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: Didn't get LEC SK ward from mission
: Qiyana is useless in base
She's a control assassin. If you fight teamfights in the middle lane, and you stand with your team, you are doing it wrong. First you need to put yourself in a flanking position, sweep for wards and stuff like that, then wait out CC abilities before going in. Qiyana has huge CC as long as your control the fight, and also huge burst if you think before act. Think her like a Anivia W. You don't use the Bird W cause you want damage in, you use it to block of an exist or controlling your enemy before going in.
: Do you check the mastery points in loading screen?
Since I played Ranked a lot. Yes. If they have high level but only mastery 4-5 in their champion. I usually play more agressive. But if I don't see Mastery at all, I usually play rather passive. 1st reason for this is cause they could be elo boosters, and elo boosters punish every mistake one makes and then snowball out of control, 2nd reason is cause newer players usually do stupid dives if one freezes the lane at one's turret. It's a win-win scenerio. So yes, I do check it.
: you know its riot games' philosophy of ''if we nerf something that isnt a popular pick out of the meta , it is a gutting for sure'' , i dont even lik to play against tahm bench but i do understand you , why is it so hard to play with some small numbers and go from there , like okay shields are kind of a problem but why simply add huge anti-shielding features into the game and spread it ?? like wtf man thats actually crazy , tahm is one of those champions but rather than making his q hitbox smaller or nerfing his damage a little etc. they literally introduce features that destroy him ? no one asked for it riot , no one came out and said '' you now what tahm is cancer instead of nerfing him , put him into literal trash can''
But this is a good change doe.. Every champion needs counter play. And Tahm had very little room for that, hence his winrate when crazy both in esport and solo que
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: You've only done some bot-games with Morde. How can you speak up for something you haven't done in a pvp environment lmao
Ye.. Im simply speaking from stats and twitch stream watching. If I were someone who played Mord a lot, people like you would start complaining "You only want him the way he is cause you play him a lot"
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JustClone (EUNE)
: I agree 100% with this ^
Ain't you the guy, who got banned for being toxic while smurfing.. What are you doing here?
: Been playing in plat for a few seasons now, and in all that time I've seen like maybe 10-20 ppl that were legit smurfing from master+. Everyone else either fed their ass off and then claimed "lol I'm just not trying, Idc about this acc it's not my main" (yeah, sure it isn't buddy) or was virtually indistinguishable from an average gold/plat player in terms of skill. I really don't think the whole "smurf" thing is a big issue.
I learned from FNC this week that Master players play worse when smurfing than normal players do. Those players who are really good at the game while smurfing are usually 4 divisions higher than the division you are in, since they are trying to grind up.
RogueDek (EUW)
: i mean, not flaming you, but do you think it would be funny to get teamkilled? in a %%%%ing moba?
Well. As long as it's the toxic players who ain't worth shit for your team anyway. If I can kill them 8 times in row so their gold would only benefit me I would be totally down with it.
Lynxmetal (EUW)
: Everyone has an opinion man, and they all think they're right.nce her I used to catch so much flame because I'd go tanky af on Vi, but it worked extremely well for me, so I just patched them off. If it works for you just ignore them, it's really not worth getting hung up on. I had a 0/7 Darkin Kayn a few games ago start complaining about my build after I suggested he tanked up as opposed to going full damage, which was what he was doing.... Then by the end of the game I had done the most damage out of all players in it, funnily enough he left the end-game lobby extremely quickly. I very rarely comment on anyone's build, I like to think that if it's ranked then they know what they're doing, and if it's normals I'm really not caring since it's normals. The only time I would make suggestions would be if your jungler/top is just dying constantly and playing something that can go tanky (Lee/Gragas/Hecarim etc). But that's normally just met with a storm of abuse since most folk cannot accept that they're playing badly and if they're 0/5 with Lee in the first 15 minutes that they're not going to carry.
Reading this totally reminds me whenever one play Shadow Kayn or Hecarim without Predator. That amount of flame those people get.. My gosh.
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: Patch 9.14 - Bug Thread
"Pyke can execute his allies." As a Pyke main, I love this bug personally. And I want to see it more ^^
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FlameClub (EUNE)
: Why do i feel like every ranked game is a diceroll?
