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: Miss Fortune drawing/ Microsoft paint/ sketch
I'm not great, but I thought I'd take part for the funz! MF is with her poro friend [EUW; The Ignoble]
: RP Artwork Comp - because I cant think of anything original right now
*whirring of rammus Q intensifies*
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: Bruh, blitz buff is so minor, people who didn't read the actual notes will be misinformed. Akali needs a revert and Aatrox needs another rework. Ori is underplayed. Fiora buffs are just gonna improve her tower pushing, the q thing is so insignificant. Yuumi is getting on the path to correction Sylas whatever champion has hard counters and counters hard. Titles, ability descriptions, and other smaller things need a complete description overhaul, some champions will say "becomes stronger" without saying what about the champion becomes stronger, whereas other champions will say gains x% attack speed and x attack damage, these inconsistencies will probably be looked at in the pre-season (hopefully)
Blitz buff is huge, 100 range is really powerful
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: Placements 2018
Depends on how you feel. If you prefer playing solo, then ride solo. If you want to play with friends, play with friends.
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: Unofficial Patch 7.7 Notes - My Mind's Telling Me No
Vastaya - come for the wonders of nature, stay for the fox spirits.
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: Huh... Suddenly Normal Draft hits the cap of 5:00+ waiting for Top and Mid. I wonder why {{champion:3}} ...
: xD i even unplugged my router but nothing
Alright. I have an idea, but it'll void the warranty on your Galio. There's a panel on his back, near his wings. Take it off and you'll see 4 AAA batteries. Take them out and replace them, then fit the panel back in.
: Is there a reason why i still have the old Galio? everyone on youtube seems to be using new galio but i still have the old one. do i need to manually update or wait for an update? #imanoobforlife {{champion:3}}
Have you tried turning Galio off and back on again?
: This is the main reason i look forward to new patches.
Thanks, but I doubt Unofficial Patch Notes generate more hype than a Galio rework or See Sin.
: Unofficial Patch 7.6 Notes - Saving Galio From The Slumber He Became
GAME TIME: One of these bugfixes is not like the others One of these bugfixes just doesn't belong Can you tell me what bugfix is not like the others Before I reach the end of my song?
: > Pug'Maw will also hit the Rift this patch! Very cute and a loyal friend. 12/10 would support with pets. But what if I don't like pugs? (or dogs in general)
: Art {{champion:202}} Ever thought of writing an application to Riot as the dood who writes the patchnotes ?
: I always look forward to these :D
OMG Riot approved people like my patch notes! :D
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: Riot: Honor & Rune rework
I hope Riot do something to make my Green Ribbon feel special. Had that baby for years.
: Oh Mate, please never stop with this, i have the feeling this is so good Riot should pay you to write the actual Patch quotes :PP
Can't stop won't stop. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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: More mastery levels
How about this instead, since S+ is nigh-impossible. 5 S or higher games to get enough Mastery Tokens for Level 8. Then the top 50 players in each region for that champion get a Mastery Token for Level 9 each month. You need, let's say 6 to unlock the Mastery.
: RIOT - You ruined URF!
We pick random champions all the time because otherwise we keep on seeing the same champions, which is boring.
: Morrelo on ekko yes or no?
Morello is good if you need to better manage your mana without blue buff, but if you're confident taking people down and keeping enough of a pool to stay safe, then I don't see why you shouldn't buy it. If you ignore it, be sure to pack Ignite to help take down heavy healers (Mundo, Maokai, anyone near Soraka)
: Fun question: If you'd work at Riot, what department?
In order of preference: 1. Design Team (Champion/Gameplay, I don't mind) 2. Community Team (Reaching out to the playerbase is important, but fun if you know what to do) 3. Writing the Patch Notes (Also fun to do)
Valzuuuh (EUW)
: They're still there, but i think those are pretty rare :)
Can confirm they still exist. I've had a green ribbon for about 4 years, maybe 5 (if 5 is possible but I may be overexaggerating)
Mr Struggle (EUNE)
: They just pushed Edge of Night nerfs hotfix to live, might wanna mention that :D
I'll put that in the notes next week, with a note that they saw this post and realised 'Oh h*ck' and changed it immediately.
Fatgum (EUNE)
: > * You are now able to properly make words when chat typing inst * ead of it being split awkwardly. I'm dead. XD
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: Written word for word from the Official Patch Notes: Gnar no longer instantly kills champions when E - Hopping from one corner of Camille’s R - The Hextech Ultimatum to another. what the actual shit
: cho gath, fiddle, galio, ivern, jarvan, kayle, orianna, sejuani arent supp mate
They aren't support with that attitude.
: Can i just inform you of the tremendous enjoyment i find in these and that i hope you will keep going for as long as you can?
Your message regarding your enjoyment in this and hope that I will carry on for as long as I can has been duly noted and appreciated.
: send me a link to the na one I'll support you there
: This would've got you over atleast 50 upvotes on the NA boards, really good bro. xD
It's on NA GD Boards and only has 2 upvotes there, so... EU > NA {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} EDIT: I also have this up on the League of Legends Reddit, and it's been sitting on the top of the second page there for like half an hour.
Rismosch (EUW)
: "Rundown" This video is 30 minutes long. WTF?!
I could summarise this patch in 14 words exactly: Nerfs, Practice Tool, Client Update Assets, Weird Bugs Fixed, Blood Moon, That's About It.
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ARURF? Bah! Humbug.
Eambo (EUW)
: Hi Valynx, As you have pointed out, it will be coming *during* the 7.3 patch cycle. As you have also rightly pointed out - this is a pretty anticipated feature - and we want to make sure the release doesn't cause negative impact to other parts of the game. As we tend to do with totally new features, it will be rolled out region by region to ensure stability - if we launch in all regions at once and it turns out there is stability issues, not only will it impact all regions but it also means disappointing all those regions by pulling it at the same time. Rather than doing this, we tend to roll out to a smaller region or two to test smaller "pressure" on the hardware - then roll out to larger regions as we feel comfortable that it's not causing negative impact. While you may find this disappointing, we'd prefer to be cautious about it than throw it out immediately because of high demand - the exact same high demand that could potentially impact other parts of the game during a rush of people trying out the practice tool. While we've had internal load testing as well as PBE load testing, we know from experience that despite our best efforts - load testing can sometimes miss some "real world" conditions that player's have surprised us with in the past :-)
>While we've had internal load testing as well as PBE load testing, we know from experience that despite our best efforts - load testing can sometimes miss some "real world" conditions that player's have surprised us with in the past :-) Dynamic Queue launch never forget
xPechenkax (EUNE)
: EUNE down - 06:00 really?!
Patch 7.2 maintenance?
: Sewn Chaos Blitzcrank and Amumu HAVE BEEN CANCELLED!!! (they will never be released)
: what sion wall hop?
Sion can jump over small walls at the end of his ult.
: What will you do first in Sandbox mode ?
Get that red side dragon pit ward into the tribush at L1 right as possible.
Sevencix (EUW)
: If I don't see a patch 7.2 summary like this, I'm coming after you fam. You're warned now.
Oh no. I guess I have to keep making them now then.
: Best post January 2017. Or at least till 7.2.
So long as you don't make me go ARH-WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
: this is brilliant lmao
: Give this guy a Porosnax!
I endorse this comment. :3
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