Eltiael (EUW)
: Let's talk about Cosplay, Pyke & Livanart - Asking the DevTeam
The entire blackface thing is absolutely ridiculous. Almost nobody uses it to mock black people anymore except maybe for %%%%%%s that are openly racist all the time anyway. And I really do not see the issue with someone with pretending to be a skin color they're not when it's part of a costume/cosplay.
: They're aren't trolls, they're sjws, they are by all means serious about this and genuinely think that a white girl shouldn't be allowed to cosplay a black character such as pyke And off topic but I always thought pyke was more green than black but i guess i'm just on drugs
Eh, you're not the only one with the green thing actually. I'm honestly not too knowledgeable about pyke's lore but I always imagined he was that color because his corpse "adopted" the color of the sea, and the seaweeds and stuff when he died in the depths.
: Play a champion in a real Lol movie as an actor
If there ever is a LoL movie, I really, REALLY hope it's not live action. Animation is a way better medium for this kind of thing. It allows you to do things you just cant do with live action. It's more expressive as well. Just look at the wow movie. Most of the animated stuff is great, while most of the live action stuff is just meh. I'm more hoping for something along the lines of the cinematics except feature length.
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Ranked Decay Question
There is no ranked decay in gold.
Tedo58 (EUNE)
: And how do that when u have to log in into the previous email to confirm the email swap?
Considering this guy keeps falling for fishing sites I doubt his mail is any more secure than his league account. If he even verified his email in the first place that is.
: >You sure? did you see the second image in the post?
Didn't look at it that closely. But now that I have... Yep, everything checks out.
: it's an inting ban. logs are irrelevant
You sure? I thought op just cut didn't show the parts of the message with the chat logs. Don't know enough about the formatting of the individual types of ban messages tbh.
: Mathematic problem. (I need help figuring this out)
I get that this is a joke, but you seriously need to revise your physics. {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
: Rito'o; You %%%%ED UP. What a disgrace.
: One last Big goodbye to league
Ofc you don't get an email to change your password since every hacker with half a brain would change the email associated with the acc as the very first thing they do.
: when is it a good idea to go into ranked?
It's mostly a matter of personal preference I'd say. I started playing ranked as soon as I got to lvl 30 at the end of season 2. Of course, I promptly got placed into bronze 5 and it took me 3 seasons to finally get my hands on that shiny golden victorious skin, but if I got a 2nd chance I'd do the exact same thing again. Tbh, I don't understand why people that are scared of getting placed into a low rank even bother with ranked. You're not going to improve by not playing ranked games, and even if you play better than your rank you'll still need to play enough games to make sure the effects of random events (afks, smurfs, bugs, etc) start to level out across your games. TL;DR: If you enjoy playing this game competitively (even if you're not particularly good at it or have no aspiration of getting challenger), start playing ranked right now. You have nothing to lose (cause lets face it, the only difference between iron and dia is the color of your border).
: I am an intentional feeder/troll (Ask me anything)
Cool. Here's my question: How bad does it feel living a life so pathetic and sad that your greatest source of enjoyment is being petty to others in video games?
: It's usually included in the Human Resources role. It even states in the article that she will be responsible in equal opportunities employment. I'm curious to know how they expect to improve Equality and Diversity for the players. The only thing I can think of is better support for disabled players, such as improving the colour blind mode.
"Angela will also lead the recruiting team in driving inclusivity in Riot’s hiring and talent sourcing processes." I'm sorry but can someone explain to me why it's now acceptable for race and sexuality to matter when it comes to getting hired? Call me old fashioned, but I always thought you should hire the person best for the job, not the person who just happens to have the right skin color... If they're the best people for the job, I couldn't care less about riot only hiring nonbinary pansexual asians, same as I wouldn't give a damn if they only hired straight white men. This weird inverted racism just shouldn't be a part of the decision making process when it comes to hiring people... Eh I know I'm probably overreacting but still, this kinda stuff just rubs me the wrong way. Color blind mode optimization would probably be done in a more technically oriented part of the company. I'd assume her role is mainly directed towards the internal affairs of riot, but as far as it pertains to the game itself she'd probably be working together primarily with the punishment systems team and maybe also the event/story/skins departments.
chεf (EUW)
: Is there are ban cooldown?
