Murenu (EUW)
: for a good experience not for joinning games with trolls and cant leave coz i get penalty cant complain coz i get report and ban? is like riot is run by a baby
We are all here for a good experience. Thats why flamers get banned.
Murenu (EUW)
: A system that they dont even take responsability for, is obviously flawded why do you think they give the responsability to the players to report and ban? exactly so people cant compain about the money lol so if you queue and get placed in a team of 4 and they trollin you cant leave coz you get leave penalty so you obviously complain they report you because they are 4 you get ban how is that just? lol its a fcking circus and they know it but they make money from bans so its all good. and im no snowflake i could kick your ass with 1 hand btch.
Inform yourself about the punishment system, then come back. Hint: Reports dont get you banned, they only trigger an analysis of your chatlogs.
: 1 it's common sense 2 after submitting a ban appeal ticket they confirmed it :)
It is not common sense. Otherwise in Rl the same would apply (common meaning it applies everywhere): People who are considered "nice/sportmanslike" dont get punished as hard for the same crime. This isnt the case, or is deemed discrimination if so. Could you screenshot and upload the support ticket? Information about the reportsystem is always interesting and useful.
: **Noob: **_"Noob" is short for "newbie", another slang term that comes from the word "new". A noob usually means a bad player in a game, or someone who does not know the rules of a community. Being a noob is usually not a good thing._ newbie ------> noob (early 21st century) So you are not toxic if you call someone "noob", but you are still not friendly with that person.
You are toxic if you call someone noob. Only because the term was ORIGINALLY purely descriptive, it is now used nearly excusivly as an insult. Its just like "niger": Originally, this wasn't meant as an insult (it literally just means black in latin), however, if you run around calling POCs niger you might end up in an unpleasent situation. Even your copypasted wiki says > A noob usually means a bad player in a game making it very clear that it is an insult.
HaGever (EUNE)
: is calling my teammates "noobs"= toxic?
> is calling my teammates "noobs"= toxic? No ofc not! In fact, you are SUPPOSED to insult your teammates. If you dont insult them from time to time, they might even start to enjoy the game and that would be terrible. Irony aside, you didnt get your CR because you called them noobs. Or rather, not only because of this. There are easily 20-30 lines in your logs that justify a punishment. You are constantly negative, harrassing your teammates. What can you do to not get any more punishments? I think you need two things: Realise just HOW toxic you are and find a way to vent anger other than insulting others. About venting anger, you yourself say: > I don't call my team noobs every game- only really frustrating true 1vs9 games Which is a start, i guess. What you need is to know WHEN you tilt (usually its after a losssteak) and not even queue up in that case, or at least take a break. And IF you notice youre tilting, find a way to handle it other than typing stuff that will get you banned. Two possibilities would be to get up from your chair and step away for few seconds (on your next death or when you walk back to lane) or to type what you want to say, but not press enter but esc (or just tell a friend via whatsapp). Try out a few things and you will find a way to handle it. About how toxic you really are, your chatlogs are full of negativity (as i said above). Overall, just read throug your chat and for each line, think "did this help my team win in any way?". If the answer is no, leave it out. If you dont see where you were negative, below is an incomplete list, maybe it helps. > HaDarrdas: why u keep inting Either they WERE inting, in which case they wouldnt be very impressed by you telling to stop. But i assume they werent really inting, just making dumb mistakes. In this case, you basicially tell them that they are so incredibly bad at lol that you could only play worse if you intentionaly died. I think you can see that this clearly is an insult. > HaDarrdas: its gg Lines like "its gg", "ff" and "its lost" are very annoying for those in the team who actually try to win. While you dont insult anyone here you are pulling your team down by telling them that you basicially have given up allready. > HaDarrdas: report singed Reportcalling is negative and can get you punished. It is comparable to running around in town and screaming "HaDarrdas is a rapist". Moreover, it is also very unnecessairy: If he truely was toxic, one report (=your own) will be enough. If he wasnt, even 9 wont get him punished. > HaDarrdas: u all are so bad Direct insult. Not very helpful. > HaDarrdas: try to not int please What does that even mean - try not to intentionally die? It doesnt make any sense and is simply negative, starting the game by assuming your teammates might not be smart enough to be sure about their own intentions - not a very good start. > HaDarrdas: 1 more > HaDarrdas: and i afk Thretening your teammates isnt gonna help you ever. > HaDarrdas: why pick lowest winrate adc though > HaDarrdas: wait.. .lowest winrate champ in game? Discussing picks isnt really helpful. You just dont have enough knowledge about which champs he is comfortable with. Overall winrates really mean nothing, i climed to plat back in season 3 with nasus who was then considered super weak - but thanks to this, noone had MU exp vs me while i knew all my MUs and won very often. If you think a match is lost in lobby, dodge it. Or at least frame it in a positive way: "Lets pressure objectives quickly" is waaaay better than "this is lost they outscale us" > HaDarrdas: u miss all ur spells. "Just stating facts" doesnt help. He probably saw himself missing and wasnt happy about it. Why harrass him about it? It wont improve his aim.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: If I was doing bad and someone said "don't worry, try not to tilt and focus", I would probably start trying even harder to win for them. On the other hand if someone started flaming me, I would just stop enjoying the game, and I'd stop trying, so that the match I'm clearly not enjoying wouldn't be dragged out for too long. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't start inting or trolling, I'd just go auto pilot instead of thinking about how we could win the game. Also, the fact that you won that game probably has to do nothing with the fact that you were 20/5, had a 14/5 Renekton, and your team was way better overall.
