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Vís (EUW)
: Q vlad, E vlad, W partially vlad, R useless or op(you ult a tank and you win, you ult adc and you die) Meh.
E isn't like vlad at all, more like a karthus e, but i dont know why people keep comparing abilities with similiar abilities. Like 'riven e same as graves e, yasuo e etc...' yeah ofcourse some abilities are gonna be similiar in some way. And if you ult a tank, you also deal less damage to the tank himself, so its still not as bad. And still better than having a cho'gath press r and deal more than 1100 true damage (mind you, they can still use their ults when they get ulted by Zerka)
: > [{quoted}](name=The Boy Who Carr,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=L5Kcynb4,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-01-06T16:58:57.310+0000) > > Not like Fiddle W but more Vlad's Q yeah. And his ultimate is definitely 'counterable', you can zhonya's (2 seconds out of the 3), so lets say Zerka vs Kassadin or something, Kassa can then Q - R into stopwatch/zhonya's, which leaves Zerka powerless. I also feel like Cho'gath R isn't counterable either, Darius R, Garen R, Veigar R,.. You are not getting Xem point, that was very fair. A tank doesn't get Zhonya, a tank can't out damage a DPS, a tank would 100% die every time. In general, is a super broken ult, with a very unhealty concept: either Zerka sucks all game and can't really challenge anyone or he can just spam his ult on supports, tanks etc and pretty much grant a free kill for his team at the start of every fight.
Yeah, thats true.. maybe a tweak or something... Cause i really like the idea of this ult tbh
Xêm (EUW)
: The Q is literally Fiddle W, I like the W and E but the R is impossible to counter. It's a free kill on a tank/support without the enemy being able to counterplay it at all.
Not like Fiddle W but more Vlad's Q yeah. And his ultimate is definitely 'counterable', you can zhonya's (2 seconds out of the 3), so lets say Zerka vs Kassadin or something, Kassa can then Q - R into stopwatch/zhonya's, which leaves Zerka powerless. I also feel like Cho'gath R isn't counterable either, Darius R, Garen R, Veigar R,..
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: I was actually on a break from league when Kayn was released but he nails the idea I had in my head I always thought it would be cool to see a sort of dual class champion with a struggle between light and darkness Kayn is a similar idea just replacing light with Kayn dominating the darkin and darkness with the darkin taking over.
An idea that you've actually posted on here?
: It seems nice, but I don't exactly see the purpose of giving her a recast of her q in her mirror theme. Another suggestion would be making the spear stick in the ground for, like, 2 seconds, during wich she can recast q to make it shatter in a cone direction centered on the q, slowing and damaging slightly less. I'm assuming this is aimed at being a mid/top apc or ad/offtank due to her kit.
The purpose was to give her 'a second chance' at predicting the opponent
: I just like the weapon changing idea mostly even if it came in a completely different form I would be hyped for it people are too quick to judge honestly they take a look at what it is notice how unfair and honestly some people probably hate it from reading the passive. Hopefully riot sees this and they can have the weapon change idea experimented with.
Hopefully yeah, that would be awesome
: It's still generally not a good idea to recycle an ultimate that was reworked, partially because it was already unhealthy at the time, because it was hard to fix with just numbers as it was the whole design that was just pretty unhealthy. RNG also isn't that healthy, so those two things combined aren't a good idea in my opinion.
But 'RNG isnt healthy', you have crit chance, you have those drakes, you have fiora passive,..
: While I wouldn't mind seeing another samurai themed champion come into league if it was one with a bulkier build inbuilt RNG never goes down well consider that 250 true damage is a ton at 10 minutes if that hit even once you could legit beat people who are ahead of you in the game which is not fun to play against. Take Tryndamere as an example while hes not terribly strong its not uncommon for his passive to cause frustration when hes played last time I faced one I went for my all in nearly killed him then got crit 2 times after he used his heal from fury meaning he must of had less than 5% crit chance and this killed me its unlikely but possible and just for that its frustrating as hell. I do also like the idea of a champion that actually changes his weapon based on conditions as the game goes on maybe a mechanic like Gangplanks silver serpents or a timed unlock for the purchase so long as its clear that his weapon has changed.
