Cypherous (EUW)
: Ao shin wasn't scrapped because of a bug, they just didn't have the tech to make it work and they admit they announced him way too early > It needs to be perfect, and if just 1 guy doesn't see the thing work out. Then you should redo the idea or just scrap it completely. It will never be perfect there will always be someone who isn't happy, you just need to decide what percentage you want to aim for
But If we say you make an idea, 5 people comment on it, 4 of them are positive, and 1 person says it would be a terrible idea. Its 20% of the people who commented on it saying it ain't gonna be good. It would be diffreant if we talked about a riot post and 20 people dislike the post out of a million. That's completely diffreant. I'm aiming for creative creations on this forum here, not post that everyone is the world see. There will likely be between 100-200 people seeing your post and maybe 10 of them will comment. If we talk about the number I just mentioned, if you get around 10 positive comments on your idea and 0 negatives, that's a perfect creation and these posts and creation ideas do exist quite a lot of. As for Ao Shin. Yes he wasn't scraped when they didn't have enough tech for him and admitted it. But 11 months after they announced that they also announced that they would scrap the project completely and move over to the "Warwick project". They inculded why they would scrap him and they replied that some of his file keep being corrupted and crashing the game over and over. So yes, you are right didn't scrap him at a time, but they did eventually scrap him. (This was only viewable directly from Riot's Homepage which is now shut down)
Warden81 (EUW)
: 9 Wins 1 Loss - BRONZE V Placement???
Honestly.. Even if you got Bronze 3, nothing would change.
: Nautilus ARE. he's making a joke that you used the plural form of "is".
Awww, what??? really??? That's mean! ;_;
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: Are both in need of a buff?
both? Im only saying Nautlius in the title..
: {{item:1056}}'s passive was nerfed because of him, which should be nuff said. He got nerfed AND was indirect nerfed for good measure. That's a treatment that RioT reserves to very few champs ({{champion:42}} and {{champion:37}} to name two).
Honestly, he got nerfed like 5 times without achiving a buff.
: He's got the most CC in the game (Besides Gnar, having two slows in mini form and god's left nut in mega form.) So a lot of CC and little damage said "Yup, support."
Ornn has the most CC in the game actually. 2 knockup, 1 knockback, 1 displacment and 2 slows. Inculded he has enough dmg to 1 combo an ADC
: Nautilus is strong and balanced champion. Other tanks (Nasus, Darius, Orrn etc) should be nerfed but Riot are too %%%%%%ed
1st, nasus and Darius are both perfectly balanced. They are juggernauts and if you don't know how to play against them, they ain't the problem. You are. 2nd. Nautilus ain't strong atm, he is the weakest out of all tanks in LoL right now. If you say that's balance, you should have played back in season 1-2. Balanced champions at that time were called "Champion that didn't exist". Like Yorick for ex, who's this champion? Pretty much same joke that goes around Aatrox.
: Well the issue I'm having with your ideas is that I don't even know where to start. And I don't mean that like "I'm so above you" or anything - it just makes no bloody sense to me. Let me try though: You don't play top but you want to change toplane with weird ideas about how to empower it. Then you claim that nobody wants to play that lane, which is just wrong. Then you claim that jung never ganks top - wrong. Besides, it's not your jungler's job to spoonfeed you. Then you want the bot lane supp to roam your lane and win it for you... hu? Are you talking about lane swap? I just have no clue wtf you are trying to get at. And the absolute killer is that you claim that top is unimpactful... wtf man
This has nothing to do with the post, all you're doing atm is stating that he is a bad player without seeing him play. Also I can see this being used in every role, even junglers might use it. The idea doesn't sound so bad. Also you're same elo as me + I seems to have more top laners played than you have. Just incase you wanna counter argue that I'm bad and wanna make sure you are the one who's the main "guy". This is a discussion forum, not a politic place where 1 guy is the chairman, everyone are right in the own way. But change is always possible. @flickerflame Great idea btw, might need some more details on how some of the issues will be done, think outside the box. Is the idea good? Will it be abused by certain champions? Like is it strong on splitpush champion? Yes, but it's good on mostly every top laner? Then needs more tweaks. It's only good on 1-3 champions? Then it's too weak. Klepomancy for ex was orginally through to be really useless, and after they got it out they got mostly negative income from it. Making their PBE into buffing klepo. But then more and more champions starting to use it and they only saw posetive income from it. They then scrapt the whole idea, and moved on to other runes, for ex such as Aftershock or Fleet footwork.
