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: Anyone else just have a 7k+ ping spike?
LZ Flame (EUW)
: I am still waiting for the replay system
Try BaronReplay , it's the best right now. No crashes and no random errors.
: > [{quoted}](name=TheAwesomeJ,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=XGAgERxG,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-12-12T23:38:57.215+0000) > > Spam + True damage ♥ > All the match long Doesn't he do this on summoners rift aswell? :O
Meh, you have to farm and there are .. you know... "minions" that will block your Q In the Howling Abyss vel is pretty good
: but why?
Spam + True damage ♥ All the match long
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: Tham O offensive items 1k damage.
Still have less damage compared to: {{champion:64}} 0 items = Can one shot a carry {{champion:420}} Full tank = Immortality, so he keep AA your ass until you're dead
DireXcon (EUNE)
: why not :(
Pevberg (EUNE)
: Riot I beg to you! [Suggestion]
Grimmrok (EUNE)
: **Grievous Wounds** would be an amazing buff for {{item:3075}} ! Or make the damage scale better with your Armor, and to prevent it from becoming viable on non-tanks, it could have some requirements, like {{item:3083}} does, for example: * If you have total armor of 0-150, damage reflected equals x% of your armor and y% of incoming damage. * If you have total armor of 150-220, damage reflected equals (x+5)% of your armor and (y+5)% of incoming damage. * If you have total armor of more than 220, damage reflected equals (x+10)% of your armor and (y+10)% of incoming damage. _(all numbers are debatable and changeable, and should be something actually reasonable)_ Just an idea. EDIT: Keep in mind, though, that any buff on {{item:3075}} would be a **huge** buff on {{champion:33}} .
Oh wait, so we have to nerf his taunt! 2.5 s >>> 0.5 s
: Fiora...
Fiora is the new Riven Damages + Escapes = OP
Enexin (EUNE)
: Randomizing directions is worst you can do if you think you caught a scripter. You should lure him into walking towards you with W and then throw Q directly at his face, at the same time using your E on him. If you do it at close range there is no way he could dodge.
Yeah but i have no other way than try something random.
FixxeS (EUW)
: if you look around 2:40, he didint dodge, he had no time, if you look well, you'll see brand hit him with a skillshot. I didint even knew there are scripts, tools or cheats for league, but he can just be a really good dodger. anyway, dodging brand's "circle" (I dont know if its a W/Q or E, dont remember, only played once with him) is not that hard, with 370 movement speed you can dodge it. other thing, he prefered to dodge the circle than rather run from irelia because he kill you right? he knew irelia would kill him, so he rather prefered to dodge your circle an kill you than let you kill him. I would do what he did too, we all know the damage brand does with that hability, thats why one of my first items are boots with +20enchantement :P just to dodge it As you said, "Alistar was near him and he's able to save draven, but the only way for draven to dodge the skillshot was running in face of irelia. And at the end he goes to irelia, that's happened because he's forced to dodge my spell.". here says all, if he runned to Al, you kill, if he runned to irelia, dodging the circle, he gets a kill and get killed by irelia. he dies in every possible scenarium. "And at that point, if he's so pro to predict all movements of 2 players in botlane, why he's not good enought to run away from irelia?" bacause she was already in melee range. irelia has, mandatorily, more movement speed than draven. draven with atk speed boots + the enchantment +20 movement speed, has what? 390 movement speed??? irelia normally gets around 420, when she is in melee radius, you cant escape and even if draven flashed away, irelia has her ult and here it gets hard to dodge because you need to dodge while running towards irelia, so not just dodge, you cant dodge irelia ults by making 90º turnings or she catch's you by walking hahahaha, you need to do it while running, making the radius around 30/40% meaning she would likely hit her ult's on draven considered it's speed. just a few observations. "Our teammates got stomped, so we lost pretty bad But this draven ended the match with 9 kills n 7 deaths and only with 30 minon of difference between our adc , i don't think is a good score for a 99% masterdodger." - you cant dodge a lot of spells, kill and farm at the same time... a thing I do a lot on customs, is forget about killing and focus my farm. he probably was just improving his capability to dodge in a normal game, dunno. the thing is, you cant do all that at the same time. just by trying to farm you can be hit by an hability, while killing you can't dodge at the same