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: Focus on rotating around the map, remember objectives are way more important than kills! You'll climb
Yea thanks, objectives are very important for sure!
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: 1. Farm 2. Watch the minimap every 2 CS you last hit, if you are a supp main, watch the minimap every 2 seconds or something like that 3. Forcing an opponent out of lane and shoving the lane against him, in most cases is more important of a kill, don't waste your flash if you are not sure you are gonna take a kill 4. Inibs > baron > towers > dragons (if Infernal/mountain prioritize them, if you have a poke comp/playing against a poke comp, ocean is quite important too) 5. Pick broken champions and play them (there are 6-7 every patch, play 3 normal games with them and then play ranked, Vladimir for example has been untouched for months now, so it's sure they aren't gonna nerf him any time soon)
HI, thanks for the comment as for the actual farming or using mechanics, I would say that I'm not too shabby on that. I do not waste flash or Ignite, and I have a pretty good understanding on dragons/items/cs etc. What I have lacked is the focus on objectives. But ty anyways. :)))
: Leave a comment here: He wants to help players for free, so why not? Maybe he will gonna see why you can't climb. I can't help you because I was never in Bronze and really don't know how the games are there.
Alright Thank you very much. Rlly appreciate it.
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: Hi, I was looking at the wrong account as TheToysTracker pointed out. as for the image upload I usually use this site -> and just paste the url here. (It might take me some time to see your profile and picture got some work now, but iill reply ASAP . keep in mind am the average gold player so ill tell you what I do to get to that point)
Hey, If you dont mind me just typing in the turret damage, that would be much easier for me than to make an acc. So to be honest, my damage to objectives was 5.7 k. And yea, please take your time. This whole post is no biggie, so just a quick reply when you have the time is all I need. Thanks :))
: thats cause you play for kills not turrets
Now that I started to look into my stats, You are exactly right. I never focused objectives whilst I thought I did
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: The account your are posting off was in gold 2 seasons in row and then silver. how you are having troubles now? Post with the account you are currently playing with. ill take a look at your games and let you know of what I think you might be doing wrong also do me a favor. go and check turret and objective damage done in the akali game where you say your KDA was 20/6/7 and posta screen shot of it
yea thx for the reply, as for the account, I am really confused because this is the account that I play with and I dont have anything else but this. Also, I was never in gold or silver or at least for as long as I can remember. Maybe I was in that elo when I had just installed the game. TheAtom on EUW is the account I play with. How do I upload screenshots?
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