: same with gragas. he was a strong midlaner and now a shitty useless tank jungler with assasin mage spells. Play aggro naut top with ignite and flask in low elo, this is strong af
In low elo, everything is strong. But Honestly. If you comes against a Yasuo or Trynda in top lane. You lost the game. Doesn't matter how much you try. They will scale better and murder you in the end with all the Pen.
: hes still strong.. but riot forced him to go support as he has a grab... I rather disagree with forcing champs to some lanes.. who saw lulu mid the last season?? thats just sick
Honestly. Most of the players enjoy diffreant roles. The community has been asking for Zyra and Morgana jungle to be a thing for quite a while now. And Riot finally decided to make them a thing again. Look at LoL's Youtube and you can see the full work atm. But even so, if Riot didn't force Nautilus on support, he would be a dead champion atm. His kit is really good, and his lore is also amazing so he doesn't need a rework. But What he needs is help. So he can come back into the Meta or at least off-meta. Atm he is moving closer to the "dead champion" title for each patch.
Cypherous (EUW)
: The loss isn't that much You need to have 300 armour to even get close the 120 armour it now gives at level 18 so you're not really missing out on any stats really, because the current stats are 20 + 30% so even 300 is only 110 armour when activated
oke, you're right. But I'm still standing on my point for my post, that this ain't a nerf. It's the other way around. Just like you said.. In a way.
: in 3months, hehe xd. u said that 8 months ago. still no new kled skin D:
Gees. Did you put a timer on this post?
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Cypherous (EUW)
: You forgot the AD and AP scaling its gaining on the damage side How is this a nerf to the tanks you listed? the new aftershock is going to be even more awesome on them, leona is going to become an unkillable powerhouse, rammus and leo both have 2 ways to proc aftershock, its going to be glorious tank times ahead, the downside is leo is basically going to be permabanned
Cause Champion who stack armor and MR lose a lot more stats overall when activated. Rammus and Sej has for ex high HP already making them so they only need to build cinderhulk and than max their needing defensive stat to be useful. They don't get any damage from Aftershock, but the stats they loses are pretty significant. Edit: Blitzcrank doesn't even build any HP items. except for Abyssal mask if his team needs it. (Not counting Sightstone stats)
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: > I should learn to admit the game is lost when my team has only early game carries and no damage mid game. I would say better you should admit when you got at least 2 tilted players in your team who will do whatever is possible to lose in case you don't accpet the surr. Even with a weak mid game there is always a small chance yes .There are no chances however if 2 or more refuse to play sadly.I agree to surrender when i just find the game no fun to play.In case my team wants to try i will try with them but...yeah tilted players makes this quite impossible so i agree to ff no point to grab popcorn and read the chat.
Honestly, then I should surrender every game XD I always get tilted
WeAreDeath (EUNE)
: I do, not only Yasuo but Tryndamere players as well. When there is Yasuo or Trynda in my team they are plain useless and when there are Trynda or Yasuo in the enemy team they simply roflstomp everyone and carry the game. No, this isn't a joke i qm serious. Every single time my team mate picks any of those I know we are gona lose before the game even starts. I predicteded ya and then game goes skraaaa.
And the worst part.. It doesn't matter what elo, you are playing in. They are all the same. I said this before on a diffreant Yasuo hate post. The reason people say his useless is that his only 2 abilities to fight with are either suicidal abilities to use when behind and extremely op when ahead. Either he use the ult on someone he hit with it, and dies instantly or he gain a 5 man knockup while his ahead and gain a pentakill. Same with Trynda and Riven. Extremely powerful when ahead, or a very stupid walking stick when behind. I want to add Lee sin in here too, since he is just like Yasuo. But At least Lee sin players build somewhat bruiser.
