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Nofpow (EUNE)
: Yasuo what to max first?
Max your braincells cause if they run out you will die from breathing problems. (Doe to all toxic screams)
: That's fine with me, at least pantheon AP is good. But I see people taking Gnar ap. On purpose, like seriously that is trolling what the hell.
Not trolling, That's called trying something new. Sure he can do it in bot games but that doesn't really make a challenge to himself. Going "Troll pick with troll build" ain't trolling as long you try to win. Trolling is running around not doing anything, trying to purposely kill your teammates with a Zilean bomb for ex or intentional feed the enemy. Buying 6 boots but still try to win is still "trying to win" and not trolling. I often see full tank Zed and Full ad Zilean. That's nothing wrong as long he tries :) If he purposely never use ult on himself/others that's where the trolling comes in. Which do happen quite a lot.
Kian987 (EUW)
: The safest time to play LoL is around 26:30 - 27:30 - Martian time on Juppiter server.
The safest time to play is Zilean stopping time and killing all nexus turrets including nexus before it even gone 1 sec into the game :) That's the best time to play.
: Dunno if you made this up yourself or watched this vid...
That is a very good video :D I think I just found my new favorite LoL youtuber :D And no I have never seen that guy. I even searched around if someone already have made this post before but I couldn't find a single thing about it, that's why I made it in the first place. If I knew that guy has already made a video on it I would rather watching and hope other people what it. This post would have been pointless. But at least according to that guy my experiences wasn't that far off :)
: >People below 13 years old skip school way to much nowadays that it's really hard to not get a game without someone complains about everything Wait what ?! A situation that requires three extremely unlikely factors is _that_ relevant to you ? --- You have to be: 1. Under 13 2. Skip school 3. Complain about everything How many players do you think fulfill these requirements ? Are you seriously saying that's a reason for you not to play in the morning ?
Way more than you think :) I had a friend who had multiple friends below 13 years old that skip school way to much just to play LoL. Those times I played with them they weren't very nice :) and this was like 10 children of a 30 children class. Which I could probobly assume that school class ain't the only one with such kids.
Panathas3 (EUNE)
: Ok,so a lot of people here are blaming kids for the toxicity in the game.Truth is,I cannot blame them.BUT(!) let us not forget that there are adults that flame a lot too.Adults are trolling just like those kids.Somehow,everytime someone is trolling,he/she is considered a kid.So,I would like to ask you.How is being a kid considered an insult?Does it work like "I live longer than you,so I am wiser and more mature than you."?
Hey I didn't say at any of these times you were free from toxic people. I just said more toxic people appear during school times. Either because immature children skip school or immature worker skip work. Edit: School was the best word to use to describe that time. Saying work includes holidays and weekends
: Sounds unlucky. Do you play ranked? I've never played ranked and I prefer rotating game modes nowadays. However, I also met thousands of flamers.
Ye, I played ranked mostly. If I ever play Normals it's for training champions. I also play flex for relaxment since I know my team always carry me in those games. It's almost impossible to carry games in flex without getting flamed at your teammates cause you ain't one of their premade XD
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: I played way over 5000 games (-> over 45.000 players) and I met ~10 trolls. Loosing your lane is NOT trolling. Using fun builds like AP-Lucian or Tank-Yi is NOT trolling. Your jungler is NOT trolling if he decides not to gank your lane. A big part of our playerbase is just stupid and don't understand what trolling or reporting means.
Trolling is following your jungler around and taking his farm while flaming him how bad he is. That's what trolling is. And it happens me every 10 games or so :) Edit: I am just unlucky don't mind me.
Vonyalo (EUW)
: Burn in hell guys
Freeze in space to you good sir.
: > [{quoted}](name=BlueStr,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=QdTZKiE8,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2017-04-25T05:01:13.353+0000) > > I honestly think autofill is one of the best features ever implemented into the game. You should watch this: ... and then think again.
I watched this when it came out, gbay just cheated on his girlfriends with another girl. So I disliked the video and moved on with my life. :) You should do that too. Gbay is a sellout.
