Eratos (EUW)
: its not a op escape tool...its hard to use..and windwall..really he can block 1 way..not making him impossible to reach..more then that you have to place it right..i know many people complain about him..cuz is op broken bla bla why dont you play him and climb then if its so broken.
First of all. His E is VERY easy to use, probobly the most easiest tool of his kit. And his W is broken, it's not op since you can't use effectively against melee. And maybe you use it as a escape tool but the way you should use it is to windwall yourself and stand in the windwall switching sides which makes you unkillable by ranged champions. That's the Broken part of the ability.
: Losing your turret first doesn't mean you lost your lane. If you're up against a champion that can push like hell and you're a champ like tk or shen, you'll roam a lot and won't be able to defend your turret at all times.
That means you admit defeat in lane to help your team win the game. Making teamwork happen isn't apart of the laning face ya'know :)
: You don't get it, he told you that your post is as useless as you think their posts are.
No his not. He made a post like those youtube comments "You are dumb" without a reason for why. That's why it doesn't make sense and offends a lot of people. And my post has a fact in it, people who just yell "UNBAN MY ACCOUNT" makes facts? No, they try to lie to get the account unbanned and make a useless effort trying. Should I got to the Ticket support with my post? No, since it's a fact and probably interesting to some people. What if this guy is one of those lying people who got perma banned? and you are doing your best to prove that his right to do that? How does that help anything?
: About thornmail
Rammus vs Trynda top. First item rammus goes Thornmail. Trynda 2 shots himself.
Vonyalo (EUW)
: Why /mute all doesn't mute pings as well?
Because you don't want to mute your team's pings when the game started. You should wait until someone spam pings and then mute them.
: I don't see him roasting forum community.
"Cool, thanks for writing all of this, your forum topic is just as useless". That's like making a rioter saying "HEY PEOPLE ON THE FORUM DON'T POST USELESS POSTS OR ANY POSTS THAT ARE USELESS". It's not towards me, it's to everyone out there trying to make a posts to state a fact even if it's useless it's either funny/interesting/amazing to watch these posts. If you are here for funny posts, you visit the wrong Forum topic. Also "as the one you cried about." Doesn't even make sense.. I cried about a person? What's his name? What did that person do wrong i my post? My post was to make sure that people who posts things here that should be sent to the support doesn't make sense. Sure they can make the post, but there's just no one that cares about those posts. Those kind of posts is where people read and say "Oh, cool story bro" and leaves. Got it?
Rioter Comments
: oh god roasted, thanks for laugh
How is that a roast... Cause he roasted the Forum community? Like his post here doens't offend me. it offends the people who make goood posts and tries to state a fact. Not the otherway around...
Téglagyár (EUNE)
: Cool, thanks for writing all of this, your forum topic is just as useless as the one you cried about. Bye
I'm not crying about. I'm telling you a fact.. Ain't i obvious? Or maybe you're the crybaby on my post.
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: The feeling of having your own unique champion.
I have been looking for a champion that can carry me to platinum for 3 years, sure I have had fun with champions but their mechincs as never felt fun to me, Then the minor rework to Aatrox happen and I feel inlove with him. I have no finally climbed out of Silver with ease and already on my way to Platinum. My Aatrox is what i needed in my life. Hopes for a {{item:3053}} buff soon doe :)
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: > [{quoted}](name=Dysnomia,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=jvpHc1Ap,comment-id=000b0000,timestamp=2017-05-27T11:14:37.661+0000) > > Cancers like you should be eradicated. just cause im smart with 200 iq i should be eradicated?
200 IQ... Ya know.. he still prolly has over all 50% winrate.. atleast I have 60% winrate with the champions I play without lowering my ELO or ruining for my teammates. If you are saying this is 200 IQ knowledge you should seriously get to a Mental hospital
Bobbinson (EUNE)
: I inted over 150 games and got suspended for 1 week , and you still think riot is going to do something about this guy ?
Yes, if people report him for intentional feeding a lot more than they did to you. Also why would you int for 150 games... Seems pretty damn stupid.
kaketsuu (EUNE)
: Maybe he is just bad with heimerdingooor? Riot doesnt care flying $ about "lolskill" failure skill calculators whatsoever as they dont give accurate calculation of skll.
Nah, the only way this guy is bad is if the real user plays heimer support and his dad who's Challenger plays riven on that account. But that would either way be illigal to riot's rules.
: Best 1v1 combo for Ryze and Kat
Just press buttons. You will eventually get a kill.
: should i buy kasadin
Yes, you should he is a very freelo champion this patch. And if you start one-tricking him :) damn you gonna be a good player. But expect Nerfs and buffs all around for him. Riot doesn't like Kassadin a lot.
Eratos (EUW)
: GO HELL{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} {{champion:157}} the most useless champ ive ever seen in my life..I hate him in my team..i love him in enemy team..its shit.You really believe higher elo ban him because is op...I ban him cuz i dont want no yasuo in my team.And thats it.
Well. if you ban yasou when you have a yasou player in your team it just mean a dodge or a troll/feeder in your game. I know you don't want him in your team, but banning him just make it all worse.. You can win with a yasou on your team(at least when his muted) but you can't win if you have a feeding teemo ward in your team.
