: Why does tryndamers ultimate not last the full 6 seconds
You played trynda twice and come right away to do a crying post saying dumb sh*t ? So Garen Q silences so you cant cast spells, theres no big science in that. And if you die in two seconds you probably are casting your ult way too early. If you want to learn a champ go to youtube see high elo players and practice alot.
: Kennen’s lightning rush isn’t mobility, it’s just a haste... so singed W has no effect on it at all. Yi not being rooted is prob a bug and to do with him not getting slowed by the W. Also singed isn’t a tank, currently riot have him as unique (cause it’s singed, he is just weird), but he is closer to juggernauts and divers than a tank.... Also juggernauts are meant to be tankier than a tank... generally juggernauts have the best durability in the game but lack any real utility or mobility... so a lot less reliable than a tank. Honestly singed is just weird... but I don’t think he is meant for straight up fights... he won’t be able to go toe to toe with say a juggernaut but he has the tools to harass them without getting in harms way which is big. So he is going to be squishier than other durable champions because he gets to fight much more indirectly.
Still he just gets harassed alot by several champs and i need to get close to deal any dmg, since singed has no ranged habilities no dash and only ult gives the stats he needs, i think he could use some love or in dmg or in tankyness just cause compared to many champs, if he doesnt get ahead, he feels kinda weak compared to many other champs, in tfs hes good tho since he makes the enemie team get messed and they dont know what to do about it, maybe his Q dmg should be slighly buffed in early cause if singed wants to deal some dmg he just risks too much, sometimes i feel i would risk less if i proxy which is untrue since top mid and jungle just run you down and you are not tanky enough. Btw singed W negates mvm habilites, since Kennen E gives mvm speed that shouldnt work.
: First of all, Singed is a pretty much permabanned champ in high elo right now. Why is that? He's annoying. He's not the best tank, he's not the best damage dealer. But his kit allows him to do some pretty straight forward, non-failable things that have great impact in matches. His point and click flash fling, his jump-deny (miasma like adhesive ability), and his ult+passive make him a pretty strong teamfight "pick-maker" . When playing singed, you have to have a game-plan. You can either be a damage dealing lane bully, a splitpushing damage dealer, a laning phase gank-followup CC machine tank, or a teamfight frontline split-tank. That's 2-2 scenarios with damage and/or tank builds. I recommend watching Sirhcez, he's super entertaining, chill, one of the best instructional Singed players on twitch.tv . You need to understand how each matchup works, and what's the optimal build to take runes+items-wise in each one. Answering this on a forum would pretty much take up 30 pages, and I don't have the time and energy to do that.
The thing is that doesnt seem to work in gold/plat, i watch every high elo singed match up, but i feel like i could never build RG or ZZ first item cause i would lack dmg or heavy tanky stats cause the game in this elo is just straigh foward kill above all, and me alone cant really be a strategy maker cause my team will need me or they loose 4 v 5 cause they still go for teamfights without me. But yeah, same reason yi is op in low elo, not the champ problem, just the people who playing the game. Well ty for answering, btw i always watch your youtube videos and sometimes the stream, and i dont think you remember me, its Josh from highschool, JK JK , i had to do it xD
: how do i break out of this slump?
I was stuck in silver for a long time cause i raged alot and that was the single reason, i did better than my teammates and if they were bad i would afk, so i stoped being so harsh and tried to find a champ that i could have some fun instead of tryhard that would lead me to stress, and when i did that i went from silver 1 to gold 1 in less than a week, and now im having same problems but without the part that i rage quit. If you start loosing you will make more mistakes cause you are inevitably tilted, not cause you are bad, but you just feel like people are so stupid that they should be the ones to carry you for once, but that happens 1 in 40 games, so find a champ you can just have fun, for me it was singed, not particularly op but lots of fun with his mvm spd ^^
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