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Larry (EUNE)
: she had a total rework, and changed their skins as well. No more attention for poppy afaik. But the boombox idea is good, though she needs a weapon. If she smashes the boombox with her ulti, what will happen? :/
The Boombox itself wont smash, the ripples from the ult would be huge speakers giving out bass, shaking and vibrating :D
Remmy San (EUW)
: i like the idea but her outfit should be close to miku's
Yes that looks like a good example too :) Really suits Poppy
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: As Alistar main, i know what are you talking about, but also i know this: If i own a Black Alistar, i would be really pissed if Riot gave it to anyone else. Why? Because Black Alistar is ugly skin. There is nothing cool or special about skin itself, so giving it again will only take only good thing about that skin. Rarity. Trust me, if Riot sell Black Alistar for 1 IP, 1 month later noone would play with that skin. So, let them keep Black Alistar, we dnt really need it. Infernal Alistar is enough. Oh, also, it would be cool to ALL SKINS OBTAINED through Hextech get some border, in respect to people who paid RP to get them. There should be difference between PAIN dj sona and CRAFTED one.
but thats the thing, it would still be so rare to get AND its quite different because it will have a border at loading screen
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: Where can I see my MMR?
: Post Your Total Mastery Score!
Hey dude we know each other lol mine is 67 btw...
Xevestos (EUW)
: They will rework him. Cus he i plain boring. Hope it will be soon but as I know rito, I guees it can be summer 2016-spring 2016. :D
they said he isnt on the scope yet :)
: Snowdown Skin contest!
**Justice** {{champion:10}} On delicate wings she glides into battle A glare from her armour makes knees rattle A sword in hand with ravaging fire Her Justice is swift and never dire Her sister settled in the enemy claw No malice or family is above the law To challenge against her you may think is strong She'll slow you down and prove you wrong Slash, stab, scorch and sear Hers is a name you'd never want to hear Like the golden helmet she wears her pride To incinerate evil, Kayle needs no guide.
This is not League of Legends related.
Excelionz (EUW)
: Warwick Ult
no. just no. i love {{champion:19}} rito pls dont nerf ;_;
: Then it means you are playing vs much worse players than you are. When you get matched with somebody who is better than you or equally skilled and HAS RUNES you will feel the pain. short interactions with the other laner is called "a trade". You cannot "trade hits" with somebody who is more fed than you and expect to win. Everybody who has runes while you don't has a rough advantage of 2 kills on you. This has nothing to do with game skill. There are runes, everybody can get them. Not getting them is dumb, math proven.
Regardless of the math, skill proves to be more sufficient in landing victories
: It does make a huge difference. You see, when you get a kill, you get 300-500 gold, when you last hit a minion, you get 17-25 gold, last hitting is a very important skill to perfect, letting your carries get the kill instead of taking it yourself as a support/jungler is also important. You know why? Every 100 gold matters. Starting with a gold advantage is not a matter of preference. You want to get as much power from runes as you can, the customizability only helps you choose the stats your champion needs the most. Hybrid penetration runes. Runes that give both armor pene and magic pene at once. They give less armor pene than pure armor pene runes. They give less magic pene than pure magic pene runes. However, if you filled your runepage with half magic pene/half armor pene runes, you would get about 5 less armor pene and 4 less magic pene than with hybrid runes. I do not know the exact gold value of these babies but i know it's A LOT. For those that can utilize hybrid pene runes (Corki, Jax, Kayle, maybe Kennen, Kogmaw....) they are the most gold efficient runes one can get.
Well I'm still able to last hit and I always ensure that I have the advantage early game to counter whatever advantage the enemy has due to their runes
: You cannot deny the gold value that resides in runes. Runes are there to boost your performance. It is up to you which way you go. There are even some super-valuable runes like Hybrid pens, however they are usable only on certain champions. If you have an option to start with 800 bonus gold, WHY would you turn it down? Are you playing League on Dark Souls difficulty or what :)
To me it makes not much of a difference, I'm still able to win games and even carried games sometimes. And what are Hybrid pens???
