Moody Jazz (EUNE)
: What an interesting server
Try euw its even worse. What is up is the fact the client is pure shit and you probably have peer to peer turned on so that helps riot use a shit server to distribute this game basically you seed like a torrent :) But hey that only helps a little there is still the matter of rito is a company that's greedy as fuck and cant develop a decent server. Don't even bother saying there is a lot of people at the same time. Go check how many players are online in most MMORPGS at the same time and most of their "servers" get divided on a single hardware solution via software divisions and guess what only League Of Legends is to this day this bad when it comes to ping and server stability :)
Rismosch (EUW)
: My Opinion about Permabans
EDIT: PPS : How about giving us the option of checking " Yes I curse I use bad words and I will do it ingame" and then matching me with people who curse too :) and removing the report option for all of us who check it :) something similar to "Disclaimer for mature audiences bla bla" on twitch. I do remember seeing "Shit" used a lot by most of you riot members in your posts and in forums/new patches etc so whats with the 2 sided nazzi catholic church school deal >? Yeah i did get a 14 day ban before this on this account :D but i tought there is a month ban o.O naah nvmind all in all The day you %%%lords at riot decided to ban people for stuff they say is the day you made this game frustrating ^^ I remember playing way back when the game started and we could tell each other to suck a dick but we would still play together and try to win cause hey its normal nowadays to curse a lot especially on the internet. fuck PG13 and all of you tards who think they will profit more on the kidos stealing their moms credit card for a skin then on the people who will say Fuck you but have a nice day! and buy a ton. I would understand me causing the team to lose on purpose or lets say using chat to reveal my team making us lose being banable. But saying FUCK SHIT ASS DICK BITCH etc you get my point ... is something even your precious 10 year olds who you are protecting from harmfull language probably do in a much more descriptive manor :) Since most of the people I used to play with gave up on this game some time back and a handful of us still play from time to time for fun I'm not too sure if ill be coming back again to play as much as i used to play...buuuuuut it is fun to make ragers rage make people scream and troll while you outplay them and saying fuck you too :) then watching 10 mins of the dude typing xD I find it amusing not offensive :) you are seriously something else riot. Maybe we are so "toxic" as a community cause you force us to not release our stress from that lone poor bad player with a bad champ select pick and sums pick that's literally losing you the game you want to win , in the form of saying fuck you you retarded piece of shit. And then moving on to try and win ^^ Maybe just maybe :) There you have my 10 cents on this topic. Lucky me I got a second account some time ago and this one was mostly played by my brother for skins and stuff it had a lot of those :) Funny thing is doe I never ever got a restriction on my other acc o.O I guess higher elo people aren't so fucking buthurt as these goldies are ^^ so they don't report spam you for "HE SA SA SA SAID I I I ....SOB SOB SOB ... SHOULD SHOULD FU FUU FUU FUCK MYSELF FOR SUICIDIIING ON MI MI MID :(((( PLI PL IPLIZ RITO SOB SOB MOMMY SAID YOU WILL MAKE THE BAD MAN GO AWAY :((( SOB SOB SOB" xDDD oh and PS : !! Fuck you all in this forum too <3 :) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Those are more of the funny/hilarious side, than anything you should rip your ass open for.
so are summoner names yet I seem to be unable to rename myself to Adolf Hitler Fucks Jews for some odd reason
: So would "BlackPower" or any other colored power make it any less, umm, "inappropriate"?
Black Power would also be considered inappropriate doe they go by the name of panthers or some shit :)
Rismosch (EUW)
: You don't get what 'rare' means, do you?
Rare ? oh you mean 6/10 games is rare ? do you get what it means ? It is as rare as a broken champ/item in league.
Tarolock (EUW)
: im prolly a special snowflake, but from bronze 3 to silver 3 (still climbing but im not playing 2000 matches a day :D) i never met ppl with scripts, boosted ones or the trolls you see everyday on boards, i get the "you suck support cos you ks" and "im yasuo i can 1v5 them when im 0/6" ppl, but not the extreme worst one, so how should i queue or what should i do to get them? i wanna experience the garbage too for the full experience in LoL
My friend angler went from bronze IV to gold III in a month playing only teeto :D my god the 1M mastery on that teemo jungle only player is epic :) and i love him for it :D {{champion:17}} {{summoner:11}} {{summoner:14}}
Rismosch (EUW)
: Of course boosters and scripters get banned. All my friends got banned last year because they got boosted to gold. But it is very very VERY rare to encounter one in low ELO. --- Are you sure that you don't mix up people who just simply snowball and people who boost?
