: Riot do your thing
u got chat restricted only becaus you probably talk back. if your team flame at you, you flame back. and thats what got you chat restriction not urgot supp.
Marlissa (EUW)
: Hi I need a little help.
you got to be strong and mute them. other wise u will be afk and not caring about the match you in. try to be the bigger person and just mute them or else the bullies win. MUTE THEM AFTER THEY FLAME AT YOU and just play and at end of game REPORT THEM FOR CHAT ABUSE AND HARRAS YOU IN GAME.
: Cool ill try out some new champs if i ever meet you in ranked
no problem. the sad part of all of this is that is nonpunishable the reports on people dat ban pre-selected champs. cos its draft mode and we have 3 bans and people can ban all they want.
hasikio (EUW)
: How can I ban someone?
u have to pay on the side for ban someone. xD u could pay to me but i could ban no one. xD
: Death Threats
wow u really must piss him off. how much did u feed in dat game? not dat am defending him, go reporting in game and in riot supp player behavior, if u have screen shoots from what he said better. but u really have troll alot in dat game be honest!!
: Because roleplaying a toxic and abusive character is still being toxic and abusive in game therefore directly against the summoners code aka the rules. I say character and not person because Ramsay puts on an act for his shows, he is quite pleasant in person.
am a huge fan of him. sad but almost everything he says we can put on league ahahahha
Niryn (EUW)
: Play the game and finish it, report him for negative attitude after the game but type "my pick intent was shaco and he banned shaco" into the reason box of the report. I remember an official say it's punishable to ban your own teammate's pick intent and encouraging us to report it, and I hope the policy hasn't changed. Because it gets tiring to have the umpteenth person ban your champion "on accident" when it's not even a highly contested one or currently fotm. D:
i ban pre select picks, when they say "first time going this or that champ" "just want to try this champ" or "can i adc?" and they mid and the adc say no and they still wanna go ashe or miss fortune mid . or in ranked i see what my team mates elo is and what they play and if i see a sht yasou player try to get yasou i ban yasou right on spot. i ban for the best of team and my best so i dont have to deal with bad players. and no u cant be punnish for ban a pre selected champ, u can report all u want and say all u want but is nonpunishable
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Boo0o (EUNE)
: can riot game please do sameting about hackers in low elo
: Hover the champ you want to pick teamate bans it
the game as more than 100 champions to play, and u get mad about one ban?? sorry mate people can ban the champs they want.
Mádwife (EUW)
: Ye boyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz , i was drunk xD (not really)
girl you talk too much in dat games, abuse chat. i sometimes flame too but i only type 3 or 4 times in game and dat way no one can chat restrict me or suspend me.
Mádwife (EUW)
: so i said that it explains his attitude and his writing by the fact that he's spanish , where's the problem? That's first of all and second of all "Report calling, your "joke" could be construed as both racist and antisemitic." well i get called a "stupid fucking %%%got" every day and an "atheistic scumbag" a "gay retard" and they don't get punished , but me for saying the word "%%%%%%" and "jew" is gonna get me punished. It's really stupid of Riot to basecly censor us of anything that's remotely bad , and also i have to remind you that those were my only games where i said something slightly offensive , or more offensive however you want to look at it. And another thing is that those are just 3 comments , 3 comments nothing more
the MADWIFE was drunk!!
alvarox39 (EUW)
: What it is your opinion about the commmunity of LoL?
people are not all the same but in games the premades are very toxic. and in the forum there are alot kids try to get people ban for almost nothing, they want people get ban for ban indraft mode pre-selected champions. but what do you think about our community?
: I feel that you either have very poor english and didn't understand the post due to this reason, or you're trolling. Read again, try dictionaries for the words you don't understand. What you have suggested sarcasticly/written contradicts my post entirely.
i understand u get mad when people ban, in draft mode, your pre-selected champion. and am quote you now: > if the guy accumulates a certain amount of such reports, he gets perma-banned for toxicity. toxic is the guy that after see his pre-selected champion get ban flames in chat lobby, but flames hard and if his with some premades that person get flame/cursed harsh and u say the guy, dat ban, need to be perma-banned for toxicity?!?!? dude one more thing this games as more than 100 champions to play if u get mad about one ban this game not for you.
