: Vs true damage get health to counter, vs % damage get resistances, against % true damage counter the thing which delivers it (so for vayne get attack speed reduction to slow down the amount that she can use it).
%true damage is an uncountterable mechanic regardless of what you do nothing short of killing the damage threat will stop it, all the itemisation options you are given are poor bandages but once they hit lategame all you cna do is avoid them or assasinate them(goodl uck since the one champion tht does this has a team built around them ot keep them alive)
Robi (EUW)
: "Counter tanks", atm what about guys that are tanks and still deal more damage than you.( looking at Darius and Olaf)
they are meant to be damage threats, and their damage is balanced by their inability to stick to targets without assitance both of the mare champions you do not want ot allow to get ot your backline but unless they flank you(your fault) they cant reach you to do their thing so they default to being sponges that try ot fight your frontline
: One of Kled's quotes sums up the whole solo queue in one sentence
KLED is aware of the 4th wall, but the rest aint , os they call him crazy :P and he knows..the cesspool soloQ is
: Everyone hated solo Q and wanted riot to change it... now everyone hates dynamic Q and wants solo Q back (and if that ever happens they will complain about losing dynamic Q).
not exactly... the issue ppl have with dynamic queue(and i do so a bit myself) is that it made queuing solo a siginficant handicap and thgo it lessens the issues the old system had it doesnt remove them, since for that ot happen the community needs an attitude change
Almighty (EUNE)
fault #1: they are trying to please a community that has proven time and time again they have no clue what they want, and if it were up to them to balance the game it would have died years ago. fault#2: they are trynig to reason with said vocal (minority) community, even tho they are in their right ot make changes to the game as per the Eula, these ppl are not interested in a organized discussion either, they just want somethnig ot project their ineptitudes at, the devs are the most obvious target before their peers. The point in trynig to drive here is: it's commenable the devs so actively make changes but they shouldnt be to %%%%%footed around the vocal minority
: Season 6... still find a lot of players writing ''gg easy''
in my view that warrants a report,regardless of who says it one ofthe few instances where i do so aswell outside the blatant game disruption
edalBX (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Humpelstilzche,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=EByNz3FO,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-03-14T13:07:29.343+0000) > > You are making a little mistake: > > What you describe here is not the experience of a new player. It's the experience of a smurf. Riot is able to identify smurfs very quickly and matches them with other smurfs. While some smurfs create their account to play with friends, some others do it because their main got banned or because they enjoy stomping new players. In other words: Many smurfs are not exactly the most positive players in the community (euphemism!). > > If your friend would have played alone, the amount of smurfs he is facing would be much lower. You rarely see actual newbies complaining a lot about the community...but you see smurfs doing that quite often. That's no coincidence. Under normal circumstances newbies face other newbies most of the time and there is very little flaming. But if a newbie plays with a smurf friend, he will face many other smurfs, i.e. more potentially toxic players. > > TL;DR: Your thread title should be "I feel sorry for smurfs"...because what you see on your smurf is not the actual newbie experience, it's the smurf experience. 'Riot is able to identify smurfs very quickly and matches them with other smurfs' Wtf? Explain to me how riot can do that?
unless smurfs go out of their way to sabotage theirown games their win rate will quickly get them matched with other smurfs
: its funny how all these champs ''need a nerf'''
notice how around half of that list are champions that can severy abuse the current Rageblade
: {{champion:11}} is already getting a nerf to his E on the PBE, if he is dunking your team then it is because you fed him and any champion fed can kill you or your allies over and over again. Considering that he hasn't got any CC this nerf should be enough to change the way he builds. Active's Flat damage increased to 12/19/26/33/40 from 10/15/20/25/30. Active's AD ratio changed to 25% bonus AD from 10/12.5/15/17.5/20% total AD. This means he has to build more AD to deal more damage sacrificing a lot of survivability, seems pretty fair.
the change he is getting on the pbe is to hit that " bruiser YI" that has been going about moving him away from stuff like sterak's that really buffed his aiblity to survive without losingo ut on damage.
: AKALI isn't an assassin anymore?
This is silly to be ohnest(in the funny way) tho she being able ot get away as a full tank is telling of possibly 2 things: -her survivability tools are not good enough to survive as an assasin -her base damages might be too high so you can build more defensive and rely on base damage changing either would likely fix her spot as an Ap assasin, tho imo i find it unecessary, as a solo lane " tank" she has no utility so she isnt gibbing carries left and right she is just harder to peel off.
