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MagickJuice (EUNE)
: Want friends to be social with
Hey! There is a discord i am part of a here there is a lot of us that play and stuff together if you wanna join. It is :)
lnfy (EUW)
: Stuck in a game that does not exist.
Yep, my friends and I are also stuck...
: S2 ADC, havent done much ranked in ages, only did one the other day, skipped two promos from 4 to 2. All but 3 ADCs owned and MR7. MMR is estimated at P4 by friends.
Ah, youre probably too good for me haha, i am traaaash
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: Super lonely %%%%%% looking for frens
What rank are you? im part of a friendly gold and below discord that always has plenty of people willing to play!
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: Looking for someone to play with
hey im kinda new still, i main support. I'll add you after this game.
Ramzez (EUW)
: Cool I see you play support, nice!
Yeah, I main support am up for learning others too haha. Hmu if you see me online and fancy playing
: Looking to begin a team ~ (EUW)
added you, im a support
Ramzez (EUW)
: New Player Looking For Friends :)
added you, LeeshArlen. im pretty new still
Ailyna (EUW)
: Looking for some fun mates to play normals with, 22yo+
Hey, I am super new to the game but trying to find some people to play with if youre interested...
: Hello! I'm a looking for a people!
Im new too, I added you
: New to LoL
I am new too and looking for the same you are, I added you.
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