: Comet is the same thought process as why Camille went comet in top lane... the knock up of your Q guarantees the hit from the comet, which in turn lets you harass much better than before. So it is match up dependant as champions who have a better time getting in close it’s better to go grasp... but against champions who are immobile or ranged comet results in the most damage possible. Plus the choice isn’t purely to do with keystones... aatrox likes most of the sourcery runes, I’d argue a lot more than the inspiration runes... so going through the sourc tree gives a lot better selection than inspiration... at least imo
are you saying I should go for a keystone that has 25% winrate instead of the keystone that i have 100% winrate in? Edit: maybe not 100% but way higher than comet at least,
: Step one is usually 'don't let him get fed in the first place'. Other than that, kiting, CC, and hope your tank/s (if you have any) can hold him in place while you kill him. Of course, if you have more people fed on Nasus' team, it's most likely gonna end bad for you one way or another. But step one is the most important one. Exploit his weaknesses before his strengths take over.
My last game who I just had, I had Aatrox who went 0/4 in lane against nasus the first 10 mins. Are you saying the game is over at that point and there's nothing I can do to stop it?
: You get his HP to 0, then he dies and stops being a threat. /ontopic You don't let him stack. Never let him solo farm on a lane. Abuse his early game weaknesses, camp him, put him behind - end the game before he gets to be dangerous. If you let him snowball out of control, try letting him splitpush, and pray to god that your team stomps the enemy 4v5 and ends the game, before Nasus reaches your base. In teamfights focus him down, pray that his other mates aren't too big of a problem. Usually letting him get to this point will result in a loss for you.
I said after its way past that point. Say Im a Sion who got babysat by enemy jungler and my team did nothing to stop nasus from stacking and even if i left lane to help they still didn't do anything
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: The EQ and QE thing is a double edged sword and I don’t beleive you should do exclusively one or the other. The advantage of EQ is that it’s more sudden and allows for better surprise, but at the same time you loose the ability to reposition the strike thus if they are able to dodge then they can... where as QE allows for the E to be used reactively to reposition making it better for situations with high mobility or a player who can dodge (very important in pro play, the lack of latency means you can’t rely entirely on surprise, thus reactive Es can be much stronger). So it’s all about learning which is better in a given situation... plus it can add to the surprise if you mix things up... if you mostly do EQ and then if your wave clearing going just Q you can lull an opponent into thinking you are just going for minions, then use E to reposition the strike to get some cheap damage off. Combos are good, learning when to use each combo is better. Plus I still disagree with glacial augment... it doesn’t at all help with Q1 and even Q2 which lowers efficiency... it’s dashes that are really gonna mess up your Qs not movement... so I’d say it’s going to e a lot more match up dependant than having one single go to rune,
I never said you should use glacial aurgement. I said I personally find the most success on that rune. Most of my wins on Aatrox comes from that rune and from experience I had most success with it. At least compared with Arcane comet, I seriously don't see why Arcane comet would be good on Aatrox. I see it being good for people who doesn't understand his kit, but for people who play him a lot shouldn't use it. They should rather go Glacial, Electrute or Grasp. Like the Koreans does.
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: At now the skins appear after a week of the new patch.
Rioter Comments
: lol it is that Kind of players, that Ruin the game for soloque supports. because ppl like you are shouting: nerf supports. Look at the classic >support< champions. none of them Has a good winrate. what u wanted to say is: nerf Champions that can 1 v 5 in a 5v5 game : :)
If I play Ornn and get a pentakill by myself. It's skill based. But if there is one player who is maybe challenger nad has 4 bronze supports next to him and just doing the extra work and they get a win a diamond tier clash. There's a huge difference. What you wanted to say is nerf supports who enchant an ADC's ability. Also, riot has planned for support nerfs next patch. SO HAH
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Breakhz (EUNE)
: nerf e...wow so huge.They nerfed zed to the bones and someone like vlad gets a nerf on e. Amazing.
I think his nerf shouldn't go on his dmg, but rather increasing his cooldown on W or reducing his movement speed while W or E
: It's not toxic to say someone's ELO/rank. It is toxic if you use it as an insult or attempt to put someone down with it: > shut the f up because hes a 43% winrate hardstuck g5 This is more than pointing out someones Elo. This is just being nasty.
