: Yeah but I'd rather risk a leaverbuster punishment once in a while than never play a 5v5.
So does this happen to you like on a 1% basis?
Gojiraw (EUW)
: Where in the Terms of Use is that written? What a Rioter said three years ago does not really matter. And you forget something else that you sign when you click that "I have read...". Is their account, they can close it, ban it, delete it, do whatever they want with it, at any point in time. It's not your account, it's theirs and they can do what they want with it. So, what is allowed or not does not really matter from this point of view.
Funny thing based on the country where you live in its actually not enough to accept TOU in example if you write into them you have to give us 100$/year to be able to use this service without having a reasonable disclaimer on your website or signup-thingie those Terms of use wouldnt be valid in germany - even tho you confirmed that you read them
: I think when you play this queue, instead of a 10% of someone going afk or dc'ing you'll have a 10% chance of playing a 5v5.
Yeah thats the Point of it someone WILL go dc but the alternative is that someone will go dc in a game where there are normal people
Doomley (EUW)
: >Now why not introduce a new queue where it's fine to leave? There already is. Custom.
Yeah but its pretty hard to find 9 other solo guys who are willing to put themself up for that if you only have cahtsxD
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Magneset (EUW)
: Yeah. I dont see a problem in keeping the division system as it is and then implementing this LP "compensation" idea into it. I mean considering the amount of games you have against cheaters or boosters, you wouldnt be getting a massive amount of points. In fact you dont even get any since the game will appear as if it never happened.
and what do you do if one of the guys who was on the cheaters team got into a higher division and already gained lp there? do you demote him? what happens to his lp in the higher division then? do they add to his old balance? than what if he had so much lp already that he'd be above 100 points? or what if he already got up another division does he drop to the division he was in when he was with a cheater or does he drop one division? and what if someone deranked in the cheaters game and is now in promos in the new division? does he get the lp he lost? cause that wont do anything in promos or is he simply pushed to the next division ? and what do u do if u simply played games after the one you lost to the cheater? because that game outcome influences ur mmr which on the other hand has an influence on the amount of lp u get/loose so do all games since then need to have a corrected LP gain/loss?
Magneset (EUW)
: LP idea against cheaters/boosters/scripters
I think League used to have this Point system back in season 2 or so the problem was that based on your daily condition it was possible to climb from the bronze part to the gold part within a day or so ( atleast thats what i heard people saying ) thats why they first introduced the division system.
: In Germany you can get beer and wine 😀
I havent seen a 16th birthday yet where there wasnt some hard stuff and im from germany xD
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: > Actually there were permas lifted because the persons were able to convince the support it wasnt their fault there were multiple threads about this ( sadly it does looks like they've been removed ) 1. Threads are not removed just like that. I have to know, I am one of the guys who removes threads^^ 2. You only get unbanned if you are actually completely innocent. Convincing the support that "it wasn't your fault" won't work, flaming is always you fault. Since the Instant Feedback System is active we didn't have a single false positive (i.e. banned without deserving it)....with one exception: Roughly one year ago a few player got permabanned for no reason at all (well, technically they WERE toxic, but they should have gotten a lower punishment, not a perma) because of a human mistake at Riot. Those bans were automatically lifted 24 hours later. Long story short: If you are actually completely innocent you can get unbanned. But, except that one incident a year ago, you simply don't get banned if you are innocent. > a Youtuber named MrMaikAp had his permaban lifted aswell. MrMaikAp shared private information about his account on his stream, which allowed one of his followers to use this information to claim ownership of this account. He contacted the support and they permabanned his account since it was compromised. When MrMaikAP was able to prove that it was actually his account, the ban was lifted. That's the "banned for security reason" situation I mentioned before. He wasn't banned for toxicity, he was banned to protect his account from a situation that was completely his own fault.
1. I saw 2 threads about those 2 unbans on the na Boards, I saved both of them as a Bookmark and both of those links were dead-end in less than a week. I would post these línks but sadly I deleted them as I didnt see any use of dead links 2. yeah thats what i was trying to say :) I'm pretty sure he got banned for Account sharing ateast thats what his main account had been banned for, and I am pretty sure that a account sharing ban is not a security ban. Also in his videos about this topic it seems like the only private information he shared was his first champion is that considerd a private detail? xD
: If you got banned for... * toxicity * intentionally feeding * going afk excessively * using illegal software * accountsharing/boosting ...you can't get unbanned. If you got banned for security reasons (account compromised) or payment issues, your account can be lifted under certain circumstances.
