Era Teemo (EUW)
: Oministone buff
Tbh they should just remove omnistone imo. I srsly fail to see the point of this rune.
: Stealing jungle camps should be a reportable offense in season 10
Sure, if we in exchange make not ganking enough a reportable offense as well. Also can junglers shut up about jungle being "in a terrible state"? Yeah it's no longer quite as broken op and insanely unhealthy in a way that literally makes entire lanes obsolete. That's not "a terrible state". That's perfectly fine. Junglers have just gotten so used to relying on abusing the sheer power of their role that now when it's in a healthier state a lot of them are realizing they have never actually learned how to play the role properly.
Colactica (EUW)
: If the enemy jungler is camping top its a free win. Because that means I can gank mid and bot with no real risk and snatch elemental drakes. GG ez win.
Let's be real, players like you could be alone in a practice tool game and still somehow manage to get drake stolen away from them by the friggin scuttle crab.
: Can i Play Safe with Every Champion ?
You can play safe on pretty much every champion. But there are some where it is probably not smart to do that. Take renekton for example. If you're not winning lane on renek, your effectiveness is severely reduced cause once late game hits, your power curve basically falls off a cliff. Ahri however should be fine to play safe on in the early game. Of course at some point you will need to take risks if you want to make the most use of her assassination potential, but as far as laning is concerned just hanging back and csing safely isn't the worst thing you can do on ahri.
Fast Enough (EUNE)
: **Victor and Cassiopeia for me** _ Those who voted azir you just have to farm and stand near your turrent so when the enemy goes in just R_
Cass is pretty easy though. Just hit your q once and then spam the enemy into oblivion with your e. To me it's either Viktor or Asol, but I feel like Asol isn't so much hard as he is just very weird and clunky and counterintuitive so the challenge isn't his mechanics per se but rather having to give up habits that would normally be beneficial on pretty much any other champ. So yeah, my vote's with viktor.
TheM3rcy (EUW)
: New Character is so overloaded
Is he though? Like, think about it. At any one point in time, he can use at most 2 of his weapons. His Qs are mostly pretty basic things that don't provide a lot, and other than that all he can do is basic attack. Yeah he can do a lot overall, but in the moment he really doesn't have all that many options. No dash, no shield, no nothing. All he has is a bunch of skillshots, a lot of basic attack modifiers and a very situational root. And he can't use more than 2 of those at the same time.
: Senna looks balanced next to Aphelioses kit.
Well the point is to create something genuinely new. And CertainlyT is by far the best designer when it comes to creating concepts that set themselves apart from everything we've seen before. I love every one of his champions. People complaining about him are just scared of what they don't understand. Also Aphelios has pretty much no real abilities, so the passives of his gun are just about everything he has to work with. And he can only use 2 of them at the same time. Also iirc those global basic attacks will consume the mark so that's only one shot that gets infinite extra range, which is really not nearly as terrifying as you make it out to be. He can do a lot of things in total, but he can't do many at the same time. Honestly if anything his kit seems underloaded to me. Pretty much all he can do is (modified) basic attack.
: How am I supposed to ward ?
Why ward when you can just facecheck? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} On a more serious note though, if you're playing adc/mid warding doesn't need to be your main priority. It's a good habit for mid laners to ward at least one brush on the side of the lane (and then play to the warded side since if the enemy jungler comes from the side you haven't warded you'll have more time to evade him). Same goes for the river brush in bot lane or the lane brushes if the enemy has agressive skillshot-reliant supports like blitzcrank, thresh, nautilus or leona. Using control wards before starting objectives like dragon/baron is always good since it will force the enemy to either facecheck blind (which means you can surprise them with an engage) or to simply give it up, or they might not even realize the objective is being taken at all. For mid laners it's also smart to use control wards to get rid of enemy wards in brushes when you're trying to roam or set up a trap. However, in general you should be very careful about going too far off on your own to ward. Always extend your vision into enemy territory slowly, since trying to deep ward without having backup from your team or preexisting vision is a pretty reliable way to get yourself caught out and killed. Also adjust your warding behavior according to whether you're ahead or behind (i.e. ward your own side of the map when behind, go and aggressively push vision into the enemy side when in the lead). But unless you're confident you can win any 1v2 the enemy might surprise you with, it's always smart to make sure you have backup from your team when trying to ward aggressively. Also make sure you know where most if not all the enemies are on the map when going on a warding mission, since you don't want to enter a bush and suddenly find all 5 of them sitting there.
Colactica (EUW)
: Can we remove toplane already?
This guy is the type of player who'll never leave his jungle to help out toplane while the enemy jungle camps the shit out of it, but will somehow *still* be behind the enemy jungler in terms of cs and then blame his top laner for losing.