But rene only went 14/5 cause OP flamed him!!!!!!
: I can agree that sometimes being rude is actually helping but there are also times when shutting the hell up is the best course of action. Ever since the new patch came out, i have been using the new feature that they added. Disable team(allied) chat. There have been cases where i would have liked to lash out a bit but i couldn't because I can't type either when i'm using that feature and we actually managed to turn it around and win despite being heavily behind. After the games I did recognize that we most likely wouldn't have made a comeback if I had lashed out. So being toxic is sometimes good but being a mute can also be good in other cases. But to be fair though, realistically speaking, how could Riot even have a statistic like that? It's impossible to have an accurate statistic about it because people tend to be toxic when they are losing more so than when they are winning. So the statistics are already skewed by that fact. It's also it's impossible for the system to detect all the toxicity which means the data is lacking.
> But to be fair though, realistically speaking, how could Riot even have a statistic like that? It's impossible to have an accurate statistic about it because people tend to be toxic when they are losing more so than when they are winning. So the statistics are already skewed by that fact. It's also it's impossible for the system to detect all the toxicity which means the data is lacking. There are ways to circumvent this problem, using instrument variables etc. While i cant find a good instrument or other creative design spontaneously there are certainly possibilities with the huge amount of data riot has. EG you could create a controlgroup by looking into games that are VERY similar at the 10 minute mark but in some a flamewar is already going on while in the other group the chat is neutral/positive. You could still be right, maybe they have not done anything further than observing the correlation but there is also the possibilty that they actually did look into it in detail.
: Being toxic is rewarding.
I am sure you do have propper data to support your claim or at least read studies of a similar field that come to a similar conclusion. I mean, no sane human would claim > finally I get a win has any significance at all, right? You can even win by going afk, yet this is obviously a terrible strategy. So after having established that you SURELY do have propper data to support your claim, my only question is: Why arent you showing it to us?
Etarga3ut (EUW)
: Do I really deserve the ban on my other acc?!
> HuntersBlade: nami already said ur trash > HuntersBlade: she is right > HuntersBlade: go afk Yes you do deserve it. Why wouldnt you?
: Tribunal system is just a robot banning you for a single word you say. As soon as the game ends you are chatrestricted, wtf ? I miss the old tribunal where you could read the entire chatlogs of all players and then say if you condemn the player or not. I've spend countless hours on it and found it very interesting. But it got removed years ago and idk where it is now. Sadly that's how it is, no logic at all. Imagine getting chased in the street by 4 people that would push you, spit on you and insult you. You just start to insult them too and push them back. Well Rito's police will put you in prison for un sportman behaviour so it could " teach you a lesson ".
> Imagine getting chased in the street by 4 people that would push you, spit on you and insult you. You just start to insult them too and push them back. Well Rito's police will put you in prison for un sportman behaviour so it could " teach you a lesson ". Thats actually what happens in real life too, in most countries. Other guys beeing rude to you usually doesnt mean you are allowed to spit in their face.
Katter420 (EUW)
: Getting reported from 4 premades
Chatlogs or it didnt happen.
