JesRect (EUW)
: What Reason do I have to not flame a troll?
While I know it's really hard to not flame a troll. It's not always that anyone "IS" trolling. Looking at your match history, there's be no trolls in your last 10 games, unless you count a remake as a troll player. If you blame someone who plays bad to stop sucking, then you're just making them feel worse and lowering your chance to win. Rather than flaming them you should encourage them, if they don't listen, you should focus on your own behavior. I had a Vayne last game who constantly died, in the end she started flaming the jungler and me (the support) for not helping her. Both me and the jungler did our best yet every time she died or we made a mistake we were being flamed for trolling. I ended up muting her, but she ended up argueing with our mid instead of cause us to lose since they stopped paying attention to the game. No one trolled this game, but using chat to impress their feelings was just straight out stupid. All I did was trying to calm down by saying "My bad" "Sorry for not able to help" "I wanted to help but couldn't" and leaving with these comments. If I was the Vayne on the other hand, I would have nicely asked for help, and if help didn't come I would slowly farm below turret taking every CS I could take.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Can I get banned for trying unconventional builds?
I'm playing with a Guardian Nunu support who builds Redemition first item. And after 12 games with this playstyle, I have won 9/12 games. I always get blamed for "trolling" those 3 games and been reported for it. But yet gained a punishment. Also I played Zac support for over a year after his rework, maybe around 140+ game in ranked with him on support. Yet nothing have happened even through my teammates blamed I been trolling every game. While my winrate is about 40% on him, I still win games and that's the only thing Riot is looking at when it comes to unique playstyles. There was once a Singed and rammus support that got banned from playing Support, but the reason they got banned was cause they rage quit multiple occations and talked back with toxic behavior. While I can say "No, you can't be banned for this." You will gain more reports on you than usual and therefor if you flame just a little, it's more likely you get banned for toxic behavior more than others who has even harsher toxic behavior. Simply play what you have fun with and always strive to win. That's all you need to think about
: Of course you can get banned "We understand you want to play singed support, but try it again and we willl fckin ban you - rito"
: Why was that thread locked?
Cause it was already solved, inculding its 4 months old, inculding the person who held the post apparently either deleted his account or got perma banned.
: If every champion was made like Yasuo!
I get this is a joke and all. But why did you think Sion would be the best one to work with Yasuo's abilities? Sion ain't really a community joke neither.
: lmao have you ever seen riot making something new that works? stop complaining, they will not care and just sit it out like they always do
This is first time, I get something from riot that doesn't work..
Muuaahh (EUNE)
: Why not show players their MMR?
Why does it matter? You shouldn't underestimate your opponent, ever and you should never see your teammates as either bad or good players. What's the point in seeing MMR?
fuNNy154 (EUNE)
: How many suspension before permanent ban?
You can get 1 warning per year, 1 chat restriction per year, only 1 week ban and 1 perma ban. Basically as soon as you get to the 14 days ban, except to make a new account and start over. I got chat restricted twice in my life and warning 3 times. Doe I had a friend who had a 14 days ban 4 years ago, and 3 years later, he got perma banned. There's no coming back from a 14 days ban.
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: About under 18 players...
Usually the people who cry are the people who are below 15 years old, while those above are the once afk. Unless you play on the mornings.. Kids at the mornings always think they can play 1 game before going to school and have to afk at 15 min mark or something, or just rage quits. But overall it's more grown ups who goes AFK rather than cry. Cause people get drunk, overwork, overplay, have daily life problems and so on. When I was younger (15years), I got banned twice due to toxic behavior also I was rekless and played LoL before going to school in the mornings, which made me either miss school or having to AFK, I got multiple AFK warnings back then. But now, I am having to put up a schedule for my day, otherwise I might end up having too much freedom and miss out of important calls, like the door, job calls and family business.
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: Your friend's mmr was simply higher than yours. Also, the impact of the placement matches scale linearly. So the impact of the next game decreases constantly. As an example, your 2nd placement match has more impact than the 3rd one and so on. However, mmr is the most important factor.
