: You don’t have to add improvements if it isn’t a fudimentally good idea... no lane should be given special treatment is either grading or honour regardless... isn’t anything to improve on an idea like this other to say just ditch it. And attacking someone like this who isn’t being toxic isn’t a good idea... he has given his criticism in a nice and calm way... its negative but pitching an idea you have to be ready for negative comments.... reacting in this way just makes you look childish. Plus considering how the upvotes are going I’d say he is the one people are supporting... likely in no small part due to your behaviour dealing with him... not a good way to get people to listen is it.
he last 70 replies to me over the course of this month, Says otherwise. This guy been following me around and all he does it these comments. It's criticism, brag and negativity. His first comments towards me was "Your Gold elo, you suck" And I always asked him "why? why do I suck?" And then he would rant like he does here about how bad I am and how I should improve my life choices and stuff. For the last 2000 posts I have done. I freaking hate this guy and report him for spam every time he comments on my posts. It's not that I hate him on the spot, it's that he always SAYS THE SAME THING EVERY TIME. It's like that one guy who just comes to school every day just to laugh at everyone's mistakes and then leaves
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: You know, grades are cobtrolled by players. It compares you to the average of the players of that specific champ, on that lane/role.
Yes, that's exactly what Im aiming towards. Look at the ex I gave. I explained everything there.
: My second account on which I litterally only play toplane got honor5 before this account. So I guess your argument doesnt really work.
Well why didn't you use that from the start?`Ofc no one is gonna belive you if you use an account that your an adc main on. Don't hate on me cause of that.
: This seems to become a very long discussion about how the system works compared to how it should work, and whether that is fair or not, and I think we don't share opinions on this topic. I don't have the energy these days, but will gladly go crazy over another topic another day. I hope you find some satisfaction in this thread, have a nice day {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
sure. Hf with your day :) hope you come and chat some day again
: It's really annoying when I make a solid post with relevant arguments, and you just bash me personally for not agreeing with you. You don't even try to have a go at my arguments, you just straight up attack me personally. That's unfortunate. I'm only saying that you're wrong, because I think you're wrong. Never called you stupid or an idiot. It's interesting to see views from people who differ from you. I will criticise it when I think it's not true, but it's still interesting, that's why I still post on topics like these. I'm not going to stop posting because you disagree with me, that would be really boring. Active discussion is the life of any forum. We're not some kind of "we should all agree" on here. So just respond to my points, rather than to my person and we'll have a jolly good time. ___ Also all 3 others just straight up disagree with you, with fluffypideon basically saying the exact same things as me, and you are only hostile to me. That just feels bad.
But they at least give good comments about it, acceptable. You are just plain negative and keep saying "You suck, you suck, you suck" in my every forum post. Since you taslk about it too I assume you do it on purpose to show everyone how big of a ´**** you are.
: Honestly, I always thought that Toplane has it easier to get S. Never really had a problem with figuring out how to get S on a tank or a juggernaut. The only one that was slightly problematic for me was Urgot.
Oh it's super easy to get S on Darius, Garen, Shen and Sion. But it's mostly cause their high kill rate or high mobility. I was a Shen main last year and I got like 40 S+ simply cause I used my ult to someone to start a fight and then Tp'd back to lane without missing CS. But as a Lategame none-mobile tank like Cho'Gath, getting a S is very RNG. I got 2 S on him, but those 2 S's wasn't even cause I had a good game, it was just that I was picking up the kills cause my carries didn't know what securing was that I got to go splitpush as this Cho'gath super tank while enemy team was just not paying attention at all. Getting a S on a tank... Cause of Splitpushing and "killstealing"... That's like cheating on your EXAM in collage only to get an A++ cause your teacher is your father. It's so wrong! Edit: I got Mastery 7 on Urgot too.. All I had to to was getting a pentakill and S+ just achieved.