: If you don't want to play with some player, or you don't want to have certain champion on your team, it's you not the other guy who should be dodging.
if u can only play the pre selected champion then u should leave and not even flame in chat lobby.
: Solution to "Your Team Mates Ban Your Champion".
??? report people dat ban the champ pre selected!!! what if the enemy team ban your champ do u want to report dat guy? or if enemy takes the champ u pre selected u going to report dat guy?? why u wanna troll if your team ban your pre selected champion!? they deserve ban but if u going to troll after u dont? and if u only have one champion to play why you in this game?? this is so funny: > if the guy accumulates a certain amount of such reports, he gets perma-banned for toxicity. perma ban for toxic due to ban champs in draft mode!!! u people are very funny.
Doomley (EUW)
: Negative, refusing to communicate and cooperate.
how am i negative?? how do i refuse to communicate dont we have pings?? how am i not cooperate?? attract enemys to top lane, get towers, get inbs again what is my attitude??
Doomley (EUW)
: First, it wasn't 1v5 twitch helped at the end. Second, for a second there it looked like you were playing against bots. Your movements were also very bad but the skill level of enemies were very forgiving. third, the enemies didn't even use abilities. one alistar combo and you would have been dead. Fourth, this video is a perfect example of why it's impossible to be stuck in bronze if you have even half a brain.
how do u say he not 1v5 there??
Doomley (EUW)
: Splitpushing is nothing that you can get a ban for, but your attitude is.
: > [{quoted}](name=The Rock2g,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=2VxUh1Fq,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-11-25T17:07:16.965+0000) > > so i was on this game, and i usually do this, where no one of my team help me in top lane and i only split push and i never group for team fights and only farm and pull 2 or 3 enemys to top lane, can i get punnish by riot for dat? > i was with 460 farm 9-10-3 and take all towers and inb top and always 2 or 3 enemys come top to try to fight/stop me, but my team they was not happy and only trash talk to me, and i didnt comunicate with them, report me cos in their minds i was trolling and never help. but if my team cant 4 vs 3 or 4 enemys dats not my fault as a top laner i did my job didn't i?? > and i hate top laner and hate beeing camp and hate even more when my jungler dont help me one single time in the game, but love split push and see all that cringe of my teammates. > > people need to put something in their heads its a 5 man game not 4 if u never help the solo player maybe he will never help u guys. I like split pushing too.However,when we need to def towers,inhibitors,go for objectives such as dragon then i join my team.Split pushing is a tactic and is not something to get banned for.However refusing to cooperate and communicate with your team is. When my jungler does not gank top then i split push too at least when i gain the farm i lost.As you already said it's 5 vs 5 game,so saying split pushing is your priority should not be top's only tactic.
splitpushing is not my priority. i comunicate with pings no need to respond in chat so people say i am flaming for some reason. but is my own team, cos its a 5 man game, dont help me one single time why would i help them in fights?! so i split push get farm get towers get enemys in top lane, my team can do what ever they want, and i think am not force to do team fights. riot say to us cooperate and i am cooperating by atract enemy to top and get towers and inbs, but my team gets salty cos i dont go to team fights, and for me they didnt help me so why do i even need to help them in team fights??? i ask nice for ganks sometimes, " can u gank me pls?" the resposes are none or plain "no". its like i am not even in the game, so i do my own game in top lane. and enemy team get salty and my own team gets very salty aswell.
