: New rank system (EUW)
My main question is even if you get autofilled lets say support/top/jungle. Your diamond but your support/top/mid role is plat. I still think a diamond (in any role) has better overal skills like map awareness, decision making, last hitting, wave management and so on. So how will the system be closing this gap? I couldn't really find good information about this. If you see some streamers ( in diamond) they get sometimes off role and still doing great where the average autofilled support soloq who cry like a baby that she/he cant play support, which is the easiest autofilled position in my opinion. I think if the system doesnt 'buff' the mmr (like when it's the case when ur duo q with someone) than the games in season 9 will be stomp. Because every offrole/autofill player will be now not your mmr enemy/teammate but a (much?) higher mmr player... Anyone more information about this or thoughts? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}


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