: Enemy Nasus 700 stacks in min 25, my Nasus 150 stacks 2/11 in min 25. Im just tired of this sh it. I mean at least to be both noobs or both good. Now if I see Nasus in the enemy team and do 2 kills in a row on my top laner I already farm under the turret and don't give him the satisfaction killing me in late with one Q and 2-3 basics. Before the buff I still had a chance vs him, but now in late even with YI {{item:1419}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3022}} {{summoner:14}} (the ignite was from thresh support who died from a single Q) I don't have a chance because he just Q me too many times. (he killed me and left with 600-800 HP while he was ignited and after a wave he was full again). If they let him have this 12 stack at least remove the passive from his ult where he gets the cdr on Q.
I don't wanna say anything about enemy Nasus. Cause I have no problems with Nasus opponents since I know to properly fight one. Also... Yi Sucks against him.. Yi is an assassin and Nasus is a Juggernaut.. Juggernuats hard counter assassins... Everyone knows that. If you want to beat a Nasus in 1vs1, use fighters or ranged match ups. I play Urgot against him and has only lost 1 game in like 30-40 matchups against a Nasus.
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Kíngsman (EUW)
: Stop crying and play the game.
You know, those people who surrender before the 10 min mark ain't on the Boards. Most people on the boards doesn't have friends to speak to therefor where are here to discuss topics instead. Those who cry a lot, have a lot of friends and those friends cries as much as they themselves do.
: There is one way: Ban him. Other than that: Nope, you're screwed.
Just play Zilean :) Slow him until his dead, if he flash just ult yourself and run away.
Garda23 (EUNE)
: is there any way to stop the new buffed nasus?
And worst possible champion to have in your team XD
: Why Zac has remaked? For People, who missing S6 Zac!!
The reason why Rengar and LB got reverted is cause their fanbases are huge and riot takes notice to them. But due to Zac's fanbase was very small and also infact that he was a tank, reverting him would put a negative attitude towards Assassin players who hated old Zac.
: yup, as an akali main for several seasons, i can say for all akali players - we've suffered a lot in these 6 months. nerf after nerf, concluding in 5 nerfs total only to change the ban rate, which decreasing the win rate. i remember being hyped about the new one so much, i though, wow! she's cool, she's gonna be so fun, can't wait for her release!! but, nope, at first it felt cool, ok ban rate was high, but she was fun to play.. then i realised all of her weaknesses and horrible late game... i thought, even though she's cool, i felt so much better with the old one, and now, i say with a full heart, the old one was better. even if u had less means to escape teamfight, only those ult dashes, still, it would be thrilling to find your ways in and out of teamfight. tbh i dont like the new shroud, even if it would make you invisible under tower, the huge hole that formed in the middle was a disaster in my opinion. anyway back to topic: yea, i even feel bad for irelia and aatrox players, this patch was terrible for a lot of players, and i feel every one of them, something went terribly wrong in the balance team of riot
Aatrox and Irelia was infact buffed. Well aatrox was at least, according to the top aatrox players, they liked this patch that was given to Aatrox. Irelia one-tricks hated it, but it wasn't really a nerf, it was intended towards only effect one-trick players, due to Irelia being a good champion against basically everything. So now tanks will be a harder matchup for her cause of her W effects, but squish targets will be killed easier.
Corvin0716 (EUNE)
: That is why winrate is not the answer for everything. No, her winrate will not be 20-25%. It will actually increase. She was permabanned in high-elo therefore she was mostly available for low-elo players to play. Players who struggle champions more difficult than Garen or Yi. Akali is still broken. People just %%%%%ing about her because it was so convenient to set a campfire under enemy turrets and kill the other player without any real counterplay. Now they need some skills and calculation to do it. Shocking. Same goes for healing. Most champs have to buy items, set runes for extra healing, now Akali has to do the same. It is not like she does not buy gunblade anyway.
