RuneLye (EUW)
: Thank you!! I'm sorry if this took up loads of your time, I really appreciate the help :D
[Switched accounts real quick] Don't worry, if I didn't have enough spare time I wouldn't be doing this {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} You can also add my main above or this account in game if you want to, maybe I can help you and show you the ropes somtime.
: testing123 reply pls
Hmm, you can click on events above and then you can still see the notification icon from before right where it used to be, but it's not on the main page as far as I can tell... That's actually kinda dumb. Hope they'll fix that tbh.
Drda (EUW)
: You dont Riot stops us who speak the truth about it by making it harder to keep track of our posts
"Us who speak the truth" {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} Oh my apologies englightened one, please, do regale us with your ingenius realizations. No seriously, reply to this comment and we'll see if/how notifications work now.
: game was good untill 2015, ever since they released champs like darius they make this game alot worse. Right now bot lane is perfect example how much rito %%%ed their own game, you see characters like seena not caring about sup ittems and going full ad and is like laning against 2 adcs and 1 sup, mages going down since classic suports are just plain useless, idiotic dragon buffs wich makes feeded teams imposible to deal against. Right now rankeds its all about abusing broken champs.
BeefMock (EUW)
: And what do you think about the autoattack after the stun ?
I'm not quite sure what you mean. How quickly you can auto after your w is mostly determined by your attack speed. You can shorten the duration of the w animation itself by cancelling it with hydra active or by using ur e, and then doublecasting w into q, and then auto attacking like you would in a fast combo. If u do that one, you should be able to get the auto in before the stun ends if u do it perfectly.
mistry (EUW)
: There is counter play and riven can beat darius pretty easily. Just need to time your spells to avoid his pull into q combo and it's pretty easy.
It's pretty hard to outplay a good darius as riven tbh. If he's smart, he can always just save his pull to interrupt you mid Q. You rely on trying to confuse him and make him miss it, but you cant dodge it reactively while in your q animation. And once he pulls you, you're pretty much dead. That said, if he does miss it, or he wastes it, you can beat a darius pretty hard as soon as you have the upper hand.
: League of Legends EVENTS, why they are lackluster (actually worse, but gotta stay pg 12 here)
The reason we don't have anything like burning tides anymore is cause they just never made their money back on that one. Iirc the sentiment floating around at the time was that basically, despite eveything going well in the end, it had been too big an undertaking and they didn't want to repeat something on a scale as grand as that in the foreseeable future, since it had just been too costly, in terms of both money and manpower.
: lost a player
Byeeeeeeeeeee {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: You do know basic attack speed doesn't matter at all when you animation cancel every single part of that combo, taking it down to 1.5 for most players. under 1 is possible, but I didn't say everyone can pull it off.
You don't actually play riven do you? There is still a minimum lockout duration while you're in your Q animation which cannot be cancelled. And attack speed does matter since how fast your aa goes through will increase with higher attack speed which allows you to do the combo faster. You cannot cancel during the lockout and you have to wait until your basic attack goes through. Those 2 elements cannot be sped up no matter how good you are. Below 1 second is physically impossible and unless you build for high attack speed your combo will still take at least almost 2 seconds even if you are literally a program that executes everything perfectly down to the last processor cycle and operating without any lag at nearly 0 ms.
: Multiple bugs(I think)
Have you checked that the screen refresh rate specified in your windows settings matches the refresh rate you have set for while you play the game? I had a similar problem once (tabbing out suddenly took 5-10 seconds instead of the usual 1 sec) and that was the cause. Also try disabling game bar and dvr in the gaming settings, that might help as well.
