: Playing in high plat, i can say that some Kayns (only talking about darkin form) are pretty useful, even carry some games. He seems pretty balanced to me, not op like some other champs at their release... Shadow Assassin is sht tho
But Darkin is useless against squichy team comps. The darking form is good against tanks and assassin is good against Mage laner, riven or teemo. The form doesn't matter, But I have now tested him a but more and Assassin is very much more Skill-form than a just dash and slash like darkin is. You can't really say which form is better since both are the same good but diffreant work styles.
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: then do it
I am, I play him as a laner.
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: Don't have the guy, but he's been in every one of my games after his release and he's been pretty strong. Both assasin and darkin forms.
I say that too. I like the assassin form the most. But pretty much everyone in the fan base says the assassin form is bad, but they only say it's bad they don't give an explation of why. Like the guy lowest down only says his "Main is diamond 3" and that Kayn is bad. Not more and his points aint true neither. But seeing your comment that he's strong in both form makes me happy that at least someone seems to find success with him ^^
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skinTDM (EUNE)
: who is the easiest Champion?
Annie or Veigar I would say. But Twitch is pretty easy too sicne he's only auto attacks.
: Please explain why Shadow Assassin has to build attack speed and crit. Thx :)
His highest base stat is attack speed and doing W>Q takes 1 sec where with least 1.00 attackspeed or even 2.00 you can add some auto attacks onto it to maximize your damage. Also Mobilty is his key factor therefor attackspeed use as kite and the 50-70% crit will destroy your opponents. Building CDR on someone who relies on a 3 second gap is pretty meaningless. Also You can Do W>AA>Q>2-3x AA before it runs out. That's what I do and thats how I kill people. Building only Attack speed would be nice if you go for a lifesteal build and if you only go crit then you get that 3 second timing. But both of them will give you excelling Combo breakers. My preffered choices of This is {{item:3046}} {{item:3087}} since they give you what you need. I would prefer to avoid any CDR item when you go for such build because just relying on your abilties a little to much might give a death to your score. After all His the most complex champion in the game exception of Rumble.
: Idc what you feel. Quit the bullshit and explain your weird theories and make sure to read my post again because I pretty much answered your questions already.
._. Im sorry for asking.
: I didn't even post a build, just items i would consider (and i said this because I am still trying stuff). Don't know what to make of your comment. You don't seem to be very good at discussing. Telling people that Shadow Assassin has to build crit and attack speed and if someone asks you "why?" you don't even have an answer other than you being too sure of yourself.
would would take RFC over Statik? and Sorc over AS? You do you? But I feel you are doing it wrong
: I don't understand why you build phantom dancer or infinity edge. You are not really a duelist with Shadow Assassin you just want to rape squishies as fast as possible. Any investment into crit reduces your spell damage. The only crit item i would consider is {{item:3094}} and i would consider {{item:3742}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3078}} for the same reason: Your passive increases ALL DAMAGE and these items add damage to your kit and that additional damage is further multiplied. This being said you can build on-hit but I would prefer the stronger 1 use on-hit effects because you have no staying power in fights. Building for sustained damage and focusing on attack speed doesn't pay off because you only have 3 seconds. 1 maybe even 2 seconds will be used just to close the gap and to cast Q. With such a little window I wouldn't want to rely on 50% crit and multiple auto attacks. {{item:3147}} is absolutely must buy because of that, the damage is huge. {{item:3020}} can be nice if you want to maximize your passive damage (and your dumb team mates will mock you for doing it because they have no clue how the champion works lel)
o.o Yew do yew.. But I seriously find your build a cluster freak.
: You don't accept when Riot decides rules and play? Early game is until 15. minutes
Search "when do Early game ends" on riot forum. Riot is making up numbers and the player are showing whats real life. Or are you living in the past? Season 4 time traveler?
: I'm not sure what that says about the stupidity of the people you play with, but if you actually did what you said in the comment and you think that any of that (inting, being toxic in champ select and reporting your teammates after for getting mad at you for all this) is justifiable in any way, you need some serious help. Like, the professional psychiatrists kind of help...
I think you should learn how to climb before acctually starting to rage at people. "This Unmental %%%%%%ed me" you talk about is climbing faster than your toxicity spreads.
Master Scar (EUNE)
: Argues witch transformation is better,builds the same thing on every transformation,actualy thinks his opinion maters on the internet. These are the traits of bronze to silver eitch curently contains around 70% of the hole community,please ignore these players as they usaly forget to use a brain most of the time when it comes to this game.