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: >I also found out that those player who has played Sejauni (Lowest winrate) for 100+ games has a winrate of 25-33%. **Reworking sejauni wont fix this** Why?
Well. Since her scalings and clunkiness is still there it wouldn't be much different. But at least now she got a Mega buff on PTR on her abilities which might help her a little.
: I hope that was sarcasm because there is no game without at least 1 toxic person. The game has a really poor balance now, itemization, masteries and champion kits, even reworks are way more unbalanced and unhealthy.
for ex? Cause To me there are none except old abilties are just need some more things added to it. Like kayle and Fiddle who has very simple abilties. If you aim towards Yasou, Riven and Fiora. Those Champions are very healthy. There are just some doughbag players playing them.
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: Championgg has wrong winrates for a few months now.
Nope, their winrates are completely right according to patches. But the difference from good and bad players are huge. Edit: Riot games even uses this website to buff and nerf champions for the most part.
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SailBlade (EUW)
: Yasuo is not a problem. Yasuo mains are. (since his release i met ONE friendly yasuo rest are d*cks) edit: Imagine LoL w/o Yasuo, Riven, Lee Sin, Vayne, Draven... Would the community be better or would those mains just pick up other champs?
Put Janna instead of Draven. Draven is fine but when a Janna who pretty much is an afk support flames you it goes downhill asf
True Sight (EUNE)
: Lee sin wouldn't be a champion without this mechanic. Try playing Lee Sin on howling abyss, you'll see what I mean
Lee sin on Twisted treeline also has apretty good winrate and they dont have wards so ya'know
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Coka1naa (EUNE)
: I am having a bad time playing top lane
splitpush/tp if things go bad for your team or 5 man botlane. Pretty much everything a toplaner needs to do. And make sure you pick a diver champion otherwise is Diamond 4 or lower there are no other champions that really work to carry yourself. unless you play with a Dou teammate
: Your game was better 2-3 years ago than now.... srly
It's better now. Less people flame if you pick Aatrox or Warwick top. To be honest I feel like all toxic people has been perma banned by this stage and that's why it's such a calm game.
Mada (EUW)
: is the new yorick not good?
His better than old yorick without doubt but he is pretty easy to counter pick. Not adviced has as one-trick sicne he can be run over by anyone these days.
: Supports getting sh*t on
I had a friend who went darius Support yesterday xD he got S+ with Darius with a score of 6/8/14 and 40 minions in a 40 min game. XD idk
: Decrafting hextech chests
Because that would be too easy.. You can seriously just play 1 game each week get a chest if you or your friends get a S and then free skins/champions without even putting effort into it. I guess if you can decraft it to 40 essences each it would be fine I guess.
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ChiTenshi (EUW)
: They also grabbed 2 drakes and turrets, and probably a sizeable amount of cs when you were respawning.
No they didn't grabe a drake. they grabbed a tower but so did we. but that's about it. so ti went into equal gold
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: Frankly Zac needed this rework because at the end of the day it was all about sling shot himself into the fray and smashing the keyboard to deal damage until either he or the enemy is dead. His kit was so unimpressive for a champ that it's supposed to feel like a "living fluid"...and even now his W is still a bit boring. So as far as i'm concerned i like a lot that the rework is making him more unique. Same for Maokai's ult. Before i could not even remember exactly what it did because it's effect was so visually unintuitive. It was an AOE of...something you don't know what the heck is but you want to run from, and that's it. Now it is and appear as something a Treant would definetely do, which is good.
But Maokai ain't a treant anymore.. He was in the past but after the ruined king he had to change his way of fighting. More magic less plants. Also Zac's New Q has no real advantage. His he needs to auto 2 champions to make the ability to work, but when is that ever going to happen? No one ever stands next to each other unless they are super stupid. I would rather rework the old Nautilus that riot keep buffing and nerfing and never finding a good ability state on. His Q was meant as a poke and as a "stick to the target" ability to be able to use his W frequently. But I do agree they needed something extra to fill in their role as a CC tank, but they could at least reworked these Champions that they work in the roles the community plays them in. Sejauni is prolly going down to become a support now, Zac is gonna be a jungler without any other good lane to go to and Maokai is now a flanker instead of engager which shifts his playstyle completely. And if these reworks doesn't work out and the champions fall in an even lower popularity, riot ain't gonna touch them until maybe 10 years into the future. Last time I saw a Sejauni buff was 6 years ago back in season 1. If this rework fails I bet they just gonna give up on her. Edit nvm. she got 1 buff in Season 3. That's about it.