: > [{quoted}](name=Tempest of Flame,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=9q46m04j,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2020-01-19T17:30:35.285+0000) > > There was never a time when we had only 1 champion per season. NEVER. > > Also many old(er) champions like fiddlesticks, vlad, leblanc, garen, yorick, nasus, teemo, mundo, gp, shaco, udyr and tryndamere are waaaaay more anti-fun than any of the new additions could ever be. At least I can dodge some of Sett's or Senna's abilities. Your only counterplay vs the likes of garen or nasus is "well, just never be within 3 screens of them". Well if you arnet enuf old player you can say that '' There was never a time when we had only 1 champion per season. NEVER'' but yes we have had seasons that good if we had barely 1 champion per 1 season , when jhin and aurelion sol was released they started doing champions a lot more often after that. Also i dont agree with you at all i dont feel these new manga champions belonging to the game! I call them outerspace champions! thats good naming for something that u dont feel to belonging the game
"Well if you arnet enuf old player..." Unlike you, I've actually played this game for a while. The ABSOLUTE LOWEST amount of champions we've had in one year is 3, in 2018 (which is after the jhin/asol release btw). Every other year we had 4 or more champions released, with the early seasons (when you obviously didn't play) often having more than a dozen new champs added per season. Whether you "feel these new manga champions belong to the game" was never a topic of discussion in this thread originally and I never touched on this topic in my reply so how the hell can u disagree with me over something I never talked about. But since you mentioned it, let's look into that now. First of all, not every champion that has some imagination put into them is a "manga champion"... Just cause the most imaginative thing you have ever consumed is some generic marvel movie doesn't mean everyone else has to steal inspiration from anime/manga when they try to explore new thematics in a fantasy universe. Fantasy as a genre has been around a lot longer than anime. And lastly, this game's original cast features a robot, a toddler with fire magic, an angel, a pirate, a ninja, and an evil midget with an unlimited supply of blow darts. League was never exactly all that coherent when it comes to thematics. That's the entire point of runeterra as a universe. To have a diverse range of places, characters and thematics to explore. I can't think of any champion that's genuinely out of place since we've always had such a mismatched arrangement of archetypes from the very start and runeterra can be expanded/adapted in whatever way riot needs to in order to give the new champ a home.
: The new champions isnt fun to play against...
There was never a time when we had only 1 champion per season. NEVER. And back in season 2/3 we had times when it was a new champ every 2-4 weeks. Also many old(er) champions like fiddlesticks, vlad, leblanc, garen, yorick, nasus, teemo, mundo, gp, shaco, udyr and tryndamere are waaaaay more anti-fun than any of the new additions could ever be. At least I can dodge some of Sett's or Senna's abilities. Your only counterplay vs the likes of garen or nasus is "well, just never be within 3 screens of them".
Kashukah (EUW)
: If you play a ranged toplaner, you deserved to be bullied
: Caitlyn's Yordle Snap Traps are analogous for the racist police assault epidemic
Demacia is literally doing eugenics by rounding up and sending all mages to facilities that are pretty much concentration camps, but caitlyn using traps to catch bad guys is too much for you?
xxxXFANXxxx (EUNE)
: The most unbalanced state of game i've witnessed
Oh sweet summer child, you weren't around back in the glory days of ap yi huh?
Declined (EUNE)
: Testing stuff
You have officially been minded. Don't think you can get away with this again, Declined. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: >_>
Nihun (EUNE)
: Lost Nightringer (Yasuo) skin in Night and Dawn event
You don't get the skin from what you bought with those tokens. You only get the chroma. In order to use the chroma, you need to buy the base skin.
Gonna be pretty late in the evening, most likely something between 8-10pm-ish I'd guess.
: Is this normal
Basically there's 2 ratings in league: Your LP (meaning your visible rank) and your MMR (MatchMaking Ratio, your hidden rank). MMR is what riot internally uses to do matchmaking, calculate LP gains, etc. Winning a game improves your MMR, losing decreases it, depending on several factors that riot won't disclose. However, during placements, your LP will usually increase quicker than your MMR. This means that the gap widens with each game, meaning that you get less LP for a win the more consecutive wins you get. Once you're out of placements, you will gain less LP per win (16-25 LP per win is about normal for non-placement games) and if you keep winning, the gap will close eventually, and you might even see your LP gains starting to increase again. So in short: Yes, this is normal.
Kâtarina (EUNE)
: Fun builds?
