Remmeh (EUW)
: Disapointed on how this season start is being handled, especially as an EU player.
BesniStakor (EUNE)
: Delete his right now. Naming&Shaming is forbidden. I checked your history and found the match. I checked him out. Nothing out of the ordinary. He plays xerath a lot and is probably just good with him. You don't need any software to record. You can go to your match history in the client. Download the match replay. Go inside and there are options to record. P.S. Make sure to turn off summoner names. You don't want to shame the guy. Against the rules. If he really was scripting send the vids to support.
> [{quoted}](name=ImainLilSatan,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=pQ1rBacK,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-01-24T03:48:58.744+0000) > > Delete his right now. > Naming&Shaming is forbidden. > > I checked your history and found the match. > I checked him out. > Nothing out of the ordinary. > He plays xerath a lot and is probably just good with him. > > You don't need any software to record. > You can go to your match history in the client. > Download the match replay. > Go inside and there are options to record. > > P.S. > Make sure to turn off summoner names. > You don't want to shame the guy. > Against the rules. > If he really was scripting send the vids to support. Ok, I'll record one of his multiple perfect ults so you can see. No names. Edit: ... ok, the patch changed and I can't do it. Meh, whatever, I just reported it. If riot see the game he'll just get banned anyways because, as I said, not even challengers I saw playing Xerath do a ''machine gun'' ult, just quickly pressing RRRR over and over again and aiming at the perfect center all of those skillshots even with me flashing. Not only that, he was doing it with his regular skillshots, machine gun them all with perfect aim over and over again. If the system works it will get banned, hope I don't see him again.
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efol00 (EUNE)
: And there you have it, said by yourself. The PRO players have said. Here's a little secret: Normal LoL and PRO LoL are two fully different worlds and guess where Nunu is mostly played? Diamond and above, if even there. You see if you let Nunu run freely around, you can tell he's gonna be strong. And right there you said it yourself too, HE CANNOT CARRY. You let his team get ahead (including Nunu) of course you are going to lose. And THAT is where the pro players are different from us. Before i continue, the hell you crying over Graves about now? Most of that text was trying to justify Nunu nerf by comparing him to graves. Even when i meant Graves main i meant as a jungler. We are debating about Nunu now. And just an overall tip: You see Nunu (or any champion really) taking your camps, you go on their side and take his camps. Countering counter jungle includes counter jungling. And now to the numbers. Even if Nunu had that high winrate, you finding yourself against Nunu is as low as his pickrate. His teamfights are just as weak. He has one good Aoe ability that can be stopped by almost anything and only type of CC he has is slow so let's say they nerf Nunu, what is left? Nunu was only ONCE over powered and it was when his Q got a rework. He was nerfed a month after and he was forgotten again. Want to look at real tank problems? Look up Zac.
Look, dude, a lot of junglers are having nerfs one by one lettin' the latest nerfed one become toptier like Nunu is because his counters starts to dissapear. His winrate have no other explanation: something is bad with the synergy between him and the meta right now. He became really strong due to the buff and changes on tank items while a lot of his possible counters where gettin' nerfed. Something is wrong with Nunu and time will give proof me true as long as he will start to get more and more played while his winrate will stay as it is.
efol00 (EUNE)
: The only thing you're doing is giving Nunu the best case scenario there can be and then saying "he's op" Give Nunu free time to take everything, he becomes surprisingly good. Give any other champion kills, Nunu is again insignificant problem. Think of it this way, what if your team isn't fed as hell and full of over decent players when playing Nunu? Sure you can get few dragons, unless the enemy team knows how to use vision (Which happens rarely. I've even built my 5 min drake build relying on that). And here's the kicker, Nunu's invades (despite the true dmg to monsters) are one of the weakest. Every single jungler deals more damage than Nunu so if they find Nunu invading, He's dead. Again, countered by vision. Only thing Nunu still has is jungle control and there are many champions better at it than him (Lee, Ivern...). It is the only thing keeping Nunu in the game. If you leave your jungle, dragon and herald unwarded against Nunu you can only blame yourself and yourself only. And also, only counter hard cc? Really? Have you heard about Max hp scaling damage? Or how about this scenario: Your team is taking baron or dragon and you see Nunu approaching (only if you have VISION like you should). Do you A) Keep hitting the objective giving Nunu a free steal or B) Stop the objective and start pressuring Nunu making him to back off leading to easier objective. I made it easy for you, the answer should be clear enough. Also why would any player start taking baron or an important dragon without making sure Nunu can't steal it. Like i don't know, having one dmg champion to push him out (Nunu cannot 1 v 1 anyone for the reminder) so he has to flee. Nunu has low gank potential, making him easy to avoid on lane. So if you are against Nunu, why would you ever want to stay in jungle? Only ganks weaker than Nunu's are Master Yi's so instead of crying in the jungle over dragons, GANK. If your team is the fed one then what? If you cannot find counters to Nunu on your own and i'm gonna list them out for you with. Also what do you think happens to Nunu after they nerfed him? Why not delete him right away? I think a Graves main should know how to counter Nunu.
