: In 2 months i got from s1 to s5 several times, right now i just got demoted into s5 again. I played seasons 4 and 5 actively, and hit gold without much struggle. I just feel that i dont have solo impact on games as much as i had in previous seasons. When i win lane, i always look to gank other lanes, because i am fully aware that atleast one lane has to lose. And one huge thing that i noticed is that, no matter how much i get ahead of an enemy laner and most of their team, if our adc is weaker player then the adc of an enemy team, i am 80% on a losing side. This leads me to conclusion that one good player on a team cannot have such an impact to change the game to his favour, as the worse and bad player has impact to put his whole team down. One player cannot carry it so hard, when another player can single handendly lose the game. On start of the season i had my winrate around 60%, now i have around 45% or something. So i am constantly asking myself, am i really playing so much worse now, than i was playing 2 months ago. Am i playing for silver 2 one day, and 2 days later for silver 5??? 2 days ago i got an Ryze in my team, who played ad and went 0-12. His argument was : "I only play ad champions". And he was higher division than me. Right now i played with Karma support who splitpushed the whole time. How can a player carry that? Sure, when you are platinum or higher you can carry it, but when you are silver, you just dont have that knowledge and skill to solo carry it. And i cannot get into other people minds and control their mouses, not to go splitpushing as support, or prevent them from dying and feeding an enemy. I dont like flaming other people, but this season i feel that i am on the edge of flaming every game that i play. I feel that the game became too inconsistant, and the matchmaking system has huge gaps between divisions and skills. I just hope they will be fixing it in the next season. {{sticker:galio-happy}}
I feel you man, I've had the same experience with ADC. No sense in complaining anymore. Not worth the flaming haha. Hope they change it in the future.
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