Ap shyv is the only one that's really powerful. Ap/attack speed lulu top/mid works surprisingly well if u can keep ur cs up. Bruiser fizz is still playble, but not exactly strong. Ap tryn is always nice, takes a while to get going tho. Ap sona/nasus/kog mid can work. Full ap malph and galio could do the trick if it's high impact/dmg tf ults you're looking for.
Ritmann (EUW)
: So you thought the game was balanced
Nobody needs to ban kayn. Or sylas. Or ekko. Or katarina. These are nowhere close to must bans. And tbh, I'm not particularly afraid of the average gold akali or Irelia either. I see no issue here.
: As a new player you get a bunch of rewards, including 2 daily missions that get you champs, blue essence, hextech chests and keys, icons and skin shards.
Wait, you get daily missions now? Damn it's been a while since I leveled a new account, that completely missed me. Nvm then.
Let's be real here, if such a test were implemented, you'd be the first one to go.
teemo playa (EUNE)
: But why then in last season i gained more lp than my last game when i won. So shouldnt i gain more lp still if my rank is lower now but mmr same or higher.
Afaik, your MMR gets reset alongside your LP when the season starts (it gets roughly halved, although the exact number is some obscure math that riot won't disclose). So it will be lower than the MMR you finished at last season.
teemo playa (EUNE)
: Why does placement system punish ppl winning
Basically during placements you gain LP quicker than you gain MMR (the rating system riot uses internally to do matchmaking and calculate LP gains), so as you get consecutive wins the discrepancy increases and therefore the LP gains decrease.
: People need to seriously stop investing money in the game
Is "dedicated players" now a new codeword for toxic assholes that are stuck in low elo and desperately looking for excuses why they can't climb? I like it. Here's a little nugget of information that may shock you: Most people don't spend money on league because they think it'll get them a higher rank, or magically fix all problems LoL has. They put money into this game because 1) they enjoy using the content they unlock with that money and more importantly b) they enjoy the game as a whole and want to contribute towards its continued existence.
: Ok riot what's with my placements??
I'm assuming this is your first time getting reset? You'll usually be about 1-2 divisions below where u ended the last season, this is pretty much normal (except for last season where the reset was softer than usual for some reason).
Nilaim (EUW)
: Placement matches: That corrupt feature of LoL
League community all season long: "boohoo, we want a hard reset, ppl are in ranks they don't belong in!" League community when a reset actually happens (and it's not even hard): "boohoo, why did u take away all my progress?" {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: I hope this game will shut down
You do realize that you can just stop playing right? Noone is holding u at gunpoint and forcing u to keep playing (I hope at least). You're not obligated to stick around until league dies if u don't want to.
: I talk about pro scene though. SoloQ will be unstable no matter the meta. And even though I am mid laner I enjoyed the juggernaut meta a lot, both watching and playing. I don't use rose tinted lenses. I just remember those seasons because I enjoyed them the most. Just watch worlds 2015 and 2018 and tell me that 2015 was unstable competitively wise.
What do u even mean by unstable?
: But you can never take low elo into consideration because in low elo players play absolutely random and they aren't even effected by the meta as they play what they want and how they want. You can't balance competitive game around low elo, sometimes not even higher. You have to look at eSport and something like challenger / master.
More than 80% of players are gold or below. More than 97% of players are below dia. Judging the actual gameplay experience by what u see in competitive or chall is like trying to understand why your 8 year old child isn't happy about his football team by watching a match of Arsenal vs Barca. Competitive is always a small niche that is fundamentally different from normal league. And yeah, i think when it comes to balancing, looking at competitive might make sense. But if you're trying to make a statement about what people actually experience in their games, competitive is completely irrelevant.
: Has the same match ever happened before?
