: Why do ad carries even exist LOL
Varus is a poke champ if you have no clue how to play don't complain.
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Cryptidian (EUNE)
: If you were the head of RIOT's development team for a day, what would you change?
Ban 50% of the server for 100 normal games from ranked.
gyxari (EUW)
: "pls kill ur self"
Such freats just make me mildly smile I think it's pretty amusing, I just get angry when ppl flame my family or talk bs about my gameplay, specially players who are shit and tell you what to do they are really the worst.
Tennoko (EUW)
: Why many players switch to overwatch
You will see soon enough, but I let your dreams about league is growing lol ^^.
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: I cant stop losing ranked games
It's not enough to play just good you need to beat shit out of the enemy team to climb up the ladder. Expect every game 2 or more idiots in your team who just feed (playing bad). If you can't beat the meta unlucky but riot doesn't care. Sorry for you, but mmr whise you must be in bronze and it is obv that you will just get bad players.
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Tennoko (EUW)
: AP Nasus bug or cheat?
Has nothing to do with nash knowing his cooldowns, when he can use his flash double your cd off your flash. Everything on this nasus was smelling like a cheat. Anyways reported him for cheating maybe riot will find something out.
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: Nerfing Ashe and Jhin will not kill adcs in any form. ADC's are late game gods and you should never dispute that fact - past 40 minutes in a non lcs ranked game they are the most important member of the team 60%+ of the time and if they get caught due to a stupid moment usually the game either ends or the enemy team can take an objective. The rock paper scissors is for 1 vs 1 mechanic while league is a 5 vs 5 and even then, it doesn't even translate very well when applied to roles. Jhin/Ashe/Kogmaw spit out damage close range and kill tanks fast while Corki/Ezreal/Caitlyn have long range and whittle their enemies slowly but they are all considered ADC's It's give and take. Sadly at the moment though Ashe and Jhin disrupt this by having great utility with there ults and both having a gimmick that allows them to do a large amount of damage in a short space of time giving enemies lack of counter play. Nerfing Jhin and Ashe will actually make ADC a more healthy role as it will open up the lesser picked adc's again (Vayne/Kallista/Lucian/Ezreal) who just get blasted by these two.
I just wonder how many players who just want that this adc's get nerfed, ban them in actuall games. I never see someone ban out jhin. Hardly see anyone ban ashe maybe in 50 games 1 ban. So if they are carrying so hard the game and are so hard to counter why aren't they on top off the ban list? Even if they play adc and don't pick this 2 they won't ban, isn't that wirred oO????
: Are you main Ekko? Because you have been crying over everyone that says he is broken lol
Nope I used to play ekko when he was the real op tank champ. I just hate ridiculess stupidness off ppl who just cry now after he got already super nerfed to normal and make ridiculess cases that they can't dodge easy dodgeable skills.
efol00 (EUNE)
: Or maybe Riot makes Ashe deal more damage so they can give her legendary skin. After that they nerf her. "lol have fun with the skin, when you are dead"
Lets just wait on the patch and see how many ppl will cry about assassines.
: A solution to ranked noobs
they problem is just when a new champ comes out it's really hard that you will be able to get a game in normals ^^. didn't expect the voting. So typical the lol community screw up ranked don't care about others ^^.
: Ashe requires nerfs or 90% of the ADC's require buffs. Which one is simpler to implement? At the moment Ashe has everything a top tier ADC needs. She can Kite, She can Duel, She has great AOE damage with Runaans and finally She can pick people off with her ult and force an advantageous teamfight. Her kit is overloaded, and thus any nerf she receives would be a step in the right direction. Personally nerfing her Q is probably the way to go, at the moment she can duel ADC's that are meant to be 1 vs 1 specialists like Vayne and Draven and win due to how much power it has. Saying that she's an immobile adc and gets shafted by assassins is a moot point - you can look at a large cast of ADC's that get shafted by assassins since that's the entire purpose of the assassins role. The reason why not many ADC's are picked is because Ashe and Jhin just wreck them there are no real counter picks apart from each other since they both can either harass/duel any other ADC into submission.
You forget if you just nerf down all adc's they will be the new support class and the new so called adc will be the AP support. Actually they should buff 90% off adc's it would balance the overall gameplay, but this would crush tanks even more. The rock, paper, sissors system in lol is just trash. Overloaded with champs and no thought out balance.