BlackInkX2 (EUNE)
: It's an old bug Teemo stays afk near a camp and goes invisible, the sunfire damage draws the monster's agro but it can't find Teemo to attack. Dealing damage with sunfire confuses the system and the game thinks that Teemo is attacking so he doesn't get flaged for afk. The monster never dies as it resets continuously since it can't detect the threat. In the past, even if it died the small camps respawned in 1 minute or something so Teemo doesn't get flagged anyway.
Hmm... That sounds like it's actually pretty annoying, would not want that in my early games :S.
BlackInkX2 (EUNE)
: Great the xp we need to reach 30 lvl has been halved but.
Im sorry but what? 1st i've heard of that afk jungle teemo thinghy
: Don't match with players you reported
this could be a thing but itwould need ot be implemented very carefully otherwise the report system get abused by players looking ot shape the matchmaker as to avoid encountering a group of players
Vamedoc (EUNE)
: Why ppl think AP counters rammus, he gains 120 mr from w, and 120 mr is worth more than 120 armor, also there are some (ok 2) heath/magic resistance items, tho he aint buying visage, but veil. aegis.
its a counter in the sens it force them outside the build they want ot if they wantotbe ffective in early figths
: Just a thought for Thornmail
thing bout thornmail right now is that thechampions that itcanf with atre going the onhit route which featuyres a lot of magic damage that 100 armor youll barely use now and they arent doingh enough physical damage to make it worth the trouble then you have the fact a lot of AS slowing itemisation got nerfed over time
: Today's Teamcomps
Ever since Dreamhack right at the start of season 1 this setup was made for League as far as i recall for a while it was still optional to follow that and for a good while the devs tried ot make sure you werent forced ot follow it...the nthey gave up on that and started stealthyly enforcing it while claiming the players base is the one making the meta.
: Increase Bans and buff towers
ppl already seriously missuse 6 bans having more doesnt help just delays the point where ppl will whine for more bans and then you start getting situations where the barrier ot entry on ranked is huge since you need ot be able to have a pool large enough to cover all the potential bans not ot mnetion this cna lead to situations where you can completely ban out a player in comp play
: Is Darius ult really true damage?
it's True damage that scales with bonus AD but true damage can be defended against usually thru means of stacking Health or shields. you might have smashed against a shield(not uncommon if the dude had sterak and you 2 were figihting for a while building up its damage threshhold
Cebelon (EUNE)
: rune cost
a even dumber question would be why are tier 2 runes still a thing they are nothing but a trap
: Best wifi network name ?
IKnowYouAreLeeching (joke one :P) tho ive seen a network in my area broadcasting the SSID " nope_jpg" for a while
: Summoner Name for a GP-Main?
Eido (EUW)
: Basic legend league community.. overreacting to nerfs as always :)) Interrupting a ultimate move with a basic ability. So healthy am I rite. Not to mention you shouldn't get hit by diana Q with 3 dashes and a flash.. 90% of matchups remain the same and you cry about hitting lb mid dash.. Seriously?
the ultimates this used ot interrupt were abilities where it should not be possible anyway but good coding is showing its face(go figure) this will make some of her matchups outright annoying as she wont be able to control the agression efficiently this also makes her vulnerable ot assasination as some of the dashes you could prevent are the opening for their combos
: So when are we gonna give Lux E some more counterplay?
the annoying part of her E...well its actually 2 things: - sometimes outright bugs out and becomes nearly invisible, one can dodge decently but i am not psychic to know where is thathting when one cant see it - the fact she is allowed to pop it the second it stops(this was a qoL change that honstly shouldnt have happened), she needs the delay on her E so that there is counterplay to that thing.
: ... Why Lissandra though?
The throwbear(volibear)'s kind ruined her eyes, she sees thru " sensing" the ice around her
: But Lulu can also cast the half of her kit designed for supporting on the enemies. Just sayin'
Fair neough but it still doesnt void my point, the devs arent too muhc of a fan of letting utility champions solo lane if their kits werent meant for it ever since they introduced utlity scalings.
