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Temp14232 (EUW)
: Start LoL Client at specified position
Temp14232 (EUW)
: Start LoL Client at specified position
Temp14232 (EUW)
: Start LoL Client at specified position
hello riot i need your help
Temp14232 (EUW)
: Start LoL Client at specified position
hello i need to resolve this issue riot
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Morrhen (EUW)
: No. Senna will be played as she's intended to be played: As Support Marksman. Not a solo laner. I've seen fair share of people taking Senna top or mid. Poking the hell out of their opponents and actually doing fairly well. Riot intends to harshly punish this pick or balance it out so they Senna has absolute trash early game and no AD scaling from her mist. Since it's 1.88% chance to drop a mist after you kill a minion. These changes mean Senna will be focused more towards supportive plays. Like, for example taking Athene's as second/third item, picking Summon Aery as your rune and overall being more utility focused, rather than pure damage. Also dunno where your experience is coming from but tank champions obliterate Senna. Most of the time I took Naut or Leona against Senna, they lost. Once you close in the distance, Senna can't run.
senna has very weak utility. her root is not instant and hard to hit, her global is unreliable. nerf poke -> senna is rip as a support
: goes 18-0-14 zero honor from my team
maybe you were toxic? you need to make friends in game. for instance what always works is to start the game off by saying: first time kaisa just bought her. then say just kidding. this is a good ice breaker and will get you into a conversation most likely. then you can proceed with some smalltalk while getting cs. this will get you +honor after the game
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: Bring old Aatrox back.
aatrox shoulda neva been changed he was fine. if they changed aatrox they needa change tryndamere aswell now coz his r is stupid
Morrhen (EUW)
: Hello? How about you do some research before you blatantly waste people's time here. Senna is getting nerfed in 9.24 Q damage reduced. Mist drops reduced for solo lane. W duration decreased Ult AP ratio increased by 0.1
means senna is rip in 9.24 since thats her thing: poking. senna is like the only counterplay to stupid tank champs like leona thresh or naut.
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: Again...Loss streak...
hey, i feel you. i had so many trolls and afkers today and yesterday. its the weekend i guess. people dont really care anymore. when someones looses lane and gets pissed off they simply alt f4 the game and play someting else. had a riven support trollpick inting my lane. its important to stay calm and not write anything in chat whent they start being toxic. make sure all chat is disabled at all times. its only abused for shittalking and toxicity towards others.
ToniHavoc (EUW)
: I really want to know who designed matchmaking
me and my friend designed it on a cold sunday night
: EUW Server is suck
Drakkarz (EUW)
: EUW server crashing
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: Do u know the ownerchip of this tag club MFT ?
: New Map is sick but the players still suck XD
absolutely the game is the community since it is an online game. in this particular case the community is super toxic. people like tyler1 not being banned for constantly insulting others during games is a good indicator for how much riot cares. being a big streamer he should set an example
Hansiman (EUW)
: Riot does does do something about this. You made a post in the Player Behaviour sub-board. I urge you to go through threads created in this very board, and you'll find many threads created each day by people who are punished for the type of behavior you describe. It is unacceptable, which is why punishments are given for it.
this guy will probaby be back at the game the same minute he sees his main is banned by logging on his smurf. the system is flawed and needs to improve. a ban is supposed to lock out people from the game for a given time period to make them reconsider their behavior.
Reverse (EUW)
: this community is a bit toxic
dude, i unfortunately have the same expierences to share. i came back to this game literally today after 4 years and gave ranked a go. jesus its full of toxic players. if something doesnt go the right way some instantly get an attitude and either keep flaming others or simply start trolling and loose the game for you. I mean even if you are actually winning if the autism kicks in its an autolose for you. Kinda sad to see what happened to this game but hey no king rules forever, right?
: I hate this game butI dont know why im play this game
you are probably addicted then. if you cannot stop playing a gam even though it pisses you off thats a serious indicator you have developped addiction. league is one of those highly addictive games that will take your life away if you dont have the discipline
: my account has been banned
that wouldnt be fair towards the games that your brother ruined. remember 4 other players were hurt by your brothers actions per game
: I had this discussion before with someone else and apparently binding an account of this f2p game to a social security number or real life name/ID would be illegal. What about implementing a hardware checkup on starting the game? I know another game, WarThunder, does have that and it can detect when your account has been accessed from another device and even Steam can detect when your account has been accessed from a different location/IP etc. (which is a something that always confuses me when people bring up you can't ban by IP and so on). So if it detects a new account is _created_ on the same hardware, it is bound to the first account using this hardware.
exactly the need to implement some hardware id system just like those anti cheats so that it is connected to a single account. this would also be an obstacle to people falling back to their smurf account in case they get banned on their main and might also help to detect account boosting services
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: says my account got silver season 9
damn bro you re too late sorry to hear that
: Insta Chat Bans
why do you have all chat enabled in the first place? there is no reason to have it enabled it is solely used to flame each other. watch some challenger games ull notice they never write in all chat. its unnecessary
: What if ..
why would you drop to bronze if you were plat? there is no reason this is gonna happen unless you bought your account
: so you want the strongest champions in the current meta for any role? currently i think those are S tier: jungle - khaziz/shaco mid - ekko adc - kai'sa/ashe/xayah support - pyke/lux top - garen/kled
ty dude thats what i needed. funny to see how often supports are targeted i bans? wth
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Reverse (EUW)
: Im addicted, what would u do?
hey i used to be addicted ot this game aswell and played it literally every day all day long. the only way to fix it is to delete it and gain interest in something else. if you cant make it you need to see a doctor gaming addiction is a seriouis issue and can ruin your life
DeejayF (EUW)
: Why is Qiyana still so broken?
if u cant deal with her ban her.
: Do people play League like this?
this is just what u can get off of other websites aswell
Bumbl3bee (EUNE)
: Twisted Treeline
damn and i was already wondering where it went over night. Im so sad i actually liked to play twisted treelines because the games are usually quicker and dont depend on so many people. I cannot understand why they shut off game modes. How is thinning out the game making it better?


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