: I am so %%%%ing doooooooooooneeeeeeeee, riot doing their job
While those logs arn't over the top toxic, they ARE negative. And you got 2 warnings from riot allready. Just stop to "im afk", "pls ff" "youre 0/2" and the reportcalling and youre fine! Or dont and get permabanned. Your choice. Oh, and about kayn: The problem is that analysing chat behaviour is super easy, while ingame trolling isnt that easy to detect. So while both of broke the rules, you did it in a very obvious way and he didnt...
Cypherous (EUW)
: > TOXIC YSERA: ff Negative attitude 3 lines in, think i need to break out the gif > TOXIC YSERA: morde > TOXIC YSERA: is bad Negative attitude > TOXIC YSERA: well ez afk > TOXIC YSERA: me afk Going AFK > TOXIC YSERA: can u pls r him? Report calling > TOXIC YSERA: tbh i report you too morde > TOXIC YSERA: you could just r him idk More report calling > TOXIC YSERA: you should know amount of reports doesnt matter You state this yet call for reports on other players, maybe you should take your own advice
> TOXIC YSERA: morde > TOXIC YSERA: is bad Morde was in the enemy team. So you can take this part out i think.
Sefi (EUNE)
: That analogy would ring very true a few seasons ago. Nowadays the "protect the ADC" mentality seems to be long gone, at least in the games i see.
Yeah ADCs arnt as important as they [used to be]( but they are still the strongest scaling champs in most comps.
: So my support tries to win the game to the enemy team... how should I adapt? Going AFK? Getting him x9 reproted for trolling (like I did)?
He tried (and failed) to win by building damage since you did none. I did the same a few times, it sometimes works and you hardcarry, sometimes doesnt. While his build might be far from meta, every item DOES have synergies with bards kit and i can absolutly see why someone would get those items. Its probably not the best build possible, but we are talking goldelo - you had a kha with deaths dance in the team as well. You just cant handle the loss and need to blame someone. But you blame the support who nearly had top dmg in your team and - according the statanalysis (to be taken with a grain of salt) - performed best in your team. This just makes you look dumb tbh.
: I'd argue that there's a difference in terms of morality if you ruin the game INTENTIONALLY. I honestly don't care if I lose or win as long as the people try to play their best.
Very important point. On average, everyone loses 50% of their games. Loosing, even loosing hard, is normal. I always find it baffeling how a 0/3 teammate is "inting" and a 0/3 enemy is "getting wrecked" - this is the real double standard.
: funny double standards
> non toxic players attitude to: > > trolls/inters: it's just a game, giving him attention wont make it any better, ignore and report. > verbally toxic person: it's just a game, giving him attention wont make it any better, ignore and report. ftfy
: would it make more sense if you go kill that same person who robbed the old man instead of random people?
Akívo (EUNE)
: Banned for inting when jungler intention trolled me and stood in lane (botlane)
So the other day, i saw someone robbing an old man. I was like "nice, might as well go kill some people". Sounds dumb? Well, so do you.
: Oh this is new to me. I'm, supposed to "adapt" to a fcking troll in my team. Adapt to a support who is almost never on my lane and when he is he steals my farm.
You yourself admited that bard WAS in lane for the earlygame and only started heavy roaming later. This isnt trolling, this is trying to win the game. And yes, if your teammate tries to win the game you should do everything to adapt to this situation, altough it might be new to you.
: 2.5M accounts, not active players.
RANKED accounts. Meaning they at least played their placements. While you do have a point, higher ranked players tend to play a lot more, the number of total accounts is still way larger. As i said, 20k is a drop in the ocean.
CJXander (EUNE)
: It's either your team or theirs
Its called snowballing.
: What is wrong with people
So you flamed them and they flamed you and since you were smurfing you feel entiteld to be an asshole and get aggresive when others behave like you do?
Uraraka (EUNE)
: _I'm pretty damn sure that going to another lane after having been assigned support is bannable._ I wonder if playing ADC actually makes players to become like this.
Its like with those rich kids who get spoonfed everything: Everyone cares for them so they start to think they are actually important and very special.
Sounds like bard roamed a lot (as he should), got caught often (as he should not) and you just werent able to adapt to the situation. Sorry to bust your bubble but the support isnt support to constantly wipe your ass. In the midgame it is normal to make plays elsewhere, expecially if your adc can farm as safely as a fed ez can.
: There are roughly 20k diamond+ players. thats fairly substantial.
And there are 3 Mio ppl beeing above bronze in EUW. 20k is a drop in the ocean.
: i got banned for being told "%%%" and many other things by flamers.