Oh, man, but Nunu is said one of the best Graves counters since Graves is a mere powerfarmer now. Graves early ganks are pretty much shit and the actual junglers excel him at clearing jungler or helping their teams with early ganks which gives them the lane. I'm pretty sure I lost the games I played against Nunu due to his capability of doing nothing in the match but staying clearing jungle and focus himself into just the objective control while I must be thinkin' in all of it: Gank, be sure Nunu doesn't take the principal gold income you have (Your jungle), be sure to have warded and protected the principal objectives. Oh, look! Nunu is taking one of your camps! Try to kill him, fail since you don't have any reliable CC while he just walks out with more than half of his health bar and with the gold an xp of your camp. That's it, I had games where I beated a Nunu with assis, kills, farm, even counterjungled him but still he managed to just rely in his low gold dependant build and ridiculous objective control to turn the game by his side. It's all you need on an equal game or in and advantaged one. You're telling me that if your team falls behind you can't do nothing to carry. Guess what! Graves neither, even thinking that he's supposed to be a carry champ, he can't carry a game since every other jungler right is better than him either ganking either counterjungling and making him useless. That's the thing I hate the most, that I play a jungler that requires to do everything perfectly to win, and even in that case still have lot of chances of losing just because your team screw up on the first 10 minutes of the match. And then a Nunu appears with his flagrant 56% of winrate. Every proplayer is saying that Nunu is a toptier jungler now, his winrate says it and it's gettin' ridiculous how such a basic champ can reach those numbers. If you need some proof I can just main Nunu for one week and show you how somebody who never played him, just with basic knowledge of jungle macro, can win a lot more games than with his hard otp main who used to be a so called god tier but now is more like trash tier.
efol00 (EUNE)
: Nunu main speaking How would you actually nerf Nunu? I'd like to hear it. At this point he is on the edge of being useless and barely playable by non main people. Only thing he is better than average is objective control in jungle. Otherwise he's just a worse version of Ivern. Second thing i want to point out is that Nunu is easy to play if you only happen to look at his abilties "only point and clicks huehueuee xDDDD", but the question is how well can you use those abilities? Especially when his passive got reworked and is now a lot harder to use well. He deals near to non existent damage with his normal abilties and his ultimate is harder to use well than you would think, and a lot easier to cancel! Only thing Nunu is, is huge arse meat shield to his team. He can choke up to over 6000 hp and using gargoyle's stoneplate he can get up to 15000 hp (with all the bonus hp bla bla bla). And here comes the main thing: NUNU CANNOT SOLO CARRY. If you want to nerf a tank, please do so on actually strong ones like Zac. (And for the last i saved the fact that his pickrate is around 4% so no wonder he has a large winrate)
Wukong - Can Solocarry - 0,80% Pickrate - Does well at cleaning - Pretty good Teamfighter + Good initiation - Pretty Good Bruiser with high damage and escape - 47% of winrate, 9% less than Nunu. Pickrate can excuse the winrate when is as low as the Aurelion Sol one, but a 4% of winrate plus 56% of winrate is clearly gettin' out of hand. Nunu excel at objective control much better than Ivern just for one thing: Ivern objective control doesn't include Herald, Nashor or Drakes. Those are the one who gives the important buffs and can decide the match more than blue or reds. Nunu doesn't directly carry, but if your teammates can get the buffs from drakes, the gold from Herald if you are able to get tower (Which is kind of easy with it, even can take two of them), the gold from Nashor (As long as I remind is 300 per player) plus his very importante buff of ad+ap+buff minions ofc your teammate would be able to carry a lot easier just because Nunu is here. The only thing to prevent Nunu for taking the objectives is to hard CC him before he can Q+Smite while your own jungle does the job and tries to get the objective by damaging the Drake/Herald/Nashor to smite it before Nunu does. That, my friend, is a really hard thing to do. You can try and kill him if you want to but, as you said, he's an inmortal pile of meat. His objective control as a jungler must be nerfed yes or yes.