Well I am playing with silvers, but having my main boy youtuber building it while he was once high diamond. It makes me sad. Not sure if nightblue does the same, but I bet he too do it.
: I was going to comment something serious, then I read your name and couldn't help but doubt you. I can't take anything you say serious anymore, not after that last post....
I told you last game I am a very friendly player and make sure my teammates doesn't hate me. It's your right to believe it or not. But if you are just here to give me a dislike and a hate comment then so be it.
: Early game isn't pre 6. Early game until 15. minutes.
according to riot, but according to league it's when the damage of certain champions falls off. There's no min cap for that. Otherwsie Pantheon would be half-good early game since he only would be good at the start of the game. But Somehow his still named "the early game god"? It's Pre-6 ingame. talking about average early game is 15 min. But that's Pro league. Not what we are talking about.
Doomley (EUW)
: I just linked you my main account and you can check this account on the same page by copying my name and put it in the search bar. That is proof. There is no "might". I AM higher elo than you by large margin. You can also use the clients profile page to check these accounts if you don't trust those kind of sites. Proof is there. You are just willfully ignorant. >4rd. Why you hating bro? Are you here to complain on people who climb by being smart instead of mechanics. Then you are pretty low elo. This is what you said. You started it so don't ask why we would rage at ranks (we aren't even raging tbh). >Gold now was Challenger back in season 3 In your dreams. Season 3 challengers were the top 50 players in their respective regions back then. If you really think that you are anywhere close to that skill level, you are extremely delusional and need to see a doctor.
"Main account that i dont use" I feel all you are trying to do is making a name of yourself. I am not ignorant when someone is making up lies and throwing them in someone face. Be a man a prove it instead. and I asked you a question you gave me an insult instead of an answer. I wasn't the one who started it. It was you.
Doomley (EUW)
: I guess you aren't talking about me since i am plat 3 on this account atm and dia 3 on main account. https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=the+noob+magnet if you talk about The Febos, he has consistently been in high silver and hasn't really played ranked but looking at his stats, he could make it to gold if he just played ranked. So he is about on the same level as you. You are both on the same level so if you talk down on him, you are also talking down to yourself.
So you are telling me that you guys "**Might**" be higher Elo than me but without any proof of it? And why even rage at ranks. Gold now was Challenger back in season 3
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: I don't play Kayn, but generally speaking boots are almost always situational and usually its just 1-3 core items on champion and rest is situational. So which of these are the core that you might want to build in every game and why?
Simly Assassin kayn is focused on attck speed and crit as core stats, While Rhasst is focused on Tanky CDR builds. So both can abuse their passives to the max. Since Rhasst deals more dmg the more hp the enemy has and not how much Damage he has himself. CDR allow to to happens more. Since Kayn focuses on a 3 seconds opportunity he Has to W>Q>Auto till they die or use ult for an refresh on his Passive which allow him another 3 seconds fighting.
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GPet (EUW)
: Come here for snuggles you~ http://orig09.deviantart.net/e83e/f/2012/053/7/2/snuggle_by_box_of_fluffy_ducks-d4qkxkm.jpg Dunz let tha meanies bother you, they will be poof at the end of the game, so just try for funsies while it is going on. ^^
*Cuddles* thank yew kitteh <3
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Arnoter (EUW)
: Well, you are toxic in 3/10 Games They AFK (maybe) in 1/50 Games So yes, you could get banned.
I mean legit afk. Just standing in the fountain doing nothing but runninga round in circles for 5+ mins. ofc I get mad at them sicne they waste my team not even surrendering.
Spearki (EUW)
: you know if the client is repairing you know something is wrong so you might wanna check if x thing was wrong actually got fixed or not maybe it finds another bug after repairing while loading in .... you always check after errors multiple times
Ye, sure but you shouldn't be in need of going into a game and checking if it works. it's only the client. and if the client decides to repair itself in loading screen then obvi it's not the person's fault. He probobly had a very bad timing to get into a game but at least his teammates got a remake.