Actually there were permas lifted because the persons were able to convince the support it wasnt their fault there were multiple threads about this ( sadly it does looks like they've been removed ) and a Youtuber named MrMaikAp had his permaban lifted aswell. if that happens youre not permanently banned but rather get the message that your account has been temporarily suspended withe the addition that the ban will last forever xD
: Why are you CURRENTLY on boards ?
I'm in champselect...xD
: Riot , you wasted your time moving EUNE's platform in Frankfurt
wait eune is in frankfurt?????? i live 100km from there and am on euw????
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Die Kaiser (EUNE)
The idea that NA gets RP compensation for problems isnt true... It originates from that one server issue where all NA players would loose SKINS so the serverproblems caused them to loose stuff they did buy with rp. to compensate for this loss riot decided to give all players some rp so the ones who actually lost their skins could buy them ( there was only 1 skin lost every 10 players or so ) so yeah NA got RP compensation but only because they lost RP before...
: I disagree, yesterday unfortunately my computer crashed meaning i was out of the game for at least 10 minutes, however i cam back and although we barely lost that game, i still got the xp and ip and received no warning about leaving. Only if you leave before the end of the game does leave buster come into effect, or is a lot of people report you for being afk
there is a difference between u CRASHING and disconnecting obviously I disconnected from the game which makes my 5 mins start instantly u had a little more time as the counter only starts from the second ur champ has finished the Afk-walk-to-base also sorry but what computer needs 10 minutes to start u sure it wasnt like 6 or 7?? even that seems alot to me also my game was a ranked did u dc from a normal? rules are less strict there
: I understand what you are saying and I have to believe the facts you are telling me, but I know that you certainly cannot get punished if you leave a game and then reconnect, in my other posts I detailed that it happened to me quite a few times before, The only other explanation was that you left/afked in a game before this and the message only came through to you later.
wrong leaverbuster punishes u if u leave for > 5 mins now I do have a new router that for some reason takes FOREVER to restart
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: go in settings, look for the "toggle chat" key which is set to enter, disable it.
I never tought of this solution :O
: I did read the full post and although I may not have addressed some issues in it because I felt the answer to them is obvious. Firstly, getting the 5x20minute ban. TO even get to the point where you have a 20 minute ban means you need to leave a lot off games, and I know you are talking about how it doesn't reset, which maybe should be tweaked to slowly reduce over time, it doesn't change the fact that to begin with you left quite a lot of games. Furthermore, you complain about how the game constantly crashes preloading and in loading screen after the recent /remake patch. However I play with at least 8 other friends and none of us have ever encountered this problem. I believe that it is possible that the problem is on your end rather than riot's. Maybe your computer is garbage or maybe your internet is. That's fine, there might be nothing you can do about that, but please don't blame your personal problems on something new that riot has released. I would have thought this was obvious as you clearly do not see many comments on your thread saying "YES! I HAVE HAD THESE CLIENT CRASHING PROBLEMS AS WELL". Furthermore if you expect people do address these new issues as the main part of your article then maybe you should have called it something else such as "client crash after new /remake" rather than "leavebuster" and complaining when someone answers that part of your article
Oh really well I'm going to tell u something funny 5 years ago i left quite a few games on this account so i got to the 20 mins level ...okay accepted now I had a problem with my wifi I have no idea what caused it I allways run Pings before going into lol to see wether its save or not now on my ping i cpuld see that suddenly in the middle of the game the whole connection dropped. It was not like the wifi dropped it, i was still connected, but my router simply wasnt responding after a few seconds this changed I now had a ping of >2000 ms now obviously thats unplayable. as nothing else ( re and disconnecting from wifi etc ) fixed this I restarted my router assuming that after that my ping will be fixed. It was fixed. We actually won this game because as 5 players we were able to come back. HOWEVER afterwards I did receive a 20 min leaverbuster for 5 games... the funny thing is if I'd been playin with the <2000 ping leaverbuster wouldnt have punished me which means i got punished for giing pur team 5 people instead of 4 and a lagging potato
Hillnor (EUW)
: I see you dont get how does the ip protocol work... First of all, getting your mac is illegal, unless its a matter of seccurity which its not, so only Illegal ways would be possible. Maybe they get the mac directions at the moment and we don't know, but publishing they do it would lead the company to ruin leaving the game only the possibility of being bought by another company. Furthermore, you havent thought of residence halls, gamer congregations or gaming cafes with which your sistem would struggle with (and most likely make Riot loose money as people started playing other games instead of League. Lets remember its a company and they don't do this to loose money). And if I have a brother flaming I get banned? Then I would instantly leave the game. Most games don't punish you for what someone else does from your IP, if Riot did, people would leave for other games, there are many options which are not better at the moment (in League player's opinions) but would be if they did theese things. Maybe you think its better to get rid of those people, but Riot doesn't. And about the IP protocol, it atkes about 5 mins to change your IP to evade your system if it existed.
