: When they FNC, do they mean Big Boy Broxah FNC or some of FNC team?
with the way theyre playing. yes its most likely we'll see them in the UK league XD
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: You’ve got Health regen Extra gold on revenge kill Fear that can be triggered 5 times in quick succession 3 different invisibilities, none of which are came untargetability Gold sharing And a % execute. This isn’t even talking about his Q which is frankly an ult level ability That’s way too much... if you compare that to Pyke himself who was built to a power budget Health regen A hook Camo A dash and stun A flat health execute You’ve got a ton more stuff, in fact you’ve basically just taken Pyke’s kit and just added a ton of stuff to it which isn’t a good idea at all. ___ Also I think you’ve got the wrong idea about who Pyke is based on your Q. He doesn’t use nets, in his lore he uses harpoons to immobilise a lethiathan, hence his current Q... after the harpoon he’d jump inside the monster to harvest the important organs while its still alive. You can probably guess what happened to him, his captain got spooked and cut the rope which caused him to be stuck inside a sea monster. Your idea doesn’t suit this... he doesn’t use nets to ensnare, he litterally pulls the sea monster close with a harpoon then jumps in to start stabbing... his play style actually fits his hunting style perfectly.
That explains it well for me. I agree with you when you put it like that. I guess its a coin flip balancing a champ when trying to keep to its lore. I think my version of his e is still a little better. i just dont like the spirit aspect that follows him. I imagine pyke as a solo ghost on the hunt taking his time killing those on his list. the current pyke just feels like a bounty hunter. He needs to feel more scary when you play against him.
: You’ve really overloaded his kit... when riot makes champions they have a power budget, everything takes away from the budget and they can’t go over budget, stops overloading... you haven’t used a power budget and it shows
Raoul (EUW)
: Well good thing you did not make him...
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Rumkatten (EUW)
: Being on the political left, means that you are a socialist or a social-liberal, and support the idea that ressources should be divided between everybody, not hoarded up by a few men, who live in extreme luxery while whole populations work insane hours for very little gain. It also mean that you support free healthcare and free education and that you think society should care for the sick and elderly. "Being leftist" is not: Sitting in postgamescreen calling people nazis. It has nothing to do with "being leftist" it only means that you are angry and cant control youself.
he was saying the guy is like the radical leftist meme. calling you alt right nazi etc. nothing about what it means to lean left. what is politics in 2018 anyway xD
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Maxilox (EUW)
: Riot actually banned me for writing "wow" in chat
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: i think 2 weeks xd
God man let him feel like its a week. Then drop the bomb.
: > [{quoted}](name=Player3Th0mas,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=lE3q5t9k,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-05-07T16:37:05.387+0000) > > AAAAAND that's the 10th time someone suggested this this month! > > What do I win? Nothing. It's a valid point. I've been noticing it alot more recently too, this for me was the worst example.. 2 nights ago. Our kennen is afk looks like he hasn't connected. It's 2:40 It's fine we can remake very soon... nope he reconnects goes top is dc'ed teemo kills him and he doesn't connect the rest of the game lol so something like this guy said would be alot more fairer and useful.
If only we could put in a system to reveiw games with afks and inters so the lp loss is prevented.
Egillion (EUW)
: I don't think anyone wants to see AD supports being a thing. Honestly... That would be gamebreaking and probably terrible. But maybe I am wrong =^)
Riot have always said they want every champion to play anywhere on the map. Rito no discriminato
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Just a heads up Riot is interested in an AD support item: > [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=OJ4vTeaI,comment-id=00480000,timestamp=2018-05-09T17:43:04.313+0000) > > We are interested in AD support items and/or opening up Frostfang to AD users. Issue there's just one of bandwidth, with other stuff having to take priority for now at least. [Source](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/OJ4vTeaI-quick-gameplay-thoughts-may-9?comment=00480000)
Perfect. Just what i wanted to see 👍
: Yo guys i forgot my PBE password what should i do?
Wait a week for pyke to come out on live server XD
: a quick changing of thoughts about Pike
Playing him isnt that too difficult. Theres the simple q e combo landing a guaranteed stun. And the gank setup combo w e (flash if need be) then ult when ready. The scaling isnt too op its pick or ban. Hes got only engage so champs like {{champion:12}} and {{champion:223}} would be a perfect counter. Until it hits live servers and he starts affecting ranks we shouldnt be worrying.
Egillion (EUW)
: I saw it on PBE... Relic shield is super effective on him, So, I guess it's ok, he doesn't need another toy.
Its about setting a standard for other ad champs wanting to go ad support. Playing lee sin for example. He doesnt benifit from relic sheild. Its essentailly the dorans sheild of botlane. We need the dorans blade equivalent.
: I think Relic shield would be a good choice on him :thinking: I don't think he's ranged so he gets the execute and heal, and pretty sure relic shield gets HP that he'll convert into AD
I know. Im saying that his passive is the for the sake of using relic sheild. This stops other ad champs being as effective in lane as they have no offensive option.
: He converts health into ad, so relic shield works just fine on him
I know. Im saying that his passive is the for the sake of using relic sheild. This stops other ad champs being as effective in lane as they have no offensive option.
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: When u order it online vs. When it arrives (save Pyke)
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: Is he Melee or Ranged? Seems ranged but then adding actual range can say a lot. Passive: So you want champ who builds ap, to gain dmg for abilities, and aa. Add scaling, or this can be broken. Q: Not very interesting skill, needs more to it. Also seams as only real dmg ability outside of R. If he will rely only on this one, and it having corresponding dmg, this will be broken as it would be hard to dodge. W: Needs minimal duration or scaling amount of aa needed to destroy it. E : As vision only skill, well it will be frustrating for both sides. For him it poses almost no value in combat, and enemy cant have wards as long as he can get to them. R: So it is Self centered? For ranged champ it would have to be huge. Why not make it that its rather medium sized, does Dot dmg, and enemies can only see you if they are Inside. Enemies outside fog cant see you.