: > [{quoted}](name=The Makta Darba,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=3e4XoFHi,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2015-12-07T13:26:16.151+0000) > > I don't have Runes and I made it to Silver 3...I'm silver 5 now but that isn't because of 0 runes Or maybe it is? Did you ever miss the last hit, because your damage was not enough? Or not killed someone, making them run away at 1 hp? Well, thats your answer and thats why you sit in S5. On a kayle i have 29 AS and 11 AP from the start, thats the equivalent of 725 + 240, 964 gold worth stats from 1 lvl + 230 hp at 18, that gives me 1577 gold at 18 lvl in total. It is a day and a night difference.
I disagree, recently I have been doing rather well and I have another account with runes where it has been stuck in Bronze for so long.
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 20 Christmas Special
From {{champion:16}} To {{champion:19}} "My scar from your betrayal, Warwick, has not healed in mind, though it has never made me wary to heal those in need. I set out to discover why you had done such an act of blood lust and evil. Warwick, you wished to excel your limited human strength with a specific recipe containing silver from the Shadow Isles, the fang of a Balefire dire wolf, and the heart of a celestial being. The last of the concoction you had tried to mercilessly tear from my chest, but I forgive you. I forgive you Warwick, because that is what makes my heart so valuable for your desired recipe. A heart so strong it can forgive you for your vile act of greed and power. However, it is not done here. You continue to seek for a celestial heart to stabilise your harrowing condition. This could mean harming others like you had harmed me and I will not tolerate that. I've already given what you seek through forgiveness and love, my merciful heart through the power of words. Accept my forgiveness and you will see you'll no longer need to seek a heart from the likes of me. The Heart of Soraka is written through this letter, a Christmas gift to make things better."
Smajloos (EUNE)
: Banned?
Wait you have exactly 0 RP? Well done!
: Impact of runes?
I don't have Runes and I made it to Silver 3...I'm silver 5 now but that isn't because of 0 runes
: Who want Panda Teemo for Foxfire Ahri
Why dont you just buy Foxfire?
: My guess would be she will be revealed when 5.23 comes out (next week), and she will be released the patch after (5.24 I think, not sure when they will go onto 6.1).
I hope so, I was thinking the same thing
: Everything we know so far (as far as I know). Near sion level (only a little lower). Which means new kit, lore, and visuals. No traditional skin Passive got described as "I'm not ready to die yet; I've got more killing to do." Take that how you like. E will be more or less the same with a few minor tweaks. Everything else is going to be new but we have no details of what. And a tweet from phreak saying that the next rework's champion spotlight has the best pun ever... next major rework is in theory poppy according to riot which means she is very soon (the champion spotlight is typically the last thing they do, so that having at least a script means we will see her very soon). Plus puns of damage. That's all I know.
Thank you! Useful post, I guess it'll be very soon I guess, probably a little after Illoai has been released. They said no NEW champions will be released this year after Illaoi, but didn't mention reworked champions
hucyber (EUW)
: Plz give me a reason why Warwick would be good
good for beginners, his W is steroids for the whole team, you cant escape his ult and his life steal is OP, oh did i mention he's good for beginners. easy as fk Edit: AND you cant run away from him if he's got scent on your low health ass
hucyber (EUW)
: Easy jungle
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: Black/white chroma for tango twisted fate PLSSSS
YES YES YES OMG YES! Edit: Smooth Criminal is my all time favourite song by Michael Jackson so this would be amazing and I would 10/10 buy even though I don't play Twisted Fate
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: I doubt it. They made champion teasers for so many champions, that probably took a long time to make. Tahm Kench, Ekko, Kalista, Reksai, Bard. I hope they are secretly making one, but I highly doubt it, given how much work they had this year, with the big plans for MSG, MSI, IEM, Drive series and so on. It's been a busy season for RIOT, let them breathe a little. And you can't forget all the skins they released.
But don't they have departments for these types of things? Allocated employees for specific types of jobs? Edit: A cinematic is also a HUGE way of advertising League of Legends to people who are not players. As much as we players enjoy it, the cinematic's purpose is largely for marketing reasons I do believe. Would be pretty weird for RIOT not to fulfil that this year.
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: "They could be in action, interacting..." If you know what I mean ;)
thanchon (EUW)
: a man, a dog, and a yeti
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Sindruz (EUNE)
: Why excactly u want it with the 3 biggest noob champions in the game?
: Message me if interested :) {{summoner:4}}
: [Art Commission] Warwick, Garen and Nunu Scene
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Rich (EUW)
: I'm feeling generous. Free skin?
I would like a skin lel {{champion:22}} Summoner: The Makta Darba

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