messed up we don’t even know how to speak it.
I only need to practice conversation/talking :) Grammar is not important to me, i wanna try to well speaking.
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