kjono1 (EUW)
: It is a team based game. Sometimes split pushing is the best option, other times team fighting or helping your allies (even if they don't help you) is the better option. I don't believe it's bannable, things that are bannable are those that you can be reported for: * unsportsmanlike conduct * harassment * failure to communicate with team * intentionally feeding/assisting enemy team * cheating * afk/leaving the game * inappropriate name * hate speech So the split pushing isn't really bannable, unless it's affecting the outcome of the game, but failing to communicate with them is. At least say when your split pushing and point out opportunities like, "they're coming top for me, take dragon" and whilst the enemy are heading top you have the chance to escape whilst your team takes an objective. Instead of you being like, I'm not talking because you don't agree with my methods. Also remember split pushing isn't the most important thing in league, it's a team fight, at least help your team sometimes by making the fight 5v5 instead of 4v5
so if my team fight 4vs5 is my fault?? and not theirs!! sounds ok. i know the game is not split push and is based in team fights. but dude my team mates was call me "boosted gold" " he bought the acc report him" "lets all reprot this troll" " what an idiot" "i dont know if i laught or rage at him" all this due to me split pushing and i was in lane phase 0-6-0 and end 9-10-3 with 460 minions and all top towers taken and inb aswell so i did my part for the toxic flamers dat dont help me top on single time in the game. but there are more games like this people, expecially the premades, dont help solo player and then demand that the solo player help them. i wasnt afk or flaming i was doing my job in top lane farm get itens push towers and inb. and make picks in enemy jungl or kill the top laner. but people never get happy enemy team get frustrated with me and my team get mad aswell with me.
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: Short answer Probably Not "Long answer" Look not helping your team is not good, maybe you can get punished in competitive for not communicating. I mean you go less than 25% kill participation in the game. that really low you know that... you should help your teams in team fights, there is No I in team !
i main jungle and top lane and as a jungler i always ganks the 3 lanes ones more than others but still always help the 3 lanes, and if am top and get camp by enemy jung am will farm and push lane, ok i have less than 25%KillPart but in this game i was 0-6-0 and then i fck the entire top towers and inb and 9-10-3, but this is a normal match in ranked i if am top i tp to bot and team fights but in normal if my team dont help i dont fel like help them if jungler only ganks/camps hard his premades friends, the game suck. and if in normal games i never group for team fights is that bannable??
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: Another thread of me bching...
welcome to league of lego
sit kid (EUW)
: so far, the client has hurt my ingame fps by 20 (normally) - 150 (teamfights), while being in the background. I really hope we get the option to either keep the old one or have some lower performance on the new one
i uninstall the new client and install the old/current client, the new or was slow on my pc or not even start
House x33 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=The Rock2g,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=QtnsLuhU,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-11-21T15:15:23.308+0000) > > will the new client work on this or will u guys change the minimum specs?? > MINIMUM SPECS > 2 GHz processor (supporting SSE2 instruction set or higher) > 1 GB RAM (2 GB of RAM for Windows Vista and newer) > 8 GB available hard disk space > Shader version 2.0 capable video card > Screen resolutions up to 1920x1200 > Support for DirectX v9.0c or better > Windows XP (Service Pack 3 ONLY), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 > > am running a pentium 2 with 2GHz processor and windows vista and the new beta client dont work on my PC, the old client works fine and with no problems. Honestly ? I do hope they increase the requirements. The specs noted above are 800 b.c, lol
am thinking about buy a new pc but the game works fine on my pc, but the new client is too slow or not even start on my computer.
: Just a little tip about in-game chat...
thanks man {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
ikafdgod (EUNE)
: When do you receive key fragments after ban?
never again!!! maybe 15 days after you end the ban or restrictions.
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DbeatPunk (EUW)
: So Riot you finnaly destroy the communication in this game ?
dont talk. u too much toxic in those chat logs. i solo player and i constantly get place with premades dat try to abuse chat to me and i never talk back so they cant report me but i can report them for abuse chat. its simple. and if u want to annoying some one try use your pings and dont talk in game.