When a champion is below 30% winrate. They are extremely underpowered in all sense and logic. You probobly listen to some pros who said "winrate doesn't matter" **as long it's between 45-50%** When a champion goes above 51% winrate, riot takes notice and will nerf it down do 45-50% as always. But champions that goes below 40% winrate are considered trash by riot. Whenever someone brings that champion up to riot they always respond "We are working on a fix for this champion", and that usually means they have to spend 2+ months before an update will come to that champion. Just look at Mordekaser for example, he got gutted after the fail of his being a bot laner and they didn't fix him until 1 year after that. Even currently he ain't strong, but cause his playrate his so low, the winrates doesn't match and can go between 40-70% winrate between weeks. If they do this thing with Akali as well, she will likely been an unseen champion for 1-2 years before they finally fix her. Just like they did with LB
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: If you face a smurf and lose to him, it won't affect your climb in the long run. You'll eventually climb to your rightful elo if you deserve it. > Why should i play against people who have far greater skill, far greater experience in the game and far greater game knowledge who simply run me down and i have absolutely nothing to do about it? Try to learn from it. Playing against a higher skill player let's you see something that you don't see in your own corresponding elo. How would you exactly make a system that denies smurfing?
The thing is, there's quite a lot of Smurf existing in the world. So you might have bad luck and lose 5 games in row due to having a troll smurf on your team, or going against a tryhard smurf.
: > I don't think you understand what a "smurf" is. I have a different view on what smurfing is and what isn't. For me smurfing is just making a new account, and either starting over or trying to climb again. I for example have an EUNE smurf account, that I play ranked on. But I decided I only wanted to play ADC and see how well I do. (being a tank/bruiser top/jungle main) Answer: not that well. I tryhard in those games as well, so I don't do it to stomp noobs or anything. For low level players it's their own choice, so I can't really answer that. You'd need an actual low level to answer that.
Well I know it's your own choice. But what if the transfer system was cheaper? Would you still make a new account on EUW? Also even through that your opinion of what a smurf is, what is a person that abuse their high rank to bully the weak using a low level account? Is that not a smurf to you? Then what is that?
: Why is smurfing not a reportable offence?
Cause there's no way to prove for someone that if they are smurfing or just came from a other MOBA game and are just extremely skilled within LoL mechanics. I see your point doe, but there's number of ways riot can fix this, for example adding so Phone numbers must be a write in when creating account, removal of XP boosters, which I made a post about, about an hour ago and making Region transfers much cheaper than they currently are.
: Why is smurfing not a reportable offence?
Cause there's no way to prove for someone that if they are smurfing or just came from a other MOBA game and are just extremely skilled within LoL mechanics. I see your point doe, but there's number of ways riot can fix this, for example adding so Phone numbers must be a write in when creating account, removal of XP boosters, which I made a post about, about an hour ago and making Region transfers much cheaper than they currently are.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ponicx,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=6MoP4nHn,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-01-25T21:17:59.459+0000) > > he doesn't know apparently lul well there is a bug on his q that is a big problem but as a pyke main i'm not sure if there are any other that's the only one i found
Ye, I think we are thinking of the same bug. It's hard for me to explain, but I have had tons of bugs on Pyke's Q lately.
: Sylas needs a nerf
I don't think you put too much effort into your post.. But I will try to keep this discussion going. So what I take out of your context is that he is strong, cause he have way too much into his kit right? His ultimate is on a very low CD and he has CC. These are the upsides. On the other hand, he has no mobile skills outside of his E, which has a long CD and can only count as a Aatrox Dash. Ontop of that, he ain't a one-trick champion, if you "first pick" this guy, you're doom to lose, since the enemy will just pick champions with useless ultimates. (At least in silver+). His stats ain't worth being talked about, and he scales with AP, using any ultimate that scales with AD is basically worthless as well. Now as you can see there's way more negatives than positives in his kit and since he ain't a one-trick worthy champions, he is quite weak compared to a diffreant "Alternative" champion, for ex Kassadin. In all of this, my opinion for whether if he should get a buff or a nerf does not matter, since he been out for only 3 weeks (Counting PBE). Rage all you want, but nothing will change.
: At least with xp boosters you have to play SOME games. If you buy an account you can be both plat / diamond w/e elo and still be a lvl 0 player in real life.