: Scores are compared to others playing the same champion in the same role... if you don't get an S you simply don't have as good scores in cs/warding/kill participation/ K/D/A etc. as the other guys getting S. And last season honors were introduced half way through, and it has been said on some of the many many many topics about honor on this board that everyone got accelrated honors to test it out, so I don't believe no top laner was honor 5 last season, unless they only played like once a ay at the most. I played a lot of stuff, and a lot of toplane then, and I got honor 5 in a month or so, like I believe was the case for just about everyone who played the game. It seems silly to favor one lane for more honor exp for no particular reason. Honors you receive only buff your climb slightly, you can get honors upon honors every game and still only reach level 5 a few months until end of season. And yes, I have seen 2 Zileans with mastery 7
That's what I mean. The grade system don't reward you for being helpful, it rewards you for being a selfish splitpushing player. I had multiple trolls in my ranked games over the years and pretty much all of they got a S or higher from just plain stats. A Yasuo top dies level 1 due to his jungler didn't help him decides to afk farm and no help team 1 bit. He never dies except that 1 time, and gain up to 400 farm at 30 min while his opponent runs around the map killing everyone. The game becomes a loss but the Yasuo gains a S+ cause of his high amount of farm in the later stage of the game and somewhat good warding. If the Grade system is reworked into making farm early more impact for high tier while if you gain about 10CS/min at 20 min mark doesn't give you anything at all. A no mobility tank, have most of the time almost 0 KDA, Decent damage dealt, High amount of warding, low KP and decent CS count. Pretty much for no mobility champions to get a S they have to stay in lane and farm forever (which most do and then ruins the average ratio to get S on) and kill their opponent over and over. Which is truth doesn't benefit them at all. A fed Cho'Gath doesn't matter if he doesn't have a team who can deal damage. But for a Cho'Gath to get a S he has to have a high KP, good KDA and high CS. But taht's the opposite what you want on him, even if that's how most players play him! Good Cho'Gath players get B-A grades while bad Cho'Gath players get A+ - S+. Which they shouldnt be rewarded for. ___ I watched a video yesterday that made me real sad. It was a top lane Katarina vs Yasuo matchup and Katarina was on **20 CS at 10 MIN MARK**. Her jungler came up top multiple times to get her kills on the Yasuo. He junglers did everything perfect that game, gathering kills for the real bad Katarina while kinda making himself more and more useless. (Fiddle jungle) The game was quite long and they got to a pont where Katarina were having a blast, extremely low warding count, high CS count (she started splitpushing at 20 min mark) but 30/4/0 in kda also 60% KP. this was at 45 min in game, and fiddle late is very horrible due to his bad scaling so he was pretty much just a CC machine at that point. Fiddlestick carried that game hard, while the Kata just gained a bunch of kills and splitpushed all game. Guess what happen with the grades after the game. Katarina got a S+ while the fiddle got B-. The guy who played fiddle got pissed as hell at the system cause she did not deserve that S+ after being carried hardcore by her team. Also honors gives you keys to chests, and those who don't gain honors never gets to open their chests. My friend who plays less than me who is an ADC main already got Honor 5 while Im still stuck on the first checkpoint for honor 2.
: Ahem im a toplane main and i got honor 5 last season but whatever.
But you are also an adc main. So I don't think you have the room to say a word here.
Rioter Comments
Rismosch (EUW)
: Well, Wukong is inspired by asian folklore, that's why a simmelar character is found in many many video games. And mirroring himself seems to be a big deal, as both his W and his E are creating mirrors, which both deal damage (the W only a little bit, but still damage). And since I know the start of Dragonball is also inspired by that monkey king, and I am fairly familiar with Dragonball, the similarities between early Son-Goku and Wukong are striking: - Both have a rod that extend: Wukong has an emote to make the rod longer, his Q increases his attack range and R "extends his range and spins around". - Both have a cloud they can ride on: Wukong sas an idle animation where he sits on one and his E floats on one. One of his skin rides the cloud as his homeguard animation. - Both have fairly thick skin: Wukong's passive is called Stone skin and he turns to stone if he dies. So I may not know much about asian folklore, but given those similarities I'd say that Wukong with his current kit seems to be pretty spot on thematically.