It is toxic to point our someone's rank. Some people lose their minds for knowing x elo. I personally never try to look up elos cause I know I can be a toxic person when I see that I'm losing against someone who's below my rank, or winning against someone who's higher than my rank. Thinking them as boosted or smurfs. If I can just never see their elo in the chat or anywhere I can always keep myself calm and think that the opponent is always better than me. If my teammates point out a guy rank. I usually report them for harassment and insulting someone's life. Even if it tecnically ain't and harass or insult. But it still triggers their teammates which is wrong thing to do. If you don't think your toxic by pointing out something in the chat. You 100% are very toxic. Don't type in the chat and you won't be reported.
: Pointing out someones elo is toxic?
In my experience, platinum is extremely toxic elo. When someone reachest Platinum they start to act like they are the best players in the world and act all mighty and stuff. When I was silver elo, I played multiple games in ranked team (season 5) as Shen top. I beat the hell out of Diamond players and outplayed them like crazy, but they always found a way back to ruin my life. On the other hand when I was beating a Platinum player they went nuts in the all chat and claimed that I was a diamond smurf and there's no way that they were losing to a silver. I'm not the only one that say this neither tons of tons silver-bronze players has constantly been harassed by platinum players. Without doubt I would be one of those who would say "Keep flaming you average Platinum scum". Cause they flame wwwaaaayyy tooo muccch
: He knew exactly what he was doing... aatrox doesn’t have animation cancels, at least not noticble ones. Glacial also isn’t the best rune for him... arcane comet is as you guarantee the hit with your Q. And you don’t want to go tanky, what would be the point you are hard enough to kill going damage so you might as well. Wunder knee what he was doing, so did bwipo... both played the lane very well and showed the strengh of aatrox... and they have both gotten games where they where left to their own devises and won (wunder’s next game on aatrox he didn’t have a jungler and ended up as strong as his funnelled champion)... not to mention the Chinese and Koreans where playing him as well, the same way.
No they didn't know what they were doing. They are way better players in solo que than those 2. And Some of them main aatrox currently and uses glacial for 100% hitting the 3rd Q. There's one video on YouTube that shows how many animation canceling there exist. Aatrox both W and ultmate cause be canceled. W also travel together with the E and Flash. For max damage output and highest chance of landing your Q you press E>Q. Both wunder and bwipo did Q>E all the time which made them lose multiple CS and Bwipo even died top once cause he didn't do the order corretly. You can't say every Pro player is way more OP than your average diamond player, cause only 20% of the players in pro play are actually challenger, while the rest linger around Diamond 4-1. Wunder is a god example since last time I watched him play he was hard stuck Diamond 3.
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Zanador (EUNE)
: I noticed. But the key word here is "revealing", which i didn't use either, so that's my mistake. Swain's W can give lasting vision of a target, landing that would have prevented this situation. Being in combat with a champion or minion can give you vision of them, but not a direct line of sight, which is needed in order to see though camo. Pyke's camo is not broken by damage either, so he is able to just swim away while he is being attacked. It can be quite annoying.
Ye, that Pyke can use his W in an instant and ain't broken by dmg is really strong.
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Arnoter (EUW)
: Your Thread sounds like you like Males too, especially this one male you play Minecraft and watch Anime with.
Ye, so what's wrong with that? Are you saying it's wrong to live free from stupid laws?
Zanador (EUNE)
: The wall curved there and blocked your direct vision of Pyke. You had vision of the area, certain skills, in-combat enemies/monsters wards, poros and so on can give you this. But you need direct line of sight between the Pyke in camo and either a champion, tower or red ward in order to actually see him in camo. Or you have to hit him with a skill that gives lasting vision. There is no bug or cheat in the video you presented that i could find.
"Or you have to hit him with a skill that gives lasting vision." Didn't you notice that I was draining his HP with my ult during the entire escape?
Hydnoras (EUW)
: He uses w but it's camouflage and not invisibility. This means swain should still be able to see him while he is near him but he doesn't for some reason. That is the bug.
correct. This happen twice this game. I was just showing one time it happen due to not having the video being to long
Hydnoras (EUW)
: Just a bug, not a cheat. It's also wrong to call it bug abuse.
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Arnoter (EUW)
: Jesus still loves you two.
No he don't xD And we don't love him. Jesus is a wine naked dude who likes males, but is fully against any homos Satan is a whiskey crazy sailor who loves have a good time with everyone. That's who I stand with
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Livelyfreak (EUNE)
: Why Lucian is "bad" in lower ranks
The reason why Lucian is low win rate in low ranks is the same as every other champion. He's a champion with a skillshot. Champions who has skillshots are 2x lower winrate than champion like Yi, Garen and Pantheon.