So you are saying being a level 4 player in ranked is better than being a level 0 player in ranked?... I don't get that logic, please explain better.
: But the MMR system solves that promblem easily. If a smurf buys XP boosters and starts dominating games, he'ss rank up and up, until he's not a problem for newer players anymore. If an actual new player buys xp boosters to rank up faster, he's going to get stomped cause he has no idea what he's doing. He'll rank down and down. The system will solve the problem, without you having to worry about it.
I don't think you understand what a "smurf" is. A smurf is the same as a player who aims both high and low. For this season specificly there's tons of smurfs who aims to derank to Iron 4 as quickly as possible, therefor ruining a lot of games on the way. The same thing was in the past. These kind of smurfs exist more of than the smurfs that aim to climb into the same rank as their main. MMR system doesn't solve this problem. And Like I said the problem with XP boosters for low ranked players is that they basically just ruins the game for them, just like I said. It's unhealthy for LoL since it reduce the amount of "new" players that play LoL. I had a friend in the past who spent money of XP boosters, when he reached level 20, he found it too hard for him to play LoL and therefor quit. If you wonder what I mean by "unhealthy", it means that the game population gets reduced due to an bad feature.
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M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: Prestige edition?
It's a 1350 skin, not a 1800 skin... To get the skin you either gotta wait for missions or you can buy it with 100EU But no one wants to do that.
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Shamose (EUW)
: > This buff would make Singed extremely broken Singed? What about Hecarim? He'd be god tier again with this buff.
No he wouldn't did you read about the negative part about this? Celerity only effect during the duration of increased movement speed ability. So the only damage buff it will increase is his E charge damage, and Nothing more.
Rrogi23 (EUNE)
: Is Yasuo a good champ overall?
Yasou is only good in bot. His winrate around mid and top is around 45% which is just on the edge of being good. But his winrate in bot is around 60% overall, and if we only count the first 20 min of the game, the chance of him winning the game is around 70%. Pretty much all adc players hate him. I'm a Pyke main, so I'm rather fine. But knowing how useless my adc is every time I got up against a Yasuo feels super bad.
: hm. for example its best choice for {{champion:74}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:136}}
11 months later...
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: No idea which elo you are. But my experience is plat and above tends to have a better attitude towards compliments. Below that and they always flame :P
Has nothing to do with elos. This happen even in Professional matches.
: You can't say anything nice.
Well I always say good things to my opponent and usually gets nice things back at me. But Usually those around my opponent that outplayed me at the time and did nothing but watch, usually just spout nosense by saying that I'm salty of something. I had a game as Nunu some days ago, where I took at my opponent's jungle. He stayed cool and eventually killed me in his jungle and got his buffs back. I decided to say "Nice job dude, just make sure to care of your buffs" and the enemy adc responds "You can't even touch his buffs anymore! Are you salty? XD" At that point I muted all chat, cause if the enemy team was gonna respond that way, they will likely just be banned.
: Well for now there is only the "pay 100 bucks" option, no missions what so ever...
Yes, The reason for that is the same as when Champions and skins come out. Usually when Champions come out they come with a higher BE than usual, also 2 weeks after release it goes on Champion rotation, before going on the sale the week after that. Same goes for skins, usually 2 months after a skin comes out, it goes on sale (does not include legendary and ultimate). The reason they do this is cause they want people to get greedy and use the skin/champion before anyone else does. That's also the reason why the always make huge bundles when champions comes out and like this patch's blood moon skins. I bought the blood moon Pyke bundle for example, but I could do anything with my money since I already got a job and LoL is my hobby.
Yiphobia (EUW)
: Nasus is BROHKEN
Well, yes. he is broken in low elo. Cause no one knows how to pick a champion with CC. Play any champion with CC and you will do just fine.
: Rant about Aatrox Prestige skin
You got 1 year and 20 days to get it... Don't worry dude, there will also be missions to gain towards it and many other prestige skins.