40 wins in a row on a champ that was never played before on that account :> Yes I am sure. PS : It was a sudden urge of skill on that support karthus from a player who mained sejuani renekton and trundle :) only has 40 games on karthus all those were won with 20-30 kills and 1 or 2 deaths with near perfect farming ^_^
once (EUW)
: style points > winning all day
All the way , I have mastery on mouse button 4 , laugh on mouse button 5. I dance with shaco on your corpse after you die. I WILL use that leo ulti to spotlight your body after you die. I will dance in front of you. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Flubby (EUW)
: awww I was looking forward to knowing he was banned{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Keep following him in the client and when you see a long pause in gameplay....voila :)
Flubby (EUW)
: Scripters
Don't bother they seem to like the idea of scripts not existing or something since that support karthus player with perfect evades epic last hits and very very VERY short flash cooldowns was still playing last i checked.
: Hey Pakkis, You try to beat them of course! But yeah there is no real way to report them after a game. You could try making a ticket as accountsharing is definitely against the rules but it's sometimes hard to prove when an account is actually boosted or that the player is actually good and just started ranked so keep that in mind if you do. Other than that such players will often leave your division within a day time so you probably won't see them back in your game. {{summoner:31}}
To me they replyed the player obviously said he is smurfing..... Yeah....I took a screenshot of him playing in a silver 2 account actualy adding from his real account (dia 2) and saying "hey I'm smurf i help get elo for price". Yeah his English was not the best but to say "he said he is smurfing , that's not boosting" is rather funny xD
DaveRod (EUW)
: Sometimes they ping for assistance and then they back. Like am I suppose to 1v1 a fed Darius alone? "#Justjunglerthings"
Sometimes they proxy the wave as a 0/4/0 garen with phage and ping for assistance while my wards show that nasty top and jungle coming for a big of a bukake party there...
Rismosch (EUW)
: Nah, you aren't lucky. There are just not that many boosters out there. People like to call out boosters, even when they aren't one and just play good. Also I also have never encountered a scripter on my climb from Bronze 4 to Gold 5, because scripts make you so 'good', that you can easily compete with Diamonds. I think it's nearly impossible to find scripters in low ELO.
the summoners in question all got banned. But that still means me and a bunch of people lost aprox 30 % of our games to them already so yeah whats the point ? ....
Doomley (EUW)
: plus scripts dont predict flashes or dashes.
ps i did climb a bit here and on the main buuuut ive had a few BOTS games in ranked xDD its like scripts bots boosting teams OR a game where you don't have or have luck :D the chances of wining a lot in a row are very very slim :D
: You can open a ticket to the [support]( to report an offensive club name.
...That's a bit too much effort to report a club clan name such as : Die%%%%%%s , JewHunter14/88 and some of the other names :D
Flubby (EUW)
: Scripters
I just wanna say this : <----- No evade scripts ? Have a playlist.... I actually started seeing these in game......
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Symbyo (EUW)
: Flamers, stand proud!
https : / / www. youtube. com /watch?v=bCBiCra4URA {{summoner:6}}
: Imagine when they got the luck to play vs people with the same experience as they have and... tada. 50:50 winrate. Now is someone in the team who has a clue about the game and et voila, they win by doing nothing.
I checked his history...the dude lost 10 games of 10 in his promo series :D its hard to not lose when you die as fast as you can and have no presence on lets say bot lane where you not only screw yourself but the adc/support as well making 2 of their members stronger :) or 3 if jungle sees it and comes like voulchers gathering around a corpse lol they smell the fresh meat
: Ranked games
just played vs one of those...a cassio mid. He had no armor no MR cause of the lack of runes. I literally stomped the guy since he didn't seem to know what he is doing or where to go...its not fun to play vs them and it certainly is no fun to play with them whats up with matchmaking this morning ? {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} EDIT: checked his history too....cassio into cassio into cassio :) so far double deaths as kills assists are not his best side.. whats up with this o.O seriously every end game screen is the same X player saying : " HOW THE F CAN YOU PLAY WITH NO RUNES AND WHY ARE THERE ALL THESE UNRANKED NEW LVL 30 PPL >!!?!?" its like woah man :D feels like I'm leveling a account xD
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