: Aatrox Rework Sucks Just revert Aatrox
He's not any diffreant from the old Aatrox, honestly. He is still a diver and a lane bully just like old Aatrox, the only diffreant he barely ever use his auto attacks. Riot reworked him in the best way possible, I bet every Aatrox one-trick agree with me.
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Athlas (EUNE)
: Are you good at league?
Good enough to be in Gold and climb myself to Platinum. So I'm better than an average player. So if we compare that to Golf I am very good. :) By looking at a sport you do eqully good in makes you feel like god in LoL, even through your low elo.
: {{champion:238}} if he doesnt build {{item:3076}} {{champion:8}} bcs he has a lot of sustain just like him and will outsacle him and can kill him in a 1v1 {{champion:48}} this champ is a fking idk its BS so thats why he can beat him {{champion:50}} he can poke him and run away form him easy {{champion:58}} rene counters everyone {{champion:75}} bcs he also has sustain. Basiclly every champ with sustain will beat cho.
Sustain champions doesn't work on him. Pretty much he outsustain, sustain champions and he is also very good at burst damage, at lvl 6 Cho'gath can 1-combo every champion you named by just landing the Q properly. {{champion:58}} I agree 100% with and {{champion:50}} Outscales him. But The rest. Cho easily win lane against Vlad top, since Vlad will always be pushing with no escape in top lane, unlike mid lane his escape route is very weak and babysitting vlad when he's against a Cho'gath is an easy 0/10 vlad. same goes for Trundle, even through Cho'gath do win trades much better in the first levels due to his high base armor. Idk why you put Nasus and Zed here.. CC absolutely ruins these champions and {{item:3110}} even more. Nasus is basioclly useless unless he stay under turret he first 20 mins, which is very unlikely when it's high tier play, and Zed can't do shet when there's a 2.25 sec silence on him. His dead before he is able to use his first ability. Edit: Ignore that Nasus is safe below turret, if Cho'gath goes full AP there's little a Nasus can do to avoid tower dives.
: {{champion:48}} will melt a cho in like 2 seconds on top of healing a shit ton by draining cho's huge hp pool letting him 1v2 pretty smoothly once you get ahead a bit To put it in simpler terms, go google trundle's win rate against cho
Disagree. I meet many Trundle top as Cho'Gath, been out-sustaining them like crazy and usally ends up killing them at Lvl 6. The rest is just easy since Trundle's scaling is almost as bad as Pantheon's
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Who counters Cho'gath?
Yorick absolutly murderes Cho'gath / Coming from someone who plays Cho'gath in ranked 20% of the time. It's not very often I get see a Yorick in ranked, but there was that one time where I picked Cho'gath first pick and someone picked Yorick into me. He ruined my life and I had no choice but to rely on my team for either helping or winning the game without me. This Yorick I meet said he picked Yorick only cause he looked up best Cho'gath counters on a site and has never played Yorick before. Just imagine what a Yorick main would have done into Cho'Gath, probobly worse than a Teemo into Nasus matchup. {{champion:83}} 's Ult is either a Must eat for Cho'gath or Cho'gath can't outrun yorick if yorick his W and E
: I can't login to Player Support
Unlog your account then relog. Should work.
iSneez (EUNE)
: Finaly :D
Repeat? {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=The Hero Simon,realm=EUW,application-id=N9uP9Byj,discussion-id=JUIAfZEl,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-07-05T22:13:42.346+0000) > > Also instead of glacial (which is currently his best rune so far) he went arcane comet. Arcane Comet on new Aatrox. https://ih1.redbubble.net/image.201524990.5192/pp,550x550.jpg
Yup. I felt the same when I watched it... But ya'know comet is overall the best rune and work on every champion. Even through it has a chance of never being the best. Like some pro players even go Arcane comet of Lulu and Mordekazer even if everyone knows Aery is the best choice.
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Brokenhz (EUW)
: Plz bigger punishment for afk/ragequit/negative attitude???
They punishments are already harsh enough dude. LoL punishment system is one of the best systems within the gaming community.
: Your post contains one single sentence. Such substance, much wow. Also, this clearly isn't your smurf, don't try to lie to me. The last time you played a lot of aatrox was in season 7 ffs, stop acting as though they had taken some kind of family heirloom from you. You stopped playing him for the same reason we all did, he was in terrible shape and he needed the rework. It is far too early to judge the quality of the rework anyway, we'll see how good he really is in a couple of weeks. Also he seems to be much more complex than old aatrox so to fully unlock his potential you're going to need more than just 2 or three games on him.