: ***
Sorry but if you can't see and dodge the stunfield you are bad anyways. No one can help you with that issue not even a nerf.
: Not just tank, AP Ekko is beyond ridiculous, yesterday i was playing Nidalee and while i was trying to one shot him (Q > R > W > E > Q), he just clicked R, literally taking more than half of my HP and then finished me... he wasn't even fed or with levels above me...i mean seriously, how is that even balanced? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
I wonder how super skilled this ekko is that he hits a nidalee with his ult lol ^^.
: > [{quoted}](name=Tennoko,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=mUM6x9A4,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2016-08-11T11:32:55.822+0000) > > How long is the stun in your example? Which assassin do you mean? In which situation 1vs1? 1 second in your face, 3.5 seconds max at long range. Any assassin really. Which situation? You shouldn't be in a 1v1 as an ADC against an assassin.
Right so you say ashe is op that it's unfair that she uses a stun and her team helps her and you die cause you overextend. Not that assassines just can burst her down anyways. So just nerf her down maybe let's remove the stun that bad assassines have a chance to kill her and get fast enough away. Seems a pretty good idea.
efol00 (EUNE)
: I think they are nerfing her because of how easy she is. Sure any assassin can instant burst her down but that doesn't change the skill/damage ratio. What i'm saying is that if she's easy and deals a shit ton of damage, why should we play any other immobile ADC? i do agree that she's easy to counter and i dislike the nerf too but this is my reasoning why she's getting nerfed.
They are nerfing her cause they go by statistics as you can see from history off all champs. They have no clue how to balance anything and they don't care about overall balancing the champs. At least they can say hey we did something till the next champs and nerfs come out.
yoshi2790 (EUW)
: I think he was in a good state on release. Just tank ekko screwed it all up. If RIOT handled tank Ekko good from start there would've been no problem.
Ehm what???? You know that ekko in release was the most broken thing you have ever sawn.
: I didn't say adc are easy to play, i said ashe is being played ALOT because of how easy she is and how powerful she can be. Not really, i play other adcs and they are way better than those you mentioned without them being " meta" ( Draven, Vayne, Kalista). Ye some adcs got peel but not as mush as ashe ( 1 stun and slows). Again, i didn't say ashe is broken, i said she is very good right now because everybody is spamming her in soloq and in competitive plays. Please don't do wrong assumptions based on my earlier comment, because it's crystal clear.
I won't denie that she is strong but easy to play nope. I think it's much easier to play for example MF, Jhin, (Varus), corki, in some cases sivir. Your assumtion that a champ is easy to play cause everyone is playing the champ is just wrong.
: So first of all, she can peel for herself vs assassins with her ult unlike other immobile adcs. Her laning isn't bad at all, it's actually quite strong. She has good poke with her w, also if you take the whole q damage, it does 1/2 of your hp. She also got 600 range outranging the normal ascs. And i'm pretty sure 10 W are enough to kill you. I think she deserves these nerfs because everytime i enter a game, it's either ashe, jhin or sivir ( sivir is more rare than them). It's boring having to play versus the same champions over and over just because they are easy to play, and also powerful in the meta. Let's talk also about the LCS, who do you see frequently? Oh yes ashe. Ashe is good in laning phase, a beast in teamfights while still being easy to play. That's why everybody is playing her, aside from the new project skin. And one more thing, not every adc is strong late game. Lucian and Ezreal suck late game however twitch and vayne own it.
Wow adc are easy to play must be a total other meta I am playing ;). Why Ashe, Jhin and Sivir are played cause the other adc's are so screwed up to buff/nerfs. You are wrong other immobile adcs got also peel skills. I think it's just crazzy ridiculess to say in this meta that an adc is broken.
: RIOT, when are you fixing magic resist items+
If they haven't nerf azir I would feel the same, but since that I stopped playing mid. Wonder how it is to play orianna in this meta but guess the only real thing is viktor. No clue mid/ap are just wirred atm.
: Need help getting to Gold 5
Some said boosting is not allowed ^^
: ''She's immobile as hell, so ANY assassin can get to her in an instant,'' Thats an assassins job, they don't call it an assassin if you can't kill anyone... Ashe already has good counter play against assassins since her ult stuns them, what about sivir, caitlyn, jhin? They have crap disengages as soon as an assassin is on top of them, ashe can just stun the assassin, slow and just walk out with barely taking any damage.
