Cupia (EUW)
: Elderwood Zoe
This looks great, I think you're very talented {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
: Skin ideas: Cheshire Rengar & Hazmat Yorick
These are both very good ideas! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} I hope someone more skilled than me will be able to make a sketch for them
Coco Ari (EUW)
: AKALI fanart (getting her tattoo)
Amazing job! {{sticker:sg-lux}}
: there are a bunch of things that go into the rank you get for your champions but the main ones that seem to haevily influance the rank are KDA, farm,_ lenght of the game_ (ppl usually overlook this one), in some cases(mainly supports) vision score(aka warding/useing your trinket and such) and other players of the simmilar mmr to you (aka if you are playing with bronze players it would compare you to the bronze stats not those of challangers on the champions otherwise only challanger players would have rank 7 masteries but that just isn't the case). for example i'm going to be staging a scenario on summeners rift since i'm more fimmiliar to that map if we look at the champions like {{champion:99}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:161}} these champions can be played both as a carry midlaner or a support as such there are 2 sets of players that the system would compare you to (well there is actually one for each role/lane but whatever). the system than probably compares the combination of all the stats you can see on the post game breakdown and compares it to the other players that play that champion however if you play these champions in the mid lane the focus main focus of the grade would be on your KDA, farm, dmg dealt but if you played the support role it would much haevily focus on the vision score and the KDA(placing more focus on the assists and deaths rather than kills) but that doesn't mean that in one role it would exclude the others just that the focus wouldn't be on that particular thing. for example i had a really great game with a very high kda and a rediculus amount of farm however i didnt' really ward that great on the map and didn't use my tricket that much as i didn't see the need that made my vision score much lower so i didn't get an s for that game (i still got and s- but what i'm trying to say is even the things that don't seem important on a champion can knock you down a grade)
Thank you very much for this useful explanation <3
Èclair (EUNE)
: It's TT, so the rating is probably heavily influenced by your farm.
Do you mean minion kills and that stuff?
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: League of Legends ALL LORE Book (PDF)
This is incredibly organized and useful! You have my eternal gratitude {{sticker:sg-lux}}
: Please give us back the option to honor enemies
I absolutely agree, and I think that this option may help the community to be less toxic and salty, since honor is a form of respect, and players who respect their enemies and recognize that they've been outplayed are very rare


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