: Good meme is people going 0/10/0 by 10th minute and not ffing
if you rage them, ofc they ain't gonna surr. If they just went 0/10/0 and you were a full 4 man premade that all said you want to surr and this guy hasn't achived any toxic bevhavior from you or your teammates, then if he doesn't surrender. His probobly either beliving in you guy or misclicked. There no person on earth that doesn't press no on the surr button without being tilted or are super mad at his teammates. Think of yourself and how to win the game. Instead of thinking on him and his score. I have won many many games 4vs5 inculding feeders. So just focus on your role. There's only 1% of the time someone actually intend to troll. But you should see that as soon you join the game. Not after the 10th min.
: Imo, FFing should be removed from the game. I personally believe 95% of all games can be won if done correctly. Ofc we're not all pro level macro gameplay, but comeback stories happen. A good teamfight or splitpush can change the game completely.
95% is probobly a little over extreme. I say 70% at max. Even some games I refused to surrender in, and Played purrfect my team just can't beat the enemy team and are way to tilted. So no matter how good I am, can't win such games even if I refuse to surr. I should learn to admit the game is lost when my team has only early game carries and no damage mid game.
Rptro (EUW)
: I wish you strength and the best of luck for your next matches. Don't get dragged down by the losses (you don't seem like they do, just saying^^) and keep up the good plays. This was the worst day for you season 8. Now the wins will keep flooding in ;)
Thanks ^^ I never feel draged down after a Game, I am a very posetive player. But seeing toxic players argueing with echother does make me laugh so hard
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: League of Legends is the only game where you feel powerless in games
Play better, improve on each death. Like LoL is not that far off from Dark souls. If you die, there's way you can prevent yourself from dying. There's never a "omg I can't do anything", this pretty much sums up every child that didn't finish school. "I didn't do my homework cause I didn't know what to do". Think creative children, there's always a way around it, ask your team/teacher for help, Use the internet for advice (It only takes like 1 min to search up what you need) But don't just sit under your turret and wait for the enemy to dive you, don't just give up. That's what get you reported. My deaths usually ends up me saving a life, but that's not me being useless. My team can call me feeder with my 0/13/13 score as Shen, But I have done more shet behind the curtains that they probobly did all game. "Deaths" are a way to improve yourself, but there also exist "Deaths" who made you the hero of the day. "Deaths" for being a coward and a whiner, is no death at all. Crybabies are the title for that. If you feel like your team is bringing you down, don't die. If you ain't dying then you always have a chance for victory. It's never your teammates fault if you die, if you died to let them live, but then they die from something else. Then it's your fault for trusting that teammate. There's always a thing to do, you just need to put a throught to it. Don't just stand there like "This game is over, I am a Pantheon who got 0/3/0 the first 10 min of the game". {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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Fajerk (EUW)
: Ok first there are several reason why Champiosn receive VGU. First and obvious one, they are old. This one is pretty true for Irelia, it's very old champion at this point. Second is gameplay balance, if champion is hard or impossible to balance duo to their kit, they are more likely to get reworked. This is partially true for Irelia. Third is champion fantasy execution. Each champion should be unique and represent certain fantasy that should reflect in their gameplay. This is something current Irelia does pretty bad, with her Q being most interesting part of her kit. Even her ultimate is quite underwhelming. Not exactly "The will of blades" you would expect. Since Irelia fits all these points, and in addition she is a fighter, which is class that overall rework got cancelled, it makes sense that She got high priority. Also there is not much they could do with just gameplay update regarding her kit, since they pretty much wanted to change everything except for her Q. Her passive is problematic, her W is boring, her is also sort of problematic and her ult does not feel like ult. Unlike champion like Xin who got away with much smaller scope of rework, Irelia just ended up with full VGU. You might have also notice Irelia does not really receive much skins, mainly duo to her priority for VGU. Sure there are other underwhelming champions, but not all are that problematic, many are probably going to get some sort of smaller gameplay update and the most important thing, Riot needs ideas for the update. Sometimes it happens that they come up with cool idea or mechanic that just "fits" the champion, this may also significantly increase priority for rework. Personally I would say that getting her rework now means they came up with something really cool that we can look forward to.
Don't forget that her lore is almost none existence.
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ChillPill91 (EUNE)
: Man... if it means anything, if we shared the same server, I would add you immediately. I'd give anything for supports who give a damn, especially Blitz supports, they are the absolute best! Just because there are assholes in LoL it does not mean that there aren't also players who will appreciate your efforts! GG and keep it up! The struggle is real :-/ but if the good ones give up, LoL will be gone for good. That's what I thought when I wanted to quit LoL, but in the end I stayed. Sorry to hear abt your family situation. No family is perfect, remember that. Wishing you all the best!
