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Zanador (EUNE)
: Check the opponents too. Nautilus, Pyke, Thresh, Morgana, Nami, Rakan, Galio are among the most common. All of them have hard CC engage and most of them get into point blank melee range. If Lux gets caught, she dies with a full squishy build, but a point blank Q+Aftershock gives her a chance to survive. Aftershock isn't better than Aery as far as synergy goes, but Aftershock is better than dying without question.
ah okay I can understand, so basicly Aery fits Lux perfectly, but you would just get 1 shot everytime... hmm then I will just pick Aftershock :P
Amanti (EUNE)
: I main her and considered picking it mid aswell, it just makes you able to build ap for 1-shot and not get deleted by burst instantly
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