Yeah, i definitely understand that, but i also feel like that 'adds' to his 'value' you know? When you face a tryndamere, you always think to yourself '%%%% i need to shut him down before he snowballs out of control' and you try to avoid 1v1's when is getting fed because its scary to play against him, just like a jax, a yi, or even with cho gath, you dont want to 1v1 cause you're scared that he will press r and instakill you etc... I kinda want to create something similiar to it
: 1: make it a charge based spell like teemo shrooms 2: if hits multiple targets and you cast it it would hit the closer character 3: it would add a certain level of skill to using it instead of being a brain dead dash 4: cant cleanse it ( its a vision ability with a blink effect what you suggest is like cleansing blue plant vision )
But you can cleanse the actual trap 'mark' that allows you to blink to it
: His ult being old fiora ult with a 10% chane of also applying a cho'gath ult just seems very unhealthy
Yeah but again, the numbers shouldn't be taken too seriously, i just used them as a reference since i dont know the base damage of the abilities in general
: how about something a bit more different like a temporary trap / mark that you leave on the map and if an enemy champion walks on you you gain true sight of them and can recast the ability to jump to them if they are in range
hmm i dont know, it doesn't sound too bad, but sounds boring though and not really useful, cause there are alot of requirements for that ability to work (placement, timing, making sure you stay around that area, what if they cleanse it etc...) that ability suddenly becomes useless, or maybe you get vision of that champ, so you blink towards him and gain vision of everything and notice you're in the middle of a 4v1 :p
: i believe bringing old fiora ult isnt good for the game so definately not xD also champs with E being a dash spell is so over used tbh {{champion:28}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:5}}
Yeah i guess so, but what else should you implement? A blink? :p
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: 1: the rng true damage isnt a great idea for the game ( in dota yes but not league ) 2: more broken yasuo ??? 3: what i would do for his passive is make it so his auto attacks have a fixed attack speed of 1.00 and not be able to crit but make it so they deal true damage for the first few second of engaging a target say his first sword would be 3 second of true damage second sword would allow 5 seconds and final sword 8 seconds 4: change the E because come on its yasuo E but with more targets to damage 5: would make his Q an auto attack reset that gives him a little bit of extra range and just a knock up ( no aoe ) 6: his W seems nice but i would make something more creative because it seems a bit to generic and also has a bit to much ( ranged slow with damage and bleed effect ) an idea would be to make something along the lines of a skill shot that would mark a target for you to blink to and deal a little bit of extra damage if it happens to be a champion ( and make terrain a possible target for escapes / jukes ) 7: change the ult ( true damage master yi Alpha strike isnt a great idea xD ) personally i would go for an ult that wouldnt give him more damage but survivability in fights maybe something like Jax E that would make him immune/resistant to auto attacks for 10/15/20 seconds a bit like a ninja samurai hybrid dodging attacks and dealing damage personal opinion dont flame plz xD im only trying to help :)
I see where you're getting at here, thing is, his E isn't exactly like yasuo's E, i was more thinking of a dash as far as Yasuo's E, but obviously with a longer cooldown, almost like a graves E and slightly longer than rivens E, for his ultimate i was thinking more about the old Fiora ultimate, but like i said in other comments, those numbers were just randomly filled in by me since i dont have an idea about the actual base damages in game etc.. it was just as a reference
: Passive - picture this, this champ goes on you at level 1 and hits you for 250 damage as you have 400 hp + his base damage and ignite... awful right? Nerf its damage and increase the chance to let's say 20% which increases each time you level up ult with let's say 5% so 35% at max. Q - remove the knock up, W - with a bit longer cd and not xerath's Q range it'd be okay, E - Don't make another Yasuo's E please, think of something else, R - no comment, rework it to more balanced version.
Yeah, i did mention in a comment below that i just had no idea about the damage outputs, but that they could be tweaked. And i was more thinking about a graves' E combined with the slash
: OK, straight of the bat, no. Passive: RNG that gives you an unstoppable nuke on a basic attack if you're lucky is terrible design and will likely be really unfun for anyone involved. Q: That's pretty basic, but nothing really problematic. W: Will need to see the damages on that but nothing terrible. E: Eh, standard dash... R: OK, sod off. You take the worst part of a pretty bog standard kit and make it worse. 1000 true damage on a basic? Are you mad? And yeah, Yojimbo is cool and all, but even in FFX he was broken as hell. Porting that to LoL is just asking for trouble.
The damage from his ult is still RNG and lets say it increases his chance by another 5%, then how is a 10% chance for a true damage proc more op than a point and click (Darius, Garen, Cho'Gath) version of it? His ult are basicly a flurry of just basic attacks (old Fiora) with a 10% chance of him dealing that true damage. And as far as just the damage in general, i just put in some numbers there, which i thought were fair, but it could be tweaked obviously, it was just as a reference.
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: 1) would overlap too much with basic (purple colors) 2)seems kinda interesting but meh ultimately 3)cant because china (see current karthus looks for why) 4)if you want fancy lucian there is hearthseeker 5)fire might work but same reasons as anivia
Not sure what you mean with overlapping basic colors? There isn't a lot of purple in the planets either, the only purple looking planet is neptune, so could you explain that a bit further pls?
