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: Why would you ever pick TF into fizz lol. Fizz can literally remove your stun by using E, and then you have no damage since he can easily dodge the cards.
I made an example that came into my head for a champ that can bully fizz hard pre 6, of course picking tf against fizz is suicide
CarolWarior (EUNE)
: Love in League
In theory there is the couple with the twisted fate and evelynn skins, but i don't know if it is serious
Inaphyt (EUW)
: ***
The problem with scaling mana regen yellow is that you won't have the armor/hp runes which are really helpful especially early in to the game, imo it isn't worth getting those mana regen yellows. But who knows i am not one to judge if you use scaling mana regen yellow
Samanboss (EUW)
: Who is your favorite champion?
My favourite champion has to be twisted fate, i also really like taliyah, viktor and jhin
l MrD l (EUW)
: How do you play against fizz as an immobile champion
He is probably the worst nightmare for immobile champs, so i personally suggest to permaban him, you'll save yourself a lot of trouble. If you don't want to ban him then you need a champ that can destroy him pre6 (example: twisted fate, he can do some really high damage) And harass him as much as possible while farming and get the catalyst and possibly boots for some tankiness, at this point you'll probably be 6, survive until you can buy roa, then you can survive him for a while, as it gives you quite a bit of tankiness. Then possibly buy another defensive item either zhonya or banshees to not get hit by the shark, and try to impact the other lanes as much as possible while keeping an eye for possible fizz roams. As i started permabanning him i am not too used to playing against him so i'm not too good with these tips but i hope this can help. Good luck and sorry for my bad english :D
Inaphyt (EUW)
: Morello's is useless
Most mages rush it, unless they are in a really bad spot where they need more tankiness from roa, or for example twisted fate that gets lich bane, viktor who gets mana from his item or champs like aurelion and taliyah which now take GLP. It is a strong 100 ap item which solves a part of mana problem for mages and gives really solid stats, as for grevious wounds working only at 40% hp, it would be a bit too strong on an aoe mage to apply grevious wound to the all team. I just consider it a bonus I can see you prefer zhonya or banshees but abyssal mask is pretty poor for ap mages imo because it gives no ap
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: His ult speed was nerfed 2-3 times, his passive item costs 1250 gold(!) at the first upgrade instead of 1000 and i think he got some minor damage nerfs as well. The rylais nerf was the biggest hit though. Even Dopa, a super godo Viktor player, said he's trash and don't play him anymore.
Well hopefully he will get some small buffs in the future at least for compensating rylai nerfs. thanks for making things clear
: because winrates are nonsense.... and try not to use 3rth party sites while gaming its punishable! winrates basically only tell you : 1 how many times a champion gets picked 2 how many TEAM wins/loses champions have 3 how popular champions might be in said *rank* and thats it...... it doesn't tell you : 1 champion difficulty 2 individual win/lose rate 3 whether champions are healthy or not *op or up*
so using 3rd party sites just for checking stuff like win rates is considered punishable?
: Ryze, Azir and Viktor have all been played a lot in competitive and obtained multiple nerfs after that, making them weak for soloq. They are overnerfed, basically. They need to be played to perfection to actually be good, which pretty much noone does in casual play.
i don't remember viktor receiving nerfs apart from the rylai ones, i checked and there are no nerfs,did i really just miss them? but yeah i can see what you are saying
Nutbag (EUW)
: "I'm trying to play different roles, different champions but everything is useless". You pretty much answer your own question. Stick to 1 role and 1-2 champs. Learn it. Master it. Climb. Regarding the whole being positive and encouraging teams.. it's good and keep doing it, but its just not enough alone. It merely increases your chance of winning by a slight bit. Mixing a good mentality and attitude with a high understanding of your role and champion, you have a solid recipe for climbing. And remember that you can't win all games, so don't let a loss bring you down. Most people that climb the ladder for the first time only climb with a 51-52% winrate.
one role with the current system is too low, in this moment you need to play two roles well + support to a carriable degree. so when autofill strikes you are prepared
: but now in order to paly ranked you are saying u need to be good at every lane u can get so every person now needs to mechanicly paly 5 roels good before he can play ranked because autofill can get you any role
he isn't saying that you need to play all the roles well but at least three roles at a decent level should be necessary, (one of them should be support), so you will be able to play well most of the time and the few times you get the other two roles you either find a person to swap (if you ask friendly you will most likely find someone willing to change roles), otherwise you just dodge
Moody Jazz (EUNE)
: When building lethality, do you take Ghostblade or Duskblade first now?
now it really depends only on your playstyle, do you prefer damage and minor ward clearing or movement speed?
Netcom27 (EUNE)
: Choose a champion for me
I suggest trying twisted fate, he has a lot of bad matchups and even when ahead you can't do those crazy 1v5 like vayne, draven, try or yi or even gp, but just with his ulti alone he can impact the game a lot, and he is always relevant no matter what, just because of sheer utility from his gold card (a bit like orianna with her ultimate), he isn't the easiest champion to learn/master, but he is really rewarding and if played right i think you can carry
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Vsec Exile (EUNE)
Twisted fate has a point and click stun that cancels her ulti
: Then don't listen to {{champion:240}} and do not try to fight him when it looks disadvantageous ? Yasuo's strength is dueling people,and he can be utterly useless by simply grouping and focusing him down.It's basically like heimerdinger. Do you know why he is trash? Because people do not fight him in his turrets. Same with yasuo just try and teamfight around objectives where he basically has only 5 dashes on enemy champions and maybe 1 extra on scuttle crab. His ult cooldown is higher in early levels,similar to most mid laners,the difference is in late game,when it is fairly on a low cd since it is his ''go in initiation'' tool. There are many a ways to play around him in laning phase also. Try and auto attack him to proc his shield and control your mana bar,which means don't go crazy on pushing,since his tower last hitting is also good. Try and get your jungler to gank him a couple of times and then you will be able to beat him in MOST matchups(do not pick {{champion:4}} against him). I am assuming you are low elo,so the yasuos won't have the mechanics to outplay a gank and they will just die over and over again. That's the ways you can abuse yasuo with. He is getting a small rework in one of his abilities in the near future as stated by riot though,in order to reduce his current ban rate. For the record, I was as polite as I could be,even though i have more respect for donald trump supporters than yasuo haters
At least in low elo twisted fate isn't that bad against yasuo, as tf always does he can do some really nice damage pre6 and if the yasuo makes a mistake you can even get a kill; and post6 if you have boos and you play relatively safe and roam when you can you should be good to go; that being said tf is without a doubt not a good pick against yasuo.