Well the point is, you were negative. Eg this passage: > imahmadzbedat: ff 1%? > imahmadzbedat: 15? > imahmadzbedat: ok > imahmadzbedat: jax kata fed > imahmadzbedat: thats it > imahmadzbedat: we can ff Which is just very negative and annoying, so you actually deserve a punishment. However, if you didnt have any CR in the past, i would say that the ban is to harsh and support might lift the ban and give you a CR instead. I cant find anything (unless the citation) which would be worthy of an immediate ban.
: You will understand when someone plays on your nerves and causes you to rage one day. you'll get there one day :)
We have all been there, but NOT done that. WE just press the mute-button.
: Bannedfor arguing in rankedgames
You dont get banned for "arguing". But i guess your "arguing" was in fact insulting, am i right?
: Or if somebody just die 20 times in 15 min. mid under tower.
True, was talking about reports for flaming etc.
Hananim (EUW)
: Would be a valid argument if the op wasnt silver. Using your logic everyone below challenger should be banned because they make mistakes which can be interpreted as inting.
Note the conditional: > IF YOU SEE that Sivir going top is a winning move Ofc if someone is just too bad at the game its not intentional.
: ***
Sadly, human psychology isnt that simple. The US has harsher punishments than most european countries and have you ever looked at how much crime is going on over there? Harsher punishments dont do anything. Same applies for league, or why do you think are there no more bans for afk? cause it just wasnt effective.
: A 3-man premade group reported me - can I get banned?
All reports can do is trigger an automated check of the chatlogs. If those are clean, you have nothing to fear.
: Which means the ban won't get off!? It's offecially over!!!
Why would it go off? All you can do is think about how to not get that taoxic in the future and create a new account.
: A Call to Arms: The end of toxicity in the game.
Why do you assume harsher punishments will lead to less toxicity?
dino0 (EUW)
: Well no, winning moves? We lost and wasn't BCS of me , I was lit that game
Strange how you went from "i did go 0/3 in laningphase and refused to play with my team" to "wasnt because of me we lost".
: when did i say it wasnt justified i was wondering if it was worth the ban or if maybe someone could highlight exactly what i said was toxic, as people said earlier it was prob just the quanity ratehr than the content itself so i guess that "someone" who didnt understand something was u :)
You asked whether those chatlogs were worth a ban. Right in the title. So yes, you did imply the ban wasnt justified.
: I can't ignore people
Then go to a psychatrist, he might help (im serious). Or learn from me: Ill ignore you now :)
dino0 (EUW)
: Lol, no nex time I'll just wonder around the map , won't feed ,won't iny,won't farm won't do shit and if something I'll go dance with blue buff because blue buff as some pretty sick moves
No, you are supposed to go botside and farm under turret as much as it so hard to just play the winning moves?
: then they'll say shotcalling with x score stfu or other annoying shit it's really pointless to talk anything normal with these people the impact is to maybe make them understand what they are doing is not ok
> then they'll say shotcalling with x score stfu or other annoying shit it's really pointless to talk anything normal with these people Oh really??? Maybe thats why i try to explain to you ignoring them is the best option? > the impact is to maybe make them understand what they are doing is not ok Yeah because a tilted toplaner we is used to flaming will FOR SURE stop if a random stranger starts insulting him. Do you even think or just wish?
: how do you speak rationally to a flamer they are only interested in flaming nothing nice is going to break out the situation and i am not sure you won't get banned if u respond to everything..
Well, you can write stuff like "focus on the game pls", "dont type, farm" or "reset and get baron". Probably wont have too much of an impact, but then again, what kind of an impact does "stfu noob" have?
: thanks for stating the obvious pal, i can tell you are rather intelligent!
Well you were the one saying your ban wasnt justified. So at least to "someone" it wasn't that obvious i guess.
: no, but the one who starts it should get punished harder and these toxics who start shit are usually easily triggered as well, you could say anything except "i am bad sorry" and they will flame the shit out of you harder so i wouldn't call it deliberately pouring petroleum they are just speaking to a bad person who want to escalate the situation anyways and whether you respond to things or not might not even influence the outcome of the situation they will still flame
> they are just speaking to a bad person If you are "just speaking", you wont get any punishment whatsoever. Only IF pour petroleum, i.e. flame them, you get a punishment.
: Oh, then I honestly don't know then, feels bad man. Leaverbuster just increases waiting time I think.