: > I am gonna start of with my thoughts on Zac, Cause he has been one of my mains and favorite champion, since season 5 and my position I go with him with is Top. (You probobly understand I am really mad on this rework) > He brings more CC to the table with the exchange of dmg and poke, Including mobility. As a toplaner this is the worst that could have happen to a champion I main.. Can't even wave clear anymore.. > his ultimate is a smaller and worse ultimate of his old version, I am not sure if they gave it less dmg but if it did it completely ruins his diving potential mid-game. > sigh It's not that much less wave clear... the Q is still AoE with the slam and he still has enough wave clear with the W and E. It's almost much higher trade potential with the new Q rather than the old one and it synergies better with the rest of his kit than his old one which didn't synergies at all... The ult damage needed to go as he is a tank, not a damage threat... but it still has potential... try dragging your lane opponent into your tower with it, easy kills... And tower dives are still possible... that came from his passive not his R, plus just use the new ult to take them out of tower range. > Next up is Sejauni. I don't know to much about her abilities right now, but according to some of the Sejauni mains in the world this makes her more as a top laner than a Jungler. I can see that she has more abilities to clear and her burst has gotten bigger, but c'mon what's with the rework of that ultimate, it's pretty much the same use harder to hit and only stuns 1 person now instead of all in the area.. I bet riot want to delete Sejauni if she ain't successful here cause that rework is just straight out stupid. The idea was to make her ult worse... her issue was that the ult was so powerful that the rest of her kit was low impact to compensate... now the rest of her kit is way more powerful meaning she isn't just an ult bot anymore. I mean seriously, I'd trade an AoE stun for an AoE 80% slow and a 2 second stun with no cooldown any day. > I also saw Stonewall008's Jungle clear video of her and he even said it was so bad that she died in multiple clearing sections.. -.-'' Riot yew stupid. > sigh And I saw anklespankin's video where she cleared effortlessly without any incident... didn't even get low. Just because one person fudged up her clear doesn't mean it's bad and her increased cc potential on jungle monsters thanks to her E makes it a lot nicer, not to mention the new cinderhulk and her passive which gives her 100+her current resistances to both armour and magic resist... much safer clears. > Just like the other 2 rework this one is pretty bad, but not as bad as the other 2. They gave him some more dmg on saplings and makes so his knockback only work on 1 target, which is a completely fine. I'm not sure why they made his W a lot slower, but it feels really clunky right now. > His ultimate on the other side... Gees RGN I say... even if it's preseason.. That hitbox is bad... Like very bad. Sometimes it hits and does nothing and sometimes he doesn't but it do. It's like a terrain Blitzcrank hook going toward you. WTH? > sigh Well half of those changes never actually happened... his Q is completely unchanged besides being renamed, and his W took some nerfs but the speed is unchanged, that's just a placebo effect. And it's the pbe so bugs do exist, like with his ult.
Not sure if you are trolling or if you are serious and just forgot to read the mid season notes.. And Yes.. Maybe that guy did it flaweless, so Did Stonewall is one section. But what about trying different things? If there only is 1 way things work it's way to easy to predict how champions are played. This is why Sejauni's rework is complete trash in my opinion. Also, Bug is a thing that happens only 1 once or twice every game. Not all the time... and last but not least. Maxing W/E with lane Zac means you are gonna die. Can you please think a little first before hurting my feelings and brain cells.
