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Vobbah (EUW)
: He could also sell the account and now try to get it back. At least it looks like that if he doesn't have acces to account through his email. I'm not saying that you guys are lying, but Rito can see it in different ways, so i'm not sure how this will end. Anyway good luck ;)
You know that selling an account is account sharing and gets you instantly permabaned?
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chriserit (EUW)
: don't use lolreplay those kind of bugs are really common since the start of the preseason. what i can say you is to try skin spotlight replay instead of lolreplay because lolreplay gives too much problems probably you could use also the one of but i don't know about it (never personally used)
but what about the replays on my lolreplay? is there a way to watch them again? because i did some pretty sick plays
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