WeAreDeath (EUNE)
: Yup but its not like anyone is stupid enough to wait for her W to proc. Evelyn is only good in mid game if she's ahead. Her early game is utter garbage, everyone can counterjungle her pre 6 with ease. If you play something like Kha'Zix, Lee Sin, Udyr or Warwick you are dumb if you dont farm her jungle and kill her as soon as she comes across pre 6.
Lee sin has become garbage after all the nerfs, he gained. His only good in certain matchup nowadays. Udyr shouldn't we talk about.. He is more viable tank(juggernaut than fighter nowadays. Warwick, is a bruiser who can't even 1vs1 the adc. Kha'zix is the only champion I would say could be compared rather well, since he is the champion who can go in and out. The problem with him is that he's useless in teamfights, only clean up crew. Evelynn doesn't need to be ahead to be good. She has great damage even if behind, and her late game shines if played correctly. Evelynn always has been referred as Yi 2.0 in lower elo, but doe to her unpopularity you barely ever see a good Evelynn. Oh also I almost forgot, You can't invade her early, sure with trundle or Lee you can, but Evelynn has 2nd fastest clear speed ingame, 2nd only to Nidalee. He ganking is the only bad part about her, but that is made up with her Mid and late game.
: Why riot why
1st. His early game is super easy to play against as long you dodge his Q (Which is the hardest ability to hit in the game) 2nd his damage comes from Melee range, he doesn't have any dashes, only the Q I mentioned above. Meaning he is super easily kited Cause of his continuously building Health, playing Sustain champions like Aatrox, Moakai and Kayn, extremely destroys him. 3rd Cause his damage is mostly melee damage, he has pretty much only the ability to lock down 1 guy at a time. Ganking him or grouping on him within teamfight should be an easy kill, specially since he has no escape. Cho'gath is honestly a weaker version of Illaoi.. And you apparently play Illaoi, like it's you main.. Edit: Btw, {{item:3153}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3036}} ruins Cho'gath's Life. I mained {{champion:266}} once, at this was during Cho'gath's 1-shot meta and had extremely easy time, just build {{item:3153}} {{item:3124}} and boots of your choice. There's legit nothing Cho'gath can do. Inculding Aatrox got huge amount of buffs lately and currently have 55% winrate in diamond, you should try him out.
: Feels bad man, I think that sums it up. 2017 was a great year of Soloque btw, atleast for me. Had great games, ups and downs but came ahead in the end. Just look forward man, sometimes you lose these games but you'll get ahead of everything when it's your time to shine. I remember I told a friend: Today is your day man, you overpassed everyone on this day even yourself. And that's how he climbed to Gold with hard work after being stuck for 2000 games, yes.. 2000 Just play consistent and don't worry about these, just take them as losses where you couldn't do anything about them. Happy new year and Goodluck in Season 8 :D
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ShinChen (EUW)
: Update the Suport role score system
I got a score with tahm the other day, 4/4/12 with 30 minions. My team had 36 kills total and My wards count were 36 and my damage taken where 4x as much as everyone in my team. I got a S- from that game. There I explained why you didn't get an S. (If I died less I would probobly get S+)
: which champ do you think that should be nerfed next patch
I want Blitz do get More AP damage while having higher Cooldowns, It's a nerf simply cause Cooldowns hits one harder than damage does.
WeAreDeath (EUNE)
: Idk about Kayn but Evelyn is useless late game lol. Her kid cant offer anything late game to the teamfight as it is designed to 1v1 squishies, once her single ability is on a CD she deals no damage from that point and has nothing as a follow up.
Not useless. She just has to be played just like every other assassin. I see pretty much all bad Evelynn's do the same mistake. They are 9/0 and think they are super strong, goes behind the enemy and try to kill the adc while he/she is next to the CC machine. Always ends up dying and not learning from her mistake. Eve should play like katarina, wait to all the enemy wasted CC and the engage on the adc. Not before like Zed and LB can do.