: If the champion is picked in 3 games and wins 2 of them, he has 66%winrate... is that op too?? The poing is, noone plays nunu 4% of the games... So the thing is like: in 100 games, he gets picked in 4... Wins 2/3, that makes 50/75% winrate... He is everything, but not OP Does he deserve a rework?? Maybe, his Kit will start to get oudated, even tho its funny (because its annoying)... And his Visual defenetly needs an update... I hope they do that... But he doesnt need any nerf...
Well, lets put this clear: We're not talking about 100 games, we're talking about a lot more than that. When you go in such huge amounts of games and you have a winrate that beats every other jungler, having a similar, higher or less winrate percent than you, in that stat then something is not going well. His playrate is raising at the same time his playrate does, you can do the research by yourself if you want to. Do you know what that means? That the more they play him, the more wins he gets. That's not even close to balanced if you ask me, because an op champ is the one who win more games, easy as that. Not only that he win a lot of games but he does it by playing basically brainless with a little bit of macro knowledge and without need of having a proper micro with the champ.
: Nunu is about the most useless jungler in existence. He has absolutely no impact at any stage in the game unless your adc is a god and fed beyond measure, in which case, blood boil is useful. In the same way that those tiny handheld ventilators are useful in the middle of the sahara desert at noon. The only thing you do somewhat decently is have great objective control around dragon and baron. And there are other junglers with that ability who arent shit at _every other aspect_ of the game.
Explain me how a jungler that theoretically doesn't have impact in any stage of the game can have the best winrate of the game right now. The jungler just behind him is Shaco with a similar play rate and a 3% less of winrate. It doesn't makes sense at all.
: Can't tell if serious or...
I'm pretty serious.
: He probably has that winrate because hes so easy to play, you just slap your w on your adc and he tears through everything.
Very low risk, high reward.
Dreadara (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=TheFifthShooter,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=PBL7nZZw,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-06-19T07:37:09.600+0000) > **> 56% winrate on a non-skilled champ. You doing well, rito.** Not op. Hard to deal with and annoying. But no1 picks him so its great for me personally.
Ofc, a 56% winrate champ can't be op, no way. (Btw, none plays a 0,2% champ but be sure that a 4,3% of play rate is a lot)
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Infernape (EUW)
: Yeah because a tank is totally comparable to a marksman(!)
That's the thing. Graves was a strong pick but not op, not %%%%in' op mate. He needed to do the things pretty good to make the difference. Now you do the things good and a %%%%in' Zac who did almost everything wrong in the %%%%in' jungle will shit on you no matter what. I really don't understand riot, always saying that they want the dream of an adc in jungle and the only one who does the job got nerfed to the ground. It doesn't makes sense at all.
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: > "it happens" that the champ who got one the largest players base it's for some reason the same that it's entitled to have overloaded mobility when compared to every other champ Lee is a play making champion... you can pull off a lot of flashy plays using him which makes you look good... that's why he is this popular, it doesn't actually have that much to do with dashes. Plus also Lee was gonna be popular from the get go... considering he is only in the game because the community partitioned for him to be released... any champion who owes their existence to being popular with the community was gonna have a large fan base regardless of what happens.
He's deep in the meta right because he got one of the best earlys on jungle and his kit just lack a few thing. It's the main reason why he's popular right now, the other one is: Mobility = Larger gap of %%%%in' up a play and still run out alive.
Perilum (EUW)
: He is not banned, because nobody picks him. Beside that he is a noob basher. So if you know how to play against him, he can't get fed.
Dopa says he's the most op champ of the game, most of the high elo players that I usually watch says that he's the most op champ in the game. You can say whatever you want, but only with Dopa's opinions is enough. He's pointed as one of the players who have the most knowledge about the game, pretty sure he knows more than you and anyone who keeps denying that Yasuo is already op.
Perilum (EUW)
: He is so op, that outside the Bronze and low silver bracket he is never played.
Because he's permabaned.
: Counterplaying Fizz is like counterplaying Graves, Zac, Sejuani, Caitlyn, Lucian. Ban.
Graves have a lot of counterplay, that's why he's so %%%%in' bad at laning.
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: {Champion Balance} champions that limit diversity in league!
As a Graves main you can already go and screw yourself if you want more nerfs for him. With the recent nerf to his Q his winrate just dropped to 46% at jungle, the worst winrate between junglers I already stuggle a lot facing APC's makin' it almost impossible to deal with them if I'm not ahead... ffs, the Hexdrinker just became a must-build when there is two ap in the enemy team or just one but feeded. Calm down, Satan. Graves is still strong in good hands, keep it that way and focus your sight on true unbalanced shit.


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