LazySlav (EUNE)
: Any. Kayn. Skin. But seriously, basic kayn looks 100 times better than his skin which is not even cheap
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: I expacted you put some bloopers in it too. but yeah good play
I might do that in a future video, didn't know people would like that, thank you for the feedback!
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Pyrosen (EUW)
: I'd remove the text but otherwise looks awesome, though the dude's face on the left isn't really showing any emotion which throws off the scene a bit lol
Haha thanks :p yeah i thought the text would add a bit of meaning to it, so people can make the connection that its like a battle between two princes :D But thank you for the feedback, i appreciate it!
iSneez (EUNE)
: You are welcome, have fun photoshopping :D Next step, learn 3D, maybe learn to draw, combining photoshop and 3D you can make very nice images. I use 3D studio max, you can try it or use the free 3D program Blender, even if it's free Blender is very powerful 3D software and bring almost everything that others expensive software do, for an individual needs and you can craft great 3D. For advanced technique, you need to know photoshop, abit of digital drawing/painting and 3D, you can create images like this. You can search for " matte paintings " Just one example but they are so so many, even more spectacular:
That is just absolutely crazy, i dont have a tablet nor the drawing skills or even the photoshop skills to pull that off though, so i guess im going to start off with those previous vids and if this works out, and i get good, hopefully i can get to that level :p
iSneez (EUNE)
: Hey, You need to search on youtube for small parts of your project and learn small things then combine the knowledge to make an full project. Sadly there's so many bad quality tutorials ther that are on fast speed, no voice and bad quality and a beginner has hard item following them. Search for professional looking tutorials, high quality and with voice because with voice they explain what they do, and on normal speed not on fast. Split your project in small parts to search for, as an example of workflow: You need to remove a character from background, to create a weird looking background scene, and mix images together for clothes or background, also change the mood of the overall image. So let's start: 1) Removing the character from background and place it in other image - youtube search "photoshop cut yourself from background" - video: - pretty nice quality and easy to follow - video 2: - this is little advanced and little confusing, but it's great quality and kidna cover everything you need to know to cut objects or characters or other stuffs from images so you can combine them on other images and make complex scene. 2) Mix images together to create different scene - youtube search "photoshop mix images to create scene" - video: - this look very basic and easy to follow and is great for start, also great quality - video2: - this is no voice explication and i am again this kind of tutorials, but because is very nice explained in text on screen, and work slow and easy to follow also use simple methods to not confuse you it's a nice to check it out specially becuase it's kinda exactly what you want. 3) Remove elements from an image to create a background scene but also work to remove clothes and stuff from a character - youtube search "Photoshop objects from a Photo" - video: - good quality, nice explained 4) change the mood of an image - youtube search "photoshop change mood of an image" - video: - nice quality and professional looking - video2: 5) more advanced character manipulation to change yourself in game character - youtube search "photoshop character manipulation" -video: - kinda brutal voice :) but its very nice explained and professional and its nice you can download the project files (he has link in description so you can work exactly on what his working on) Well I hope this give you an idea how you build your project, how to split it in parts and how to search for tutorials for each part, also what type of tutorials and quality to search for. Also keep in mind that each video tutorial that I show you if you go on the channel page on each video you can find many more others interesting tutorials that might help you. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
I've already watched two of them, haven't done the exercise myself just yet (since i have to go in a bit) but i just wanted to thank you so much, i really appreciate the help and work you put in to put this together for me! thanks again and if i manage to make something nice, i will upload it here too :)
iSneez (EUNE)
: Well, you need to think of what you want to make, then search appropriate tutorial for that thing, and working on that project will bring more questions and more to learn. Photoshop is so vast software and are now online for free or with money so much content to learn form that is kinda impossible to link something good or helpful. - You can paint, draw, sketch in photoshop but you need a tablet for it, you want to do that ? you have a tablet ? - You can edit pictures, you can integrate elements from one picture to other mix multiple images like you did above - You can even create layouts for banners, flyers, business cards, logos, websites. - and much much more If you want to stay on fun side since is more easy to learn doing something fun take a look at this guy is named JAMES FRIDMAN and he accept requests from people to alter their image and he turn them in funny situations, it's very funny to look at the images. So you can do something like this with league of legends characters or other games to. James Fridman site: Have fun
Hey, thanks for the reply, just wanted to say that i think the second option applies to me, since i also cant draw or have a tablet. The reason i downloaded photoshop is because of this video of a guy photoshopping himself into malzahar and even did it with Kayn as well: its amazing and i would love to get to that level, i just dont know where to start except for the basics, have looked up the tutorial for it but there wasn't, only a speedrun.