I think you can deescalate lower punishment tiers if you stay "clean" long enough, but I don't know if it works for 14 day bans as well.
: Damage-Types
Simply put there are 3 types of damage: 1) Physical damage 2) Magic damage 3) True damage Physical damage can be dealt in 2 ways: 1) Abilities that deal physical damage 2) Basic attacks Magic damage can mostly be dealt through abilities, but you can also deal it through item passives (e.g. lich bane) True damage has no type and it ignores all resistances (it deals exactly the amount of damage that is stated, that's why it's called "true"), whereas physical damage is mitigated by armor and magic damage is weakened by magic resistance. Physical and magic damage are loosely correlated to attack damage and ability power. Attack damage is the stat that defines how much phyiscal damage your basic attacks do (1 attack damage (AD) = 1 point of physical dmg when you basic attack someone minus the dmg reduced by enemy armor). You gain AD through base stats and through buying ad items like ravenous hydra, or death's dance, or infinity edge. You gain ability power (AP) through buying items like rabadon's deathcap, luden's echo, etc... Your ability damage usually has a base part (fixed) and a percentage part that scales off how much AD (or AP) you have. Consider this example: You have a 100 AD and 100 AP. You basic attack an enemy with 40 Armor. 40 armor reduced incoming phyiscal damage by about 30%. This means that your basic attack will deal 100 -30=70 actual damage. You use your Q ability against an enemy with 40 magic resistance. Your Q has 100 Base damage and a 60% AP ratio. That means it deals 100+60 magic damage. The enemy's magic resistance reduces the incoming magic damage by 30%, so your Q will deal 160-48=112 actual damage. You use your w ability which deals 100 true damage. Then your enemy will take 100 actual damage regardless of how much armor/AP he has. Bonus damage has 2 meanings: 1) That damage is added on top of your other damage (normally on top of damage from auto attacks for example). 2) Bonus damage vs base damage: Base damage in this context is the AD you have at the start of the game, whereas bonus damage is the damage you get from buying items for example. There are some abilities/items that only scale off base or bonus damage, riven's Q for example only scales off bonus damage. It sounds kinda complicated, but it's actually pretty simple once you get used to it. Also it doesn't matter all that much most of the time. Just play the game and it'll come to you naturally at some point.
Shamose (EUW)
: There are 4 types of damage in league. Physical Damage. Magic Damage. True Damage. Pure Damage. What more is there to know? https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Damage
Umm, what is pure damage supposed to be?
Mickailf (EUNE)
: Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity coming your way :)
I don't usually take part in all the sjw bashing and I still think anyone who unironically uses the term snowflake is objectively a moron, BUT... No matter what you say, Chief Diversity Officer is simply not a job.
: Why have leagues and divisions?
Because it feels rewarding. What's the difference between being at let's say 1500 vs 2000 MMR? Nothing really. It's just a number. But there is a very different feeling to being in diamond as opposed to gold. Maybe not on paper, since yes it's just a badge, but you can't deny that at least in your head it feels like some kind of achievement. Just having a number system with a ladder would feel waaaaay more grindy and much less fun when you actually progress.
ScorpioGG (EUNE)
: teleport won me alot of games! as for heal i buy heal.. dont like its cooldown
Literally every high elo player takes flash on jinx every single game. And heal about 95% of the time. Maybe you'll see the occasional cleanse or barrier. But freaking ghost tp on jinx... I really don't think you're in a position to talk about mastering your champion when literally everything about your setup is an ungodly abomination. And your play isn't much better either. You have a 1.1 average KDA on an *ADC* for the love of god... No offense but I don't need mastery level 7 on my champions to be decent at them. And I also am not good at every champ I have level 7 on.
: Do promotion series no longer exist?
Pretty sure you're still in placements then. The way placement games work got changed a bit with the start of this season. Promotion series definitely still exist.