With this concept i wanted to go back to a champ who offensively was only autoing. And to make all the dmg ap would be entirely new to league with exceptions to teemo. With the abilities i tried to reflect on what i had wrote in his lore of him being this ionian runaway dealing with the exhilarating challenge of living in zaun.
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: Play Swain like Bwipo and sOAZ
came here to play {{champion:50}} like caps not bwipo. lmao get him outta here
Gothrak (EUW)
: I just want to thank riot
gotta love that 4 stack passive XD
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: Capitalist A Sol !
*reads out loud* "Capitalist Ass Hole"
: No Aurelion Sol skin yet?
The pole really strives for a dark star skin. Its a shame because i really liked the idea of a jade dragon. Then again i am one of the people who voted for adventurer illoai because the battlecast concept looked awful. At least its a little better and renamed to resistance.
: dark star skins are Fugly
Only j4 and kahzix claws
: Please for the love of god make skins without these themes. Riot needs to be more creative.
Yeah thats a good point. But even riot can have trouble when designing for over 120 champs. The sets are cool aswell. Think of it like the esports skins. A group of them make a fun premade team.
: we don't even get love from riot on valentines day..... but what about aurelion lunar skin ?
Yeah the jade dragon fits the lunar theme quite well i think
: His pick rate is below 0.6%, its unlikely he will get a new skin any time soon.
True but. The skins are like art. Its unnapealing to see the 5th annie/lux/ezreal skin in a row.
: Dark Star J4, but no Dark Star Aurelion Sol. I was pretty damn upset to say the least. J4 makes no sense.
Agreed. J4 needed a skin because reasons. And they give him dark star because reasons.
: Champion BE price change
i see what youre saying. ive been grinding BE for a long time and have just 2 more champs to unlock. it really isnt that bad. plus the likelyhood of those with lots to unlock to get a shard of the champ they want is high. and its at a discount cost. i probably could unlock all champs now but i keep the shards of those im close to lvl 6 or 7 mastery as im **not spending 3K on BE for something i showed the skill to earn!**
: [Champion Concept] Zai'Bhok, The Void's essence
: Don't be insecure, thats a smart idea so adcs stop abusing this, range things shouldn't attack with blades xD, but I'm a bit worried with quinn if that happens, thanks for the heads up!
that moment {{champion:55}} starts throwing blades like: {{champion:55}} //// {{item:3147}} ==== {{item:3153}} \\\\\\\ {{item:3142}}
: You are pretty clearly a SJW, according to the kind of posts you make. It is perfectly fine to record people in public places here in Italy, and it should be fine to record a game. Also, a streaming is not a recording, it is live. According to your theory you should also ban spectator mode, because you don't want others to see you play.
> [{quoted}](name=Dead Delicious,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=3wdYch9W,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2018-02-17T14:24:32.390+0000) > > You are pretty clearly a SJW, according to the kind of posts you make. > It is perfectly fine to record people in public places here in Italy, and it should be fine to record a game. Also, a streaming is not a recording, it is live. According to your theory you should also ban spectator mode, because you don't want others to see you play. lmao i was just thinking this. who cares if they watch you. maybe you pull off an insane play and it gets front page on reddit. bet thatll boost your ego a bit? or they offer advise to help. i doubt it matters really. welcome to the internet where nothing is yours and is everyones... wait... isnt that... communism?.. and i thought sjws loved communism XDDDDDDDDDDDDD
NN Outlaw (EUNE)
: For the people crying about this game !
maybe some people want to be faker. thats fine. but they clearly dont have the mentality of the pros who knew how hard it is to get to the top. i doubt these players actually look at themsevles and go. yikes my cs is awful at 10 minutes i gotta PRACTICE!!!!!!!
elin990 (EUW)
: is this reportable/intentional feeding?
asking for help when ganked can come across as many things. it can me like you thought to engage and kill. or in their mind it was... HELP ME RUN AWAY DADDY IM SO SCARED!!!!!
Quaesar (EUNE)
: the amount of skill in this game decreeses
actually its 100% if you include things like gathering storm and overgrowth.
Lunar Sylas (EUNE)
: I would certainly prefer a warring kingdoms instead of just a jade dragon one but theyre pretty similar so yeah. At long as it looks badass(pretty much the themes you listed) and its not humorous like a pool party/definitely not etc/gentleman one im in and WILL instabuy. TWICE
Gentleman would be pretty funny. "Lord of cosmos manor Aurelion Sol"
Lunar Sylas (EUNE)
: Also I feel like Gatekeeper would just fit him perfectly . ITS THE MOST PERFECT MATCH LIKE WTH RIOT
I see that idea as iffy. Its kinda like death sworn victor. I never caught onto it as its not quite right. If its all flashy and stuff then have me enjoying it being distracted by its beauty
: Imo if they would give Aurelion an Arclight skin it would just show us that they don't give a %%%% about these champs like Yorick, and just want to continue making good skins for champs like Jinx, Lux or Ezreal
: "Totally not Aurelion Sol" skin theme so that they can justify the fact he can be caught by a Caitlyn's trap while he's flying.
But cake is yummy to dragons too
Youpwned (EUW)
: How to fix lethal tempo
A jax passive sounds good then. Was thinking the same. Would say something similar for press the attack being a combined cleave and wits end armor and mr shred that stacks % .
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