Yes yes, we know that it's inpired by Dragon balls, but it should be a copy of dragon balls. When I look at a champion, I don't wanna think "Oh look that's an anime character" Vel'Koz is a prime ex. When I look at Vel'koz I see an amazing charater I have never seen before. When I look at Wukong, I see a Chinese god or/and Goku
: > Irelia ult is used around 70% of the time just as followup burst for a kill, without utilizing the area or wall by even a bit. The ult marks champions which is exremely important. It's more of a setup than just some damage you throw at enemies. You can use it just to extend your combo to get 1 additional Q reset and burst down one target, especially if you splitpush, but it can also be used in team fights to greater effect. Either way it's not just damage, for example a Yasuo windwall that blocks Irelias ult and stun will make her completely useless in a fight. Maybe you really should play Irelia before you jump to conclusions.
Not jumping to conclutions. I been watching streams and playing against her a lot. People who play her (Plat+, even challengers) uses her ult as a finishers instead of how it was meant to be used. If I played her, I would use it as you say. But that's not how pros use it and pros are way more intelligent than me and you for maximizing how an Irelia is meant to be played. What I mean is that they use her ult as Cheese because of it's high amount of burst, that no one expect.
Rismosch (EUW)
: But honetly it's one of the coolest abilities in the entire game. It enables so much playmaking. If Wukong would be less one dimensional, he could use Decoy so much more effectively.
I know what you mean. But Just think about it. A monkey who trained below the art of a samurai, learned the abilities to make a mirror of himself while stealth around his enemy for a perfect time to strike. 1st, he ain't trained as a Ninja but as a Samurai, 2nd how does he mirror himself? There's no animation and no info for why he does this. (probobly was just forced on his creation cause they wanted an ability has such to exist ingame) and 3rd how does he control the decoy into dealing damage? It's not a minion.. It is meant to be a sandbag, but dealing damage to it's end duration is practically stupid. It even gives 25 gold for the one who kills the decoy.
Rioter Comments
: A champion that makes {{champion:157}} useless? Man, this must be a dream. I'm an {{champion:39}} main starting by now.
Uhm. {{champion:78}} already exists.
nicusefu1 (EUNE)
: The New Irelia Is BROKEN
I played multiple games against her as {{champion:78}} and I won every single one of them while pretty much most of the time she doesn't even get a kill.
MrVört (EUW)
: My picks for Top Lane are usually champions with great dueling power and sustain. Such as: {{champion:2}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:48}} Since I basically just aim to hold my lane for as long as possible, then help my team by building up to rush in for Frontline :P
I rather stay away from Skirmishers. But I play {{champion:50}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:78}} But pretty much do the same thing.
Quinzley (EUNE)
: Will this get banned?
Yup. Lifethreating is high chance for ban. Report him once and he might get a small restiction. if that was all he said
Rismosch (EUW)
: [SUGGESTION] Concept for a Wukong Rework
Honestly. I like it except that you kept Decoy. Decoy is without the most stupid and most noneimpactful of his kit. All it has is cheese and cheese ain't a good thing in LoL.
: Troll post?
Yup a troll post. But it's hilarious lol Sad it will probobly get removed by moderators since it None-LoL topic
Rioter Comments
: Ah... I dunno. I know what he does, but... can't really get around his kit whatever I play. Diving ones risk getting Q'd too often, ranged ones risk getting E>W'd and charging his passive, exe does not seem to work at all, he may heal less but still hurts... and that just toplane.
Think like this. You are playing against a Nasus who has range but almost no sustain if you avoid his abilities. All you have to do is play Jax and dump him pretty much.
Febos (EUW)
: He's still maxing Q first, so there's only a 10 base damage nerf on a 2.5 seconds cooldown ability. With 3 points into Q (champion level 5) the change in cooldown is barely noticeable. Much wow, such nerf. {{sticker:sg-lulu}} Other champions had it worse.
It's a pretty very hard nerf honestly... That 10 damage and 2.5 extra cd was a huge reason why he was able to survive to late in lane. Just thinking now he is having a very hard time clearing minions if someone's pushing. And if he is against a ticking time-bomb like Nasus or Jax (who he already have problems with) there's almost nothing he can do.