ScorpioGG (EUNE)
: Lets see what RIOT thinks of this!!!!!!! Ranked games only with MINIMUM LVL 5 champs and ABOVE!!!!
When people who play ghost tp jinx with grasp of the undying talk about other people trolling... I can't handle all of this irony, make it stooooop! Also, mastery level doesn't actually say much about how good you are with a champ. I have level 7 on yasuo and he's still my worst champion by far.
Scarlesh (EUW)
: That's some insightful comment, to be sure. I bet if someone in the streets randomly socks you in the face, you would perfectly rein the urge to give them one back, while tipping your hat and bidding them a good day. Respect is earned, not given, and unless you're literally an automaton, anyone can lose their patience when targeted by harassment themselves.
The laws in real life allow me to defend myself if necessary. However unlike you I would try to deescalate the conflict (you know, like what muting people does in the game) instead of going up to the guy who hit me and freaking stabbing him to death with a machete. Also there's a pretty significant difference between throwing insults, and throwing punches. Words are just words, they can't hurt you. I really don't understand why you even feel the need to defend yourself against this stuff. Like, why would I give a damn what the insects I'm stepping on think about me?
Scarlesh (EUW)
: Riot empowers trolls and baiters into getting their victims restricted
There are rules. You were aware of those rules. You still broke them anyway. Don't complain about getting the punishment you knew you had coming. It matters jack shit who "baited" you into saying those things. All u needed to do was not respond. Also, can people stop portraying "reforming" as some kind of great achievement that they deserve to be rewarded for? Not being an asshole is not an achievement. It should literally be the default.
: 5 reasons why you should quit playing league and start playing fortnite
Even if every other game in the world were completely unplayable, I still wouldn't start playing Fortnite.
Kalviras (EUW)
: er... care to explain? currently it's the role that despite being solo will generally always end up even or behind the duo laners unless the laners REALLY never ward up so you can gank them over and over at which point you'll manage to keep up with a solo laners. The new meta is ganking bot lane over and over as mid and top will always be ahead of you at all times so it's to easy to just get easily killed by them leaving every gank on mid or top a 1 for 1 unless you gank when they are stupidly over extended on low health.
It's the role with the most agency in the game by far. Ur not that strong on your own, sure, but that hardly matters when you can influence the outcome of every single lane. And since the meta currently leans pretty hard towards "win lane win game", that power is something no other role has. Yes, your mid laner might possibly be able to roam once he gets level 6, but what does that matter if bot lane is already decided due to jungle ganks. And don't even get me started on top lane. Top at this point is a joke. The game just happens around you, while you have 0 power to actually influence anything. You won your lane and went 3/0? Cool story bro, your bot is a combined 2/11, have fun trying to make up for that with your 3 puny kills. Unless you absolutely crush top lane, your impact is barely noticeable. Bot lane is the only lane that surpasses the jungler in terms of influence, but it's split among 2 people so you always have to rely on your lane partner. Unless they're hard smurfing, a good adc usually can't do much with a bad support and vice versa. As the jungler you really don't have to rely much on anyone, since especially in lower elos people are basically guaranteed to overextend to the point where killing them is doable even if your laners are completely lobotomized. So yeah, jungle is the strongest role in the game.
PoLiteUs (EUW)
: It's Depressing How Much Effect Lane Priority has on the Jungler. Nerf Lane Prio.
Jungle is already the most op role in the game. It really doesn't need buffs.
Crocosaurus (EUNE)
: Is Riot Using Bot Accounts? (need an official answer)
Yeah, that would be a cool story, except _**SUSPICIOUSLY**_ (holy shit that's obnoxious) none of the aram games you played over the last 20 days contain any such summoner names.
Andrrejas (EUNE)
: Top laners help
{{champion:92}} The others are pretty garbage in top atm.