Valthik (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=The Hero Simon,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=cnY25jHx,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2017-04-19T22:36:11.751+0000) > > Rakan's kit is completely new a different from all support I don't see where he has "Borrowed abilities" His playstyle is a Bodyguard that's all I see. > > And Compare her too all other adcs she is more looking like an Ashe who sets up auto's and then fire off for a short burst. > But Remember Ashe is the easiest adc is the game, meaning since Xayah has a similar playstyle means that she is almost as easy. > > Also all you see as diffucult about her is building up her dmg and postioning her right. Which every adc except Lucian do. *facepalm* Uh, no. Rakan borrows heavily from Braum and Alistar. His only really original spell is his ult. While you are right saying that Ashe is the most similar champion to Xayah, you are mistaken saying that the latter is just as easy. She is much harder due to two things, mainly: 1. Effective range. Xaya's AA range is even lower than Vayne's. While the passive feathers can help Xayah overcome a bit this disadvantage, using them means you push like a madman and you won't even deal that much damage since everything but the main target is only dealt half damage. If you can hit your target without having to resort to feathers, you have already eaten one or two AAs. 2. Versatility. Ashe is very straightforward in what she does. Long range AA, long range W, global range R (with stun attached), impressive steroid and scouting power. This means she can easily poke, trade, engage and slow opponents to disengage. She can do a bit of everything and she can do it relatively safely. Xayah is unfortunately limited by her kit. Not only she is inherently in danger just by trying to AA (many engage spells fairly surpass her AA range) but she is MUCH better when she fights on her own ground. Once someone is out of AA range and on the run and you can't just hit someone/something to get those feathers in place, dances are over unless you have something else to close the gap (e.g: Flash). Finally, you said that every ADC besides Lucian need to keep an eye to their position. Undoubtedly true, but for Xayah this holds much more value. Most ADC safety spells (i'm thinking about Graves' smoke screen/dash, Varus' R-E, Vayne's Q and E and so on) are either: - point and click - ground targeted spells (think Tristana's jump) -"regular" skillshots Besides Xayah's R that is an absolutely effective panic button (and with this i mean that once it's in effect there is NOTHING you can do about it except waiting for it to end, spells over time already in effect are the only thing that can affect her) she has her E that is a "reverse" skillshot, that is much easier to avoid despite it's insane speed. If you don't beeline for her, she will have a hard time keeping enough feathers on you to root and since her movespeed is the lowest in game tied to Ashe and Ahri (and possibly someone else i forgot) keeping up the pace even going slightly off target is not impossible at all. Sure, she has her W to speed up, but she still needs to stop to get that AA out. EDIT: This is all IMO, but the little i saw on the rift is pretty much this. She needs to kite, she needs to be protected, on the offensive she needs someone else to engage otherwise she can't do much but Q-R-E and go to town on whoever got rooted. EDIT 2: This is also why i think that {{item:3094}} and {{item:3022}} are some nice options. The first gives decent stats and help her get to business with more ease, the latter is a good option if you have to deal with people who can close the gap only once without killing you outright (and the 700 hp help with that, too)
I don't even have words for this reply.. But I know one thing. "Don't talk to idiots otherwise you might become one"
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Ahridk (EUW)
: That dosent have to be true. My win rate has increased only played her 3 times my winrate is for now 100%
Ye. Maybe so, but was it with friends, that is very low elo compared to you? Cause clearly no one in my games win their lane or carries anyone. And maybe you was the one getting carried through those games.
: What i like about spellthief is that you get money for poking, what i'm constantly doing with my WQE combo
But that put you on constant risk also taking more dmg that you aim for doing if you mess up.
efol00 (EUNE)
: Tanks
Nah, Compared to Juggernuts Tanks deal barely anything. Have you ever spectated a Maokai and Zac matchup? That fight between those 2 might still be going on for a million of years.
oObrunoOo (EUNE)
: Rakan W bug
That happens everytime someone is killed witha knock up ability. Rakan ain't the only one :) Happens with Cho's q a lot.
Shélton (EUW)
: Fizz needs a nerf. Not a buff.
To be honest, Fizz has a hard time dealing with all the Magic resist items and Ninja Tabi right now. AD Fizz right now is pretty much a joke and AP Fizz just got doughed to hard in lane to be able to do anything. Bring an Akali vs Fizz matchup for a ex. Akali run over poor fizz. Fizz prolly which he was a girl at that point since girls gain everything they want.
: Fiora: Can she at least be punished for failing her riposte?