My last ranked game was pretty fun actually. 3/10 players were lvl 30 accounts and most likely smurfs, the 6/10 were extremely elo boosted or NA smurfs cause they played worse than a Handicapped person who lost an arm. And then there was me, who slammed my head in the board thinking how the hell to solo carry as a Blitzcrank support.
: Aatrox drew his last breath today
Yup. Now it's just a monster with a big sword.. No more charastics at all. I'm hoping for an Aatrox revert now.
: Blitz also gets a 4 second snare on himself when he uses w to grab people
No he don't? They never added that from the PBE.
kokakola92 (EUNE)
: Tnx Rito so muchhhh!!!!
Why does this looks like a Copy-pasted post from the American forum? Edit: On serious not.. You kinda already remove shields from the target on the first 2 abilities. But this is a good counter against Morgana I guess.
Ahries (EUW)
: There's plenty of time until the end of the year. I'm sure some support will make it to the prestige list. :D
I sure hope so..
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: Ever heard of kai'sa? Pyke deserves the skins after riot almost killed him in the last few patches.
Destroyed him? Ya know he been growing in winrate every patch... Edit: Ok, he lost 0.30% winrate winrate from last patch.
: He's very popular - hence why he gets skins. Why wouldn't Riot do that? There's no sense in not making skins for popular champs - especially when your entire business model runs on selling them. Nerf his R in ARAM though... PLEASE - tired of this shit.
He's 18th most played champion.. While ye he's popular. Other champions are way more popular. 8th most popular support example.
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: There was a leak not long ago with some project skins, while unlikely to be true as always it named varus, tryndamere, Miss fortune and I think another I can’t remeber. Obviously treat as fake until proven otherwise but something to think about. Besides that it does say monster... perhaps the project universe tried to upgrade something non human... and it’s a single slash mark... personally I’m thinking kha’zix
I think mecha Kha'zix is already too close to a project skin, so I highly doubt it's a void creature who will get it.
ellekene (EUNE)
: Does listening to music help you focus more?
Not this kind of music.. I would listen to Shen's dance. Thats it.
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DulexMC (EUNE)
Yea, sure. He hasn't got a skin in some time. So I can see it. Maybe Snowtime Kayn? :)
: "I don't care, this is my smurf account"
This happens to me every game. I have always 2-3 players who are level 30 in the game and spam that thing. I want smurfs to seriously get banned.
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: They are two completely different genres of games so they cannot be compared.
Exactly! So I don't get the reason why people say either is better. They are completely diffreant games, with similar mechanics.
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: For The Love of All Don't replace Lee Sin's Voice with This Abomination
It sounds like a Old monk. He is a monk and he is maybe in in 50s? Sounds about right
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Kurotsu (EUW)
: He had the right idea since Udyr is great at counter jungling but ya gotta be smart and adaptable with that. It seems he wasnt. Congrats on the win anyways!
JustClone (EUNE)
: I have a question... You as a laner... Why do you let enemy jungler farm your jungle? Lets pretend for a moment, that udyr's team is full of competent smart guys. If you know their eve is doing your buff, why don't you two bot go, together with the mid laner perhaps... and take a free kill 3 vs 1? You are support. Go place some wards, she will be unable to invade your jungle... But I know low elo mentality... It is not my job to help my team. I stay in lane afk for the first 20 minute of the game. Better make a rant post about anti-meta, instead of going few times in your jungle to help your udyr to completely shut down the enemy jungler... I've checked the game. ONE death, in the edge of the jungle, and it is very questionable if it was even because she was farming there or not. You literally allowed eve to free-roam and farm. But yes... off-meta is the problem. Not you. I really don't know, how a teammate will give you 300 gold on a pop-cycle and you will refuse to take it... It is insane to even think about it...
2 problems. the warding for her doesn't work, she's playing Eve. You either ward your lane with control wards or you ward the river. Lane Take priority, second the enemy jungler never came over into our jungle, at least we don't know if she did or not, but almost always was all camps alive in our jungle. Evelynn basically hard camped mid and top, also sometimes found Udyr in her jungle and killed with teammates that could react faster than our teammates. 2nd, You're hiding your rank, I ain't. pretty sure you are much lower elo than i am. I'm pretty sure you are overlooking tons of things and just want something to complain about.. I'm not complaining here I simply asked a question "Why did he think this tactic was good?". I'm not harassing him or anything (infact he harassed us for not helping him while he was taking camps)
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Chanpurü (EUW)
: gotta enjoy the train hate
It's riot? All I see is kids crying that TL is stronger than any EU team.
