Spearki (EUW)
: https://imgur.com/3xhYFOB https://imgur.com/5fqqm53 So here is where we at and i don't think we gonna get any further in this case and its up to ppl them self to interpreted(dunno how to spell this word) these things but here is how i see it with my experience with how the system works over the last 4-5years. Now i agree with riot the old logs they linked was indeed toxic here is my problem tho. I have never ever seen the system issue a ban so slow the old logs are like 30gaames old which is a lot on a lvl 20acc and the system did not ban for these riot says it's because the system was slow in issuing a ban despite being reported after these games. now you can believe riot that the k word had nothing to do with the ban but in my experience the bot that bans ppl are normally very fast to ban players and less then 10secs after the game i wrote the k word i was instantly banned. too me this just tells me that the system did not warrant a ban prior to the k word as the delays riot talk about to this extend i have never seen and the quickness of the system to ban me after the game with the k word further proves that. So if i never wrote the K word probably wouldn't have been banned but since i had older logs that had a few toxic games they decided the ban is justified regardless of the system triggering from the k word is how i read what they say with the knowledge of my experience into the system. ppl can disagree with me and agree with riot or the opposite this is probably the end of the case and ppl can take what they said and make a conclusion them self. tldr: at the time of the ban i thought it was purely a ban for the k word by the system as it happened 5sec after that game.but none will know if that's true or not only riot do but with how this whole situation payed out i still think k word triggered the ban like the first support guy said , but the ban is justified due to older logs that the system didn't act on initially to be toxic enough in riots eyes. (remember to click white square for pic)
can we have the rest of the chat logs ?
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: Your jungler gets autofilled and you are given a choice. What do you do?
I'd like to point out your poll : question : what do you do ? answers : - Yes - yeah - no - Frick off ya count
D00mRage (EUNE)
: it's a remake, no LP lose for anyone.. as for who's fault, it's no ones fault, my fault is that I still live in this excuse for a country.
it's still a time loss. imagine having to loose 24 minutes in between everygame due to leavers becauzse someone didn't like the matchup ? sorry , no one will replace these 13 minutes of my life.
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CJXander (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=BloopyLad,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Ln6ExnBE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-09-21T10:55:38.850+0000) > > Things is... how would you be able to detect it? > From the report side of Riot, an afk is simple to detect (although you get those ones that sometimes keep moving but don't actually leave fountain) > But how would you measure someone who doesn't help the team? > And what level of this would be valid enough for a penalty? > I understand it's a horrible thing for a player to do because it destroys the game from a passive point of view and I understand your point > But... it might be a bit difficult, unless you have hundreds of people watching the replays, to actually detect this. Don't know really xD How can it be detected? Well the game is already offering enough statistics and numbers to make it possible. One with such behaviour can be detected through : Damage dealt to enemy objectives (Towers, Inhibitors, Nexus) Damage dealt to enemy champions Assist count Map presence From all these statistics, a bar can be set and if you go lower than it, punishment should be applied. But, there should be different approaches for each tier since not every jungler plays the same, and while you should be allowed to be just bad on low elo, it should be unforgivable on high elo. But once again, this is a gray area where nothing but a human can actually judge and give a verdict. I think there will be too many false positives through the automatic system.
even simpler than that , the game know you position at every point of the game, so it can see if you spend more time away from your position, not only with chat. if you never join fight , it is gonna see it. someone that spend more than 90% of his game alone(with no allies withing 2500 units) is what i consider completely isolated. if the person is never near a turret and just killing monsters in the jungle without even coming to help , how do you call that ? even unfed vayne at one point come back to help
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: You sound super fun.
sorry for respecting my allies , and know that me having a little less fun is better than everyone having not fun at all. that's called respect sir,
: Opinion on drunk league players?
People drunk IG deliberately play with a disadvantage. also , there is no point in being drunk , apart from destroying your liver why would you need to be drunk anyway ?
: Why is North - America favored in a global event
It's because NA went wild few days ago (DAK+PAX) , and they overall prefer to calm down people's zeal. we should be less civilized sometimes , it doesn't always payoff :( maybe if we also insult riot , we might get something ? or should we ask nicely ? only a rioter can tell....
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QancerClown (EUNE)
: wtf, do they even test that shit?
they just tried to make sure PBE was useful lmao
: How exactly are they "hiding posts about PAX"? Like, what do u even mean by that?
