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: one thing is low elo, bronze 5 or gold is low elo and the player base is so huge that a duoQ boost is really just a blip on the radar. Now if we're talking about master elo it's a completely different story. I have no idea how long queues are but I heard they are pretty long so it's pretty unfair that those who are trying to climb wait long times to just get stomped by a pro player while some player gets to be in a restricted group without deserving it. There aren't thousands of masters, there are exactly 823 Masters in EUW right now. It's extremely unfair that a person who is not Master quality is getting boosted to master by a pro player. Not to mention it discredits LoL's solo queue as it makes it look like all you need to get to master is a friend to boost you. She should get her main account banned and he should face some sort of punishment as well, maybe drop from challenger to master if he really wants to play in lower elos instead of challenger
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: Is Challenger Rank2 (ScarletRedHands) an Elo Booster??? Dont Know if it worked to put the links in the post so i do it again
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