Sounds like my daily life as a Pyke otp xD. This is how a good Pyke player plays the game. When a Pyke knows the lane is won/lost he should always leave the lane and try to help other lanes, until they are able to win. For example, my last game me and my random adc lost botlane, and she obviously was flaming me. So I decided to go mid and get my midlaner as fed as possible, it was a success. After that me and mid when bot and killed them in a 3vs3. This is how every Pyke player should think. But I think I misunderstood you a little. From what I can tell from your matchmaking Pyke was actually never on your lane, he aimed for splitpushing all game for 0 reason, while building Tank... I think he intended to troll this game. Nothing to be super upset over, since it's just 1 troll and he already left and you will likely never see him again. But I will say this, since many players don't understand this, if you ever see a Pyke who uses aftershook, think yourself as playing 1vs2 bot, those who player aftershock on Pyke are usually those players who has little knowledge of the champion, and needs a way to stay alive. Players like me who have 200k mastery points on Pyke, always play with electrocute and builds full damage to win lane and then assassinate other laners, since pyke is the biggest roamer in the game.
Ilovemobas (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Chillzo,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=sEER7Ipd,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-01-11T19:16:26.638+0000) > > The Prestige points I was alright with the players keeping the Aatrox skin, but the capsules are another story, that's a damn lot of free skins. And i was of course on vacation at the time...
Uhm, ain't vacation playing game on PC? Or are you a pro who see video games as a job lol?
Rioter Comments
: Prestige points will have the opportunity to be earned throughout the year... from the looks of things every event will have prestige points avalible as a sort of loyalty system, the more events you participate in, the more prestige points you get, the more prestige skins you will get. So yeah you can prob get prestige aatrox while spending not much, but it will mean participating in events all year and I doubt you will be able to get every prestige skin without paying... so a choice will have to be made And they do have a time limit... 31st of January 2020... so a year to earn and spend them
Oh thanks, that's makes me happy. Hopefully those missions ain't extremely hard.
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: {{champion:63}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:142}} As my experience with people who play these champs is that they either: a) spend all gaming typing abusive comments at team-mates, or b) die 1-2 times in the first few minutes then rage-quit.
I'm little surpised you didn't put {{champion:119}} in there.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: i would not want to play with a player like you... no matter what kind of champ i play as support i try to adapt to the adc, if you think that ezreal does nothing then you never played with him, only next to him
Oh I have tried, to play next to a Ezreal. For example Nunu doesn't hit his spot until he is at least level 6, and has excellent peeling. The problem is that Ezreals takes tear as first item rather than maybe a Pickaxe or a Sheen (Which high elo Ezreals takes) And just steadly one get's towerdived or that laning phase turn into a boring farm party. The only games I have actually won with an Ezreal adc is by peeling for the mid laner until Ezreal hit his 3 item and then start protecting him. Remember Ezreal is the hardest ADC to play, and many players who play him usually thinks they are "really good" at the champion, but in truth they are just spamming Q without reason. Nowadays also most people who are good at Ezreals max E first, before Q and it seems to be really strong. But everyone who plays Ezreal in gold are basically Maxing Q, spamming Q on minions, has no mana for a fight and dies after jumping in with a 0 dmg E. I ain't a bad Support, I know my limits and I do not care if my adc plays badly, since I can just win the game by my own skill or knowledge. Every support and adc duo who are very unskilled with playing alone, Always think "I can't carry without a partner". While I stand in right, multiple times had my adc AFK and still won lane + game through game knowledge. The reason my duo partners lose games is cause they rely too much on each other, than their entire team. That's also why I hate Ezreals, cause most of those filthy Ezreals just constantly think "I need a support to win", no you don't you just need to understand what situation your in and how to use it. I have a friend who plays adc, he is the best adc I know, cause He knows I am skilled enough to understand my own health bar, therefor he always plays with Barrier rather and heal, and therefor he can survive a 1vs2 even if I were to bail out. Doe he plays more Lucian and Twitch
: Every champion has OTP's so with this logic you don't want to play with any champions? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
I think he means every "hard to master" champion, like Riven and Yasuo, who you need years in a champion to actually be good at.
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