: ranked rewards going hand in hand with behaviour?
You shouldn't get rewarded for being an asshole. If you competed in the olympic 100m race, and you shot all the other competitors a second after the race begins, you'd technically win the whole thing. But you're definitely not getting a medal.
: This also annoys me! It's just ARAM, what does AFK matter blabla. Well, it might come to you as a surprise but some of us only play ARAM. I don't play normals simply because of the constant %%%%%ing ingame. So yeah, ARAM is the way and it's annoying constant disconnects and AFK's, let's see how you like it if that would constantly happen in normals
Why would I care if I get afks in normals. I'm here to have fun not to win at any cost. And if I get afks in ranked, welp, most ranked games I'm 1v9 anyway so that's really an advantage for me. And afks literally don't matter in aram. Not cause it's "just aram", but because you can win 3v5 as long as you got lucky in champ select. On the other hand you can do your damndest and be 5v3 but if you get shitty champs, well, sucks to be you. It's the very design of this mode that makes it inherently unfair from the get-go regardless of whether you have afks or not. I can't understand why anyone would torture themselves with playing mostly this mode.
Jenny247 (EUW)
: Add a Mute-Button directly to the in-game chat
The effort of pressing LITERALLY ONE SINGLE KEY is too much to ask of people now? {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Just create a system already that adds new players after disconnect!!
ARAM's a coinflip by design that's meant to be played for fun and nothing else, what does the occasional afk matter? Also, why would anyone ever want to enter a game at a massive disadvantage in a situation that's likely to only get worse?
OWils0n (EUW)
: Next frame please
I have the same issue and I don't even have blitz installed...
: Are smurfs getting punished?
1) Not everyone better than you is a smurf. 2) Smurfing isn't against the rules, so no, smurfs aren't getting punished for smurfing alone.
: Vocal chat with casual member of our team
Oh hell no. Most members of this community barely have an IQ that surpasses room temperature and of those that do half of them couldn't string together a proper english sentence if their lives depended on it. The only "entertainment" this would provide would be to imagine each and every one of them getting their lips sown shut after you have to mute them no more than 20 seconds into the match cause these wannabe-tyler1 imbeciles all try to prove themselves to be the most alpha aka braindamaged of the group.
: So yasuo will get another skin?!
Doinb picked yasuo. It's not that complicated
: > [{quoted}](name=Tempest of Flame,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=GykLYKEy,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-11-15T20:03:16.642+0000) > > You do realize that multiple champions threaten to dismember, maim, crush, maul or otherwise injure/kill their opponents? If this is the road you want go down, I think Qiyana calling people "imbeciles" is the least of your worries. It's different when you use words that insult someone's wit and intelligence
Ah yes. Clearly "I WILL HACK AND CHOP AND CLEAVE AND SUNDER THE FILTH OF YOUR FORMS!!!" is less offensive than being called an idiot. Also let's be real here, when it comes to most league players there's not a whole lot of intelligence there for you to insult in the first place.
: Qiyana says something insulting
You do realize that multiple champions threaten to dismember, maim, crush, maul or otherwise injure/kill their opponents? If this is the road you want go down, I think Qiyana calling people "imbeciles" is the least of your worries.
Mr 0fficer (EUNE)
: How would You punish the bad players ? Feeders,trollers, or just simple unskill noobs
When ur hardstuck in silver and complain about "unskill noobs"... {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: You need a social security number to create an account, so first you can only really have one per actual human and second it is linked to your real identity. My suggestion how it would work on EUW if we follow this example.
Yeah I'm pretty sure this would not only be infeasible given that there is no unified social security number system or anything like it across europe, but it would also be illegal. And even if neither of these two things were an issue, I still wouldn't want it. This system would introduce massive costs in terms of privacy, while offering very little benefit in return.
: nah , it's just a skin not a new champion ! They can make a new one literally in few days ! It's not really so hard to make a new appearance of an already existing champion
Yeah, they can totally make new skins in a few days. Coming up with the whole concept, going through several iterations of early concept art, finalizing the look, actually drawing the splash art, doing the 3d modeling, getting the 3d model to actually move the way it's supposed to, perhaps integrating special sfx/vfx that also have to be designed, drawn, recorded, etc... Sure, sounds like a project you could finish in a day or two. And ppl like this think riot doesn't listen to the community enough...
: You just did sry, and i know ur salty. Typical forum dweller behavior. Im out of this sad excuse of a life some ppl have, dont know why i bothered even posting on any game forum LOL
Why so offended? Wth happened to you ppl? Why's everyone taking my sarcasm so seriously :'(
: ***
Relax bro, it's just banter amirite? And no, I wouldn't bother stalking you on the boards. You're really not worth my time. I just hadn't seen the victorious skin yet so the title of this post intrigued me. Finding you here is just an added bonus.
