PhoPhoW (EUW)
: WHAT xD I have a better idea, make it his passive instead!
It was meant sarcastically... Why should Poppy get her shield back for free for which she gains a massive shield when picking it up? That makes no sense to me. And Draven at least gives Riven her sword before fighting her.
Nextus (EUW)
: Why no one wants to play Support?!
Give me a break. I recently started maining Support because I have way more impact than with playing ADC, which I main for 3 years or so. Support is literally the easiest role in the game. If you play Soraka as a "I circle behind my ADC and heal him" you are playing Soraka wrong. Your whining is absolutely out of touch with the current state of the game. It's like you are talking about S7 or something.
: I'd be playing a supp if there was an actual healer, not one spell healer.
? how much heal do you want on Soraka?
: Should BE be easier to get?
Haven't we been over this time and again? Before you want to unlock a new champ every game, maybe stick to one until you can play it properly. By the time you can play a champion properly you already have enough shards to melt/BE to get a new one.
Febos (EUW)
: Okay Riot, Very Cool
Sweet, we are getting Sephiroth[/img]
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Poppy's Buckler should always return to her but at a weaker strength when it doesn't kill the enemy
Yea. Also - Draven's Axe should always come back to him instead of landing at a random location.
: Yes, that is probably why. Not the point of my post though. I am working on all the things you list, but want to get better mecahnically most of all, hence why I phrased my post as I did.
On a note though: imo last hitting is too hard currently. It's even a pain in the ass as ADC.
: The only pings I get are the ? pings AFTER my jungler died. If he pings, I move. Only happens 1/10 times or so, sadly.
OK - can be that he has no time to ping then because he's busy fighting. What you can also do, in case you have problems with constantly looking at the map, is getting a sense of where the enemy can potentially pop up on the map. Basically, jungle was last seen bot, trying to gank, so most likely he'll go top next - this also tells you to drop a ward to cover mid lane's top access. Or, when bot is longer gone than just them going B, they might as well try to gank you in mid lane. Especially early on, depending on the jungle matchup, pay more attention to counterjungling as they happen most likely then. Either way - you need to watch the map every now and then to get an idea on where the enemy is right now and where he may go next. With some training you get a feeling for it and it's not that stressful anymore. Also saves you from a lot of ganks.
: Change languages
To my avail that's never been an option.
: To Gold players: How often do you look at the map vs farm?
Well, if the issue is that you miss out on your jungle getting invaded, it's not too much that you focus on farm, it's more that you ignore pings.
: why is karma and irelia so god damn ugly in the login screen?
Well, Karma looks a bit unhealthy there, sort of junkyish[/img]
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: just 1 question...
Well, if I win 7 games today I guess I don't have to do my daily wins for the rest of the week and just receive the reward. Just to put it into perspective.
Snowbrand (EUW)
: The best aoe ultimate combo? ft. Zyra, Amumu, Nunu, Neeko & Galio
AP Malphite Yasuo Miss Fortune Add whatever you want, nothing will be standing there anymore.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Which champion makes you feel happy when you play it no matter if you win or lose? ^.^
Eddy Gordo Oh wait... we are talking League... nah, there's no such thing.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Do you Dignite, Deleport or Dmite?
I bet he still picks Feleport in midlane
MsDoubleTap (EUNE)
: XD what community you belong too?
You never noticed that when you spell EUNE backwards it says CCCP ?
: Banned for telling a new player to uninstall?
PS: Check his bot game stats He's inting in them
: You are the one attacking me anf if you don't get past even gold that usually means you don't know anything about the game or don't play, that's my point
I said that you are new to the game - or at least it seems by the rage you are showing here. Besides, you are inting in bot games... really now?[/img] And you tell others to uninstall, and that you are not toxic? The others have mental issues? Really now?
: tbh you should just use an app that helps you know what to build. i use blitz personally, and it even gives you different builds for your champ for different matchups and shows you the builds of pro players. it also automatically saves the builds into your item sets so you don't need to tab out. i've been using it for around 2 months and it's alot of help.