time too. another observation, is he knows his champ and brand/varus very well. you can see it on the first death. what would do a guy like us??? flash towards alistair to get closer to the turret. but that way brand's ult would hit anyway. when he flashes to the middle of the bush's, he demonstrates he is very calm while playing and he knows what he is doing. Average players would get ansious and fail. "He was just dodging all, no good action, nothing.. nothing more than dodging ALL the skillshots." - here, there is a thing average do (and my self too, despite I know it theorically) is only react to skillshots when they are thrown instead of reacting when the champion is moving to do the skillshot. lets make an example: I was main blitz a while ago, winning all the games, had a grab rate of 80%. than, I leaved blitz and started to play jungle. when I was ganking a bot lane with a blitz, I knew exactlly when he was trying to grab. that prediction allied to the following items: - knowing the animation from his Q: put his left hand on right arm - knowing his range - knowing the grab will go the location he is facing you are a god to dodge his Q. but there is just 1 and only 1 thing to have a better dodging skills: look at your opponent animations. Remember also a gamer can see around 7 things moving (a normal person only can see 4). the god of dodging was dodging by just looking at your animations, for that, you need to know the champs very well and know exacly what each skill does. honestly, that draven must had studyed the champs. you know, just knowing what a champ does will not help much when you can know his weakness and strenghts, his best items and his worst. sry for massive text :P
Np , i love reading. And of course i ike read constructive replies, you seem really polite :) Not like others: "oh man you suck, you need a script to land some skillshots" I'm sorry for being late with the reply, but as you can see in my match history my gpu exploded yesterday :D RIP gtx580 Well, at min 2:40 he dodged my W, the thing that hit him was my **E**, it works on-target so he can't dodge it ^^ I wrote that it in the video (taking brand's E) The circle is the W, the Q is the missle, and E has no specific visual effects (the target will be simply ablaze) Sure brand's skillshots are slow, but with this reasoning you're telling me that nidalee's spears are useless because it's a slow skillshot? Or even anivia Q.. Anivia Q is the slowest skillshot of the game, so if i caught my enemy is just for a mistake? I don't think is that right, because even in high elo plays i can't see someone that can dodge endlessy all the skillshots. Well, as i already said, it's easy to talk about an already dodged skillshot. Like the low elo players that are watching lcs while they're writing: "_**oh he's got caught out of position, what a n00b!!! If only i was there i'm sure i could take a pentakill**!!_" ( talking about a random korean). At least you didn't mention the last clip, what do you think about the min 4:20? After that i was disgusted, it makes no sense to me. The difference between a single blitz and a poke botlane is really huge. First of all we have 2 skillshots each, 2 that ignores units. In a minute blitz can land 3 grabs at max, instead we can land at least 15 ~ 20 skillshots in the same time. That means after 3 minutes of we can have 40 skillshots of difference. This draven dodged at least 100 skillshots in the entire match, ok he got an arrow in the face from varus but he was stunned by irelia... The problem is that, it's impossible to dodge everything in a single match expecially if the source was more than one. And every time dodging perfectly right in time with no other "fake" movements. 1 it's ok, 3 it's ok, 5 it's ok, but after 50 skillshots missed it sounds strange. And of course, brand have weird animations, expecially zombie brand. But again you're talking only about brand, but i wasn't alone in botlane. Even Varus was also there and his skillshots are really fast. We won in botlane a LOT of times with this combination, for us is a secured win (for the lane), we're both g3 and until now we lost in this way just 1 time against a good vayne+janna combination, but even in that time we got them multiple times, they had just tools to avoid or block the poke damage. So dodging is not a problem, dodging 100% of skillshot can sound strange, but dodging all the skillshot with strange or perfect movements is too much for my eyes. I really feel cheated. It happens the same in this video, but of course the cheated was bjergsen [Here]( He also has started to randomize skillshots, like what i did But hey, i'm here to ask an opinion and that's what i did ;) It was a normal game, so i don't care of the match, i only cares about the player, because if he's really a scripter he must be banned.
