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: TFT overtime bug
he means there should be overtime but there isn't its sounds the overtime bell but stops the batlle right away both players get damage so for the player who should win loses win streak
: oh? lots of potential? like nexus blitz?
there still working on nexus blitz they didn't trow it in the thrash if something isn't visable for everyone doesn't mean it isn't there
: Riot have stated they have plans for skins in TFT, not letting you choose your own though. They are thinking about variants, so at some points taking champions out, putting them back in with a new skin and a new ability The example given was yasuo becoming odyssey yasuo and giving windwall instead of his Q... stuff like that.
sounds nice and keeps the game fresh can bring a lot of balance probs
Zanador (EUNE)
: This has been answered and it's not going to happen for a technical reason: In any other game mode the system only has to load 10 skins total, so it's not a problem for any potato PC on it's own. In TFT 50 champions could each have 8 different skins (base one included), which would be 400 skins. 40 times the work for the program and the PC would probably cause a sharp increase in system requirements and FPS drops.
ok yeah that sounds legit didn't think about it that way
: this mode will be forgotten in like 3 weeks, i don't think it will matter.
this mode has a lot off potential to be big the only thing they need to try to do is make it so it works on mobile as well
: If that was the case then why aren't THEY punished if I win?! I shouldn't be forced to lose 20+ HP because my opponent didn't exist. Also, why doesn't the Robot buff work then if the opponent isn't there?
the 'ghost' fights arent as strong as the normal fight so if you like even if you fight normally you would not be able to lose the fight if he is super ahead off you that an other story butt still everyone needs to fight otherwise it would not be fair to the people fighting ;)
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Temmerman (EUW)
: skip division?
ok thank you was asking it because i got a winning streak of 10 los one won 2 lost 2 and now again on a winning streak off 8 we will see maybe i'm lucky
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orrvaa (EUNE)
: i wish now he wont get a rework ever
good point :p
: DOOOOPE{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Thx mate
: I love it
: **That's** awesome! I could totally imagine getting a League themed tattoo down the road ^^
if youre really into league why not :) you can create awsome tattoo's in this theme :) be shure to show me if youre gonne do it :)
Strigina (EUNE)
: That's really well done tattoo. I have small poro made by Roman Tattooer. :)
ok thats a really fun poro i like it :)
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Paena (EUW)
: I'm so sick and tired of this
lost promo's because of it and didn't get a free win after it because i left the game they said


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