S1lentQ (EUW)
: he left coz he dont believe in himself , he think he is too weak to achieve something in this game and his self confidence are really broken so he gave up.
I left because im freaking tired of these, and dont wont to continue literally killing my mental health
DaahLeon (EUNE)
: ive spent about 4000hours on league total, im still not good at the game. i simply play because i enjoy the consistant changes, the new ways of playing the game i once adored and loved playing in both competetive and troll ways. why should you stay? well thats for you to find out, i personally take breaks, ranging from 3 days up to a month or two, but i always come back with new expectations that usually get filled by riots new Champions. i get the feeling you are feeling right now, you cant find a proper reason to play, try new stuff, new champs, new builds.. try finding a new group of people or even a new community to play with. getting good at league of legends is hard, but its all about the mindset, attitude and dedication that you are willing to put into league. -Random rant over (?)
For me now, all the games and stuff in League became the same, there is even nothing to find something new :(
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: maybe you forgot to ban or lock in your champion? Doing that causes you to dogdge in order to prevent champselect afks
Now ive been banned for 15 minutes just because i thought it will lock in my pick automatically but no. Riot games need to seriously improve this game, im quite pretty sure that people are dying with this as primal cause, because what i feel is a pure rage and hatred which i have to hold inside.
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: If after 2 years of playing regularly your skills have decreased then that might just be because you're physically or mentally exhausted, althought there's other reasons but that's the most common one imo
I'm indeed mentally exhausted, for last year of level 3 studying, i became so much irritated, before i was much more calm. Maybe when i'll become work soon, i'll get alright then and will be able to improve despite my nonsense statement And thanks to all people who want to help
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