JustTits (EUNE)
: Already afraid - The next champion after Senna is an ADC, designed by CertainlyT
Ooohhhh, more content from leauge's best champion designer? Looks like christmas came early this year.
: Blue essence/gemstones
You can wait for the BE emporium where you can buy gemstones, icons, some skins, etc. Also they said some eternals would be purchasable with BE (whenever eternals are actually going to get released).
: Don't be too harsh on them, this is an EU server, after all, so most people don't speak English as their native language.
Honestly I wouldn't have gone after his grammar if the substance of his post weren't so mindnumbingly dumb.
TikkTac (EUNE)
: Would you rather :
I would rather have you learn english because the way massacre of grammar that is this post hurts me way more than any league game ever has. Also I would rather have you not perpetuate a false dichotomy like this.
TikkTac (EUNE)
: That moment when >>>>
Honesty if I were matched with the likes of you I'd always vote no no matter how hopeless the game just to annoy you.
Iakovia (EUW)
: I'm pretty sure you can't drop down a rank, so once you reach Gold, you'll just stay on 0LP if you lose.
Nope, you can absolutely drop from gold back to silver.
: Today I reached Gold 4 0LP
Any other ways to celebrate? You lowly gold player would **DARE** ask such a question of a superior being such as myself? I'll have u know I'm plat IV -3LP, which means I have ascended into a state of divinity you goldies could never even attempt to comprehend. This is plat, the absolute pinnacle of league. It is self-evident that everyone below my elo is trash, whereas everyone above it is clearly a boosted scripter. The fact alone that you do not show the proper reverence to those infinitely your greater already borders on heresy. Srsly tho, you think gold players have ego? They're nothing compared to the people you see in plat/low dia. When your d4 kha zix goes 0/7 in fifteen minutes and then blames it on that "stuipd plat pleyer who dont kno te game", that's peak league of legends right there.
But why would we want to save the bot lane meta? Bot is too powerful atm, taking it down a peg seems perfectly alright to me. Also I see nothing wrong with assassins being a bit less feast or famine. Plus getting 3 infernals will still be a relatively rare occurence.
Eltiael (EUW)
: Let's talk about Cosplay, Pyke & Livanart - Asking the DevTeam
The entire blackface thing is absolutely ridiculous. Almost nobody uses it to mock black people anymore except maybe for %%%%%%s that are openly racist all the time anyway. And I really do not see the issue with someone with pretending to be a skin color they're not when it's part of a costume/cosplay.
: They're aren't trolls, they're sjws, they are by all means serious about this and genuinely think that a white girl shouldn't be allowed to cosplay a black character such as pyke And off topic but I always thought pyke was more green than black but i guess i'm just on drugs
Eh, you're not the only one with the green thing actually. I'm honestly not too knowledgeable about pyke's lore but I always imagined he was that color because his corpse "adopted" the color of the sea, and the seaweeds and stuff when he died in the depths.
: Play a champion in a real Lol movie as an actor
If there ever is a LoL movie, I really, REALLY hope it's not live action. Animation is a way better medium for this kind of thing. It allows you to do things you just cant do with live action. It's more expressive as well. Just look at the wow movie. Most of the animated stuff is great, while most of the live action stuff is just meh. I'm more hoping for something along the lines of the cinematics except feature length.
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Ranked Decay Question
There is no ranked decay in gold.
Tedo58 (EUNE)
: And how do that when u have to log in into the previous email to confirm the email swap?
Considering this guy keeps falling for fishing sites I doubt his mail is any more secure than his league account. If he even verified his email in the first place that is.
: >You sure? did you see the second image in the post?
Didn't look at it that closely. But now that I have... Yep, everything checks out.
: it's an inting ban. logs are irrelevant
You sure? I thought op just cut didn't show the parts of the message with the chat logs. Don't know enough about the formatting of the individual types of ban messages tbh.
: Mathematic problem. (I need help figuring this out)
I get that this is a joke, but you seriously need to revise your physics. {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
: Rito'o; You %%%%ED UP. What a disgrace.
: One last Big goodbye to league
Ofc you don't get an email to change your password since every hacker with half a brain would change the email associated with the acc as the very first thing they do.
: when is it a good idea to go into ranked?
It's mostly a matter of personal preference I'd say. I started playing ranked as soon as I got to lvl 30 at the end of season 2. Of course, I promptly got placed into bronze 5 and it took me 3 seasons to finally get my hands on that shiny golden victorious skin, but if I got a 2nd chance I'd do the exact same thing again. Tbh, I don't understand why people that are scared of getting placed into a low rank even bother with ranked. You're not going to improve by not playing ranked games, and even if you play better than your rank you'll still need to play enough games to make sure the effects of random events (afks, smurfs, bugs, etc) start to level out across your games. TL;DR: If you enjoy playing this game competitively (even if you're not particularly good at it or have no aspiration of getting challenger), start playing ranked right now. You have nothing to lose (cause lets face it, the only difference between iron and dia is the color of your border).