It's not all that rare in pro play for teams to run the same compositions back to back in Bo5s if both teams feel comfortable with their draft. I'm sure wolity's example below is not the only time this happened.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Yes, yes there can If the complaint is actually justified and fact based And not one of those babyrage posts
Oh c'mon, don't tell them... This was supposed to be a secret {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
Sasser (EUNE)
: Can there ever be a complain thread in which the comments arent filled with Riot's bootlickers
: Amount of Server-Shutdowns in the last months
I'm feeling like my grandpa rn when he tells me about how they didn't have all these fancy tech gadgets back in the war. *old croaky voice:* You didn't play back in season 3, now did u son? Back then we couldn't go a week without at least one server shutdown. Now start being greatful for your fancy new server tech and eat your veggies. Srsly though from what I recall I've not had any more issues than usual with the server in the last few months.
: A throwback to better times, when "toxicity"/"toxic" wasn't so language
My god imagine being so up your own ass about semantics that you completely miss the point of the entire thing. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} So let me enlighten you: The point here is, that there are rules, and by participating in the game you tacitly agree to follow these rules. If u want to be an asshole (to avoid the word toxic here), you need to be prepared to face the consequences for breaking the rules. It's that simple. And of course the reform system doesn't reform all or even most toxic players. But it does hurt them. Because if we're being honest, we all couldn't care less about how these ppl will act in their other games. What we want is for them to suffer for what they did to us. We want revenge, not reform. And that's exactly what bans provide. There is no secret agenda to this, no illuminati conspiracy to control the minds of the league community (let's be real, with most of them there's barely any mind there to control in the first place), no nothing. And some youtuber who's not half as smart as he thinks he is making the intellectual internet equivalent to an 11th grade english essay that quickly devolves into a wild conspiracy theory doesn't change that. "The planted term "toxic" shuts down critical thinking. When language is too vague you can no longer formulate your thoughts and arguments precisely, also communicating them is equally hard and if you start THINKING in such vague terms... well then you are complete brain f'ed." this only works on people who never had the ability to properly articulate or think for themselves in the first place. There's hundreds of thousands of words in the english language, if you can't find a way to substitute or rephrase a single term that you feel has lost its original meaning, then the problem is probably not with the language itself but with your proficiency at using it. "Riot is mining this data on behavior and then selling it to schools other business, maybe even governments(?), collaborating with them to implement networks to "reform" and control people and change their behavior." Oh, it's tinfoil hat time now. Aight, that's my queue to head out I guess.
: Actually not true. The game was more strategic in s4 and s5. There were multiple teamfights, skirmishes and plays in one game that led to Victory or Defeat.
Most of my games in s4/5 would see one team having an advantage pretty much all game long, but since it was harder to close out games people would just stall forever until everyone got to full build and then things were decided in a coinflip teamfight where your previous advantage meant nothing. To be fair I was hardstuck bronze for the entirety of s3 and finished s5 in g4 or something, so I didn't exactly get to experience the sickest high level gameplay, but then the vast majority of ranked players are gold or below so I think my experience is nevertheless somewhat representative for what most people would have seen.
: > [{quoted}](name=Tempest of Flame,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ABlGB2yi,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2020-01-06T12:36:24.497+0000) > > S3 was fine (the last season when traditional assassins not named LB were actually good, oh I miss those days), but S4 and S5 were some of the most boring seasons we've had. At least when someone oneshots me with a brokenass ability something is happening. S4/5 was literally just u doing whatever for like 50 minutes, then one teamfight and that was it. Nothing u did in the early game mattered since it was pretty much inevitable for things to drag on until late game hit and everyone had 5-6 items. Now u can actually close out a game if u get a lead early. I have to disagree, the TP top plays were really fun. ADC's were relevant and could carry games, top lane bruisers and tanks were balanced. supports actually supported and the best supports knew how to set up kills and peel. control mages and assassins were balanced. tbh it was all round balanced game, the bruiser rework was a bit OP but that got changed a little, saying this bruisers are a lot stronger now then it was back then, a fed bruiser can just walk up to your low armour targets
As a top laner, I can safely say that no, it was not fun in the slightest. A meta where the only playble top champs are mundo and shyvana is not healthy. A meta where gnar dominates everything is not healthy.
: I don't feel like s5 was broken in any way. I think s5-s7 were the most stable meta.
