: In solo Q he isnt a champion. He is too weak as an Mid laner. Too weak for Top lane Too weak as Jungler . Definitily not an Adc . He gets played as support but he is too weak for that aswell. IDK where that champ belongs. i think he just needs to be a tank top laner. Add more base damage less mana cost and lower cooldowns.
Maybe they should buff his damage and lower the cc, you ult 3 times per game tops due to his high cooldown, its a shame
: > [{quoted}](name=The BloodStalker,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=O4mXkJdb,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-06-02T18:00:25.706+0000) > > His Statistics say it all, they show him only as a support, and with a 45% win rate...Riot is this intended? He was the number 1 support in proplay that's why he got changed in 9.11 to shift him to soloq midlane and out of proplay.
Rioter Comments
LordR4in (EUW)
: Game lags as if having packet loss
This, exactly this, happened in 2 games already, no one believes me because the ping is normal, what is going on???
Voidner (EUNE)
: tbh, i think urgot's ult animation will just keep going until trynda's ult ends
: Ask riot!
I am :) there is always a chance someone from riot sees this post
Rioter Comments
RogueDek (EUW)
: EUW doesn't have an option for Brazillian Portuguese
There isn't a brasilian language, it's called Portuguese either in brasil or Portugal! Shame our language was taken from us don't add insult to injury by helping those calling it something else.
Klordix (EUNE)
: Never sadly :( R I P me yorick main ;( edit: got all the skins already :(
Same, and they aren't even that good, pentakill skin chin looks odd... I expect a awesome skin when they finally decide to make it...in a year or so, trynda will get yet another skin first.
Recktoz (EUW)
: Do you guys remember Viktor?
While he should have a new skin he has the Creator Viktor skin that is pretty much awesome, unlike Yorick who doesn't have any good one...But you have a point of course, no champ should be ignored for so long.
: I completely support this. It should not be a 50-50% gamble to step inside a redemption circle.
I have the Red-Green colorblindness, and trust me, right now as it is, it's a gamble every time someone uses the damn item in my games {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Colourblind mode & Redemption
Glad someone else had this issue too!! Pls riot look into this!
Tarolock (EUW)
: galio was a wrong example then, reworking a champ and giving it a new skin is different lets say i wouldnt buy iphone because i dont really like it, but that wouldnt change if they would sell it in red, its the same crap (imo) but in different skin im pretty sure there are other ppl like you who would play a champ if it gets a new skin, but that gets outweighed by the ppl who are already playing a champ and would like to buy skins for it, because i think there are much more ppl buying skins for their mains than ppl who start to main a champ after getting a cool skin on it and this doesnt mean that certain champs shouldnt get skins, but as a business standpoint it just doesnt worth it right now
> [{quoted}](name=Tarolock,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=G5XYpk4E,comment-id=00010000000000000000,timestamp=2017-04-05T21:35:21.166+0000) > and this doesnt mean that certain champs shouldnt get skins, but as a business standpoint it just doesnt worth it right now *worth it* I don't like this concept, if they have to big of a champion pool, then stop making new champs, ignoring the current ones you have is declaring you made a mistake. I get what you are trying to say tho....Let us say i got a brand new phone, right after the same company sells a new phone, and fabricates gadgets only to that second phone, wouldn't the people who bought the first phone, who invested in the company so they could make that second phone feel cheated? I understand this actually happens in business, i just don't feel it should happen at this degree in this game.
Infernape (EUW)
: I read somewhere that she was meant to get a Dunkmaster skin. But who knows? Ahri and Ez would probably get another skin set before we see that or a Yorick skin lmao
Ez will get the star Guardian one, seems confirmed pretty much...weird but i can see it happening.
: The karma skin is linked to esports, and you can't deny she is played a lot. For the rest, yeah i think as well that some champions should get a little more love from riot in terms of skins. But keep in mind they are still a company who wants to make money and making skins for more played champions is probably better for them.
I have nothing against this champions getting skins....Rather to point out some champions are being ignored
Tarolock (EUW)
: thats not how things works, first of all they dont make skins then the champs go popular, they are making skins for champs that are already popular and a skin wont make a champ popular no matter how pretty it is, for example i dont play galio, and that wouldnt change even if they did a better skin for him than elementalist lux, a red galio is not making me more likely to play it >i spent a large sum of money on this game, so i helped pay said employees, i deserve a opinion even if no one is going to listen to it. who said they are not listening? they did listen to you but they wont make a cool skin for 1 guy making x$ from that sale when a million other guys ask for a karma skin (just an example) which would mean a million times x$
See that is a very one sided vision, much like mine i won't lie. You say a skin will not make a champions popular, i never played galio before, after they reworked him, it is all i play right now...Is he stronger then before? People have different opinions about it, but personally once i find a champions design appealing i am willing to put up the time to get better at it. So yes a pretty skin, to me, could make me want to play that champion, and as i am sure you are not alone in your opinion, i am not either...
Tarolock (EUW)
: the game is completely free, you can get every single thing in the game for free through hextech crafting (there are a few exceptions) and they still have employees to pay, they still have servers to run etc, they have to make money, but they wont get that much money from a champ that less than 1% of the playerbase plays, and from that less than 1% only like 10% would buy skins, and the resources to make a skin wouldnt worth it
Like i said, you design crap, even if only one person pays for it, it deserves the same attention as your top seller! It's about standing by your product... Its free, granted, but is it really? i spent a large sum of money on this game, so i helped pay said employees, i deserve a opinion even if no one is going to listen to it. In case of yorick, if only a few would buy it, then make it a legendary skin, i bet then it would be worth it financially...Also a cool skin can make a champion popular, ignoring said champ will only make him less and less played
Rioter Comments
: Skin
Yorick? He is a champ too right?