: Christ that swain nerf XD XD
He was extremely good in Proplay and had 55% winrate in all regions. There's a meme Riot casters made last week "Ban Swain" they called it. Why? Cause a 15 winstreak champion without losses is pretty hard to handle. (But It's cause he's new and no one knows how to really counter him)
sirDarts (EUW)
: That's why I said officially. From the law point of view, you are an adult with 18.
Like I said, that depends on the country. (sweden it's 20)
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: >Being 18 means you are a matured kid. Where I live (Norway), we mostly call them "spoiled brats" at that age. 18, fresh driver's license, allowed to buy alcohol, and a potential wheeled threat to themselves and others. "Look at me! I'm tough! I drive laid back, fast, and without a seat belt!" There are some 17-year olds at work, taking driving lessons these days. It frightens me, because I have on numerous occasions overheard them talking about what they will drive and turbo-charged V6s in the same sentences. I didn't want to take my license at 18. I didn't take it until I was 21. Reading the accident statistics, not to mention the insurance premiums at that age, I was actually scared to find out what I would do myself if given the chance. And so I didn't want to find out by not getting the license until I came closer to the insurance companies "okay"-age. Been driving 11+ years now without hurting anyone. Scuffed, scraped, dented and ditched the car several times, sure, but no person injuries or car accidents where I was responsible anywhere. And I am overall pleased with that outcome, all things considered. _That's not to say I haven't done crazy things in a car, but it was (in my head at least) calculated risks. Though twice doing 186 Km/h in a 70-zone is debatable._ ######_...Not really. It was out-and-out madness and won't be done ever again._ Oh well. Better nerf Irelia. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQhvCwwRk8M&feature=youtu.be&t=61
Ye.. in my country (sweden) you ain't allowed to buy alcohol until you hit 20. But no one from 2000 generation has gotten driving license doe... They are too busy holding highest rank in LoL. Some are.. But people who get a license at 18 could just as well be called killers. (We have way too many 18-20 kids who lose their license after just the 1st month, and get like 6-12 months prison) But that's the idiotic "tough" kids of that generation.
Antenora (EUW)
: 300% health regen would be stupidly broken.
You can easliy get that by buying a {{item:3211}} you know...
RageChaos (EUW)
: How logical is Riot?
Rioter. Please delete this Post.. It's giving me eye-cancer...
Rioter Comments
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Ok. Totally up to you how you use your ban.
Unless he uses it to trigger a teammate... Shouldn't that count towards a griefing charge?
Arnoter (EUW)
: I ban Irelia in every Champ Select, so nobody can play her
: No, don't attempt to calm down that kind of people... Just mute them and ignore them, and after the game you can just report them
I will always try the first 5 min. If you just give up on them the game might just be lost before it started.
: its true with 18 you are adult, but no, most kids mature after 20~23 year and have they 1st real job with that + then you call them adults
18 years old ain't adult... Unless you live in India... 21-23 years old is where adulthood comes. Being 18 means you are a matured kid... Even if pretty much all of them act like 5 year olds, cause they focused to much on video games in school and has almost no eduction.
Rioter Comments
: I love these posts that actually dont try to say how to fix the champ, like, increase Q cd ? Give marks less time to be used on ? Anything would be okay, but people like you just say "rito plis nurf". It's a new champ, just came out, people dont know what she does, of course she can sound op.
"No, No. Nerf her! She must be nerfed! She has over 9000% winrate in all regions! OMG!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" - Kids birthed in 2000
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: you forgot that malpühite doing now half your hp while being tanky as fck? well, guess what, now he only needs to slam that as slow and youre deleted
Malphite is tons more weaker now with Manaflow band rework. They pretty much removed his sustain and put more Dmg into his mid game. Right now he has the weakest early game out of all top laners. Please use logic before your mouth. The buff was only a balance buff. Like Nocturne and the nerf to Duskblade.
