Achrn977 (EUNE)
: Mecha kingdom pass
So I got a reply from support: "(Riot Games - LoL Support) Feb 16, 6:26 AM PST Hey there! The issue you're encountering is affecting a lot of players that played on the 15th/16th, so we're aware of it and our team is currently working on a fix. (ง’̀-‘́)ง Unfortunately I can't really provide you an estimate time when the issue will be resolved in order to prevent any sort of confusion, however don't fret, we're looking into it. In the meantime, I have to ask you to be patient until we are getting this issue sorted out, and thank you again for taking time out of your day to send us this report. If you have any more inquiries , I'm here to help ;) Cheers! Player Support Specialist Riot Games"
Rykes (EUW)
: Games dont count for missions
Same for me... Such a shame in the last weekend of the event
Achrn977 (EUNE)
: Mecha kingdom pass
Same for me, I've already submitted a ticket to support. Hopefully it will be fixed soon as this is the LAST weekend of the event, meaning that most of us won't have as much time to complete the missions after today.
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Kyle001 (EUW)
: Goodbye
Okay I've seen your clips and apart from the first death (the missclick(????)) it indeed looks like you just got ROFL stomped by a fed leblanc. Have you send those clips to riot support too? If they lifted my suspension then they should lift yours too imo, because this is just not right.
: I had the same thing and managed to get my suspension lifted after 6 days. Here's a link to the post and how I did it:
Looks like you got the standard copy paste reply from riot instead of a genuine answer like the one I got.
Kyle001 (EUW)
: I'm at 4 days now, any hope for me? [Look at this]( Tell me how you fixed this, surely if he's joking about killing someone then there's hope for having a bad game ... This is just ridiculous. help me out. ps. I'm happy for for you
Hey i left a comment on your thread including the link to my own thread from a while ago. If anyone's interested I'll just paste the link here aswell:
Kyle001 (EUW)
: Goodbye
I had the same thing and managed to get my suspension lifted after 6 days. Here's a link to the post and how I did it:
: Apology from Riot ? Never seen that and probably never will.
Believe it or not but they did apologize and gave me some hextech stuff for wrongfully suspending me for 14 days :) (After 6 days they lifted the suspension)
: Why does everything has to be ranged Rito?
might aswell just go cait top. You'll outrange all those weaklings trying to outrange your melee champs
: You can still see his name in the last screenshot.
: Ranked in Iron 3 and playing against Plat ?
same thing happened to a friend of mine. Everybody in the game around diamond 4, and this one guy bronze 1 lol.
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: Matchmaking
Well... try to see it as a compliment, a good thing. I always get excited when I see people from a higher tier/division in my games. Makes me feel like I really am climbing the ladder :) Try to not look it up before or during the match as it might negatively impact your gameplay, but rather after the game.
: Suspended after 1 game dying vs master player in normals
Taking quite a while now to get a response :c Don't mean this in an impatient way, but previous tickets have always been answered within a couple of hours. Really hope they review the ticket before the 14 days are over xD
DYN Looca (EUW)
: Did you get unbanned yet?
Not yet; I recieved the Blitzcrank Support standard reply and have requested a human response.
: Not accusing you of anything, just brainstorming here. So you gave first blood at around 1:04 or so into Jhin + zil. I'll need you to elaborate a bit on that one. These are all your deaths. If the enemy mid tower didn't fall, I'd say you griefed there a lil bit. After you get stomped, there's nothing you should be looking for, under the enemy tower. The deaths under your tower are perfectly fine. The one at the drake is OK too I guess. 2 deaths on top while trying to def are ok. Middle of midlane is fine too. There is one super pushed death, which can be due to overextending. But there's a dive there. Which shouldn't be there, since with your items/score, especially on that champ, diving isn't really an option. So yea, _**please tell me about the first blood, and the death under the enemy mid tower.**_
The firstblood; botlane and I were invading and they were waiting in the bush, flashed over the wall to try to escape, jhin followed and killed me. Both me and one of the botlaners died that invade. Under their turret I'm not sure anymore but I think I went to push the lane while Zoe went roaming, to not be completely useless. Looking at the kill/death minimap I think Jhin killed me there when he roamed to midlane. Thanks for your response!