: {{champion:53}} is only for q and this is his only edge over other supports. WIthout his q, blitzcrank is weaker than other "Tank" supports. Blitzcrank's well made grab can make a teamfight or even the game but thats it, he has nothing useful else to provide for his team. Well similar grab mechanics have tresh and nautilus but their grabs have weaker mechanics than blitzcrank q tresh can pull to himself few steps but then he can only pull himself to other champion, nautilus automatically pulls himself and his victim and they meet at the center of line. Blitzcrank grabs his victim all way to himself what actually can be game breaking when blitz can make great pull of key enemy into middle of his team. BUT Tresh has also knock, lantern and ult Nautilus has slow, snare, one of the best tank shields and ulti Blitzcrank only provides some single target knockup (on melle so enemy just need to keep distance to avoid this) and maybe situational spellcast stop (maybe it will stop katarina/nunu ult but in rest cases its pretty useless), and his passive shield is pretty weak (It hardly depends on mana and because blitzcrank is support he wont buy much mana items). And lets maybe talk about "tank" champions without grab mechanics {{champion:89}} , has "Dash", single target stun on hit what is easier to land thanks to dash, and mass stun on ultimate. {{champion:201}} can be literally a wall and block projectles, and has aoe knockup on ult and small stun on passive/ {{champion:12}} Knockup and push {{champion:223}} , can take wounded teammate away from danger, can take enemy into his teammates claws, can transport himself and teammate for long distance And tanks what can take support role but they are better somewhere else. {{champion:98}} AA reflect from w can really piss off enemy right clickers, and ult can save teammate. {{champion:14}} Knockup and ult makes job. ETC ETC. BLitzcrank is not OP, he has just only ONE super strong mechanic because he has nothing else compared to other tank supports kit.
But Blitz does that one of the best early game and highest damage out of all those supports you mentioned. His kit might not deal a huge amound a CC, But his base damage alone, can 1-combo the enemy adc. The only 2 who can do that of your mentions are Shen and Tahm, but that's only if they get a Titanic for whatever reason. Shen and Sion also only counter picks towards Blitz. They don't work as Supports in general. Blitz can still beat a tahm and an ez if played correctly. But Sion can never beat a Kalista with a Sona. Story ends there.
: Just because its a fair kit doesn't mean its a good one Nunu has so much dust even the dust bunnies left and there is a world of difference between ivern and nunu one is actually interesting the other is somehow more plain than a blank piece of paper
That's not entirely true... The difference between Ivern and Nunu is pretty much their jungle clear. Nunu is more based around taking buffs, and baron/dragon while Ivern is just straight out putting his sap on everything, lvl 2 gank and being in the enemy jungle when he got smite up. Their gameplay is has huge similarities and are pretty much equal as fun. When Ivern had his 60% winrate when he came out, nunu had a 58% winrate behind ivern and a slightly less popularity. Nunu and Ivern is also equally played in Gold+ since they achieve kinda the same thing. The only "more intresting" part between these 2 are that Ivern got a viable lore. But how the look in game is just as goofy with eachother, Sure nunu has some pixel problems in his look but... A walking tree that summon a Golem out of a bush, and a kid on a yeti who throw big snowballs. Don't see the difference.
Bjuny (EUW)
: Honor Capsules are garbage
Well the most toxic players are those who doesn't own all champions..
: A very bored guy's poem
Potchikir (EUW)
: "i just want to play blitz but i cant also please gift me the new blitz skins {{sticker:sg-soraka}} " i am not saying i dont agree about him being op
I already own every blitz skin... (Hextech chests) Read my post again, I think you missread and misunderstood half of the text.
Potchikir (EUW)
: "oh no he has high winrate let me give no points of why he's strong here look at his winrate also pls gift me the blitzcrank skins btw i am salty about not ALWAYS getting my favourite champ"
Blitz is not my favorite champion by a long shot.. But it would be nice to know how to play him, espically with this new skins that came out. Btw he is one of the strongest champions that exist atm.
Smerk (EUW)
: That won't really help, in most cases only one hook is needed
Yes, but I didn't mean it as "make his hook his ultimate" I meant as increasing his E with cooldown or his W cd. And even if they increase his cd on Q it still affect him, since within a long time teamfight (Like both adc's died first) Blitz might use his Hook more than 4 times within 1 teamfight. And reducing that amount to only 3 times, makes his less viable within teamfight. Now remember Im not freaking talking about bronze players, Im talking about diamond 3+ players who knows their stuff.