: Sadly, this is the reality of LoL... I can't even count the amount of times I almost lost the battle with tilt and started flaming everyone that is being toxic, but fortunetly the mute button exists and everyone is free to use it! I know, these kind of problems don't solve with a simple mute because toxic people will always be toxic but at least you can always preserve your mental health like that. Talking with some experience in the matter and someone that has been here long enough, I can assure you this comunitty has never been worse that this, sure we always had those little trolls, some trash talk here and there but nothing compared to the level of hatred and toxicity on Season 8. Riot really needs to do something about this kind of behaviour 'cause it's starting to influence the natural flow of the game... But the answer will always be: "**_Please use the in-game report system after the game if you are not in agreement with someone's attitude_**", and it will be a long way until that player gets flagged and banned. Until then, they will continue to be toxic, tilt everyone in the game and consequently losing it.
Please switch Summernor name... It's hard to take you serious with it..
BlkStar100 (EUNE)
: 🅱️oneless pizza and aaaaa .... 2 liter o' coke
Only 2? Why not a 4? You do know those exist for only 2 euro. Right?
Rioter Comments
: Want to shed a bit of light onto Zyra's current state, in the form of asking some questions
1st. I looked it up and the best thing I could find was: "She has low hp and low ms because she has a pass through aoe snare plus plants that slow. She has arguably the best disengage in the game. Plus her plants and her passive deal damage after she's died. It doesn't matter if they all in and she dies, because her plants do most of the damage anyway." 2nd. Zyra is like an Illoai or Heimer. She needs to build a nest before, she can fully use her power. I assume if she gets her nest up way to quickly she might become like season 2 where her winrate was above 70%. 3rd. Like I said in the 2nd answer. She need nest to do real damage. Also as you know from the first answer, She has huge disengage, why? Cause If your team engages on the enemy and then try to run towards your nest the enemy will walk into a huge field of death. The number of plants Zyra can put down massive. She's pretty much an Ant Queen, alone she's useless but with her ant. She's unstoppable. Unless the enemy has some kind of ultra Area ultimate, walking into your nest of plants. Is pretty much suicide. There's your reason and answers. Any more questions? I'm happily replying.
: Yeah... if you get 5 kills you get 50% off the cooldown... only thing which doesn’t work with shen is the mana but if your willing to not get that then it works fine
You get Resolve+ Precision runes gives you amazing early game stats + The Alacrity rune gives even more attack speed on takedowns which is perfect runes to Shen's Q and Titanic hydra. So adding a 50% Ult removal ontop of that would be pretty broken, specially since Shen's ult is already the strongest Ultimate in the game in raw utility.
Vulpine (EUW)
: Isn't it automatically swaped to Triumph or Overheal?
That what I was thinking when I made this.. But it shouldn't do that anymore due to it's viability to all champions now. Edit: Just tried it and it was working. even though I didn't get any actually stats showing how many seconds that was refunded. But 20 seconds were removed fromt he timer when I killed an champion
Rioter Comments
: Still think FNC will take the LCS finals (now it is G2 vs FNC). I think Perkz has underperformed in the last few weeks and Caps is a monster atm, Rekkles and Hylissang are just better players than Hjarnan and Wadid. I give the edge to Jankos/Wunder over Broxah/Bwipo but if FNC can force Wunder off of carry toplaners (and I think they'll aim for that strategy in pick/bans) then their superior mid and bot will carry them through, no problem. Vitality tried to ban out Rekkles and he still showed up on a champ he hates in Ezreal, even in their loss. I think it'll be 3-1 to FNC. And Vitality to beat Splyce in 3rd place game and go to Rift Rivals.
Heh, I agree that all FNC members are extremely talented. But it's not about talents here, it's about thought progression. I can't decide which one of the teams will win but I will give FNC a slight edge due to them being having Caps and a better bot. FNC will likely lose Mid and Top early due to Jankos early game and Wonder's superiority over Bwipo. But then again, Rekkles knows how to bring the team together and unless the games goes to late game FNC will always have an edge to win. BUT if Caps gets tilted early or Broxah makes a mistakes and then game goes to 40+ min, FNC will lose that edge due to their mental-tempo would be a loss. If anything that I seen in FNC is that they have horrible team play within Team-fights when everyone is full build. So assuming G2 have that idea how to play against FNC, they will try to dominate early game then be careful at around 1st baron then when they stalled the game long enough, start a teamfight and shut FNC down. That is if they can execute this idea, which I assume they will since it's fairly simple. I would say this fight is between adaption and cheese. Who ever wins the first game has the advantage, but the game will probobly lead to a 5 games. Also If FNC are willing to give up Swain after the nerf, either Perkz or Caps is gonna have troubles.