: League is the worst game EVER MADE
Oh SNAP! Yeah, no way league will ever recover from the destruction you unleashed right there. Sick deconstruction my man. I mean, grinding for virtual rewards (oh sorry, "ewards") in a *game*? It's downright outrageous. Absolutely agree. Worst game ever made. *OBJECTIVELY*! Now I'm going back to the pinnacle of gaming: Roblox. Smell ya later Riot *Lamez*.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Stop asking me to ban a certain champion for you :)
Yo Crypt, can u grab me a jax ban on the way home? Thx mate. PS: Ban yasuo y u no ban yasuo omg nabs reprot!
: Body Suit for a Angel of Justice??
What use does an angelic battle mage who can turn herself completely invincible have for armor?
: You just don't understand how Lol is meant to be played. The only real objective is to taunt others into saying stuff they will be banned for. You played the game with Blitz, got baited and lost. Learn from it and next acount be toxic in a way that isn't detected
OR you could just not be a total %%%%. That's also a possibility.
Masantha (EUW)
: [Fan Fiction Contest] Never One, Without the Other…
Ahh, the 1000 word limit... My old enemy, we meet yet again.
: yeah at least she isn't yasuo-level bullcrap (i.e. go 0/20, build 2 items and become unstoppable) but still, true damage should be carefully planned i hope they aren't going to give her a permanent conqueror...
But that's the entire point. She's supposed to be able to dominate late game and rip through everything.
: Poor Kayle
Well, she doesn't need the embrace of a Seraph if she's one herself right? She could just hug herself. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Ahries (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Smerk,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=jUXg1qNm,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-02-17T22:43:57.209+0000) > > Do you know that we can see your match history? And it's clear that you didn't even try to do something. You bought a single item: {{item:3117}} and just fed. You did almost no damage and placed only 3 wards. Also half of your deaths happened behind enemy turrets, your team didn't destroy even one, so what were you even doing there? > > I didn't really read your post, so tell me if you explained those things there, but so far I only see case of intentional feeding and deserved ban for that. This guy is saying he is new to summarize. Lacking knowledge, skill and wondering if it's really bannable offence. He is saying he didn't intentionally feed. **Just a new guy stuck with match full of smurfs**. Better read the post before commenting.
Completely new player <--> Obvious Faker reference in account name Does not check out...
JesRect (EUW)
: What Reason do I have to not flame a troll?
1) You'll get banned. 2) More importantly, it's entirely pointless.
: how many times have you uninstalled/reinstalled and what was your reason for both?
Installed: Once, cause the game seemed fun. Uninstalled: Never, cause so far, the game is still fun.
DeathFlex (EUNE)
: hi
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Old or new - A question about champion updates.
I played all of the old versions as well as the new ones. I'd say all reworks were improvements except for the akali one. I thought the way akali was right after her rework was great, but with how they have gutted her since, it would make more sense to revert her to her old self where she was at least playable. Old sion and poppy both had wonderfully weird kits, but I can see that they wouldn't fit into the game the way it is now anymore. Also, you forgot fiora. The only champion where I genuinely prefer the old version.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: I shouldn't be punished when I go afk in a 100% guaranteed ARAM loss and team doesnt wanna surrender
Nobody cares about whether you think the game is lost or not. By entering a game, you agree to see it through for better or for worse. If your team won't surrender, then grow a spine and play it out til the end. Of course nobody can prevent you from leaving regardless, but then don't complain about getting rightfully punished. Also "torture", "hostage"? Don't make me laugh. "Waste of my time"; Considering you have enough of it to play video games, I'm pretty sure you can afford to spend the 10-15 additional minutes that finishing the game might take.
in10city (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tempest of Flame,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=vOd1v6EN,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-02-16T20:18:44.890+0000) > > Ain&#x27;t gonna change anything. Age has little to do with maturity when it comes to league. Still, I understand if you think your iq is equal to a child of 17-18 years old
With that grammar, I wouldn't go around insulting other people's IQ.
in10city (EUNE)
Ain't gonna change anything. Age has little to do with maturity when it comes to league.
: Have you tried our Lord and Saviour, Emperor, God-tier, who reings in Ritto heaven... only true skillshot master, balanced beyond mortal minds, The one that banish Void, the one ultimate, progidy of alpha-omega, AO of all champions... {{champion:157}} Sorry for using only half of his titles.
