: It's so ridiculous though what the hell, I'm trying it on gangplank, Lucian and other champs GP Barrel critting 1k on dummy. GP lethality barrel, 1k on dummy. WTF. The major difference is one is about a 70% chance to get 1K. The other is 100% chance to get 1K.
gp full build with 50% crit does about 1450 with barrels, full lethality closer to 950 on dummies, dont twist numbers
: In need of some help!
Long time since I played ( internet being bad for a long time and computer slowly breaking down so im not risking playing ) but here goes anyway: Q1: Only do low variance plays and only play for yourself, low variance is probably best explained by LS but ill try my best to explain it. High variance is relying on your teammates to follow up on your plays, youre matched with different people and they're all going to do different things so your play is not going to work out in a high variance of those times because of your teammates, only go for the plays that work without them. Q2: I dont care about my teams spirit, I instantly mute all every game and communicate strictly through smart pings ( pinging walls for baron, dragons, towers ) so i remain anonymous, ping alot and get good at pinging and dont care about how they feel. Q3: Learn to relax, try your best but if you notice you start to tilt, stop playing. I dont exactly remember now but there is some study ( human memory is faulty so this might be wrong but ohwell ) that your emotional state has a profound way of altering your playing ability, when I was climbing up to plat 3 from 5 months of playing the game I only played when I felt good, never when I was stressed or felt bad ( This was during a period of high depression so I ended up not playing all too much honestly but enough to climb anyway ) Hope this helped in some way.
: My boyfriend never sticks up for me
I can understand why he doesnt defend you ingame. He could get reported if he defends you depending on how he goes about it. For you I would suggest always muting all players as soon as you get in game if you know you will let what people say get to you, do yourself a favor and dont listen to it, it isnt worth trying to defend yourself from what someone on the internet or in the game has to say if you dont want to really. About your boyfriend reacting like its nothing irl too, Im not a psychologist but i know that if he thinks its easy to shrug off flamers, he will think everyone has an easy time shrugging it off ( dunning-kruger effect ) I wouldnt be too harsh on him about it since I think its up to you to mute them and use the tools riot gives you: report them if they're being toxic
Applekami (EUW)
: How to ban people then...
its also annoying when people make these "can we" posts. As if the players on these boards who make these posts were part of riot. Start naming them "can riot please" or something.
: i just turned 10
Im ashamed to be swedish right now is my answer :c
: "Noob" is offensive? or just sensible players
I dont think it has anything to do with what you say, its what you mean by saying it and what your goal was, quite clearly saying noob or ez is meant to hurt the one youre saying it to and as such it is offensive nomatter what. If we're going by the summoners code which we all agreed to, then yes this is an offense that could lead to a ban and rightfully should if you continue with this behavior
: The two hardest roles in league as it stands
1. Jungle, its the least intuitive role of the game. Most people in the west barely grasp what a jungler is supposed to be doing to gain advantages for the team. You see Korean junglers in soloq constantly pinging the opposit junglers possible location, no such things from what ive witnessed from watching streamers / youtube from challenger players in the west. 2. Top, aggressive and lanemanipulation is higher than in midlane and in botlane.. the harder concepts about laning that you have to learn.
Balince (EUW)
: Interesting, the only problem with that is I know I'm not anything special. I don't think I deserve gold even. If I was being honest with myself my cap at my current skill level might be silver 3. Is that someone who "mistakenly assesses their ability as much higher than it really is." I mean I finished silver 5 last season. I think I'm a better player but still need to move better. I actually just got spanked for the first time in a while by an ahri who had really good movement and made me feel inept at dodging.
I think you might be on the right track. The most valuable conclusion i came to when i started playing is that i just accepted that im bad and worked on the fundamentals of the game untill they're so engraved into my musclememory that i can work on other things. Only focus on getting better, not caring what my teammates did or if i even won or not. Sadly though I havent played the game for a long time but still watch and learn things about the game through analysts and professional games so i would have to work on them from a lower point again.
Balince (EUW)
: Someone explain to me what the **** I'm suppose to do
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunning%E2%80%93Kruger_effect Could be a good read for you, humble yourself.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: There is a reason why she is banned but the reason is that she is too strong, not overloaded. You apparently have the false impression that overpowered = overloaded. This however is not true. Saying that her kit is overloaded is like saying aatrox is OP.