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Boo0o (EUNE)
: I NOT FUKIN TROL look me stats all games i has bad stats are because ME TEAM FULL OF FEEDER KIDS i try play good they start feed so i troooool
Just swing the banhammer and hit him real hard please :)
: It's intended. His Q applies on hit effects, but as it isn't an auto attack, it doesn't stack Rageblade.
But doesn't that mean that the tornado should apply Rageblade once fully stacked?
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: Is Overwolf Replay HUD (3rd party program) allowed?
Okay thanks for all the replies guys :)
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: 500 ms, and 2 other dc in my team
well we were ahead but because half of our team dc'ed for 5 min we lost the game :/
: Disconnecting constantly
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: NL Team in Ranked
Hey, Ik ben op zoek naar een ranked team dat later ook mee wil doen aan online toernooitjes en een team dat sowieso gewoon leuk is. Ik speel het liefst midlane of support, hangt ervan af wat er nodig is :). Op dit moment ben ik gold 3. --The Wendigo
Alexer (EUW)
: Team searching People ( Silver/Gold)
I'd like to fill the midlane role ;)
: Looking for supp for 5 vs 5 teams Bronze/Silver
Hey mate, I'm currently gold 3 and climbing. I'd love to play as a support for a fairly serious team. Champion pool: thresh, blitzcrank, nami, Morgana, alistar, Annie and Leona.
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Atroix (EUW)
: Semi - Serious Ranked 5s Team [EUW] - [ Need TOP / MID ]
First Name: Tjeu, hard to pronounce for foreigners, so you can just call me Wendigo :p In-game-name: The Wendigo Division: Gold 5 Age: 15 Nationality: The Netherlands Role: Midlane English (1/10): 7/10 Skype/TS3+Microphone: both Champion Pool: Most of the times I play Midalee. If other champions are needed, i can play almost any champion with decent skill. --The Wendigo
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woestevis (EUW)
: [NL] Wij zoeken teamgenoten! (Silver)
Hey, ik zou graag willen deelnemen aan jullie team. Ik zit op dit moment in Gold 5 en de roles waar ik kan spelen zijn: Midlane* en top, maar het maakt mij eigenlijk niet zoveel uit waar ik speel. Champions: Lee sin, Nidalee, Garen, Xerath, Zed, Talon, Nasus etc. Ik wissel vaak van champions, dus ik heb een redelijk grote groep champions die ik goed kan spelen en een aantal die ik (naar eigen zeggen) goed kan spelen. Leeftijd: 16, als dit een probleem is, dan hoor ik het wel :) - The Wendigo *= beste
: We are searching people for a serious team
Hey my name's The Wendigo, i'd like to join the team. My roles are mid and support :)
: Gold IV Jungler, In Search for a serious ranked team!
Hey man, I'm looking forward to join your team! My favourite roles are: Midlane and Support (if needed jungle) champions mid: Nidalee, Xerath (these are my favourite champions, i can play almost every champion) support: Thresh, Blitzcrank, Alistar, Morgana, Lulu, Taric, Leona. Nationality: Dutch, but i'm able to speak english Age: 15 (no annoying high voice) Division: Gold 5 (can get higher if i would play ranked) No flamer. - The Wendigo
: Team Looking For Players.
Hey man, that's exactly what I'm looking for! A team that plays just for the fun, while getting those rewards :p. Right now I'm gold 5, but I really don't wanna play ranked solo queue anymore, because I don't really feel comfortable with that pressure XD. But when I'm playing with a full premade team I don't feel pressure and it feels just like a normal game. I never flame, I wouldn't dare to. My 'main' roles are: midlane and support, but i can go top / jungle as substitute whenever needed. I don't really have any main champions, because I like to variate a lot with champions. Ofcourse I have champions that I like to play more than other champions. I'm always in for some fun games and to try new stuff. - The Wendigo
: Looking for players for 5v5 Ranked bronze - gold standard for fun and in game chat :)
The Wendigo Gold 5 Main: Mid and support for further details / questions you can ask them in game :)
Herrahaunt (EUNE)
: My newest LoL video!
video is private :/
: LF - Supp - Begginer Pro team - S5+ - Must be ACTIVE - EU WEST
Hey I'm looking forward to join an active ranked team. I'll add you in game after this match. rank: Gold5 roles: midlane / support / (jungler if needed)
: Angels of Oldearth ( recrutment) 3 spots left
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