Well it obviously is for insulting your teammates lol. What else would it be.
: > [{quoted}](name=Temudschinn,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=80jk0sRx,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2019-07-20T10:39:01.518+0000) > > Yes, and your "communication" CERTAINLY helps inmprove your chances to win this game! the "dumbass" was because the dude literally taunted enemy, stood there and then died. Cheesing us then lolling at us. "go afk" - Rather say this and for it to happen than watch a dude be 0/5 and continue to int. If he afks, enemy team doesn't get fed that quickly and may even give us a comeback.
And how is saying "dumbass" making him revive? It doesnt, right? And why would someone who ints, aka tries to annoy you, stop if you TELL HIM HE IS SUCEEDING? He wont, right? So how exactly did you help your team with your communication?
: no only one started it, you can't both start it lol, this is what we call a shit stirrer someone who asks for trouble and likes others to get into trouble too
Did you read my example at all? Every escalation needs two people at least. One may flame, but it is usually people like you "responding" to him who get the whole flamewar really going. If someone tries to set a house on fire and manages to get a small fire going, then someone else pours some petroleum to really get the fire going, would you say only the first person is to blame and the second person "didnt start it"?
: Wait, so you call me annoying to have on the team for trying to defend my actions and what I am doing? Isnt that called communication?? Im sorry if it bothers you to such an extent. "No one wants to hear what you have to say" - in a communicating team game, communication is important. Some players have few teammates muted while the rest are not muted. So context does help throughout. "bothering everyone" - how so? I am communicating with the two players who are flaming me, while I try to farm back into game. The fact you are getting triggered this far shows me you are either antisocial or just hate people who talk. Sorry if it comes off as rude, but you aint nice at all, could of said "stop talking in chat, helps no one and just play on", instead of your own personal rant against players who enjoy communicating.
> for trying to defend my actions Why would you need to defend them? You are in the middle of a lol-match. What is the BENEFIT from talking about which action was good or bad and why you did them? Wont change nothing. > I am communicating > > Obbymaulerz: go afk > > Obbymaulerz: dumbass Yes, and your "communication" CERTAINLY helps inmprove your chances to win this game!
: I'm afraid that's the whole chat bro, even im confused. Would the 2 games where I got crash dump and couldn't enter game be a part of it? Otherwise there was nothing else. Sorry.
Not entering the games cant have anything to do with it. Leaving doesnt give you chatrestrictions/bans, but you have to wait before starting new games which i heard is really annoying.
: i think boards misunderstood my intentions
> a ban system that actually cares about context and punishes the one who instigates bans harder than the one who responds to them because in my eyes passive flamers and active flamers are not the same and shouldn't be treated the same The problem there is that just like in real life arguments, flame wars require multiple people. E.g. The support dies at botlane and pings the ADCs unsused heal. The ADC responds by pinging the "Braum - Respawing in 7s" which leads the "heal" pingspam. It escalates further with "stfu", "learn to press heal", "wont heal a noobsupport", "report mf trolling" etc. Now who is to blame there? Who started? BOTH! And that is way "caring about context" will only bring you so far. There might be a bit more extrem cases but the point will always stand: If everyone just muted and reported flamers instead of starting flame wars, there would be much less toxicity. > a matchmaking that actually gives sense that doesn't place people with huge skill difference with/against each other so all the petty wars of 'you are so noob" "no you" could be avoided and the games are less setressful in general, doesn't excuse people acting in that way but we should put some effort into reducing the likelihood of it happening The only possible thing would be to decrease the range of MMRs which can be in one match, but those comes with a big cost: Longer waiting time. And it wouldnt even help much. Most of the performance variation stems not from different ranks, but from differences in role-assignement (i may be a okay support and a decent-ish jungler, but i seriously lose midlanes vs goldplayers), day-to-day form etc. If you see your botlane stomped it doesnt necesairly they are worse players, maybe they are just tired and only using 25% of their true power. Or they are filled and can barely play adc. How could any matchmaking forsee those things? Its simply impossible. But more importantly, you are delusional if you think a narrower skillrange would result in less flame. People dont flame because someone loses the lane, the flame because the have no selfrestraint.
: I told the jungler that i was going to loose if i was not going to be helped. got band becuase i called them a %%%..... but thats not gone f up my life.. shame Bonesaw also has a bad af him a little out
ah, so %%% is F A G? Well thats a nice 2 week vacation for homophobia.
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