: > some champions such as viktor, swain and rengar {{champion:83}} ?!?
No one ever remembers this guy seriously
Rioter Comments
: finding a new top laner
: They aren't ignoring him... the issue with yorick is that skins for him take time, he has 3/4 different models so any yorick skin is gonna take a hell of a lot longer than a normal skin to make... hence why it's been so long since his skin embargo lifted with no sign of a skin.
Then how about zyra? her skin must have taken much more resorces, and she really needed it more then him?
: Here's my mandatory "Yorick skin when?"-comment. So without delay: {{champion:83}} ?
Every month another disappointment... Seriously, i don't even know what else to say.
: This is true... and that 10% chance better involve a void event cause we really need one of those.
: I think Riot ignores him on purpose cuz let's be real, almost no one played him before re-work and after re-work still no one plays him. If they make a skin for him they make less money than for popular champions. Riot is a business after all.
His play rate is slowly rising, as it is his win rate! he is a great champ for solo Q
: https://gyazo.com/7ea0c9a3ada5d3b923b453e60afba2e2.png
It is not even funny man, they are really ignoring him....AGAIN
ElsanB (EUW)
: Festival Queen Anivia Skin Spotlight - Pre-Release - League of Legends
Baib12 (EUW)
: i guess kassadin need a new skin
{{champion:83}} Do not forget Yorick
Tjenias (EUW)
: Zyra needs a new skin! :)
{{champion:83}} says hi
CryoBeat (EUW)
: This is How I Play Yorick
Yorick is the king man!
: What happoned to the early weak nasus??
Yorick is a better Nasus on my opinion
: Blood Moon Yorick seems very cool to me. I hope they design it.
They will forget Yorick again...seriously uncool
DilMin (EUW)
: A blood moon is rising !!! HYPE!!! TF , JHIN , DIANA , TALON ?
Meanwhile {{item:3070}} {{champion:83}} ...seems fair
: PBE Preview: A blood moon is rising /// Bloodmoon TF, Talon, Jhin and possibly Diana(?)
Meanwhile {{item:3070}} {{champion:83}} ...seems fair
: "Blood in the heavens. Blood on the earth." // Riot creating a new League of Legends Seasonal event?
So jhinn is Haevens and Yorick Earth? Anyone can confirm this yet? When will we know more?
: forget yorick,realease MF skin plz!!!
Again? she just got that amazing beach skin!
Infernape (EUW)
: Apparently he's getting a blood moon skin but obviously it's unconfirmed.
Nothing in the teaser indicates that, sadly i think it will be be for Jhin only...*sighs*
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Void Herald,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Kizesak4,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-01-13T00:33:12.407+0000) > > Azir has plenty of things to work on as well, and he has already 4 skins! I don't think it's the amount of work that is delaying it. It's still a factor. Creative concept, champion popularity and how much work it takes to get done, are all things that influence how much time it takes to make a new skin. Azir was released in September of 2014. 2 years have passed and he received 1 skin since then, Gravelord Azir. SKT Azir doesn't count and Warring Kingodm Azir is not released yet. If you take that last one into consideration, he has 2 additional skins in total (the release skin doesn't count either). Yorick was purposely left in the dark until the rework. His rework was in September of 2016. 1 year has passed since then and he hasn't received any new skin, BUT he does have 1 additional skin: Pentakill Yorick. It's just a matter of time. Yorick is still "new", so it takes time to make a good new skin for him.
As you said there are other factors to take into account, for example yorick fans who stuck around this champions despite him being benched for so long, deserve to have their loyalty rewarded. But yorick is just a example, one i find troublesome, but there is zac too, amoung others
Febos (EUW)
: Do you think that making skins only takes 1 week? That's at least a month's worth of work and I'm probably undercutting it. Yorick is a special case because he has more stuff to animate than usual: himself, his minions and the Maiden. All that takes time and they won't just make a "meh" skin. Yorick has been ignored in the past, before the rework, but he'll finally receive new skins and that shouldn't take long (5 months right now).
Azir has plenty of things to work on as well, and he has already 4 skins! I don't think it's the amount of work that is delaying it.
: And it's also ideas. Coming up with a worthwhile skin that fits the champion is not as easy as people think.
Void Yorick Molten Lava Zac Give me a champion and i give you a idea, one who would sell!
Rioter Comments
: Meanwhile {{champion:83}} last skin was penta kill back in 2011 {{champion:6}} last skin was Battlecast in 2012 #feelsbadman
: Good Early All In Champions?
Darius, is lvl 1 is scary, people never expect that damage from him, until they are dead
fkingdon (EUW)
: New skins for reworks
Yorick, no skin since...who knows
Katoe (EUW)
Zac is not a easy one to make skins to, they said it themselves, expect one with a suit tho....in a few years
: Portugal europe game in portuguese as brasil
Because they don't understand a lick of english, and would just spam chat with rsrsrsrs Let them have their translations i prefer league in english myself...
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