: She has very strong early and mid game. One item Orianna can take your half HP without ult. I'm talking about between 12-18. minutes. Build Morello or Luden. You will have the most scariest burst after Syndra.
early game is pre 6. mid game is lvl 6-15 Late game is 16-18. And Ori is teamfight champion but she can't play very offensive in lane doe to her immobility and her ultimate doesn't work so well if your opponent keep track on her ball, + her ult is dodgeable with a basic dash/mobility spell. Her early game relies on her being passive and auto attacking her lane when he or she gets too close, while in mid game she picks up a little with more roaming where her teammates can protect her positioning. Last late is where the teamfights come in if your team gets into a teamfight ori is almost always on the winning side. But like I said before her ult is still not an instant win since a basic dodge can make her ultimate useless. As an opponent to ori you always need to care for her auto's early and go agressive when she just thrown an auto. her attack speed is slow which means she can't build up the next auto before you are in her face. Like Kayn or zed can easily destroy ori early. Mid game, Ori relies on Teammates quite alot so if you find her of postioning as any champion its easy to take her down, just try to flash away from her ball if she ult. Late game she's a nightmare since everyone is defending her + hourglass/banshee try to baity out ultimate and then start fight. never fight if you know her ult is up.
shamshamm (EUW)
: (In draft) stealing someone's pick is concidered griefing, and that's in the description of "negative attitude", i think Don't quote me on that
That is true. but You have to decribe in details if you wanna report it in end lobby.
: What??? Honestly, what on gods green earth is going on in your head? First of all, there's no such thing as feeding in a good way. Running your champ under a turret to then hope the enemy will overchase you after dying 6 times and throw in such a manner that you can equalize the created gold differential with bandit money (seems like horsecrap to me, but hey, I'm just quoting your main article here) is a tactic that solely relies on the pure stupidity of the enemy team to throw a free lead. Given the fact that you state that you won a game with this, it only makes me unsure about the mental capacity and game knowledge of your enemies. I don't know how deep in Cardboard Division -5 you'd have te be in order to get this ''tactic'' to work, but the fact that you'd even come up with this bullcrap doesn't say much good about you, let alone the fact that you actually tried it out in an actual game. Then there's the fact that you even take offense in another player playing Kayn in your stead and the fact that you would threaten with inting over such a trivial little thing. As if that isn't bad enough as it is already, you also make attempts to justify this extremely childish toxicity of yours with poor arguments like ''He deserved the inting, he picked *my* champ''. Honestly, just grow up. Or at least don't make it so painfully clear how godawfully immature you are. You also mean that certain champs, I quote you, have to ''feed to be good later'', which leads me to believe you have very little game knowledge. According to you Tryndamere and Singed are examples of this, claiming that they suffer from 10 to even 20 deaths on average, BEFORE 30 minutes. Where do you find these stats, for gods sake? How do you even come up with this unbelievably stupid bullcrap? Even a player from below summoner level 5 would have to try his absolute best to even achieve 20 deaths in 30 minutes. And you're not talking about stats from a single game, no, you're talking about AVERAGES. Legit, how do you come up with this? Lastly, you think that the guy commenting on your mentally challenged post is ''hating'' on you. You then ask him whether he's complaining about ''people that climb by *being smart* (????) instead of making use of good mechanics'' followed by telling him he oughta be ''pretty low ELO''. If I were to mention every misconception you put into that single sentence, I could make this overly long comment a whole lot longer, so I'll just ask you three simple things about this horribly stupid statement; 1- Are you actually mentally incapable enough to even consider inting in this particular way smart in any shape, way or form? 2- Do you seriously think that this BS inting of yours can lead to any sort of climbing whatsoever? 3- Based on the enormous lack of both mental health and game knowledge, where do you find the guts to try and ridicule someone else for ''being pretty low ELO''? Seriously, this post worries me. In every way imaginable. You try to justify inting, extreme toxicity of all sorts and reporting people for getting upset with you for all this with the most faulty, childish and terribly wrong arguments I have seen in a real goddamned long time. What is going inside your head, thinking posting this in the first place would ever be a good idea? Did you seriously think anyone sane could ever agree with this? After reading all this, all I can tell you to do, is to either get some serious mental help or just that you need Jesus. And as if the content of the post itself isn't worrying enough yet, the English in which it was written is godawful. Seriously. Your English only makes me doubt your overall mental capacity even more than I already did.
I wasn't upset... I was tilted from the past games and decided to write a thing in the chat to calm me down, "Mid of feed" meme ya know. and my teammates found it fun to see me feed so I went for a smart play while doing it. This entire comment clearly didn't read my story :) I was posetive all game and friendly to my teammates.
