Terrizzle (EUW)
: MID vs Jumpy Champs?
Is there something I can change in my Setup (Masteries, Runes..) and Starting Items that I dont get killed when I have no Gold Card available? Now I played vs yasuo a lot and I beat him when I stay away from my minions, go for Movement Speed and stay away from my minions. I still fail when facing Jax (being enemy top laner roaming or a regular jungle Jax) he jumps (sometimes with flash), stuns me (I cant gold Card cause he evades it) and I am done with. Same with Xin, as soon as I'm in range for the Gold Card, he can jump me, slow me also with Jungle Item or red buff, I CC him but he still kills me every single time I just cant get away before dying (which happens after like 4 hits from his talon strike). I guess those champs are made to beat guys like me when there is no support around to peel for me. Boots of Swiftness is a good Idea, I will try to rush that next time I face them. Rylais is also a good idea cause it gives HP and Slows. I will think about that as well. Will it trigger from my E passive AP damage? (Never bought that on TF)
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