: Looking for Teammates to have fun!
I'd be pretty happy to play and have fun with someone like you, as you seem pretty friendly; even if i'm not the most active player in the world. Still when i'm online i'd like to have fun so count me in.
Eambo (EUW)
: Hi Stiggy331, Both these issues are caused by the same root - being unable to hit our patcher servers. Can you please do the following: - Press Windows Key + R to open "run" - Type "cmd" and hit enter - Type "nslookup" and hit enter - Copy/Paste/Screenshot the results here Thank you!
Hello. I have the same issue and so I tried what you wrote but i don't understand a single thing about what appeared. would it be okay to post the screenshot here or somewhere else?
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Mabons (EUW)
: Discussion about game modes and Ranked in particular.
In my opinion getting 20 champions to mastery level 4 is a bit too much, who even plays 20 different champs in ranked, but you're right ranked is too accessible and the requirement to get into it is too low. But overall it would a nice change
: You're a bronze 4 ADC so stay away from {{champion:67}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:96}} . Stick to easy but strong champions like {{champion:22}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:21}}{{champion:110}} Play Late game stuff like {{champion:29}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:222}} IF you can trust your team and support.
I wouldn't recommend lucian because of his low range, but you're right some adc are way better to use in low elo than others
: When are those Ahri nerfs coming?
If she killed you with just w+r+thunderlord+ignite then she was either really fed or you were ~50% hp because in a realistic situation that is impossible
BigFatPlum (EUNE)
: Taliyah - PASSIVE Change?
Taliyah's passive is decent, there are better and there are worse; your idea sounds good on paper but it would be too strong, but you're right, taliyah's passive needs to have something to do with surfing
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Mangekyu (EUW)
: As in, the champion (Auto attack burst based) or roam wise?
I'm kind of looking for both, but just roam wise would be good as well
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: Support is kind of trolling, but may work. Same with top. Same with ADC (it's like Ziggs, but worse). Mid AP and Jg AD - legit roles. However, if you are Bronze and your champ execution is great, all five may work. Hands>picks in low elo.
Would it be legit to go jungle in ranked as a secondary role?
: Twisted fate is pretty versatile. The most common places I've seen him are mid (building AP) and ADC (Building AD). However, my friend plays him Top (building AP), and I've seen him played jungle (building AD/AP Hybrid). My friend once tried to support using TF, but it really didn't work. You can pretty much play TF anywhere. Experiment - see what you like.
I'll try it out then, i hope i find something interesting
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: Being a One Trick Pony isn't about whether a champion is strong. It's about YOU finding a champion who fits your playstyle and YOU ENJOY playing.
So tf is perfect for the job
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: Some more work by my sister (Katarina and Zac)
I must say that this work is pretty good, especially for a 11 year old, if she continues like this she will be able to do some pretty awesome drawings, i am no expert about drawing and i am really bad at it so my opinion might not be the best, the only critic i feel like saying is about katarina's blades that aren't blue at all, but that is really a minor detail i noticed. Tell your sister to keep the good work
: What does RFC mean? Thank you.
Rfc is rapid fire cannon
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: Best burst damage/all-in champion. LeBlanc, Lee sin, katarina or other.
I really like viktor's burst, are you against squishies? Just Q,E and auto and they die. Are they still alive? Then throw your ulti on top of them and watch them die
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JhinsBaby (EUNE)
: First S
Congratulations hope you get tons of S ranks in the future
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: 1. shove your lane super hard int othe enemies turret - Roam and try to be back before they shove back, this is a bit hard against hard shoving opponents but stilldoable, spec if you have Tp as well 2. AFTER YOU KILLED YOUR LANER do 1. and then roam 3. Use your minimap, are there people with low hp in top or bot? go there, are there fights about to break out?, make sure you have a numbers advantage 4. did enemy jungle get spotted in top?, Great!, call your jungler and go dragon 5. Talk to your team, do a 4 man bot invasion for a first tower kill 6. THIS ONE IS MY FAVORITE , WARD UP ENEMY BLUE AND GO STEAL IT OR CATCH ENEMY JUNGLER ON LOW HP AND GET A KILL Hope this helps!
Thanks a lot I'm sure these tips will help me improve, I really wanna try this blue buff steal, sound really interesting
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Snowhill (EUW)
: Making the post to let Riot know how shitty their balance is. Coming back when its actually balanced.
Rumkatten (EUW)
: Well if they are forcing us to be able to play 3 roles, then at least 3 champions pr. role. But my point was that it might be better to make more divisions than just the current ranks. Right now you can have 1500 matches and 20 champions at mastery 5 and end up in a game with someone who has 20 matches and no champions at mastery 5. But again it was just a thought and they wont do it anyway.
It is a good idea but I highly doubt it'll see the light of day
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