Normally I'd have had you executed for such insolence, but our lord and master, praise be to his infinite wisdom and clemency, sensed the devotion behind your words and decreed that your life shall be spared just this once. Do not make this mistake again.
Shädäm (EUNE)
: Can we fix tanks?
1) Urgot would like to disagree. He wins most matchups into conqueror users without taking the rune himself. But then, urgot wins basically every matchup. 2) How is it a problem if tanks lose lane? They have a gigantic teamfight presence, more than any bruiser could ever hope to achieve. They have obscenely high base damage, which means they often deal more damage while building full defense than champs who actually buy offensive items, due to defensive items being way more efficient than damage items early in the game. Tanks need to have weak points other than "welp, just beg you reach 50 minutes where you can maybe think about considering to fight this guy in the split push without getting instantly two shotted". Conqueror provides just that weak point. OR of course you nerf tanks' base damage across the board while giving them more survivability so they can actually be what they were supposed to be.
: I never reach Riven with Udyr. "E" maxed and she still moving faster than me because she use Q + E way to often. Imagine that I don't do damage while I spam my "E", but she do and is AoE + cc + shield. Think that you want to escape from her engage just because you lost an early trade and can't 1v1 her anymore. But you want to walk on the middle of the lane to farm and get too far from your tower....
Umm what? You're clearly doing something wrong then. Udyr with the right items can outpace a yi with ult. If you get outrun with the sheer amount of MS udyr can stack, you oughtta check your keyboard. Riven was mobile back in season 2, since back then other than kassadin nobody had low cd mobility spells. Today her mobility is barely above average. Also, udyr has an undodgeable point and click stun on less than half the cooldown of riven's w. Considering the fact that she can't fight back while stunned, and you can just back away after you use ur e and a q-empowered basic attack on her, and that riven has one of the worst sustains of any top lane champion, you should at least go even in that lane. On top of that, udyr late game is an incredibly powerful duelist and should win a 1v1 against riven when on equal gold. And yeah, ofc you can't just walk up into the middle of the lane when you're low hp... Almost any champion could kill you at that point. So, in conclusion: Wth are u actually talking about???
8Belthazor8 (EUNE)
: When did you played her exactly? I checked your match history back to june and it does not show a single Riven game.
Oh don't come here with your "facts" and your "logic". This guy wanted to have himself a good old circlejerk about how "OP" riven supposedly is and you just come in here and try to have an actual discussion? Pff, what a pleb...
radetari (EUNE)
: Lol another post being downvoted for no reason What is wrong with this person wanting an actual server for his part of the world?
We've had this discussion countless times and there are several reasons, ranging from generally bad infrastructure over low projected server populations, general political instability, geographic infeasibility (a server located in South africa would be just as or even slower for ppl in north africa as using the EUW one, whereas one in central africa would be unsatisfying for both north and south africa), to the projected revenues simply not making up for the costs of creating such a server, why riot isn't going to do this at this moment in time. People downvote it cause seeing the same question over and over again gets repetitive. Also this guy acts like it was some kind of personal insult against the african nations from riot that they won't give them a server. Like yeah, it sucks that you're playing with high ping, but acting all indignant about it like this won't get you any sympathy. It's like those kids in the back of the car that keep asking if you're there yet. You'll arrive at some point, but their constant nagging isn't going to speed up the process.
realKano23 (EUNE)
: is there any way to stop the new buffed nasus?
There is one way: Ban him. Other than that: Nope, you're screwed.
kixixxi (EUW)
: Getting matched up with way higher exp players in game?
Your level usually does not play that big a part in determining who you get matched with. Most of it is MMR (Match Making Ratio). Afaik ranked and normal MMR are seperate, so people who play normals only very rarely and play ranked most of the time could get high level that way while still having a pretty low normal MMR so they'll still get matched with you. I don't think it has any connection to the server transfer other than maybe the fact that there are more higher level players on EUW than on EUNE by comparison and it's also later in time now so the average level across all accs is also higher. I don't think there's a way to fix this other than playing and becoming more experienced yourself.
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