Eratos (EUW)
: lel dude..his windwall is evrything to defend himself from adc..what exaclty kit he got??you really believe his gonna e through enemy so easy????????
Well he can E through 2500 yards... Very good escape tool. That ability to the most annoying one, including that if he does E>Flash>Q(spin)>R you are a dead man. no matter who you are. His W is useless in lane unless it's for stopping someone take cannon. When it's a teamfight he makes 50% of the enemy team useless with that ability, that's why it's should be reworked or at least less broken, since it has no counter, no real use but can make him immortal for 5 seconds. Just sayin
: The best and the worst champion
There's no best champion and no worst. It all depends on who the player is.
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: Really RIP Karthus?
say that to Tobias Fate fans. the instantly play him.
rince89 (EUW)
: did u flame said jungler before?
No, he just took his first red and then ran directly mid, failed gank horrribly and taxed the whole wave, putting it so it froze next to enemy turret (worst place) and ran off. Then repeated when minions reseted. I started flaming him after doing in 4 times obvi.. cause it freaking rude.
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: > [{quoted}](name=The Hero Simon,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=UMHRi85A,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-05-22T13:12:09.646+0000) > > true, that's why I want to take advantage of him as much as possible right now. been solo maining morde since season 3 so dont understand the concept of taking advantage of things lmao i just play what is fun and that works for me honestly i think thats the best way to climb just learn what is fun so you actually learn it properly
Ye but when one OP character who already is hella easy to win with gets buffed, you just can't resist going back to that champion
: kassadin is broke. enjoy him until he gets ryzed again cus riot dont like kassadin :(
true, that's why I want to take advantage of him as much as possible right now.
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Rioter Comments
Ârzo (EUW)
: Against AP matchups, Max Q then E, ult always when you can. Agaisnt AD matchups, max your E first and then Q. {{item:3027}} is core and a must have, you could replace it with other items but ROA just gives you the best stats overall. An example for a lategame build could be this {{item:3027}} {{item:3100}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3089}}{{item:1001}} For boots, you need to decide the situation, the possible choices are: {{item:3158}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3020}} Ofc you can't build all those items again and again each game, but The first 4 with boots are pretty much core for Kassadin, you need to think for yourself which items you wanna drop in certain situations for other items. Runes should be pretty simple, AD matchup Red; magic pen yellow: armor blue: Cooldownreduciton per lvl so you get with {{item:3100}} and {{item:3157}} to 40% pretty much Quints: I prefer Flat AP there AP matchup: Red: Magic pen Yellow: health/lvl blue: I'd reccomend 6x cooldown/lvl and 3x magic resistence flat/per lvl, if you think you won't need the magic resistence in an AP matchup just go straight for 9 CDR glyphs Quints: Flat AP Most effective way to play him is {{summoner:12}} {{summoner:4}} , since the TP gives you a more stabile laning phase, means you can afford to back where players without TP cannot. For Masteries go 18 points in the offense tree and 12 points in the defense tree, I made a Fix mastery page so you can see what I choose exactly. For the Keystone, NO THUNDERLORDS, DON'T EVEN TOUCH THE MIDDLE UTILITY TREE. Go for **Deathfire Touch**, it gives you better damage in lane just aswell as lategame, you have no need for thunderlords. In lane, spamm your Q all the time on your enemy, don't use it to last hit, especially agaisnt AP oponnents you will benefit a lot since if they try trading you back they lose, your deathfire touch will do a lot of work and be painfull for the enemy. Other than that, try to restore mana with your W, if you can get a W hit on your opponent, do so, since it restores twice as much mana as if you hit another unit. You have 2 combos, use your ult as gapcloser and then burst your abilities in, or first use your E if you are in range and then use your ultimate ontop of the enemy. For starting items there are 3 possible ways: 1: {{item:1082}} {{item:2031}} for very easy matchups and if you feel confident in winning it easy 2: {{item:1056}} 2x{{item:2003}} if you face a lil bit harder matchup 3: {{item:2033}} if you need to sustain A LOT or you will lose, notice try to throw your Q's when you activate the pot since it does bonus burn damage on single target abilities. That's all for starting to pick up kassadin and not being a total nub and failing hard. Notice his mechanics and his damage, you'll have to learn by yourself and you need to learn to guess your damage output correct. Sorry for the long answer, but I hope it helped {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
ye I will try :) thx
ssamiaa (EUW)
: My shop srsly sux
I got all my 6 mains :) But hey you got nice skins too :P
Rioter Comments
: I don't know. To me bronze, silver, gold and even some plats are all the same in terms of awareness and/or brainless.
idk if you noticed but some pro players has been stuck in Silver before, when they made smurfs. Pretty much cause most people who are Silver (like myself) Knows how to outfarm every matchup and most game mechanics, but what we don't know is how to carry hard cause we main tanks and supports that can't carry. So it sums up that Bronze players can't play anything Silver 3+ knows diamond tier knowledge but doesn't play the right champions to climb and use it effectively. Also it's been 7 years for godsake. People who was silver 3-4 years ago might be silver still but 500x better than they was 3-4 years ago.