N1ghtOG (EUW)
: sure if you can hit all your q´s and since im in silver skillshots dont exist
Thresh and Blitzcrank ain't skill shot champions. You rarely every use their hooks else than followup CC. If you watched Korean Blitz-Thresh players they mostly only use their hooks 4-5 times with 10 min. While most people just want to copy Madlife and spam hooks out until they hit something every 10 secs. LoL ain't just about going in like an idiot and thinking you can do anything. (except lucky Yi players, but let's avoid those) Every kill requires strategy and logic. If you have no idea how to use those thoughts then you have no skill at all and should switch games. Also using your elo as an excuse is stupid. What's the difference between a good LoL player and a bad one? Nothing but the name. A bad player has less experience than a good LoL player. Unless a Bad player hit their limit they can never be good. But a Good LoL player has little to work with to improve, so they will never improve. While a Bad will always keep improving. You're silver? You suck a skillshots? Well why you tell me that? You got a problem, you know the problem now it's just for you to fix that problem. How do you fix it? Think Logic. Can't fix it? Then you should quit.
Modifi (EUW)
: Whats wrong with yasuo and teemo?
There's nothing wrong with those Champions. But a lot of wrong with the players who play them usually see themselves as superior to others.
Modifi (EUW)
: Is Hardstuck a thing?
Simply. Anyone who tries to win an excuse by dragging personal information into the argument is **ALWAYS** at fault. For ex, "You only got Yi cause you played Yi" "Your KDA Sucks, you must be carried every game" "You're hardstuck x Elo, that's why you are bad". It's just a personal insult that people do to make them frustrated with themselves and those who use it want to show superiority. You might complain on it here why people use it, It's no difference from bulling in IRL. If you were bullied once you should know the answer already. I had friends who I made through LoL, and as soon as they made this kind of excuse, I instantly deleted them from my friend list cause such people are what pure evil in reality is like. Don't every show what ELO you are, keep it as personal information. If you show it to everyone it's **always only used** to bring pain to yourself or others. Simply hold it to yourself and those you trust. If people make fun of your information, report them for Harsh Harassment. I wish Riot has this thought progress too, but bullies are apart of life and rules doesn't work on those thing. Simply just find a way to avoid them and being like them. I don't know your life, but I bet you been the bully least once. I was a bully once, what did I learn from it? Way more than anyone on the Forum has ever notice they have done. (Also I wasn't really a bully, I was just making fun of a Girl for 3 years cause of her mental-inability by saying things behind her back, I later learned the difference between me and her. There were no difference cause we are all human and later she became my friend.)
: Wow. That's a stupidest thing I've read today. So, you think you are matched with players below your level and to rectify this you lose on purpose, which will only make the system match you with even worse players because it sees that you are bad... I think you should look for a different game though. There isn't a group of players that Riot could match you that'd be properly attuned to you, given that Bronze V is as low as the system goes.
He can be put up in Challenger by Riot, just to show off how bad he is. If he wins a game, without feeding or afking and get at least 5 kills. He is allowed to stay in gold. If feeds or afk He will be put back to Level 1 lose all champions and progress.
: Good vs Evil... who won?
No, Toxic vs Feeders. Yasuo lost btw. Yasou lose game unless he gain snowball a lead. Edit: Nevermind Riven Lost. 2 edit: The Yasuo players went full tryhard, while 3/5 riven's went a tank build and some Magic resist for some reason
N1ghtOG (EUW)
: Can braindead shield supps get auto banned in ranked?
Play Blitz or thresh then. free win against Janna
: A new Star Guardian team: Ashe - Sona - Irelia - Zoe - Caitlyn
Holy, damn good drawings! But I feel like you are missing Star guardian Urgot ;_;
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