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: I find your nickname really disturbing :D
I am a proud autistic league player and find it very disturbing that the word "Autism" is a banned name. The fact that they're treating the name of my condition as a slur is sad.
: Teammates who ban your champion in champ select are the worst.
: A question about summon aery
I might be wrong, but I don't think aery procs yourself, only when healing, shielding or buffing allies
: Depends on what champions the other 4 of his team are. If they got decent waveclear and tankiness, and your own team is the typical 5 assassins, you might have a bad time.
In which case i don't think Tryndamere is the problem.
: How do you beat that free win Trynda in solo Q?
I would recommend the strategy known as "ALL MID", Even soloq players should be able to understand this call. Tryndamere might be good at splitpusing but he cannot base race 5 people.
: I like how they downvote without watching the video. Downvoters its a meme video {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
We understand that the video is a joke, however, OP seems to be taking it seriously.


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