What's Blitz? I actually worked on something similar a while back but couldn't find a good way to read the item's passives/actives into it to add up to the calculation so I dropped that project. Same with champion abilities. I figured it's too much handcrafted stuff that would need to be worked on with every patch so.... What I basically wanted to create was something like the EVE Fitting tool but also something where you can test champ with build x vs champ with build y and how it goes down. So it'd be great to know
: Why is it nonsense? What he says seems to be pretty accurate
Yea, I'm an ass. I remember watching this clip a while back and it's even quite accurate. I even liked it back then. I never found it to be helpful though as it's just a reminiscence of the overall feelings in certain elos. Imagine being in Bronze, will this get you to Silver? And when in Silver, would it get you to Gold? And when in Gold.... you get the idea So take my apology here for calling it out as useless - that statement is simply untrue. It's a great video even, I just don't think it's that helpful.
: You played for several seasons, can't get out of gold while abusing adc and call me a noob? Ironic
Who says I can't get out of Gold? Maybe I never bothered to. Do you attack everyone that approaches you or... what's the deal here?
Evoki11 (EUNE)
: Are you excited about Sylas?
It's yet another champ that is broken as %%%% that Riot disguises as "but he's hard to play" - when factually he isn't. And then, way too late they'll nerf the shit out of him. Give me a %%%%ing break. I'm not a conspiracy theorist or want to feed into the "If you buy skins, you get better matchmaking"-community - but what I've seen so far, this champ's gonna be broken on release and then, like every other champ, gets nerfed to Oblivion. Riot can't even balance existing champs - what exactly makes you think that they are anywhere remotely capable of releasing a new one?
Rioter Comments
: Banned for telling a new player to uninstall?
I don't quite understand why this post got downvoted so much. OP is clearly someone that's somewhat new to the game and gets the rage all while - well - still being new to it. We get posts like this all the time, why is this one so special?
Hansiman (EUW)
: It's not just my take on it, it was a planned strategy from Riot during mid-season, and something they've been working on since. Meddler posted his gameplay throughs on the matter [here]( > Our biggest goal with mid-season is to change that, make it so it's a really effective choice to sometimes run a comp that doesn't have a marksmen in bot lane, or potentially doesn't have a marksmen at all. It's kind of workable at present, but we agree should be a lot more so.
Hansiman (EUW)
: If you're truly old fashion, you wouldn't want marksmen in bot lane. Riot wanted to break up the marksmen ownership of the bot role a while back, and I expect them to keep wanting to do so. I'm ok with this, because I don't see why bot should be the **only** role in the game that is owned by a single style of champions. All other roles, including support, can be played by multiple styles (even marksmen). I don't see why bot should be any different.
Interesting take on it. Let me grab my tinfoil hat to come up with my own theory: Effectively, what Riot has done recently in terms of absolutely batshit unbalancing, is making the Support role the most powerful, easiest shit role in the entire %%%%ing game. Maybe, just %%%%ing maybe - they did so in order to make the role more attractive and accessible. And, they did well - I've mained ADC for some 2-3 years now and I switched to maining Support because it's the easiest %%%%ing shit and I feel like I'm having way more impact on the game than with playing ADC. I even deal more %%%%ing damage. And I don't have to deal with last hitting minions that have way too much armour.
: I get that, I've done a little coding myself (nothing compared to you just a bit of a fiddle about) but still 3 years is a lot of time, and we are only just getting to the point where we have all of the features from the old client back
Hmm... I'm not sure what you are getting at Help me out here - what feature was there 3 years ago that isn't today?
Kerwints (EUW)
: Obviously he absolutely wants and needs it, so I don't see why your wants and needs surpasses his. That being said, you can no longer, with a straight face, compare between the different regions if their climbing systems are different. This is ironic, because in that same patch they want to even out how different the skill level is between master players in different regions.