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: I like the thumbnail - i click.... you won a view from me :)
Thanks a lot Warton, i saw your comment on my vid, i appreciate it! :)
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: > [{quoted}](name=The Boy Who Carr,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=z4bKUg9x,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-11T12:20:45.408+0000) > > - in the 'ranked' section, allow us to see the best 'Diana' player from our region, that way we can spectate that person, learn from him etc.. Riot does not rank people via champions that's why you have OP.GG or LoLNexus. LoLWiz (Overwolf mod), LSI and Championify > - give us some tournaments for the players as well, this would be so cool, just to get a LITTLE bit of the feeling the pro players get and let the prize be an exclusive skin or RP etc.. then let people spectate and maybe even live stream it on a seperate riot games account on twitch. There are communities tournaments every week ( ) > - In a ranked match, allow us to check info about who were up against without us having to leave game to go on that is where LoLWiz(Overwold mod) and LSI and Championify come in they alow you same things or more then and you dont need to leave the game > - Riot says that we dont always get notified when players get punished for bad behaviour after we report them, change it. I WANT to know that the person who made me/us lose lp and waste our time get punished for it they do give them out sometimes so meh
yeah they give it 'sometimes', which devalues reporting, it feels like its not even working or worth it. And thats the thing, why should we have to go to Why cant Riot implement it in the game themselves? I didn't know about the events, so thanks ill check it out
LazySlav (EUNE)
: 1. There are tournaments which is 100% legal by Riot 2. There are programs that wont get you banned when using it 3. Nice idea!
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: as in Binary there is a 1 or a 0 what i mean with that is 50/50 XD from the problems u mentioned seems that it should work it should be fine gtg now :D
: > [{quoted}](name=The Boy Who Carr,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=FZtfzWer,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-11-10T20:26:37.217+0000) > > i dont see a tab saying just 'drivers' but (mine is in Dutch) if you meant i should go to my graphics card in device manager, i only see the options 'update', 'turn on', 'turn off', 'search for edited devices' and 'properties', when i go to properties, i see the option to restore to old driver but i cant click it, its just in grey then remove it and reinstall the old driver I suggest you go to Nvidia's site go to drivers for your GPU pick a driver that is a bit old like few months or so and go watch a video about how to do it so you don't mess up (would love to write it all to you but i lack the time to do that :( )
Damn that makes me scared lol, are you sure it will be fixed after or is it just a possibility?
: go to device manager right click the GPU and go to "Drivers" tab and there should be a option to "restore to old driver" option
i dont see a tab saying just 'drivers' but (mine is in Dutch) if you meant i should go to my graphics card in device manager, i only see the options 'update', 'turn on', 'turn off', 'search for edited devices' and 'properties', when i go to properties, i see the option to restore to old driver but i cant click it, its just in grey
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: Ah I see what you mean, I get that issue a lot when I'm jungle because the little Krugs are just so small.
yeah exactly, attack move helps with that, but i just dont know how it all works and how to configure it well
: Not sure what you're doing with "attack only champion" buttons etc If you're talking about kiting whilst attacking It just comes with experience, higher the attack speed the easier it is but once you get used to it you can kind of move at a normal speed whilst throwing attacks behind you if you have enough attack speed
Those buttons are handy for when your accuracy isn't the best, so i dont walk up towards them instead of clicking on them and dying or when they are surrounded by minions, i tend to click on minions instead and lose 1v1's
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Theetis (EUNE)
: What I do is play with unlocked camera but often press spacebar to get it back onto my champion. Maybe this'll help you a bit
Thanks, and yeah i kind of found a middle road, what i try to do now is just unlock cam during laning phase and when i have to teamfight i lock it
EGC Shred (EUNE)
: Actually my sensitivity depends a lot on my mouse, my DPI setting and the resolution im playing in. You should always choose something you are comfortable with, and you feel it matches your abilities. By abilities i mean the general accuracy of your muscles, the way you hold the mouse, etc, etc... Also, another thing that might help, is the camera smoothing in the options. It basically makes it so the movement starts slower when you flick to the edge of the screen, and its generally a much smoother experience. After a while you will know how much your screen moves with certain flicks, and you will do it naturally, but in the period while you are getting used to it, this might help. I'm a low sens kind of guy, my current setting is 800 DPI 50 sens, and im playing in 1080p. Keep up practicing. Breaking a habit is hard, but its worth it :)
Yeah, definitely hard, thanks a lot, i appreciate it :)
: It's not just you mate. Same problem here but I practice on my smurf with unlocked camera. I completely unbind the space to zoom on my character but when I go back to normal acc my brain is just used to holding spacebar almost all the time. Unlocked camera is way better but hey if it makes you performe worse keep the locked one.
Yeah, it significantly lowers my performance, im now looking for a mixed playstyle, like laning phase with unlocked and when a fight happens locked, maybe that will just be a step in the right direction without impacting my games too much
: in my case i cant play with the locked camera. it feels way too fking slow x'D
Its funny to read how both sides seem so unplayable for each other lol
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