: Can people stop saying "ez"
People joke about it, if you dont like it mute all chat.
: Just disable TFT
Agreed. New gamemodes are just way to forced. First Clash, then that "fun gamemode" this christmas and now this crap. All of them almost cause LoL to uninstall on my computer automatically. Edit: What they should do is make a 2nd launcher where you can play diffreant games. Lol Blizzard's launcher.
Chanpurü (EUW)
My thought as well. I bet Doublelift called out to his friend in Riot, and started to make the skins of him early. Only to get smashed and depressed and then called out to riot to cancel to make skins this year. (I can see this actually being the case, since Riot Loves NA teams)
: dont nerf tahm kench top
Incorrect board dude... Also, yes correct. He doesn't need a nerf. They nerfed him top last patch. The state you fight him in the clip is the weaker version of Tahm top from the 2 years he has been an off-meta up there and at most his overall winrate only reached 55% (highest) at 7.22 patch where he got his passive buffed and his armor got increased by 20, which was about a year and a half ago. At the moment he is stuck at 49.50% winrate top, with one of the least amount of CS per/h out of any top laner, while one of the champions with least deaths, which the clip showcase. Tahm can't kill his opponent, but the opponent can't kill him. But Tahm has no waveclear and can easily be zoned which causes a lot of issues of why his winrate isn't higher than it is.
Tamer159 (EUW)
: the report system,and the people who abuse it.
Since what you are using ain't your real account I can't really tell if he were trolling or not. But your words mostly classify him as a "off meta support" I played Nunu support a lot and I sometimes play him with smite to steal enemy camps and letting my adc get free XP. And Riot told me "this is completely fine way of playing", so I will never get banned. Same goes for the guy you were with. It's called "off meta" cause it's a Thing that you only see 1-2 times during your life. Well Unless you main it. In the end you got banned cause of Flame and seeing how you make no evidence of your own report, I'ma assume after Blitz invaded jungle and started taking enemy farm, you went a suicided, fed the enemy team cause of your rage then after feeding them, You went afk. Which could easily result in a perma ban for you. Also side note, I been reported by 9 players before cause I ended up with 26 deaths or something like that when I was playing Zac top. Both enemy team and my team flamed me and bullied me to the ground. I reported all of them and got an instant feedback that some of them got banned. The number of reports doesn't matter, only if you done something truly wrong the system cannot punish you. AND even if it does punish the blitz, he can easily write a ticket to the support and get the banned reversed.
: I find NA fans to be so infuriating... every time their team does something mediocre they start chanting, and in every comment section I see them bashing on EU or even their own teams. Seriously I’m not watching any games at rift rivals that they win purely because of how the annoying that audience is
Well. It's the players and the leaders that are hyping them up too... Some NA players even trash talk their own teammates cause they find it "funny"
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: Bot lane roles are the worst roles in low elo solo queue
Playing ADC/Enchanter is the worst. Champions that HAVE to stay bot lane for 20 mins before getting strong won't help you climb. On the other hands Tank Supports who roam 24/7 or Mages who bring destroy their opponent early will always have a lead. Just look at Pyke and Karma bot for example. They can single handle an entire enemy team at 5 min mark and even get Pyke get a penta at 10 min mark. Bot laners can't carry? More like playing Jinx or AS Miss Fortune is what can't carry. (I looked into tons of your games, and you have a very good winrate with Lethaity MF, but when you play her as a late game carry you have 10% winrate) Play for late = Easy loss.
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: 35% Winrate jungle
I can only say matchups, since I ain't a full one-trick of those champions. Evelynn is extremely strong atm, so she is easy to pick whenever your first pick, the only counters she has is simple control wards. Pick Rengar and Twitch whenever you know your matchup. And whenever you get picked with an ecnhanter support you won't feel useless with twitch when behind or a Roaming support such as Bard or Pyke who can gank lanes while you farm up jungle.
RepοrtHer (EUNE)
: Black Cleaver Suggested rework
NO NO NO NO NO. Bad idea! This is first off all basically just another upgraded version of Last Whisper. This would destroy brusiers who want to go tanky + AD While buffing the hell out of adcs like Lucian and MF.
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