Doomley (EUW)
: >I was so tilted after all those losses that I now said "Kayn or feed" and my team choice feed so I went teemo and started suicide below turret. This is what you said. You can be reported and will be punished for it eventually because the feeding is intentional. Dying is not against the rules but intentional feeding is. There is no good kind of feeding. There are deaths that have greater pros than cons but your deaths aren't those and you don't die to get more benefit out of it. You die just because you want to feed. >2nd, that was a Joke. obviously I didn't report him for anything except toxic behavior. Reporting him for cause I was honest is just stupid. no one believes this. There are people reporting others for this reason and we can definitely see you being one of them. >3rd. Yes certain champion needs to feed to be good later. Trynda and Singed are great examples. Just look at their statistics and you notice that they have average deaths of 10-20 before 30 min mark. So Yes, winning by feeding is a thing. This is just plain ignorant. Feeding doesn't give you gold nor exp nor any other kind of tools to be stronger later. Singed averages 6.15 deaths per game and tryndamere 5.32 deaths per game. that amount of deaths in the entire match. Not 10-20. A champion like master yi averages more deaths than both of them and riven ( a heavy snowball champion ) averages more deaths than tryndamere. Tryndamere is also a heavy snowball champion and definitely doesn't want to die because he is at his strongest in the early to mid game. >4rd. Why you hating bro? Are you here to complain on people who climb by being smart instead of mechanics. Then you are pretty low elo. I'm not the guy you are saying this to, but "winning by feeding" is not smart. It's literally the opposite. Gold 5 is low elo so i wouldn't talk about anyone else's elo if i were you.
Just saying, but you shouldnt talk shit about someone rank when you doesnt even have one.
: Oh yeah, one more thing. After my extremely long comment ont his subject, I had one more question. How are you not perma-banned yet? Seriously though, I'm surprised that an idiot with toxicity to this degree hasn't lost his account yet. And I can only hope it's happen soon, because I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy to have to play a game with a player like you...
Cause I am a friendly player who interact with my team in a friendly way. Making it fun to play with me. Make me let this clear. I got honors after this game as well as a great teammate ;) You might not like it, but at leeast one of my teammates liked it ;)
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: Why Orianna has strong early, mid and late game?
She has an avererge early and mid game compared to many other champions. The only thing that she is strong at is late game. But even Pantheon has an average mid-late game. His early game is were his domating but he isn't useless when it comes to 20+
: ***
That's pretty offensive :C don't life threat dude.
The Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=The Hero Simon,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Wu0GWWuR,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-07-14T17:21:19.550+0000) > > We won the game and I got reported for feeding. But I am completely not sure if I can be reported. It all went as planned and my startergi worked like a master plan. You'd be surprised. If you say in chat "I'll feed" and then you do it, that's a quick way to be suspended. If your score then proves that you actually did feed, regardless if that was your strategy or not, you'll be punished. > I did report our Kayn for steal my pick doe. He totally deserves it. There's no such thing as "steal pick". Your report is invalid thus it was automatically discarded by the system. > I am allowed to feed as long as it&amp;#039;s towards winning right? Otherwise every singed player would be banned right now, right? No, you are not allowed to feed even if you win. But keep doing that and see what will happen to you. When that happens don't come here asking for forgiveness.
Wow. 1st I didn't say I was gonna feed. I said "Kayn or feed" and then my team told me to feed. So I did, in a good way. Please read first few sentences. 2nd, that was a Joke. obviously I didn't report him for anything except toxic behavior. Reporting him for cause I was honest is just stupid. 3rd. Yes certain champion needs to feed to be good later. Trynda and Singed are great examples. Just look at their statistics and you notice that they have average deaths of 10-20 before 30 min mark. So Yes, winning by feeding is a thing. 4rd. Why you hating bro? Are you here to complain on people who climb by being smart instead of mechanics. Then you are pretty low elo.
Rioter Comments
: You know you're playing League when...
... When I start to feed. (Happens only in LoL) cx
: So... your client needed to repair (obvisously some fault with the client. It happens) and you thought "I know, since the repair is finished I don't need to check that everything is working fine so I'll just queue up a ranked game and not try a normal or hell even ARAM 'JUST TO CHECK EVERYTHING IS FINE!?!?!?!'" and now you're here complaining.... please just don't!
who checks everything is fine? Everyone should assume after a complete repair there shouldn't happen another automated repair without warning.