I don't see why questioning his stance is an issue, and I find it awkward that you call it "wants and needs" as if that was somehow a rhetorical stroke of genius to remove all credibility from what I've said. What I've literally said is: the game doesn't change for 3 more months, so what? Did he hate it up until now and was only playing for years just for this feature to be added to suddenly like it? He says he played for 8 years and posts with a Silver account. Smurf much? And the reason I fear that this feature will just cause more trouble is because it will effectively create more of a smurfy feeling to it with a devastating difference in skill. I don't know about you, but I'm too %%%%ing old to become a pro-gamer anyway, so when I play ranked it's first and foremost to play with players that are somewhat at the same skill level as I am. And that rarely happens these days already, especially when someone is %%%%ing obviously smurfing. With this new feature, I fear that it will turn everyone into a smurf as soon as he picks another role. And you can't deny that when I main ADC in Gold, that I beat the %%%% out of everyone when I play jungle, or top, or mid based on what I've learned, when I'm suddenly in a Bronze game.
: I don't get how the new client is **still** less function than the old one, its coming up to its 3rd year now?
Well, as a software developer myself, I can tell you that every time you touch something, you certainly add a new bug to it. Most of them get killed in the development process, then Q&A, but some will always make it through. It's not like the game crashes every time I play either - so it's something that simply slipped through. Happens - and they'll fix it. What annoys me more is the aforementioned fact that I can't send my error reports in order for them to analyze it.
Kalviras (EUW)
: If it goes as it should it'll help solve a lot of problems with auto-fill as no longer will you have somebody who's say P2 on their main role and more of bronze on support as they play it 1 in every 100 games. and why would it be an issue to have it on the EU as well? At this point its more that the devs always post more on the NA forums and NA seems to get everything first which after YEARS of that makes the other regions feel like they are a minor afterthought for Riot and they wouldn't care too much if we stopped playing as long as they kept their precious precious NA.
In that thought process, did you ever consider that Riot is a US based company and therefore they pay more attention to it as they feel more connected with the playerbase there? If we look at CCP Games for instance, I bet they pay more attention to european players. The reason they pay a lot of attention to Koreans is probably because they are simply better than "us" ;p Jokes aside - I'm really not sure that this new feature solves anything - I fear it just adds more trouble. The thing is, if you actually know what you are doing and what others can do, you pay a lot more attention to it, no matter what role you play. This in exchange enables you to exploit missplays by others and makes you make less mistakes. Let's put it to the extreme here: Let's say I play ADC main, which I do, and I'm in Gold - and then I play a game in Bronze as Support. I'd whoop the %%%% out of these guys. It's literally the same issue we already have these days with smurfs - just that everyone is a smurf then as soon as he's in a different role.
: You have a circle when the enemy lands so only potato brain players can't dodge that. And if you do an objective and see the circle just step away in left or right and still do the objective. Imagine that I went to do the Baron solo and 3 enemies jumped with the cannon there to stop me. I just walk behind the Baron and no one in the enemy team knocked me up when they arrived there.
That.. really wondering why that is even considered an issue. You can literally see that shit from a mile away
Vegito101 (EUNE)
: Bug splat 3rd game in 5 games on Nasus
Currently, I get like 1 crash per day when playing League. Something's %%%%y with the client - issue is I can't even send the damn crash report because that messagebox tends to hide under the client's full screen
: Ermm hello riot!! Add position ranks to EUW on launch? This is Wrong!
What I fail to understand here is why that is such a problem? What's the problem even? I mean - I don't play the game like: Oh boy, with the next feature I'll love this game but up until now I hate it, yet still play it Position Ranks are really nothing I absolutely want and need in my life. It'll be a failure anyway. If we are lucky, they drop it before it even reaches EUW.
