Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: And even as an artist, drawing a circle is really hard
not everybody can be spongebob
: Final thoughts and a goodbye.
Reverse (EUW)
: Everyone is so chill at low ranks
While in Gold everybody has a superiority complex and if one starts to flame the rest will join him :D
: so why this game have a lot champions that cant game carry? need delete? so ppl who play tank champion dont deservet to get diamond? why cant be teammate prob? always my fault? i know i play not good, but i try to not die much no throw no got caught no feed. thats wrong? The truth is if i cant destroy thire lane i cant even talk about win. even i destory thier lane still have 50% to lose. i just saw my team throw when we have Advantage, ff surr when we Disadvantage, they just dont want win. so why i should tryhard to win? but im sure if i troll game i will get banned instant after game. really unfair match.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: his point is valid him being bad is also valid you not understading how diamond works is also valid
im basically chalianjioure, i know what im talking about
: ye maybe i just suck, because i cant carry my team, but enemy team can. so i deservet to demoted, i deservt to lose.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: no you just don't understand how diamond works
well, if he got demoted maybe he doesnt know
: are you happy now riot?
Burazz69 (EUNE)
: Rito pls
u kidding?
: Make the game faster.
Can we just buff garen?
CenarX (EUNE)
: Goodbye League of Legends
For that to work they would need to restrict it for only some players like Honor rank 5, because if every tilted shit started to call an admin they would just close it again
: which board should I post it on?
on no board, you have to send an appeal at the support page
: Perma Ban Appeal
you dont appeal here, you call the support, but normally the reason should be that it was a false ban so you wont get it back either way
iTiddles (EUW)
: Well i mean it wouldnt make a difference as he isnt killing you for mana refund every shot
But he can now more freely go for minions and zoning him wont be way less effective
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: Ok hashinshin let us discuss this argument. What is the Damage pattern of 99% of AP source damage dealers. Corki, Cass, Ryze, Azir being exceptions (as their damage patterns are unique for AP damage dealers) What is the damage pattern of 99% of AD source damage dealers Yasuo, Camille, Darius exceptions (as their main source of damage is True damage or don't care about armor at all) A brand will do 2k damage in 3 seconds and then look at you for 10 seconds ie in a 13 seconds window he will do 2k damage A Caitlyn in 13 seconds will wipe your whole team now what does 50% damage reduction towards Caitlyn mean for Caitlyn Compared to 50% damage reduction towards Brand mean for Brand? For caitlyn it means you delay your team getting wiped by 5 seconds For brand it means that he does nothing MR is vastly more effective than Armor Ornn will 1 shot you if you have 0 MR buy Mercs and Ornn can no longer 1 shot you buy negatron and Ornn can never kill you what does a Chain vest mean against draven? he will kill you in 2 autos instead of 1 auto wow Armor NEEDS more source and higher values BECAUSE AD damage is way more abundant than AP damage If you play agianst 5 ADs and build all armor at 6 items the full AD team will win if you play against 5 APs and you all build 2 MR items The AP team can never win unless you afk The Armor vs MR argument only holds for very specific champions not in general Watch Elite500 and see him complain about people buying MR Watch anyone that plays AD champions and see how they vastly ignore the fact that people buy Armor
One thing is that Brand deals alot of AOE damage and he wont look at you for 10sec because by building AP youll often get enough CDR without trying to just spam your attacks whenever you can. Same goes for other mages like Ziggs and Neeko who just keep spamming attacks every 3 sec. On the other hand, caitlyn wont kill your whole team in 5 sec because she is a 100% single target ADC that can be oneshot by any assassin, while a mage can just build Zhonyas and have a higher chance to survive for longer while also getting 75AP.
SytheGr (EUNE)
: I won the 2nd game for promo ,but i didnt get the promo whats going on?
Rioter Comments
: I did, but that Kai'sa can't protect herself just with a dash + shield. The new champion will need the best protection so cc is definitely needed. Even a [x]% target HP damage will be good just to make sure that tanks meta will be forever dead.
Kaisa has % target HP dmg, a big ass gap closer, a movement speed/attack speed steroid thats also a stealth ability, a high dmg AOE attack that isnt even a skillshot and she can be build AP or AD depending on what the comb needs. Now she just need a stun that trigger every time she gets her passive off and we have the perfect champion
: Its a **Riot games** ADC champion so for sure he have dashes, shields, stealth/invisibility and cc.
until i read cc i thought that you are making fun about how overloaded Kaisa is
: balancing and crap like that
They need people to buy skins so new champs have to come
: Stealing items in TFT
That actually sounds hilarious
Sub Spice (EUW)
: Make Gangplank Q refund mana if it kills a unit!