I didn't freaking say that he was a horrble champion... I said he doesn't work as the old Aatrox, this aatrox is slow and skill-made while old Aatrox were simple and quick therefor Screw him as someone who loved him.
: Yeah... New aatrox is god awful. Everyone will get on top of you and you will do 0 damage, No escapes, Garbage ultimate that doesn't provide any satisfaction. Easy to dodge Q, Huge Lock animation.. He is seriously really bad unless you are playing against minions lmao
Phreak said "he deals tons of dmg" I did 2 types of damage builds in bot games and almost lost the game cause I couldn't do enough dmg even if I hit everything to kill the ADC. I took like 25% of a Sivir bot, who were 4 levels lower than me and 2 items less than me with 1 full combo. That's not tons of damage, That's tons of Sadness
: He actually feels quite legit. And the jungle clear, OMG it's disgusting.
But he was intended to be a laner when he came out. And he has been a top laner since they day 1 and even at the end. But all randomly they give him a jungle kit. So Annoying that they pretty much remove the champion completely from top and support and put him mainly for jungle. Sure he has a legit kit in the jungle, but no one played him jungle to begin with.
Rioter Comments
: But consider that while you liked the swain rework other swain mains hated it, and while you hated the malz rework other malz players loved it. Each player is different and each one has a very different view of what a champion should be, riot can’t tailor each rework to every single main, especially as they have other goals to achieve... so each rework will alienate some mains no matter what, but it will benefit others or bring in new mains. That’s just how this works
Then what's similar about This Aatrox and old aatrox? Old aatrox had burst and engage tools, even poke. This Aatrox got..? A 10 sec combo that does around the same damage as a W-auto from old Aatrox Edit: Honestly skip what i said. I haven't played him enough to say that. I am going on with bot games with him now and see if I can actually rek people with him
: > [{quoted}](name=The Hero Simon,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=wV6V0mvo,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-06-27T12:15:57.045+0000) > > And then comes the people who look at match history of a smurf account instead of actually reading the post. Good job on your stubidity 1. At no point in your post have you indicated you're posting from a smurf account. >screw this champion, he will never be my main ever again. This is all you've said. 2.I hope you're being ironic with that last comment, because if not, the irony is strong.
No. Im not being ironic, Im being serious. Unlike some people who just type hate towards someone for 0 reason. Did you use to main aatrox? Did you see what he have become compared to the old aatrox? if not then shut up don't post complains
iSneez (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=The Hero Simon,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=wV6V0mvo,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-06-27T12:06:49.352+0000) > > screw this champion, he will never be my main ever again. it happened to some sion players, warwick players, swain players.
I was a Swain main before the rework too.. I loved him after the rework just as much. He playstyle didn't change even a bit. He was still this outzoning mage in top and has the same tankiness as a tank in late game. Malzhar's rework when that happen I mained him back in the day too. The Ruined him completely from being a burst mage into a support mage. It was not until very late they actually started understanding their mistakes and buffed his ultimate back to almost his former glory. And What I mean by main is by a champion I play frquently in ranked. Not a one-trick champion
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Masantha (EUW)
: Bilgewater Fan Fiction Competition - Voting Now Closed
I loved them all, but stick and stones was a horrible title
: Which jungler should I buy?
Currently Taliyah is really strong, but she is really hard to play in the jungle. Trundle is still super strong, he will always be that so I recommend him. Camille is a cheese pick, not really worth putting effort in. But She has her usability for splitpushing. Kai'sa is a champion who is also very strong right now, but she's worked to be nerfed real hard, so I would avoid her if I could.
: Early "damage" support.
"My question is....What kind of supports are nice doing early-mid game damage to be able to CARRY almost ALONE." There's no supports in the game who can do this. Even if you take a Zed into support, you will never be able to hard carry as hard as you could in mid lane ALONE that is. If you wanna to carry as support, then you has to do it as a team and not as 1 player. If you want to carry ALONE then, go mage mid. Pretty much all mage supports are 10x better in mid lane than support and the reason you play support to begin with is to ward, and support your carry. Not afk farm and deal damage to the enemy team. But if you really MUST carry ALONE while still fulfilling the role as support. {{champion:17}} {{champion:555}} 'n {{champion:98}} are wonderful options and can in most cases 1vs2 in bot for the first 10 mins. After that you are just plain out stupid if you think you can solo carry.
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