FixxeS (EUW)
: I think he is not, if you look on that circle brand does, he is already out of it, just look closely, I do that too when I fight a brand, I try always to stay in a position were I can dodge that skillshot more easy, so that it dont cathch's me, because I know the damage it can deal. when you say: he is just gold 3 so dont has the skill to dodge like that, what difference the rank makes??? remember your team has a part on the game, I am silver 4 and I have friends that play way better than me and they are just bronze... you dont know the guy, he can be very smart, high IQ and facility to learn new things, there are people like that, I have one on my friends list, he is unranked and seems expec playing against silvers... but I cant deny there is something strange, mainly when he has by the wall and the varus arrow didnt hit him but the minion which was way more far than draven. He can be scripting, or not. remember skillshot is skillshot, easy to dodge when you are experienced. and by the way, you cant know if he is korean or not xd, not all koreans get they're ass kissed by the goddess when they born ahhahahah
I really love brand, he's my very first champ and i like using him mid and even in bot. And strong or not, i never seen someone that can dodge the 99% of all skillshots of my team during the entire match (not only my spells). But i think dodging is not all the work, because you can also predict his movements. Expecially in botlane i have all the time to study theyr movements, how they lasthits and how they dodge my spells. But with this guy... nothing works! And at certain point (lvl 3, after missing 15 or more skills) i started to randomizing my directions (that's why a lot of spells were bad placed, it's a tactic) because if someone is extremely good to predict ALL your actions ... well then just spam randomly (even with sense, but more randomly). But he wasn't trying to dodge our spells, he WAS dodging our spells. No moving in circle, no random spasms, no plays like under drugs, he was solid like nothing can happens to him. Like a Poker Champion with sunglasses No moves, no single moves, he's just moving in the right direction only when the spell comes. And at that point, if he's so pro to predict all movements of 2 players in botlane, why he's not good enought to run away from irelia? At 3:00 you can see, after the kill, he can run to alistar by walking on my spell (placed exactly for test) Alistar was near him and he's able to save draven, but the only way for draven to dodge the skillshot was running in face of irelia. And at the end he goes to irelia, that's happened because he's forced to dodge my spell. Our teammates got stomped, so we lost pretty bad But this draven ended the match with 9 kills n 7 deaths and only with 30 minon of difference between our adc , i don't think is a good score for a 99% masterdodger. Yeah i know, i also had my korean-like moment (who have never got this moment? xD) That moment while you're dodging all the crap they're throwing to you before getting your penta. But only for an action, or two. He was just dodging all, no good action, nothing.. nothing more than dodging ALL the skillshots. That's why i started this post to ask an opinion to the community.
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: He must've been mad enough to flip the UN conference table.
MacDeath (EUW)
: How dare you using the original kirby gourmet race theme o.o
I love it! But it's not the original :)
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: [BUG ingame] Darius AA [EUW]
Same problem here! and reconnecting is useless :(
: Pls make a thread in the bug report section... you don't seriously expect riot to read through all this BS here. This never happened to me, i think it's a rare bug. Maybe you got hit twice when timewinder was slowing down while you were walking away? I wonder what would happen if you shoot timewinder at point blank range and your enemy flashes away so he will collide with the outgoing projectile a 2nd time. Also 2 stacks?
> [{quoted}](name=Lame of Legends,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=bxRRc2iV,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2015-06-05T17:47:49.468+0000) > > Pls make a thread in the bug report section... you don't seriously expect riot to read through all this BS here. > I've done that, but seems no one cares :(
: I think your logic is flawed because you can use it for all champions in the game. Eg "malphite ult is an initiation cc so it shouldn't deal damages" See what I mean? All in all ekko is a strong champion but I think he offers a lot of room for counterplay. It takes time to play him well and it takes more time to learn how to play against him so give it some time before judging :) Personally I would nerf the passive slightly, too rewarding for 3 easy stacks imo. Reduce the scaling to 0.6 and reduce the moves peed or the slow a little.