MohsinPLayz (EUNE)
: How to kill target dummies in practice mode
I have done this so many times o.o I didn't notice it was a bug.
tiger4545 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Robindino14,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=aipzsLRI,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-07-14T11:34:18.085+0000) > > Uh I think the idea was to pick a skill of a champion, let&#x27;s say kled Q. And that would be your Q, not making kled ult your Q. Uh, I think you clearly didn't read the OP's post :) "Mix up **whatever** abilities..."
That's not very fun doe ;/ It gets weird that way
: You will flip when you see mine :D Appearance: {{champion:16}} _doesn't look like a threat_ Passive: {{champion:67}} _Movespeed towards enemy champs_ Q: {{champion:53}} _Grab (925 range)_ W: {{champion:12}} _Knockback (650 range)_ E: {{champion:27}} _Fling (550 range)_ R: {{champion:18}} _Knockback (600/800/1000 range)_ Total displacement of 3125 range For comparrison Lux ult is 3000 range Have fun ^_^
and then velkoz behind you and they will fly to the moon
: Appearance - {{champion:157}} Passive - {{champion:122}} Q - {{champion:53}} W - {{champion:67}} E - {{champion:17}} R - {{champion:23}} The definition of cancer pick this would be, an undying, blood-stacking, ranged-attacking, tank shredding, poisonous thing under Yasuo's image.
Should have switched Blitz into Soraka cx
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Choose Your Own Champ Abilities!
Appearance:{{champion:4}} Passive: {{champion:266}} Q: {{champion:80}} W: {{champion:26}} E: {{champion:105}} R: {{champion:136}} Can't deal with the poke? cx Summernorspells {{summoner:13}} {{summoner:12}}
: its not a bug since most players will transform as soon as possible. but there is always the timer on the minimap. not that gamebreaking
Still a bug doe, also your name is gamebreaking man.
: Wow a 14 day ban for being angry at a legitimate troll for ruining my game RIOT's system is garbage
2 questions, why you hating? And how come this is a 14 day ban? You gotta have been a lot of cruel to that guy and maybe even the enemy team. Or this ain't your first time being toxic. Either way, you deserved it.
: Is this toxic?
If you are saying some kind of harass anywhere online, it's a toxic for of subject. Doing it in your mind or without anyone hearing it is being selfless and caring for your teammates. My response as a teammate to you would be "Better play Aatrox next time ;)"
Zanador (EUNE)
: The problem is: there are lots of legit one time reasons for someone to go AFK. Someone is trying to break into your house? A family member is having a seizure? The cat just vomited all over the desk? A pipe just broke and the house is flooding? ... let me just finish this match first, i'll come back to you guys later. While i think that everyone who starts a match of League has a responsibility to their team to do this when they have an hour of free time, there are events that are simply more important and they can come out of nowhere, requiring immediate action. Even without a network problem, it is possible that someone had to afk without intention, and there is no way to prove this without sending out an investigator to every single case of AFK player in the game.
Like this is exactly what i think everytime Is see someone afks. Sure it might seem like when someone die 2 times they just give up at the game. But it's 1% chance that happens in your games. I have had friends who had to afk due to blackout, explosive poop problems, knockdown from staying up to late and having to do an important thing for the parents (if they don't do it, their parents will shut off computer and they might never come back). But the thing is.. People don't care about this if you dc's for 1 min someone is gonna tilt from that (Yes you, gbay99/tyler1) I have been lucky many times forgetting the time to go to school doe, but those games is where I am in the loading screen and abusing the remake system to make my teammates happy I dc'ed in loading instead 3 mins into the game. (Which do happen for some people) The only thing this post has right about is punishing those who rage all game and then intentionally goes afk from pure rage. This is fixable by riot by giving someone a 14 days suspension warning and chat restriction for 30 wins and 90 games(Not allowed to play ranked). I have done the above once and I only got chat restriction but no warning for ban. I feel it should be increased. **BUT** I did learn to not rage quit or rage in general after the just chat restriction, so I think the system is fine as it is. People are just mad over that people "**Can**" afk.
ExpStealer (EUNE)
: Or Nasus when you don't have QSS :D The slow with the most bullshit cooldown to rule 'em all :D
Rioter Comments
: So you think it is a bad idea because it is more challenging? Surely that would make it better so that way the best of the best reach master and challenger rather than a team of plat 2 as you say making it there.
Uhm. if you read I liked it cause it was challenging. Why did you think that i think it was a bad idea? I liked the idea!
: But more importantly... does Xayah lay eggs during periods?
This went downhill very fast..
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