No, i actually do mean that The kit is overloaded. Escape, Chase, aa reset, immunity in ult, true dmg, poke, Shields, excellent with flankwards and extremely strong splitpusher
: > [{quoted}](name=Undertale Frisk,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=nR9tfQM2,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-01-23T14:18:10.525+0000) > > Hi, so i main Camille. I know a lot of you hate this broken champ so please don't hate me too. I am unranked atm and I would like to know how often do you ban Camille in ranked. I hope that after that nerf the ban rate has dropped a little. She is indeed one of the must fun champions. You're basically a female spiderman or an Attack on Titan character. Easy to play and hard to master. So how often do you ban Camille? im in low elo atm and i have to say that i dont find her OP at all. i don't understand why she is permabanned while there r champs like Hecarim, Pantheon, Malzahar that no one ever bans
I might be butchering LS's words from lck but the reason why she is busted is because she has everything. She has: chase, escape, poke, truedmg, immunity from ulti, AA reset, shields, excellent splitpushing and flankward plays.
Doomley (EUW)
: >Her kit is simple, but overloaded. No, it is not overloaded. Her kit is extremely close to jarvan's kit and i hope you aren't thinking that jarvan's kit is overloaded? The only difference they have is that camille has a heal on her w which is only relevant in the early game. Also saying that she is easy to play and at the same time overloaded is very contradicting. If a champions kit would be overloaded, that would mean it would have a lot more tools to work with and do a lot of different things. This however, raises the skill cap of a champion. If your champion can do many things, he naturally becomes harder because it's harder to use all of her kit effectively all the time. This is why azir is hard and this is why ekko is hard.
There is a reason why Camille has been banned in all games but one in lck, the one time it didnt get banned it got instalocked in and dominated top. Saying her kit isnt overloaded is like saying globalwarming is hoax
: ***
Your post is quite ironic considering you post No proof of elohell existing, it does not. You are 1 out of 5 players in your team, you know youll do your best, The chances are therefor higher that The other team has trolls/drunk players etc
: Okay so I guess you can say climbing isn't luck based but how good/bad your team mates is. The algorithm for matchmaking is clearly flawed.
Sure you can say that. Long term though theres nothing saying you have more bad teammates than others :)
IAmDoosh (EUW)
: I think a genuine reason people don't experiment so much is because if it goes tits up, people will flame them for it. For a game with such potential diversity it's a shame.
i think the most genuine reason most people dont experiment is because experimenting will most likely give you less bang for buck
: You need to be more than a couple of divisions higher to carry a certain elo. I can't carry platinum as a diamond player for the life of me...platinum is weird though it's a lot easier to carry diamond lol.
my comment was aimed towards gaining elo is luck based, which it isnt. Clearly there are other arguments that may be more appealing, but simply saying that eloboosting exists = it isnt luck based is the most simple way of debunking the whole argument that gaining elo is luck based
Biuvoc (EUW)
: Climbing is luck?
Eloboosting exists, therefor it isnt based on luck
: The best player on a single champion (main)
There are alot of pro's that are alot ( and i do mean alot ) better at those champions than those you linked
Vesemir (EUW)
: I hate it when bot lane manages to get turret pre20 and comes mid. And adc casually farms my lane and when i say let me farm they ping mid turret and say push. When this happens i go to bot and afk farm for 10-15 mins
If they managed to get that turret down they will be able to get mid turret down aswell, your botlane going mid is better than you staying mid when pushing because they have strength in numbers and their botlane obviously cant do anything about it. what you do is you go bot and prevent their botlane from taking the turret. Your position is in no way where youre supposed to be all game long, for example toplaners usually go bot when baron comes into play. Botlane comes mid when bot is done etc.
Holten (EUW)
: Stop Banning Your Teams Picks
I dont see any problem banning your teams hovers honestly. Its not that they are doing it against you because they dont think you can do good on that champion. Lets say we have a scenario where everyone on the team hovers ad champions including a zed / yasuo mid, nomatter if youre a zed/yasuo main, it is most of the time in your teams overall benefit if someone bans said champion and let the midplayer be abit salty and play something else / dodge. Not to mention that not all players want to put all their eggs in the basket hoping youre actually a good yasuo player, cause if youre not you pretty much destroyed the game
: Dude x) just pick {{champion:157}} like everybody does and she will feel so underpowered ;D I wouldnt dare to pick her bcs im seeing yas in every game i play nowdays (Not like im hateing it)
The Ahri vs Yas matchup is favored towards Ahri. It might feel clunky playing vs Yas but the Ahri is more valuable of a champion to have on your team. Platinum for 1 month 14876 games with 52.35% winrate in Ahri's favor. http://www.lolking.net/charts?region=all&type=mid-matchup&range=monthly&map=sr&queue=1x1&league=platinum ^ if above information is incorrect feel free to correct me
: Who to watch to learn
for toplane id suggest watching dyrus, he tends to explain what needs to be done, both by himself and his team and how things get bad if they do. Valkrins earlier youtube videos 'thevalkrin' ( on youtube ) has alot of good information regarding 'tactics' and mindset.