{{champion:54}} a mountain crashing on you (damage explained) xD << 400 + 100%AP >> {{champion:245}} a kid with a futuristic baseball bat that likes rewind time << 500 + 130%AP >> But ekko has too much utility in his kit I don't think he's broken, but he need some fix like normal scaling and higher cooldowns. R: 110 / 90 / 70 seconds, it's too low compared to others: {{champion:98}} 180 / 150 / 120 {{champion:54}} 130 / 115 / 100
: Oh wtf lol. I knew his q did damage but that's a bug xD
He procked his passive 3 times with only one Q (2 hits) :( I hope rioters can read this
: Remove Ekkos ult damage
I agree, too much damage for that kind of utility He's also bugged.. Fix something!
rozoulini (EUNE)
: replay system many times is bugged
I found the problem. Replay is good, that's a bug because ekko procked the passive with 2 hits instead of 3. You can see the movement speed boost after the kill ( 437 to 600 n more)
Voidner (EUNE)
: agree
500 dmg? he used the luden's passive on minions ( 0:03 with the E ) Even with luden's echo he can't deal that damage
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: Mystery Skin Give Aways (EUW)
Wow ♥ Why not! Good luck guys :)
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: [BUG] Summoner spell Mark hit corpse at exact time that champion respawned -> fly to enemy fountain
Aingaz (EUW)
: Triniy Force Nasus ?
It depends on the enemy team, but you can buy sheen and glacial shroud and wait. Trinity and frozen heart if you need big stats and speed or the gauntlet if you need tankyness (aaaand it's cheaper). Against heavy ad comp there isn't nothing better than {{item:3025}} {{item:3110}} {{item:3143}}
: I think we need some confirmation.
ZeeDrakon (EUW)
: hm thats kind of weird. your normal game MMR usually has nothing to do with it, if its your first placement series you get silver IV ish MMR for the first game and then if you win it raises etc. i ended up having high gold MMR at 7/1 and then duoed the last 2 games with low plat MMR and got GIII. i dont know how it works if you stop in the middle of placements but your MMR seems to be really high when you get GIII with 7/3 :D
I was afraid about placement.. i don't like ranked games but I was hoping to go as high as possible. And i were a bit angry cause my matchmaking during placements were with golds II, I and platinums IV. It seems unfair, because my friends were playing with other unranked during placements. But, gg , i think sometimes the system works right.. Or i got lucky xD
ZeeDrakon (EUW)
: On my smurf i went 9/1 and got Gold III. did you duo them`? or were you ranked the season before?
In S4 i did 7 ranked (6 wins) and during the last one i found a troll so i stop the placement series xD But i'm playing since s3 and actually my normal matchmaking is against platinums, i just hate ranked games because i prefer plays with my friends, but in s5 i tryed to end the series and now i'm gold III -sorry for bad english- xD
Takeoff (EUW)
In honor of AD fizz: replace the staff with caitlyn rifle! ;D "honor"... :I i'm not sure
caillouxx (EUNE)
: UnFairDivisions
With 7 wins i'm in gold III ^^ It's the hidden elo
DrussIV (EUW)
: Akali's heal
{{champion:6}} ♥ {{item:3146}} Just try
Solash (EUW)
: I see no "Rip Offs" Plenty of homages tho
My pic was just a joke but you took it too seriously I love this game and I'm not complaining about ripping off... but you must know that: Chogath Aatrox "no rip offs" in this game, right?
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Crystin1 (EUNE)
: You cannot compare an American who is paid with 3000$/month with a european guy who is paid with 500£/month.(yes, it`s happening in my country). So judging after your logic i should pay as much as an American to get a skin,why is that so? Why there wasn`t any price increase in NA when dollar was stronger? Why do european players have to eat this shit? Because Riot is greedy? Please. Their revenue was 624 million $ in 2013. So stop talking shit about earning money. People will "bitch" about this as much as they can/want because it`s not a fair move from Riot.The funnier thing is a post like yours is coming from a guy with DJ Sona skin.
When the euro was stronger nobody cared. That's the problem
bedchan (EUNE)
: I fucking love gromp
All glory to the hypnotoehm.. gromp!
kingvp (EUW)
: The actual reason why nidalee is Op at the moment
iliasforce4 (EUNE)
: no mystery gift for good behavior
Same here :( No bans, no chatrestrinction and nothing for me :(


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