How long is the stun in your example? Which assassin do you mean? In which situation 1vs1?
Doublejho (EUW)
: it's a permanent slow for free from a high range no other champion has that
Hmmmm let me think. Item: fm, rylai's etc. . Ok just tell me do you really really think you lose against ashe cause she is soo super OP or don't you think maybe you missplay. Just make an example in which matchup the kit off ashe is so broken. Proof your point pls .
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tennoko,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=mUM6x9A4,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-08-11T09:52:59.063+0000) > > I feel your pain I really like to play ashe. Guess another "ohhh too high winrate let's nerf action". Riot just forgets that nerfing champs doesn't mean balancing other champs overall. The only strong thing on ashe is her ult, that easily wins you the game with the right team. I really thought this teamplay not solo play bla bla was the thing riot wants to force. > > In statistics her winrate is great in early till mid but in late she falls off compared to other adc's. I feel like I'm playing her wrong then. I can't do crap as Ashe in early/mid, but in late game I can easily kill stuff.
Just talking about stats and winning a game doesn't mean that you have to kill everything =).
Magneset (EUW)
: You can send them a support ticket asking. I did the same thing and i was told that report calling is considered toxic. I was also told that 1 report is enough to trigger the system. To be honest thats just what i was told. It wouldnt be the first time i hear 1 thing from them and 1 thing from another Rioter. So yeah. There isnt really any proof. (hopefully someone can prove me wrong on that) I always take screenshots after the game and show it to the enemy team so they can get their reports in aswell.
tolisk99 (EUNE)
: Getting IP is TOO slow!
Why do you think there is a cashshop and this game is f2p :). hmmm and know you should think about your thred ;).
: "Report calling is punishable. The number of reports some1 receives does not matter, one is enough."
It is. You can flame 0 and just write Report xy. You get punished for flaming. Ridiculess but sadly true. Still I can't stop writting it in chat, no clue.
Doublejho (EUW)
: as someone who mains toplaners, junglers and supports, i can't really give an adc player's views on her what i can say is that her permaslow is insufferable to play against and i've never actually had fun fighting an ashe based on this, i think she'll manage to be fine after the changes
Than you should play ashe and try to kite down tankys or play against bruisers who can actually jump on you. Actually ashe is one off the most exhausting champs to play with high mechanics, cause normaly you have to kite every shit that comes near you.
Shozis (EUNE)
: I really hate Riot`s philosophy of creating champions with universal kits and sadly Ekko is an excellent example of this approach. Mobility? Check! CC? Check! Poke? Check! Self heal? Check! Damage? Check! Tankiness? Check! Short cooldowns? Check! It`s not about whether Ekko is or isn`t OP, but rather about the fact that he has everything in his kit. Seriously, what is his weakness? And, please, don`t say his weakness is melee auto attack, because that clearly doesn`t outweigh his universal kit. What`s even more frustrating is that champions with such high survivability are too forgiving when they make mistakes. I think everyone who has played against Ekko has witnessed the following scenarios many times: Ekko just recklesly and brainlesly jumps into teamfight or dives someone, and if it doesn`t go as planned he can simply get out safely using his ult.
He is weak against ever champ who has CC, high burst maybe with mobility to finish off the kill. No clue what's really the probelm you can at least play even in lane against him. You have 0 treath off getting bursted and if you get killed 1vs1 than obv it's your own fault. His item spike due to trinity is pretty late. Just pls tell me in which exact matchup ekko is so OP and has no weakness.
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: I seriously feel like Ashe does not deserve the nerfs that's coming in her way.
I feel your pain I really like to play ashe. Guess another "ohhh too high winrate let's nerf action". Riot just forgets that nerfing champs doesn't mean balancing other champs overall. The only strong thing on ashe is her ult, that easily wins you the game with the right team. I really thought this teamplay not solo play bla bla was the thing riot wants to force. In statistics her winrate is great in early till mid but in late she falls off compared to other adc's.
: The thing is now he is played as an AD tank, only because Triforce is good with the constant Sheen procs and Fervor of Battle being the strongest mastery in the game. He doesn't even scale with AD at all. So what's wrong here? Fervor is balanced for most champs, but this one guy just breaks it. They can't nerf Triforce again, because it'll be trash tier. Nerfing Fervor means nerfing ADCs once again. Make his ult scale entirely with AP, not with damage taken is the only solution I see.