Hey The Anivia OTP, We've recently removed your post for violating the Boards Universal Rules, particularly regarding inappropriate discussions. While we are currently allowing some discussions regarding sexism, Riot and professionalism, we do request that these topics be directly related to Riot in their discussion. Overarching discussions about gender, sexuality and equality still do not belong on Boards outside of those related topics. As per the Boards Universal Rules, we do not tolerate posts that discuss: Religion Sex Politics Any social issues, though some exceptions may be appropriate While we understand that players may be passionate about certain topics, the topics listed are problematic on the Boards because they generally end up derailing, leading to arguments and insults. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shall i remind you riot that YOU brought that subject to your game and still haven't done ANYTHING to get out of that ? YOU ARE A VIDEOGAME STUDIO, NOT POLITICIANS, YOU MAY ENCOURAGE but NOT ACT. that's why people complain, and now you do as every politician, you keep it low and wait until it fades. now am i talking enough about riot games ? i'm keeping an example of this page that you never remove that post without anyone being able to see it. We want an apology , we want riot to understand that combating sexism is NOT THEIR ROLE. you can encourage such thing , but as you have NO IDEA what you are getting into , you'd better stay out of those things you want to combat sexism ? rework that damn mordekaiser into a girl. you want to be a good company ? rework mordekaiser you want to communicate more with player ? tell us about mordekaiser's rework you maybe want to apology ? Rework mordekaiser and put a "sorry" sign on his armor If you want to be politicized, you'd better act passively. now, you just pissed off your community (except a minority that doesn't even represent the major part of the women) one of your employee has gone MAD and because he has "good reasons" it is acceptable ? i guess Hitler wanted to save nature so all he did was right. NO it wasn't , you recognize it, each action should be taken individually , out of any context. then when you put the context , you may make it lighter for us. Not only was REJECTING us instead of asking us to leave place the WRONG thing to do, Insulting us on top of all is not even better. but i know , not every rioters agree with that. so in the better case, there should be a dispute within riot , if everyone opinions matters, and if such thing happened, you should maybe think that allowing that in the first place was the WRONG thing to do. if there are no dispute ongoing, it's either because management makes it impossible for rioters to express their opinions OR because everyone has the same opinions (meaning you are all thinking "in the box" you told us does not exist on your recruitment website) WE ALL AGREE ON THE FACT THAT WOMEN HAVE TOUGH LIFE in general, and what you wanted to do , is good, its the execution that is wrong, and when you mess up , even us , "man-babies you call" know that you should clean up. so why do you, the "more intelligent" should not follow the same rule ? you went OUT of your field , stepped on a mine , hurt us as a community , we expect apology.
RogueDek (EUW)
: "Minorities are a class that need to be patronized in order for them to compete meaningfully to Men.
Minorities can't be racist, that's why no white people are getting killed for being white in south Africa
: Seriously what is wrong with this game technically
non female and binary folks at riot cannot work on the client before 2:30pm
Eambo (EUW)
: Any Monster Hunter World players out there?
Monster hunter, the game that made me slow on league to play the game. my fav weapon is greatsword, because fiding the right timing to attack is great , but seeing a little 600 damages on 3rd charged attack feels even better. in monster hunter it's all about setup , you wanna slay a monster ? spare some times learning to dodge, then look at his weaknesses , if you doin't have any weapon to deal with him , spare some time to also get some gear up. you should prioritize electric damage and icy weapons, since not many monster resist both damages. on the same way , use the time you have exploring regions to gather so herbs and medicine , these will be useful in your adventure. then when you're all set up, come back toi fight the monster , avoid his attack , use the environemental traps to deal extra damages , some monster require specific weapon to be countered, more specifically legiana, if you are a melee player , use a pert of your time farming tobi kadachi , get the electric insectglaive, and it will be far easier to kill legianas, use legiana weapon to kill tobi kadachi. those are the only mob you need to really farm. a poison pukey pukey weapon is cool to have tho. after such a setup , no beast can resist a person always carrying 2 flash bomb, 5 poop bomb (trust me , when you'll see bazel-sama, you'll thank me for that advice)2 of each bomb barrel, 2 different trap , 8 tranquilizer, 10 of each potion, 10 herb + 10 honey with autocraft activated. 10 antidote, 3 lifepowder and demon potions. you'll be able to face any monster. ow btw, always try to jump attack to get on their back , it is very efficient against brutal wyvern such as anjanath, radobaan, uragaan, barroth and others.
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T City (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Camille OTP,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=aQOz2W37,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-05-02T11:53:38.281+0000) > > You're ba d, can't play the game , silver 5 and less are all banned, remove 60% of player base. Do you even speak English?
Thoses statements are not supposed to be read as a whole , but as individual decisions , following a certain logic: 1- you are bad 2- SO you can't play the game 3- for which silver 5 and lower rank players shall be banned 4- this would lead to riot just stopping 60% of their players from playing ranked. is this English enough for you sir ?
T City (EUW)
: This game was made to tilt and anger players. And the worst thing about it is that there are too many punishments for flame but none for being bad and ignorant.
You're bad, can't play the game , silver 5 and lower are all banned; result : remove 60% of player base.
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: All 180+ Mordekaiser bugs ranked by importance and sorted into 17 categories
: > [{quoted}](name=DrKaique,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ZAI0pd7l,comment-id=00050001,timestamp=2018-02-22T17:47:04.465+0000) > > Nothing to say besides "Bronze 3" player ... legit handless , cmonBruh Never expected anything different. Rarely your kind got something else to do or say than check rank. Still, you are the one calling a champ "useless" because of one nerf. It's just like your skill with the champ amount to completely nothing...and you call yourself an OTP! More like "OTP until nerfs happens". {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
You are just bronze 3 , someone did get silver 2 playing with straws... i can completely understand why lee is now useless, no more ward dash to go fast in jungle early, this destroy the champ

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