*Laughs in juggernaut update*
: I realy miss S3 to S5 gameplay
S3 was fine (the last season when traditional assassins not named LB were actually good, oh I miss those days), but S4 and S5 were some of the most boring seasons we've had. At least when someone oneshots me with a brokenass ability something is happening. S4/5 was literally just u doing whatever for like 50 minutes, then one teamfight and that was it. Nothing u did in the early game mattered since it was pretty much inevitable for things to drag on until late game hit and everyone had 5-6 items. Now u can actually close out a game if u get a lead early.
Sefiroz (EUW)
: But Ivern and Kog are both over 52% winrate rn xD Just had to mention
All the more reason to go with the vespene gas thing {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Smerk (EUW)
: There are 5-10 bans in draft mode.
I'm guessing he means 2 bans per person. But hey, why stop there. Lets give everyone 12 bans, and remove some 50-ish champions from the game outright, so that the remaining roster is only {{champion:32}}, {{champion:268}}, {{champion:427}}, {{champion:43}}, {{champion:141}}, {{champion:96}}, {{champion:57}}, {{champion:76}}, {{champion:106}}, {{champion:62}}, aka champions that are either pretty much forgotten by most ppl or so bad they're borderline unplayble. Actually now that I think about it, who needs champions anyway. Let's just do away with them entirely and have the player control minions instead. Oh and you know what, let's change the resource system so you can build stuff so u can have minions spawn faster. And then let's also make it a space setting. And we should have a voice that's so goddamn annoying it makes you want to puncture your own eardrums, which constantly says "you require more vespene gas".
xxxXFANXxxx (EUNE)
: Aphelios is just aa champ with extra steps
"AA champ with extra steps" is pretty much the definition of most adcs. I don't see the issue here.
: "First time champ" on Ranked game
I've had games where I first timed champs in ranked and went 14/2/7 and I've had games where I've played my main that I have 3000+ games on and gone 0/12/1. Let ppl play what they want. Experience is no guarantee for good performance.
: ***
"Who are you again ?" Noone. Unlike you, I don't presume to be some kind of royalty that believes themselves exempt from consquences. I'm sorry for my big words, but not everyone whose vocabulary and grammar exceed that of a six year old is deliberately trying to sound smart. And lastly, albeit quite some time ago, I actually did read 1984 in its entirety. I suppose you and Orwell would get along pretty well though. Judging by his writing at least, he is a paranoiac with an overinflated ego who thinks the entire world needs to know about his delusional fears of someone infringing on his right to free speech.
: So by the stupid computer bot its because I said ( go next , open ) i got chat restricted ? when they were going to our nexus before 15 min ? wtf is this George Orwell 1984 ??
Yes, clearly the quasi-fascist totalitarian police state described in 1984 is equivalent to you getting chat restricted in a video game for giving up early. And you have the gall to call others "drama queen snowflakes" {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: Kassadin Corrupting Potion or Sapphire Crystal + 3 Health Pots?
Corr pot is so op I can't see any reason not to buy it. And you should still be able to achieve either catalyst pretty easily (or at the very least tear if you're really getting pressured hard) on your first back so buying an early mana crystal doesn't seem to help much in the way of accelerating your build or getting you to item breakpoints quicker.
gandalfhan (EUNE)
: POLL(VOTE): Toxicity vs Pointing Out Facts with Reasons
Just never criticize anyone in league. There's simply no point. Most players would rather walk headfirst off the edge of a hundred meter cliff than listen to anyone else. It's just wasted effort. Also what's the point of saying something like "you're bad because you don't have as many cs as you should"? Wow, thx sherlock, I totally thought being at 40 cs 20 mins into the game was fine... Yeah you're giving me a reason why you think I'm bad, but how the heck does that help in any way at all? Most people know what they *should* be doing, it's just that they can't quite get it right for whatever reason.
: they wouldnt waste nukes on mountains 5Head
Pretty sure we have enough nukes to devastate the entire earth several times over. Also even if the explosions don't get you, the fall-out will.
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