: Never gank a losing lane is the worst
Some toplaners might mean they need an escort and not an actually gank ( help him push it in so he can back ) this only Works earlier on. If he's 0-5 then yeah forget it, The toplaner should give up his t1 Long before this point. Sometimes though: its required of The jungler to make sure your toplane does not lose hard, especially in very volatile matchups because youre The only one who can help it. Darius, riven, renekton on top? Gank him 3 Times then go elsewhere and do 'the bengi' ( gank then loop around and camp The bush for when he comes back )
: Which is the best Forum on the internet?
most people nowadays would probably use reddit
: Thats so dumb, They should be able to check there files... why would they need video I dont get rito, I got banned because 3rd party progams or exploits, Had no idea why so I asked and they didnt tell me a thing, but they cant ban a person legitly ruining the game by checking there files or something
quite frankly, all riot has to do to prevent scripting is to have a software notice if anyone clicks more than 10-20 times per second and then automatically ban the account. This is what scripting software is using in all its forms.
: Riot is making me choose between my Girlfriend and my friends..
Create another account to play with her
: No probably not, {{item:3508}} {{item:3031}} would still give you 60% bonus damage from crit and crit dmg. A bit of crit more or less doesn't matter. if you don't know what i am talking about 100 AD, 10 hits = 1000 with 40% crit and 50% crit bonus dmg you hit 4 times for 250 and 6 times for 100 = 1600 PS: You could experiment with something like {{item:3025}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3508}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3053}} You know..since Tri Force kinda sucks now, just do a more tankier build.
By critplank i mean The 90% crit builds we used to go, personally i mostly go 50% now. Its abit of rng but The pen in The build is enough to deal devastating dmg to squishies without crits, but if you do crit and hit 3-5 people with barrels you win The teamfight by yourself. Building tank on gp defeats his best perks in teamfights, doing immense dmg with barrel combos Even if triforce got 'nerfed' for gp its still the best item he can build
: I am sorry but trinity force doesn't become stronger because you build AD. Also attack speed items are not worth on GP. He doesn't need attack speed. You don't need a high crit chance to make crits efficient. YOu need the high crit chance to make it slightly more reliable. THis is probably the only reason why you would build only ad and armor pen, just to make the dmg more predictable and easier to calculatew the outcome of a fight.
True, The spellblade procc is 200% base ad. So we agree, The crit that went away off triforce makes it too unreliable building critplank anymore, so people now go for a stronger early midgame with triforce ghostblade
: Welp
Kr Diamond masters is full of scripting kogs and such, riot said that a Recording of The gameplay was necessary to be sent to them. Its not happening.
: Fizz
Fizz is on The list for assassin rework, he might not get touched much but he's certainly not overpowered
: When side lanes are about to kill your base but your team wants to ARAM
The 'correct' thing to do is to have mid/adc clear top so that they are Close to baron while toplaner clears bot if he has teleport untill The sides are pushing then look to get picks or whatever. People in platinum dont even get this concept.
BlâckLotus (EUNE)
: i dont think gankplank struggles that much in the early game,a 6 lvl gp with a sheen and the enemies lanephase is a hell,personaly i consider gp a mid game champion,with an R that doesn scale of his AD therefore reaching its peak at lvl 16,his barrels get destroyed by the enemy ranged champions that have 2.0 attack speed,and his q doesnt deal that much damage without a crit.for those reasons i personaly consider him a mid game champion for his split push and team fight potential.
The ult you usually use on other lanes to help get them kills and yourself kills/assists, but sure if no opportunity shows itself then the ult can be used for an allin if the fight is locked ( locked meaning none of the parties can get out of the fight ) Yes, your Q becomes very good with sheen, however what can happen in alot of unfavorable matchups is that you can get fucked up before you even get it ( this is pretty rare and only in really hard matchups like pantheon ) but heres the thing. Gp nomatter what you say, is still weak early game. So even if you have sheen and your ult, youre at a disatvantage in a fight and a 2v2 up on toplane against most matchups. The first real powerspike comes with the completed triforce, after that its triforce and ghost blade and lvl 13 and so on.
BlâckLotus (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tet2,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=rrpe6Mjq,comment-id=0004000000000000,timestamp=2016-08-01T21:28:53.302+0000) > > Gp can get his passive rolling while trading very easily while jinx cannot. Gp's gameplay is based alot around being able to kite if necessary, he is mobile even though he does not have a 'dash' i believe top laners that have skills to help them kite are good and healty for the toplane,gnar is a nice way to counter trundle and fiora after all since they are champions that you have to avoid fighting after they ult.but i believe his kit is overloaded honestly im mostly concerned about his R like i said in the thread,he can be a real pain when used by coordinated teams and its not an ability that scales hard most of its damage is base damage.i wouldnt mind losing half my HP from a gp ult from a 6/0 gp but when its the same from a 0/6 gp the case is diferent.
the ult scales with ap, thats why you see it do the same dmg except for higher ranks of the ult ofc. Gp is very strong when it comes to 2 items -> 4-5 items ( he actually has a lower winrate in lategame 6 item games ) the problem i find in this fast paced meta right now is that you dont get time often to get to that point. Gp suffers from a very poor earlygame and most of my 'wins' in the early game has been not because of my skill on gp, but the mistakes of my laneopponent and their jungler. I would be interested to see maybe a tunedown on either his parrley gold ( again ) or tune the ult down abit or even the slow in favor of having better basestats or lower barrel cooldown for the early game. Would give him roughly the same power at his powerspikes although abit less so, but it would be delayed because of the parrley gold nerf in exchange for a better early game so you actually feel like you can do something in all the unfavorable matchups.