: Playing the game for a long time, reading the forum, reading official statements by Riot. If it is your intention to undermine my post, you will likely still use an "argument from obscurity" that I cannot know. So allow me to return the favor: Given all that we see, how do you know it DOESN'T work that way, and where is your proof? Because so far, the available evidence speaks in favor of my statements.
not ot butt in(sorry if i am :P) but that is fallacy in itself burden of proof
candoodle (EUW)
: Having comp synergy and op power picks is very important...
one can agree but one also need ot realise in lower levels you really need a clear win condition that some of the "rogue" picks dont give, meaning you can be doing amazingly well yourself but your team doesnt know how ot play around you so you cant play the way your pick requires you to because at those levels there tends to only be one way ot win: explosive teamfights
: But the Question is...with half of her Kit designed for supporting, will she be a viable solo lane pick? Besides Q and E there aint much she can do in terms of dmg. Sure she has sustain when Q hits but besides ?
Lulu has Half her kit with support in mind, and she is one of most popular solo lane picks because of the scaling if you give those champions the gold to buy AP with their utility goes nuts.
: The upcoming Soraka changes wont meet their goal.
the thing is if you give soraka high ratios she will find a place in the solo lane again, devs likely dont want that ot be a thing on the likes of lul, a really difficult champion to kick out of lane for how safe they get
: The big word here is **"could"**. I doubt they would ban you for using it unless it somehow interferes with the game itself. By that I mean in theory somebody could (again this magical word "could") create an application spectating your game in real time (as seen from those high-elo games you can watch from the Client) and thus giving you the advantage of knowing where your enemies are going to. This would be more of a hack than an app though.
these programs do their recording thru the spectator client so they are bound by the same rules a spectator would be
: so baronreplays is safely to use so far at least.
also depending on how LSI does its death recap thinghy you might want to disable it
: yeah okay, but the champs that are now playable have high damage or high tank stats. with gnar you have to build to get your damage. He hasn't been nerfed just his stats aren't that high like the other champions
his damage is pretty decent honestly just a pain if you are trynig to build into it mini.gnar has Hyper, that thnig is nasty if you give him a frozen mallet. Mega gnar gets really high ratios and base stats so that you barely need ot build into damage(only offensive item i see on a megagnar focused build is cleaver and that tends ot be enough to make him a threat)
: what happend to gnar
just isnt in meta nothing really wrong with him just that he's a different style of bruiser and some of his nastier counters are being picked so ppl shy out of picking him until they figure a way around them
boonhuhn (EUW)
: ''Fill'' = 99% Support ?!
Fill = " im willnig ot take w/e is available" BUT, due ot the way most players are distributed there is always a drought for the unpopular roles sio most often than not you get them so the MM can move on. This happened on Teambuilder aswell where you could spend a good chunk of time looking for the unpopular roles.
ZartarUK (EUW)
: Why are bronze/silver players obsessed with grouping mid?
It's the only way they know to get stuff done sadly lower level games do not know how ot play the map in their favor gonig all mid CAN work but usually only if you can setup slow pushes or have a splitpusher that forces their team to split,,but all that is too complicated at that point this is also why solo players that want ot get stuff done are advised to NEVER group
Cypherous (EUW)
: Oh i'm fine with being blamed for my mistakes :P But i'm not being blamed for somebody elses lapse in judgement
Never claimed otherwise. If they F up it is their mistake but poorly pointing them out is just as bad and ity can trigger ppl
: Potential reintroduction of Ionic Spark [Item Suggestion]
this would go against what the devs are going for with the relation of armor vs armor penetration its punuishing the tanks that feel the need ot stack armor by making a magic damage nueke stronger against them, aka not punishing full AD teams
Miss Fawn (EUW)
: Dear ADC's...
The support isnt without flaw tho. That statement is a 2-way. too often you can see supports either bing way too passive for their own good(making the lane 2 v1) or too overzealous putting both of us in danger
Yousho (EUW)
: The fact that people can be banned due to that is pathetic. Grow some thicker skin you overgrown children.
right playing the " maturity" card on this matter makes it so no one can win if ppl cant resist being douchebags, then they deserve what's coming to them, both in game and in life.
Oxycoon (EUNE)
: "Jade Princess Ahri" by citemer
Medoboss (EUW)
: its not that hard to get banned though- I haven't gotten 1 restriction yet but from what i hear people get banned for really basic stuff...
9/10 when those ppl say it was basic stuff it's a lie. usually theyt were just as much if not more douchy on a regular basis
Hrki (EUNE)
: Wouldn't IP restriction (not earning any IP for X amount of games) would be the best punishment for verbally abusive players?