: sexy male champ ?
"older guy thats pervy against champs like ahri mf" Meet Yasou, even if his not old. all the comics make him into this old wanderer looking at pervy magazines. But I seriously want a really ninja into LoL. We have Kennen as closest to "RL Ninja" But I want to see a Male Ninja with a Wooden staff and white ninja costume that reks people people while looking handsome as ****.
GLurch (EUW)
: If Yasuo and Riven are sooo op, why are they not picked every game in the pro scene?
Cause they are solo que gods and Teamplay guts Solo que gods.
Osir1s1 (EUW)
: Can you do something about yasuo and few other champions?
Nerf Yasou? That's stupid asf... "FIX" Yasou is a different story.
: Why is Bard so bad?
Bard is not bad... Never been. In bronze he been. In silver his a god.
: How can anyone find LOL "FUN" anymore?
It's never fun, it has never bee fun. It is just the only game there is that is free to play and that you don't get bored over.
Icehood (EUNE)
: Why good and honest summoners are kept in dark ?!
"I do not understand RIOT's policy regarding privacy for TOXIC players and GRIEVERS" You know what. I am very fine with Star wars Grevious fans and Singed players. They are MVP.
Sartania (EUNE)
: how i got to plat from bronze in 1 month i wasnt playing lol for 3 months that time i just watched streams and plays and learnt some new things yes playng safe isnt bad but the thing u must do buy wards if u know that u can %%% your opponet just dont be puss y and kill that %%%%% the problem is that u must know where is opp jg so u can 100% kill that guy what else if top lane or others lane suck u must gank them + learn 1 champ which isnt banned all games that u could carry if u cant win your lane thats suck so u have to rely on your team which is useless like u must win 90% your lane so u can carry u can learn from videos just watching and imagine what u would do i got plat not even for month its 3 weeks like that i played 10 games or 12 and won like 90% cause i was wining my lane all time and helping others and u must find really op champ like u could carry 1x5 thats all. being toxic is useless thats wont change anything what u must do is just say pls play safe underturret no one is born challenger its just u must play lots of games to have great experience thats all
Hm.. I think you need some dots and comas in there... Like it's pretty hard to understand, unless you make the sentence shorter..
Rioter Comments
MadFriend (EUW)
: I'm trying second reinstall now because I just cannot get a game started, is there some kind of connection check you guys added in the last patch?
I can confrim that you ain't the only one with this. One of my friend just happen to have this. He tried repairing the game and now uninstalled it and tries to reinstall it. Not sure if that will help doe.
GPet (EUW)
: > Don't try to 1v1 your lane oponent over and over if you're behind Do the midlane burst matchups count as 1v1s? :o
Aatrox does this and wins sooner or later.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Few thing I would like people to stop doing
I just watch iijerichoii (1 million youtube) who played LoL first time on 2 years. he went into ranked the first thing he did after just randomly do Masteries and runes XD It was fun to watch.
: What is the easyest champion?
Soraka, all you need is being passive, throw a Q once or twice and heal. if you see someone gank just out a E below him. if you bring her mid you might have soem problems csing thats all. Assassins otherwise are generaly the easiest champions cause early lvl they are extremely rewarding to use against people who don't know how to kill them early. and if one-trick to Gold+ it's a slaughter fest with the enemy unable to do anything.
Arzonv (EUW)
: Nerf Fiora
I hate this post... It's so bad... But I do agree Fiora do need a nerf. She's way to strong against some champions, which is unable to do anything against her. But aside of that her W is just like Yasou's windwall too easy to use while extremely OP + stuns/slows.. If she didn't have that ability it do take some actual skill to play her.
GPet (EUW)
: Yeah it was not as big blown as a rework, but I still consider it one as it actually changed his playstyle quite a bit. (And in my opinion was a great upgrade to his overall feeling and Standing.) But these days I generally do look forwards to some reworks, also because some of the rework-champions really do have some problems.
{{champion:9}} and {{champion:33}} doesn't have nay problems doe.. They are easy champion to balance out just like they done in the past. The only reason I heard these 2 is getting a rework is cause their kits are "Boring".. Which isn't a really good reason for a rework.
GPet (EUW)
: Well, you also have to look at good reworks though. I personally find {{champion:78}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:3}} to be pretty amazing. (Well, Ryze after he got tuned down... a lot of times.)
Ye sure and don't forget to {{champion:14}} (Aatrox didn't get a rework btw, that was a buff to his over all kit)
Rioter Comments
: Bring back old zac
And here I am old one-trick Malzahar main. Never got use to used to his new rework :C And the one reworked Malz had only played malz 4 times in season 3. I bet he didn't even know that old Malz was already fun and easy to balance. Now they can't even balance out his new kit and old Malz got struck for no damn reason. And don't get us started on the Mordekazer one-trick ponies. Poor people.
Declined (EUNE)
: That's why I'm telling you to pay attention to the type of information you give me, I literally have no clue how your client reacts, I don't even know if you currently have a problem, and if you do, what that problem is. All I know is what you tell me.
It's too bad not all us could video tape this kind of thing then ;/ my computer has problems with streaming programs
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