: That still doesn't make him mobile. Jinx passive makes her move like a madman but she's still immobile.
Gp can get his passive rolling while trading very easily while jinx cannot. Gp's gameplay is based alot around being able to kite if necessary, he is mobile even though he does not have a 'dash'
: Wait so you say that ziggs is balanced as he is immobile but he is more mobile than gangplank... ziggs has a dash gangplank doesn't.
gp has 20 more base movementspeed than ziggs, and his passive gives him movementspeed ( phage component adds to this aswell ) and orange cures cc effects so I'd say gp's kit and basestats make him more mobile
: I don't understand the reasoning behind only building armor pen and flat ad on Gp. He already has his barrels that ignore armor and if you stack a mix of armor reduction and %-armor pen these items will reduce each others efficiency together with his barrels. THe only reason why AD casters usually dont build crit is because their abilities don't gain the benefit. GP doesn't have that problem. 20% crit is like 20% raw bonus dmg for GP.
The reasoning for alot of ad is because of the Q has benefits from trinity procc, which scales off your ad. Why people go armor pen now or half pen half crit ( pd/statik and ie for 50% crit ) and rest into items like ghostblade and maw is because of the crit that went away on trinity, you can no longer get a high crit chance while keeping a high ad. TL;DR: If you build critplank you lack ad, thats why you go armor pen.
BlâckLotus (EUNE)
: My Thoughts on GP.
the ult is good and all, especially early game. lategame though, its the barrels that really steal the show, not the ult
Νichirin (EUNE)
: Why did i get chat restriction from one game even tho i wasn't toxic?
you dont need to respond to your rumble, you simply mute him instead of being toxic back. restriction is deserved
: Trolls in lobby. solution?
3 lp loss for a Dodge and 10 The second time seems sufficient for me
: Stealth junglers
Junglecamps can be warded by you or your jungler, your jungler also needs to Keep tabs on where The opposing jungler is. If you dont get that help then well, rip
Nogardz (EUW)
: Kled 1k Dmg vs Master Yi
what a clickbait
: Ain't talking about solo bot. I'm talking about duo lane where supports are not necessary. Take such a Wukong with a marksman - wukong can E in Q adc and W out. Take such a Voli with a marksman - you throw him over to your adc and bite him with a huge damage. What would be the point of taking Nami/Sona and this sort of supports against these champions?
nami and sona plus their adc would bully the wukong/voli out of the lane
: Are supports a necessary option?
having a support is the most efficient way of distributing gold on your team. Theres 3 lanes of farm and a jungle but 5 people in your team, so you need something that can operate from low economy and as it happens... adcs need protection more than they need the solo xp
: Listen man, I give my team the perfect top laner... A top laner who NEVER loses lane... Like legit, I have not lost lane once on this account yet. So thats 1/3 lanes doing well I want to know, why is it people think they MUST 1v1 the Yasuo you just gave 3 solo kills to ?? DO YOU THINK THE END RESULT IS GOING TO BE ANY DIFFERENT ?????? and yes, I REFUSE to play 4 man premade dynamic queue. Because I am NOT scum
I dont listen to people who say that 'I never lose lane' you clearly have a poor concept of what league is about in the first place.
Boop chan (EUW)
: How do you deal with feeders/fed enemy?
Play simplistic champions, get better at The overall game and you will see improvement
: Riot is looking to perma ban me by giving me the worst possible teams they can think off.
Your problem highlighted by this thread is that youre very selfabsorbed. Riot isnt sitting behind their monitors laughing as they give you bad teams, youre part of that bad team and The first thing you should look to do is changing your outlook on yourself and The game
: Sick of open mid
Happy that you arent on The KR server. They Open mid alot
elisltu (EUNE)
: permenently banned
Make a new account then, what you want back is all your skins and so on. I believe thats a good payoff for the negative effect youve had on the community
Pankhart (EUW)
: Chat restricted for this?????
You were toxic and broke other things like reportcalling, deserved
Kruami (EUNE)
: Help Choose champion
Im too lazy to check your elo but: jhin because ez and lucian are harder to play optimally, varus is primarily a midlaner and draven is also kind of hard
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