: Nuno needs a rework both visual and gameplay, his kit is just weird and some of his trademarks are cool and all but still outdated, morde is weird since rito itself didnt know what they wanted it to be, a bot apcarry? a top bruiser? swain is gonna have a rework already, skarner kit makes it so he is either meh or over powered(dmg, speed from his circles, cc), lee sin doesn't need a rework he has a great kit that is unique its not outdated and rewards people that take the time to learn him.... now im gonna talk about pantheon but im also refering to fiddlesticks for the most part, the champ is just outdated both visually and gameplay wise they were made in the time where everything was point and click now that was fine when everyone had things like that but now a days it makes the champ just an easy poker expecially when the ability has dmg(i really deslike the fact that fiddle has an ability that can hit multiple people, silences them and is just a point and click random, throw it somewhere and watch it bounce around sometimes even traveling much more than you expected....) and both have ults that are basicly teamfight engagers. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} Let me know if i forgot something, i also have both a friend that mains morde(he likes those weird underappreciated champs: old sion, old galio, zilean, mordekaiser) and pantheon to the point of being almost the only champ they play and both of them say the same, the champs need to change. But hey its just my oppinion {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
Mordekazer and Zilean is one of the top played champions in LCS. (If you count all 140 champions) In comp Zilean and Mordekazer is not bad at all. It's just like Zoe, Ivern and Gankplank sucks in Comp but dominate in solo que.
: Nunu ? Great kit? Those do not go in the same sentence when Nunu is playable he becomes the worst kind of top lane cheese hes outclassed at everything else he needs it bad
Great kit as in a "Fair kit" just like Nocturne and Sejauni. Also Ivern was inspired by Nunu's playstyle. Top lane nunu doesn't work in higher elo neither, since he is very easy to punish. It's a cheese pick cause literary no one knows how it works. That's what cheese means. If Nunu top get meta, riot will nerf him and people who played agaisnt him 5+ times will know how to play around him, making it into a troll pick instead of a cheese pick. Just like Ezreal jungle.
: >but there exist players who has more mastery points in them then anyone has in Lee sin (who's also clearly in need of a rework) You weren't around here during S4, weren't you? After RioT scrapped the {{champion:64}}'s rework she planned back then because of "kids are crying and we listen to kids", it's a 100% safe bet that Lee Sin will never been seriously reworked. And never as in never. Just forget it.
I played since season 2. Also riot has said lately that they wanted to work on Jax and Lee sin cause of their ward hop ability. Riot doesn't like the idea with using a ward to hop out of fights with. But if they remove it on jax and lee sin atm, they will be destroyed. Which is why they are in need of a full rework within their dashes. They even said a long time ago that the only reason that prevent them from touching Jax and Lee is their player bases. Horrible champion design, horrible background lore and gamebreaking mecanics. pretty much sums up Riots thoughts about lee sin and jax. They will rework them eventually, they said. But They first need to make people move on from Lee sin to another champion that is more fun to play, which is what they been trying for 2 years now.
: Swain will sadly get a full rework(gameplay and VU) later next year. Nunu is very old tho both in Looks and in gameplay and Needs some love imo.
actually that's not true. Swain would have gotten a rework last november, but the canceled it. And this rework weren't even gonna be that large.
SeanGoku (EUW)
: I haven't had this yet, no. Not even on my 12 Years old PC I sometimes play on, when I'm visiting my Dad.
The computer has nothing to do with this. My friends has 3x better computer than I do, and they still have the problem
Shukr4n (EUW)
: Playing for skin is sad. Like me learning vayne for project skin, now i feel that skin is ugly and overpriced, will wait for next. Bliz is aome kind of otp. If u are bad at skillshot u will lose because bliz has not many purposes other than that
Well, saying playing for the skin is sad. correct. But I don't wanna play sad cause I wanna play with the skin, I wanna play Blitz, get good at him and show how amazing a Blitz can be, and the skin makes it look like some extra spicyness on the plays. + It's so goofy play with which makes him a lot more fun to play. Than his usual normal style. The walk animation makes me turn from sad to happy a lot XD
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