Here's an idea Devs need ot be a lot less shy on using the banhammer, right now ppl get away with this because they know that its really difficult ot get yourself banned+ ease oif making a new account. You need ot be a nuisance ot those ppl so they stop feeling its worth to continuously make these accounts ot pester ppl with
LegendCZ (EUNE)
: I also get worried because the flamers i meet. Then you get frustrated and type things you normaly would not type! And hey were humans and everyone diserve a chamce to improve. No need to ban you like forever when you can simply create new account without need to improve. Also were humans and humans do mistakes and nobody here is a saint right? And i also HATE the aumotaic system and i am feared of it i miss tribunal with human factor pal :/ The idea with points is not bad actuly i think about it! But if you play in any of punishment tiers people can report you just for fun so if there will be no find of bad behaviour by the actual system the points would be granted. Great suggestion thank you!
> [{quoted}](name=LegendCZ,realm=EUNE,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=6Psa0jq0,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2016-02-01T09:44:02.937+0000) > > I also get worried because the flamers i meet. **Then you get frustrated and type things you normaly would not type**! And hey were humans and everyone diserve a chamce to improve. No need to ban you like forever when you can simply create new account without need to improve. Also were humans and humans do mistakes and nobody here is a saint right? > > **And i also HATE the aumotaic system and i am feared of it i miss tribunal with human factor pal :/** > > The idea with points is not bad actuly i think about it! But if you play in any of punishment tiers people can report you just for fun so if there will be no find of bad behaviour by the actual system the points would be granted. Great suggestion thank you! if that happens you were notthe bigger man and your basically just as bad as them as for thetribunal..it was a flawed idea ot begin with so that the devs didnt had ot the policing themselves(dumb), giving the players the power otf with others issomehting that time and time again was proven ot be a bad idea.
: what is firstpick worth if you get your role anyway? You can get countered more easily, can not counter others, don't know your teamcomp, can't ban... it's totally bad beeing the first two guys
your are being taught ot pick smartly instead of justhogging a contested role you wantthe ability ot get the role you want, you can have that, but you are also exposed to counterpicks as a price if you want to get around that you HAVE to communicate wiyth your team properly now
: why do the last 3 picks get the bans in new champselect? help the guys that probably get countered!
"in soloqueue, i would highly prefer to have a ban when im 1st or 2nd pick rather than when im last pick when there's a much higher chance that i can counterpick." what are you expecting to counterpikc when your one of the 1st players picking? All you can hope to do that early is pick safe champs Having all the bans on the same player was always a stupid thing to have, as saidbans were on a player that couldnt possibly ban fairly and with proper information so all ppl did was ban contested picks Having it like this right now has nothing but advantages: -it takes 1 and 2nd pick out of their highhorses(you arent special you just won a diceroll) and makes them pick smartly -it takes away the power for selfish assholes who only ban for their lane -forces bans ot be used strategically instead of just mindlessly banning the FoTM stuff -it distributes control evenly across a team, 1st and second get ot secure powerpicks, everyone else gets the ability ot ban a problem pick for their strategy and plants the idea that some roles shouldnt be picked early.
: WHat´s a "7 minute game"?
a game that is played for exactly 7 mins so that it can get Ip/XP rewards aka people are greedy as all F nd are trying ot abuse the system by ruining games, usually by creating parties that arent looking to play the game, instead just afking and allowing theenemy team ot freely push. Report these players if you come across them
: every time i pick top/jungle i ALWAYS get jungle every time i pick top/mid i ALWAYS get mid every time i pick top/support i ALWAYS get support every time i pick top/bot i ALWAYS get bot every time i puck top/fill its 95% support 5% jungle the point i am trying to make i have played around 30 games with the new system and gotten my primary role a grand total of once something needs to be done about this in my opinion
find a way to make role distribution more even so ppl canbe assigned games in those roles
I208iN (EUW)
: ARAM: Why not get the same Champion (and a temporary free reroll) after someone leaves the lobby ?
abusable as shit ARAM only accounts dont need more incentives to be a thing
: Having last three picks to have a ban each makes no sence now
putting all the bans on the same player was just as stupid anyway since most solo players are selfish idiots that only htink of their lane and used the fact they were captains as their defense for thei stupiddecision at least bans are now on the players that actually get to read where the teamcomps are heading, so ban phase can be used the way it shoul, as ameans t protect a teamcomp
: If a friendly Trundle is "helpful" and places his pillar under you an enemy Yasuo can then ult you...
and now for a really stupidhting from quinn's early days yasuo could ult you if you vaulted
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