I do know how it works ty ;) hmm is it? I googled it and atleast in germany it seems to be legal...also did u know that saving an ip adress is illegal in germany unless u need it to proof a crime or to transfer data, so technically all those games wouldnt be allowed to do that they do it anyway...openly... sure thats true but im also sure u could find a way around that maybe make some registration for them to lift those rules alotof rpgs have smthing like that implememnted hell why would u link to ur brothers acc???
: the soraka went 15 0? whats the problem
: Because having to link your smurf to your main is rubbish. Unless somehow the player is not toxic on the main both will get punished anyway and if hes not toxic on one account theres no reason to punish for a second account.
maybe linking would bring some benefits?
: Riot you should do server for Balkan ppl
that just blew my mind {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Ok so "linking" smurfs in another way is what i would like.... Let's say you can actually buy a smurf that is then linked with your main and you can switch "accounts" without logging out. Any restriction on your smurf also applies to your main acc but you also have the same content on both acc's (Skins, Champions, Runes etc.) So it's basicly just a second rating with another username... maybe even the same and just have an option on which ladder rank to play. This way it would be way more attractive to actually link acc's and would stop smurfs from trolling.
Those are pretty good I deas +1
: No no and no. Who would even link their accounts if it worked like this?
well easy they HAVE to link it just check for double accounts should be fairly easy simply check wether 2 accs do use the same ip all the time then get the MAC number and tadaa u kow wether its a smurf or not. Maybe u should add somethuing for the case that iE brothers share a laptop but in theory just force them to link EDIT: maybe u could also motivate people to do it lets say u can create a smurf account from ur main one and can then switch to it without allways closing the launcher or u could say these smurfs start level 30 if linked or maybe smurfs can also use the rp and ip of the main
: >Smurfs should have to link to their main account I disagree.
Hey, I'd like to know why, feedback is interresting but not if u just say "no" xD
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KierenG (EUW)
: "First time" In Ranked play.
if ure good enough ull climb anyway
: What was the most ridiculous thing you were flamed for?
for not deffing the nexus while i was dead... "take revive as midlane" that was after the remove of reive xD
: SAVE 1,200 IP ON EACH 6300 CHAMP
u can buy champ shards??? huh ???
porps (EUW)
: did you know that it's actually possible to just stop playing a game without making an attention seeking cry post on a forum to announce it. Bye, you wont be missed.
: Off-topic : What site you used? On-topic : feelsbadman
just to push this i wanna know too xD
ashpickachu (EUNE)
: kill me
just disenchant annie ;)
: Rito... you forgot about Riven
may that bitch never rise again I wouldnt have a problem seeing her and yasuo removed stupid snowballers
: Internal delusion. Big companies do that to themselves all the time, it keeps the worker bees motivated and too busy to question product direction. Remember blackberry or Nokia? Yeah 'shock decisions' killed them almost overnight. Riot is falsely convinced that most of their player base wants to live the LCS fantasy. They will realise this is wrong by season 7. Hell, I'm low silver and already see queue times going insane due to less people playing ranked. I used to push about 10 games per night after work but now I barely manage 5 (and I need to stay up till 3am to get that). Fortunately for them, there is no innovative & fun new MOBA to take away a significant chunk of player base, so expect this sort of product direction to continue.
I'm s5 Just waited 30 mins for my game xD insane
: When will "See more stats" come back?
With the release of SoloQ .... Kappa
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: Champion Idea: IP 1
: Do You Believe In God?
I dont but i cabnt vote? lel
Rioter Comments
: Cant solve the problem for some reason, and I have tried all the things that u said
u sure u added it as exeption AND unboxed it?
Sffc (EUW)
: It most likely would be taken out of context and an **AUTOMATED SYSTEM** would just assume you're being a prick
yeah but in theory xD
: But... why would you... but... ???
what part of it ?
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Fatgum (EUNE)
: This happened to me right now and I can't start League of Legends anymore because of that. Now what...
> [{quoted}](name=FPK Levi,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=TeFKWx16,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-03-24T01:29:49.679+0000) > > This happened to me right now and I can't start League of Legends anymore because of that. Now what... I updated the post that should solve it
Rioter Comments
Kedu (EUW)
: Losing because of the team.
u dont even have a single assist as support???
: Position-Reward system suggestion
i would still que for top/mid and ´take my mids top
Zealique (EUW)
: Jinx rockets can take mana even if cancelled
Its also possible to trigger auto animations but not aply the damage even tho u can see the projectile flying xD
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