: I am an intentional feeder/troll (Ask me anything)
Cool. Here's my question: How bad does it feel living a life so pathetic and sad that your greatest source of enjoyment is being petty to others in video games?
: It's usually included in the Human Resources role. It even states in the article that she will be responsible in equal opportunities employment. I'm curious to know how they expect to improve Equality and Diversity for the players. The only thing I can think of is better support for disabled players, such as improving the colour blind mode.
"Angela will also lead the recruiting team in driving inclusivity in Riot’s hiring and talent sourcing processes." I'm sorry but can someone explain to me why it's now acceptable for race and sexuality to matter when it comes to getting hired? Call me old fashioned, but I always thought you should hire the person best for the job, not the person who just happens to have the right skin color... If they're the best people for the job, I couldn't care less about riot only hiring nonbinary pansexual asians, same as I wouldn't give a damn if they only hired straight white men. This weird inverted racism just shouldn't be a part of the decision making process when it comes to hiring people... Eh I know I'm probably overreacting but still, this kinda stuff just rubs me the wrong way. Color blind mode optimization would probably be done in a more technically oriented part of the company. I'd assume her role is mainly directed towards the internal affairs of riot, but as far as it pertains to the game itself she'd probably be working together primarily with the punishment systems team and maybe also the event/story/skins departments.
chεf (EUW)
: Is there are ban cooldown?
I think you can deescalate lower punishment tiers if you stay "clean" long enough, but I don't know if it works for 14 day bans as well.
: Damage-Types
Simply put there are 3 types of damage: 1) Physical damage 2) Magic damage 3) True damage Physical damage can be dealt in 2 ways: 1) Abilities that deal physical damage 2) Basic attacks Magic damage can mostly be dealt through abilities, but you can also deal it through item passives (e.g. lich bane) True damage has no type and it ignores all resistances (it deals exactly the amount of damage that is stated, that's why it's called "true"), whereas physical damage is mitigated by armor and magic damage is weakened by magic resistance. Physical and magic damage are loosely correlated to attack damage and ability power. Attack damage is the stat that defines how much phyiscal damage your basic attacks do (1 attack damage (AD) = 1 point of physical dmg when you basic attack someone minus the dmg reduced by enemy armor). You gain AD through base stats and through buying ad items like ravenous hydra, or death's dance, or infinity edge. You gain ability power (AP) through buying items like rabadon's deathcap, luden's echo, etc... Your ability damage usually has a base part (fixed) and a percentage part that scales off how much AD (or AP) you have. Consider this example: You have a 100 AD and 100 AP. You basic attack an enemy with 40 Armor. 40 armor reduced incoming phyiscal damage by about 30%. This means that your basic attack will deal 100 -30=70 actual damage. You use your Q ability against an enemy with 40 magic resistance. Your Q has 100 Base damage and a 60% AP ratio. That means it deals 100+60 magic damage. The enemy's magic resistance reduces the incoming magic damage by 30%, so your Q will deal 160-48=112 actual damage. You use your w ability which deals 100 true damage. Then your enemy will take 100 actual damage regardless of how much armor/AP he has. Bonus damage has 2 meanings: 1) That damage is added on top of your other damage (normally on top of damage from auto attacks for example). 2) Bonus damage vs base damage: Base damage in this context is the AD you have at the start of the game, whereas bonus damage is the damage you get from buying items for example. There are some abilities/items that only scale off base or bonus damage, riven's Q for example only scales off bonus damage. It sounds kinda complicated, but it's actually pretty simple once you get used to it. Also it doesn't matter all that much most of the time. Just play the game and it'll come to you naturally at some point.
Shamose (EUW)
: There are 4 types of damage in league. Physical Damage. Magic Damage. True Damage. Pure Damage. What more is there to know?
Umm, what is pure damage supposed to be?
Mickailf (EUNE)
: Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity coming your way :)
I don't usually take part in all the sjw bashing and I still think anyone who unironically uses the term snowflake is objectively a moron, BUT... No matter what you say, Chief Diversity Officer is simply not a job.
: Why have leagues and divisions?
Because it feels rewarding. What's the difference between being at let's say 1500 vs 2000 MMR? Nothing really. It's just a number. But there is a very different feeling to being in diamond as opposed to gold. Maybe not on paper, since yes it's just a badge, but you can't deny that at least in your head it feels like some kind of achievement. Just having a number system with a ladder would feel waaaaay more grindy and much less fun when you actually progress.
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