Kaygo (EUNE)
: dynamic queue
dynamic q is bullsht. instead of having an morron feeding and trolling now we have 3 or 4 gg riot in this season 6
: I`ve seen so many players with few ranked games like 1-4 win ranked games
maybe kata is a smurf !?! but at least she play good some of this player dat dont give a fck to ranked and come to ranked in end of season are just bad.
Mefagar (EUW)
: Champ select ban preselected
?? reports for ban champs preselected?? dude if u say to me its first time play this or that champ and u want to use it i will use my ban on that champ. if u only know play one champ u dont belong in league and for my experience its worth to ban champs that people dont know to play with and want to pick it. riot give us all coop vs ai, bot mode that people dont use it to try new champs , and if in my games u think u can go feed and troll with a champ u cant play u are wrong i will, if i have ban right, ban your pick preselected.
cratzak (EUW)
: permabanned for using MK LOL
do like normal person and buy skins or use the skins riot gives you for free
Eksiample (EUNE)
: My account has been suspended.
u got ban. i dont think riot will give you back that acc
: Çan someone help me with this problem please ?
thats the internet connection. hhmm maybe try to update your Net Framework at windows site or try to install again league.
: He is banned in my games .And often banned at enemy team side .And its reason behind it . Do you understand that "windspeakers" is support mastery ?? And it designed 2 be a support mastery ? Balancing game is important thing , and im amazed how alot of proplayers look on prepatch notes and 100 % saying that this champ will overpowered after this change , sometimes even bronze understands it and on PBE ppl do videos and telling if its get 2 life servers its gona be overpowered thay still add this in the game like a blind monkeys or pretending that thay dont see a shit .i wont remain silent bcs you dont care about anything in the world .
> He is banned in my games .And often banned at enemy team side .And its reason behind it . Do you understand that "windspeakers" is support mastery ?? And it designed 2 be a support mastery ? Balancing game is important thing , and im amazed how alot of proplayers look on prepatch notes and 100 % saying that this champ will overpowered after this change , sometimes even bronze understands it and on PBE ppl do videos and telling if its get 2 life servers its gona be overpowered thay still add this in the game like a blind monkeys or pretending that thay dont see a shit .i wont remain silent bcs you dont care about anything in the world . good for u , u ban him thats nice. and masteries is for us to do what we want!! if it makes some champ more op take windspeakers, take what ever u want, u fcking meta slave. i repeat IS UP TO US ALL TO FIND BUILDS AND MASTERIES DAT PUT A CHAMP EVEN MORE OP. if u lack imagination or dont know what champs can do is your bad.
: Dirty zac main protecs himself ? Funny .Riot games job its 2 keep game balanced .And im against ppl who abuse low effort gameplay mechanics . its patetic .
> Dirty zac main protecs himself ? Funny . am not zac main, but if u so afraid of zac just ban him in your games. like i said before is u to us players to find and try build dat makes "op champs" more op
: Why its even a thing ?
> Dint you tested anything before realease your patches ??? is up to us to find out this/or what builds that make "op champs" even more op
: Banned for standing up to bullying. [Banned for trying to defend myself against sexism]
do a new account. easy and next time mute them and report them.
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: Rankedteam Gold+ (Seasonrewards)
i am jungle and top main, gold4 was gold3 in 2 weeks ago. i no have mic :( am good player and take game "serious" i can type in chat fast what u need or communicate with ping fast too edit: am 30 years old
ZergaBG (EUW)
: Pay to play ?
yes. u can pay for your acc be unbanned.
tortsY (EUNE)
: How vi could be in star guardian team with jinx? ;)
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Leona ADC (EUW)
wow http://art-of-lol.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Vi-League-Of-Legends-Fan-Art-2-1-360x400.jpg https://static.lolwallpapers.net/2015/06/Jinx-Vi-Fan-Art.jpg
Riryz (EUW)
: neon vi is already very similar to the star guardian skins. light blue hair, pink star on her, yellow suit. they probably wont be making a skin in that sort of theme for her.
dude neon vi is neon vi. not star guardian theme.
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