This one guy? Maybe you think about item spikes. Just look at Irelia, Jax etc. . If you nerf this item path too you have just another champ who is just a fun pick and useless in competitiv play.
Shrewdo (EUW)
: stop being stupid, u can just ban him or ask your team mate to ban him and shut up, i never had troubles playins against ekko, if you're bad its you.
Sign. Every ekko Player who beats you in lane in this meta is just a better Player. He is well balanced. His winrate goes/went down cause off the nerfs. So it's pretty much ridiculess that ppl are crying again to nerf him.
lil pëep (EUW)
: Ekko...can we all just admit riot fucked up? He cant be nerfed!
???ekko is extrem nerfed??? If you build tanky you do like no dmg. If you build AP you are squishy like hell and every CC pretty much screws you up in killing the backline. Forget trying to go against tanks you do 0 dmg. K now everyone is building on top some mixed trinity/ap tank build still I don't feel the power. Ok ekko got great escape and wave clear wow that will just help if your own team just does enough & the opponent team is so stupid to overchase. I have no clue why ppl cry now after the hard nerf, other champs are much better atm. Like gp, like yasuo.
: I thougth he was talking about seasons. Also how can u tell they did it on purpose?
Nope talking about the ladder and hmmm how I know they do it intentional ehm srs question???
Tennoko (EUW)
: Again in S1 and again the same BS
I am just wondering why I get in S2 normal players in my team that are more skilled (warding, map awareness etc.), and in S1 it's just impossible kids fest. It's suppost to be the other way...
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: He doesn't have to gank if he doesn't want to, it's that that people must understand. It is not bannable, yet something like "Report xxx, 0 ganks!" is.
You can report for intentional assisting the enemy team + afk cause obv afk farming when not ganking a single time. Stats will tell the truth anyways what you did the whole game.
: got reported for taking my own blue (i was the jungler), and my midlaner told me i would get banned because i did not gave him the blue XDXD some people are just so stupid
Don't know whats funny about that mid suppost to get blue. Don't think that's the only reason you get reported ^^
Arsene (EUNE)
: So when you say they occur on both sides you mean that if I get trolls 10 times the opponents will get 10 times as well and it will even out, but how am I supposed to climb if it evens out? And with my luck I get more trolls then my opponents, a less lp loss system is better than sweeping it under the rug and loosing all the game because someone's house is burning down and they have to afk
They question is how great the chance is that the opponent team gets 10 times a player with a burning house ;).
: NERF or REWORK Irelia pls
: Banning boosted players in wave is pointless
I wonder does this include players who are boosted by (friends) (dq)? Or just the payment boost services. Maybe I need to change my report off players to boosted instead off int. feeding.
Amwosi (EUNE)
: Getting tired of this game and people
Check team mmr. It's possible to get unranked ppl in your team in this range. It's possible to get bronze in your team dq. It's not fair but seeding in lol is never fair. Just Feelsbadman, but you are not alone :).
: Banning boosted players in wave is pointless
You can get banned for a boosted account oO? I thought just the ppl who boost for money get banned.
Mázé (EUW)
: Good junglers this patch?
Hmmm no changes on junglers at 6.16 patch or is the info wrong??
Zephyr77 (EUW)
: Yi is...just a pain in the ass. Not toxic - just pain in the ass. Give him few kills, all he will do is run at you. When it comes to Teemo - it is more of a meme League players developed. He CAN actually be used well. Issue is - game is oriented towards high cc, so he always end up looking bad.
Not talking about usefullness in the game. Yi and teemo players are most off the time really really toxic. Toxic mindset off solo playing, obv. Same goes for shaco players. The sad thing is they won't carry 90% off the games and you just lose the game cause jungle is key in this meta -.- .
Zephyr77 (EUW)
: Why am i happy to see Yasuo getting nerfed
Teemo & Yi players are worse.
Ozuraak (EUW)
: How would you define a "feeder"? Is 1/6/23, 0/5/3, 1/7/7, 0/4/5, 0/4/12 and 0/7/12 "feeding"? Stats from your match history of a few games.
Hard to tell seems like support stats.
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