The worst part about that true dmg is that she can deal up to 1200 true dmg to someone. same as a Max stacked Darius Ult. But still has the mobility to do hat she want. Atleast people who play her rely a bit too much on her Riposte
Acheron16 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Hillnor,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=N87tapj5,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-04-19T22:28:59.590+0000) > > People don't understand that if they wanna try a new champ, they have to play blind pick, and probably in a 5 premade. Or at least practice the champs for the first time in bots or something. I always found it stupid to blindly charge into a game without knowing how the champ works.
Playing against bots isn't helping shit. Specially as Rakan. Training CS last hits as Xayah is the only exception.
Acheron16 (EUW)
: Look guys...
Banning? I actually don't see a single ban.. I saw one bad on Rakan an hour ago but no one wanted to play Rakan or Xayah that game either way. Played like 4-6 drafts/flex today and Not seen a single Ban of those 2. I've seen people who are %%%%%%ed enough to pick them up. Since they are so new it's pretty much an instant loss for the enemy team to try them out. It's better to wait a while till guides get out and show people how to play them instead of feeding 20 games in row just to learn how to play a champion they might not even enjoy.
: jinx vs jhin
Isn't this wrong topic?
Valthik (EUW)
: Rakhan is a playmaker. His kit is apparently complex, but he really just borrows stuff from other supports (Alistar, Braum for instance) and is very clear on how it needs to be used. Xayah is much more mechanically demanding, IMO. Her whole kit revolves around her passive feathers that make up both her safety net AND her burst button. To fight efficiently she desperately needs to kite but her mobility ain't that great. Her burst is only effective after a few seconds of fighting and her low AA range won't make your day easy. Her ult, other than being her best option to reliably kick out some SERIOUS burst, is her ONLY real panic button. She excels at ambushes and does not like people who can get close and personal to her. She also likes close environments as those make harder to dodge feathers if she kites correctly. Obviously, this is all IMO.
Rakan's kit is completely new a different from all support I don't see where he has "Borrowed abilities" His playstyle is a Bodyguard that's all I see. And Compare her too all other adcs she is more looking like an Ashe who sets up auto's and then fire off for a short burst. But Remember Ashe is the easiest adc is the game, meaning since Xayah has a similar playstyle means that she is almost as easy. Also all you see as diffucult about her is building up her dmg and postioning her right. Which every adc except Lucian do. *facepalm*
Remmy San (EUW)
: not sure if that counts as success
You sure had succuss. Lucky you :c
: What type of boots do you take?
Ninja Tabi is the the most broken and picked up but I would switch between Swiftness and Mercery depending on the situation. Also Ionian if you are lacking the 40% CDR
: Rakan build/skill order
Spirit Visage Righteous Glory I have had success with this Build Max: RQWE Build order: Ancient Coin > SightStone > boots > Redemption > Eye of the Oasis > Ardent Censer > Spirit Visage/Randuin's Omen > Dead man's plate/Righteous Glory. Looking like this as final build: {{item:1001}} {{item:2302}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3107}} {{item:3504}} Q for Trades like in yours and E for saves. Going for Bodyguard and Ult to get rid of nasty assassins. Never Engage with Rakan unless you got a Mord :) Edit: I got disagree with SpellThief doe, His poke is awful and his ap scalings are ever worse.
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: Well i mostly mean if your team is not that far behind but lacks any real damage (at least in that point in the game) for example when you have a team of {{champion:54}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:40}} which is garbage i know and either tf or cait goes bad early there is no way you can build defensive for your team does not have enough damage (espcially early/mid) and when one of them delays there main damage items it will be even more horrible. Your team doesnt even have to lose that hard in this case to become completly obselete as a team if one of the carries doesn't build enough damage. In case of a complete stomp its usually better to ff unless they are greedy and only take kills and no turrets.
Yes indeed. But that all depends on how much your jungler pay attention to your lane. And if you can ensure yourself you ain't gonna die. TF is a great ex. Cause even if he gets killed he still has his passive and farming to make up for that gold. He will still be a lvl behind doe which might need some jungle help to fix.
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