There is nothing i want more than to get shot every 5 seconds with no counterplay to it
Rioter Comments
CJXander (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kurotsu,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=xmXHP5AY,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-27T03:36:31.980+0000) > > Is your computer fast? It takes seconds for most others. > Mine takes 10-15 seconds personally. Define fast? I have a Ryzen 9 3950X, 64GB of DDR4 3200Mhz and dual 2080Ti in NVLink. This issue has no relation to my computer performance, it is strictly related to the servers and the API which makes it really difficult to conclude a game's data.
b4rtt3kk (EUNE)
: syndra should get removed from the game imo
And in a couple of days you remember that you posted that and regret it because oyu sound silly
: Again congrats for Iloi designer you did a good job there.
Do you mean Illaoi and if yes she is easly outplayable. I dont understand why people struggle so much against her but her moves are very predictable and just walking out of her ult is an option too. If you play it smart you can even hit and run inbetween her attacks to not get hit.
: the matchmaking of riot
Ive managed to lose as a squad of 5 alot of times actually. Normals are just for fun and practice so the amount of premades dont matter at all
: shen is disgusting champ need nerf
he doesnt deal more dmg than non tanks, he just outtanks assassins and bruisers early in the game. Later he wont be as strong and just get kited by the adc or beaten down by your average bruiser.
: Update Amumu and his useless kit
When i play him as either tank or mage it works out fine and his ult is a big tool in teamfights. His grab is also a great tool to pick specific enemies or close the gab to then ult. If you think he is useless then you just dont know how to play him and thats an achievement because he is a very simple champion
: Achievement System
I would be for achievements if it would encourage playing better.
Kravixman (EUNE)
: Okay... and what are we supposed to answer? except... Pyke, Pyke, Pyke, Pyke. Pyke, Pyke, Pyke, Pyke. Pyke, Pyke, Pyke, Pyke. but.. Kennen? No Yasuo? No Zed? {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
Kennen is a big shit. Yasuo and Zed arent a big shit
Rioter Comments
Jsp (EUW)
: Talking in TFT not allowed?
idk why but people complain about me talking too
: {{champion:427}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:63}}
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: 210+ days without League of Legends. League feels different and its really cool.
Can agree, just came back from a long break too and im enjoying it
: Riot decided to do off with them when they remade the client, pretty sure riot thought clubs were a better version of what they had hopped those chat rooms would be
Rioter Comments
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: {{item:3076}}
ahmedjp (EUNE)
: Fun>Ranked
i mean, as long as they are trying to win they can pick whatever they want. At the end it's their problem that they can't climb
ZatharoZ (EUW)
: Got just hacked....
And don't forget to change password
: Nerf Trynda Fast
Let's remove all bruiser with similar bad winrate because some dude thinks they are op
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: that is not off meta btw might work in low elo, I used to do that when I was new in lol, in high elo there is high chance they will spot you entering their jungle in which case they will either prepare a trap or do vertical jungling at any rate, lets say you have this plan - going same build in every game is stupid, on most champions you don't build same items in everygame (marksmen are exception) and you certainly not going to duel enemy jungler everygame even if you manage to steal their red - you have to know whether you will have advantage, if enemy jungler has advantage in 1v1 then you should just put ward on raptors and leave.
going supp and basically duo jungle sounds very off meta... I know going same build won't work every time and I will change the build depending on the match-up. The question is how do I make it work in higher gold where people start to ward their buffs? It kinda works when i steal the buff next to the top laner because as soon as i have lvl 2 he cant do all that much against me. Whats really good about Shaco is that he can get away with it even when the midlaner comes too, I'll just have to get the redbuff, Q over wall and make my escape with the plant, but that will also not work all the time because i can get cced
Rioter Comments
: The role of a jungler.
I believe people who say 0 ganks know this but those people are normally also tilted so I don't pay attention to it
Rioter Comments
: Is this really what RIOT ban for?
Youre making a total fool out of yourself by posting this. Please delete internet
: it's sad actually
The whole thing is a huge joke. A pro team consisting of 5 female diamond support mains? Most fo them probably just carried my their male friends because they look kinda hot (just an asumption, but looking at female streamers and how they play it seems to be a common thing). People try to defend the x5 supp ban by saying it was a tactical decision, butt i think we all know they just cant take them seriously, I wouldnt either. Imagine fighting a 13 year old when your a grown ass man, thats what this is.
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