Hansiman (EUW)
: > from 10hp to half hp in just one spell usage? Doesn't sound too strong if it's only doing 5hp damage, or 9.5 depending on how you read it. =P
Aren't you folks missing very important points here in regards to what happens when you get her "curse" on you? That shit got nerfed big time. That shit was way out of control upon release. And then they nerfed the healing she can get from her hentaiporn, I mean tentacles. I'm not an expert on Illaoi, nor on any other champ since I care very little, but looking at Illaoi today - she seems reasonable. Back when she was released she was the most obnoxious thing on the rift.
Rioter Comments
: How do you saw "LEC"
Absolutely off-topic, but regarding your nickname[/img] Really wondering. On-topic: The reason you read it like "lec" is because you can. It's why we also call it "lol" and not L O L. You would never do so with EUW or EUNE for instance. On the other hand, SQL is usually pronounced as Sequel, or PXE as Pixie - it's easier.
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: i hate that piece of shit broken ass champ that requires more stuns than the damn k9
whoa, whoa - she got nerfed to shit since her release. Calling her broken these days is quite an overexxageration
: Some Improvement Ideas for Better New Player Experience
4 is sort of fixed with the new initial placement system as you don't just get dropped in S4 though having no clue about how to play the game actually. However, you can't learn how to play the game in Normals either. Friend that got me into the game said: 500 Normals before Ranked. And then it took another 500 ranked games to actually understand the game.
Hansiman (EUW)
: Change your filtering on top from "hot" to "recent". Your thread simply isn't getting the activity required compared to the other ones.
Ahhh... never payed attention to that. Thanks.
: He needs as much skill as garen while being broken. Literally every champ has a learning since you become better in micro/macro decisions the more you play regardless the champ
That's factually untrue. Literally anyone can pick up Garen - he's the most forgiving champ there is in the game. As much as I dislike the argument that because a champ is harder to play - that it somehow needs to be stronger - claiming that Garen needs as much skill isn't a reasonable assessment. And I suck at Yasuo, and I really hate playing against him
Rioter Comments
: A game to chill :D?
My Time at Portia - most chilling game in my library.
: > [{quoted}](name=Tenchuu Khan,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=poEoKt0M,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-01-18T09:52:36.996+0000) > > The issue with Yasuo is that he's not designed around teamplay and is way too strong solo. That's what leads to most Yasuo players just trying to style off rather than winning the game. > > At least to me: > - He's no fun to play against > - "Hard" to play as > - Too much emphasis on looking good > - Absolutely useless for the team > - Too strong > > > Should have never been added to the game really. Just like Teemo or LeBlanc. I agree for the most part, but he is not that useless in teamfights. He has an area knockup with a low cd (as long as he can hit something) and a wall that can block projectiles for the teammates. He also has some synergy with champions with knockups since he can follow with a pretty damaging ult.
Yea... you are right - that was an overexaggeration. I guess the reason I said he's useless in teamfights is that he usually doesn't constructively participate in them.
: Definitely not Kha'zix and Rengar
What about a Definitely Not Star Guardian Urgot?
: What's with that warning symbol?
:D I love how someone downvotes on my replies saying thanks
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Turrets keep shooting during bard stasis.
The question is whether or not the shot was already fired before stasis. PS: I'd love to see a clip of it
: You get used to bugs. There is this bug I reported months ago. I keep seeing it. Heimer turrets keep shooting at targets across the whole map. They do no damage, but they reveal positions. Oh and also they ignore anything else while it’s happening.
Rioter Comments
: Why is ranked purely win/loss orientated?
Just on a note - since everything about this has been said already anyway - don't focus too much on your rank, don't be afraid to lose LP. There will always be someone in either team where you are wondering why tf he's in your ELO. You need to play around what your team does. You can't just expect others to have the same exact mindset as you do. This way you will win a lot more games than with complaining about what your teammates do or don't.
imGabix (EUNE)
: About flex queue
Why wouldn't it? Especially in EUNE - or did you get Normal Draft back?
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